Former head writer rejoins writing team
Posted Friday, January 11, 2002 10:40:06 PM
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Former head writer rejoins writing team

Former head writer Michele Val Jean has returned to the General Hospital writing team as a script writer.

Obviously, Van Jean is not a stranger to the General Hospital scene and her return as some insiders hoping that the show's off-and-on writing will soon see improvement. Val Jean joined GH in 1993 as a scriptwriter. In 1996, Val Jean was named associate head writer. During her tenure with the show, she penned the 1998 re-visitation of Luke's rape of Laura as well as Elizabeth's rape. For her efforts, she and the rest of the GH writing staff were given a Daytime Emmy. Previously, Val Jean earned an Emmy in 1994-1995.

In November 2000, Val Jean was named head writer after former scribes Bob Guza, Jr. and Meg Bennett tendered their resignations. In being named head writer, Val Jean became the first African-American head writer for a soap opera. Several weeks later, ABC named Megan McTavish as GH's top scribe and Val Jean was given the title of co-head writer.

Val Jean left GH in May of last year to pursue film projects.

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