Writer Val Jean steps down
Posted Sunday, June 10, 2001 4:12:15 PM
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Writer Val Jean steps down

Emmy-winning co-head writer Michele Val Jean has left her post at General Hospital.

In November of last year, Val Jean was promoted to the top scribe position after Bob Guza, Jr. and Meg Bennett both decided to call it quits. Val Jean's promotion made her the first African-American head writer in soap opera history. Just a few months later, Val Jean was effectively demoted when Megan McTavish was crowned head writer and Val Jean was named co-head writer.

Val Jean will reportedly make a move to concentrate her efforts on writing for motion pictures. Val Jean had been with GH since 1993.

Elizabeth Korte who had served as second-in-command to Val Jean will remain as co-head writer under McTavish.

ABC had no official comment on Val Jean's departure.

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