Zachary Garred's new 'do helps others
Posted Friday, August 29, 2014 12:55:33 PM
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Zachary Garred's new 'do helps others
Aside from upping his hunk factor, Zachery Garred's on-screen transformation to a shorter hairstyle offered some very real-world benefits.

Zachary Garred's (Levi Dunkleman) on-screen persona may be really hard to love, but an off-screen gesture proves that the Australian actor has a heart of gold.

This week, as Levi made efforts to elude authorities, the fictional character chopped off what had become his trademark locks. But the hair was not, as is often the case in television and film, a wig -- it was 100% real.

Garred states that when the chance to switch up his hairstyle was presented to him, he immediately knew that he'd seize the opportunity to help make a difference in others' lives.

"I had always wanted to do something for charity with my hair and Locks of Love was the perfect choice," Garred said in an interview posted on "Fans often asked if my hair was a wig, so it was only fitting that it went on to help in some way. I also donated some money to Canteen in Australia, an association that takes care of kids and teenagers dealing with cancer. A very dear mate of mine had a brother who was treated for cancer, Canteen did so much for him and his family to help during chemo. I have always wanted to do something like this for such wonderful organizations so it's great that some good came out of Levi's nefarious ways."

Garred debuted his short hairdo in early August at the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend events. The actor made his on-screen daytime debut on April 3, 2014.

Do you like Garred better with long or short hair? Would you like to see Levi be redeemed or do you prefer him as a villain? Tell us what you think in the Comments area below, or you can also click here to submit feedback.

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