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General Hospital Recap for Friday, December 6, 2019
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Friday, December 6, 2019

Willow sat at a table at home working on a crossword puzzle when Chase picked her up and tossed her onto the sofa. He began to tickle her and agreed to stop if they could talk. Both sat on the sofa in their pajamas, and Chase declared that he believed that Willow had had something "weighing" on her recently.

Willow admitted her problem was over even though she wasn't certain that it would have been a problem. She stated that everything was fine but they needed to figure out whether they wanted kids. She proceeded to tell Chase that she'd thought she was pregnant until she took a test. "Oh wow," Chase replied. He asked why she hadn't told him.

Willow said that the subject of kids had never been discussed. Chase grabbed her hands and admitted that he felt both relief and disappointment that she wasn't pregnant. He knew that Willow would be a great mother, and having a child would be "incredible" one day but they weren't ready yet. He also thought they'd be lucky if it did happen.

Willow agreed that she had mixed feelings too. It wasn't the right time but would be a happy accident if it happened. She admitted that she was more ready to be a mother than she'd thought. Chase stated that things had suddenly gotten "real," and he was happy they were being honest. Willow wasn't sure if she just had a longing for Wiley, and she didn't want a baby to fill the void.

Chase told Willow he loved her, and that she was a good person. He thought she would make a great mom, and he wanted to have kids with her. He thought they should be more settled, and he wanted to enjoy the place in life where they were at. Willow was in agreement, and they shared a kiss.

Peter stopped to make a phone call on his way to Maxie's. He told someone to make certain Franco's procedure was stopped. In the apartment, Maxie played with James and told him that Peter was moving in. She added that she loved Peter with all her heart.

There was a knock on the door, and Maxie picked up James and opened the door. It was Peter, and she told him he didn't have to knock if he was going to live there too. She handed James over to him.

At General Hospital, Sonny encountered Jason in the hallway. Jason mentioned that it was the day for Sam's parole hearing, and he couldn't go anywhere near it. He noted that he missed Sam every day, and Danny was being brave. Sonny urged Jason to wait patiently in order for everything to be "done clean." Jason admitted he'd made mistakes with Shiloh but he had to take action.

Finn and Violet passed by Elizabeth on the phone, and he stopped to ask if she had been talking to Hayden once she was through. Elizabeth told him she hadn't spoken to her and had no idea where Hayden had gone. She would let Finn know if she heard anything. Finn admitted he didn't want to mess things up, and Elizabeth assured him that Hayden had faith in him if she'd left Violet in his care.

Carly thanked Griffin for showing up at her request. She told him that Bobbie trusted him. Sonny joined them, and he and Griffin shook hands. Griffin explained that he'd been working for an organization that served people in rural areas without medical care. Sonny appreciated Griffin returning to town to check on Lucas, and Griffin noted that he would look at Lucas' tests.

Peter showed up and saw Elizabeth. He told her he'd heard about Franco's upcoming procedure, and he wanted to apologize for starting everything. Elizabeth was confused, and Peter admitted that he had been present when Andre had first created the memory map. Peter could have made different choices that would have prevented Elizabeth from being in her current situation.

As they waited for Griffin, Carly told Sonny that she would have begged Patrick to return if Griffin had been unable to. She stressed that they didn't know Lucas' doctor. Griffin returned after examining Lucas, and he revealed that Lucas' condition was extremely serious. There was some brain function, especially associated with pain but there had been severe damage. They were in the "wait and see" stage but Lucas had received the best treatment possible.

Carly went off to get Bobbie, and Griffin asked Sonny about Mike. Sonny admitted that his father had "slipped." He wondered if Griffin might look at Mike's lab tests. Carly returned and announced that Bobbie was relieved to hear about Lucas' prognosis. Carly was also happy that Sonny had asked Griffin to look at Mike's records.

Ned found Franco out on the patio at the Quartermaine house. Franco confessed that he was working on the treehouse because there wasn't a lot of time left. Ned thought he was kind to finish it, and Franco admitted that it was one of the last things he could do as Drew and for Drew. Ned received a phone call and spoke to Lois. He asked what was going on with Brook Lynn.

Inside the house, Brook Lynn tried to reach Lucas on the phone. Monica found her, and Brook Lynn revealed that she'd figured out by process of elimination that Monica was the only person who could have stolen the Thanksgiving dinner. She wondered why. Monica explained that she'd wanted Drew to experience the typical Quartermaine Thanksgiving which consisted of pizza and conflict.

Olivia walked into the room and apologized to Brook Lynn. She'd run into Epiphany who had thanked her for the Thanksgiving dinner donated to the hospital, and she'd realized that Brook Lynn couldn't have been the one to steal the dinner. Brook Lynn contradicted her and admitted that she had in fact stolen the food. She claimed to have missed the Quartermaine tradition, and she'd thought about the poor doctors at the hospital.

Brook Lynn said she had no regrets, and the fighting had been a tradition as well. Olivia confessed that she couldn't argue but she wished that Brook Lynn would have just asked her. Brook Lynn replied that she liked to fight like Olivia did. Olivia declared that Brook Lynn hadn't seen the half of it. Olivia left the room, and Monica called Brook Lynn noble. Monica also wondered what it would cost her.

Brook Lynn insisted she didn't want anything, and she was just happy to be home. Monica thought that Brook Lynn reminded her of Tracy who had always been nice when she had been in the middle of covering up a disaster. She couldn't wait to see what Brook Lynn was up to, and she admitted she didn't trust her because she was a Quartermaine.

Ned ran into Jason who had just arrived. Jason asked Ned to do him a favor and look at a list of names he had. Ned knew all three people listed, and he realized it was the parole board. He admitted that Chip Jones was an associate of his. Jason wondered if the board would be fair, and Ned said that all of the men were decent. He thought they would be fair if Sam was fair but he couldn't guarantee anything.

Ned informed Jason that Franco had been finishing up the treehouse, and he hoped that Jason would help. Jason went outside, and Franco said that he had to go. Jason made it clear that he would finish things up for Oscar. Franco thanked him and said that he might never see Jason again. He had made his choice. Jason admitted that he couldn't stand Franco but he was important to Jake.

Anna and Robert sat at a table at Metro Court. Robert admitted that he didn't care for Finn and Anna together but it stood a chance. He thought that it was too late for Anna to dump Finn because he had Violet, and she would feel bad. She could stay if she wanted to but he felt things were different where Peter was concerned.

Robert thought that Anna was denying the truth about Peter, and it would eventually bite her. Anna replied that she would always love Robert, and they had a bond but he had to stop ruining her life. She thought he should look on the positive side and not think about the fact that Peter was Faison's son. She pointed out that Maxie loved Peter. Robert called Maxie's taste in men "suspect." Anna told him to stop pushing.

Lulu visited Maxie with a housewarming gift for Peter. Maxie was excited to talk about the domestic scene she'd shared with Peter as they put James down for a nap. Lulu admitted that she was really there to tell Maxie that Brook Lynn Ashton had returned to town. She told Maxie all about their run-in on Thanksgiving.

Lulu talked about how "bitchy" Brook Lynn had been. They'd been having it out about Dante when Olivia had walked in. Lulu was sure that Brook Lynn would cause trouble. Maxie suggested that Lulu brush Brook Lynn off and try to figure out what she might be covering up. Just then, Maxie received a phone call from Felicia who told her about Lucas' accident.

Finn and Violet showed up at Metro Court, and Robert spoke to the little girl. He suggested they sit at the bar and get into trouble, giving Anna and Finn a moment to catch up. Finn took the empty seat at the table, and Anna admitted that Robert was being a pain again about Peter. He'd tried to convince her that Peter was up to no good. She added that it was always the same, and it always got to her.

Anna realized that Finn wasn't paying attention but looking over toward the bar. He admitted that he was watching his daughter having a great time. Anna confirmed that Robert was good with kids with all of his faults and was like a kid himself. She sent Finn over to the bar.

Finn found Violet with a milkshake, and Finn admitted that Robert was good with her. Robert revealed that having a daughter had been the greatest experience of his life, and he was good with women.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth found Peter still sitting and waiting for her after some time had gone by. She admitted she was nervous, and only one in four choices would have Franco return to her. She had to have the courage to let him go if things didn't work out.

Griffin found Carly and Sonny after looking at Mike's records. He stated that there had been significant deterioration, and Mike would probably not recognize Sonny or his current situation much longer. Sonny wondered if there was anything he could do to prolong Mike's longevity. He was willing to do whatever it took.

Griffin explained that a study in Sweden used enzymes, and he would be willing to write a recommendation. He wasn't sure it would help though. Sonny was willing to pay for it, and he would get Mike there.

At the Quartermaine house, Ned walked into the room just as Brook Lynn was yelling at someone on the phone. She told the person to stop harassing her. Ned offered to help but just then Olivia walked in. She had received a text message from Lulu regarding Lucas. Brook Lynn ran out, and Ned explained that his daughter had been friends with Lucas since high school.

Olivia asked if she'd walked in on "something kinda big." "You did," Ned replied. Ned declared that Brook Lynn was just like Tracy and hiding something big.

Monica encountered Jason. She praised the completed treehouse, and Jason told her that Franco had done all of the work. Monica wished she could have spent more time with Franco as Drew but she knew it wasn't in him to deprive others of Franco. He reminded her of Jason, and she was going to miss him. Jason replied that Franco had done the right thing. He hugged his mother.

Maxie and Lulu stepped off the elevator at the hospital, and the first person they spotted was Brook Lynn. She taunted them for being late, and she told them that only immediate family members could see Lucas. The women proceeded to trade insults. Franco stepped off the elevator and saw Elizabeth.

At Metro Court, Peter was on the phone with someone. He told them they knew what needed to be done. "Kill Maddox, kill Franco. Hell, eliminate them both," Peter declared. He didn't want the procedure to happen. "Peter?" Anna called out as she walked over to him.

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