Curtis has a lead on Ryan
General Hospital Recap for Friday, April 19, 2019
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Friday, April 19, 2019

Sasha was beating up a punching bag at the gym when Michael entered and wondered who she was mad at. "Myself," she answered. A few minutes later, he finished his turn on the punching bag and offered to hold it for her. She wondered who he'd been punching, and he told her he'd been imagining the "creep trying to mess with my sister." When they were done with their workout, Michael helped Sasha get her gloves off and learned that her hands were a little sore. He started to rub her hands, but she got up from the bench. He wondered if he'd said something offensive to cause her to keep running away from him.

Sasha reminded Michael that he'd opened up about his lying ex, and she admitted that she hadn't always been truthful in life. She felt that he should be with someone who was honest like him. A few minutes later, Michael returned with some ice for her hand and joked that he'd only proposed getting a drink, not marriage. Sasha picked up that she'd thought it was best to "close the door before it's opened."

Aside from Sasha's insecurity about honesty, Michael wondered if she liked him. She replied that she "definitely" hadn't lied about that. She apologized for running away the last time they'd hung out, and she asked if they could be friends, because she could use one. As he stared fire at her, he agreed that he was "on board" with an "uncomplicated friendship." A few minutes later, the two burst into Sasha's room at Metro Court, kissing and undressing each other.

Maxie and Peter entered Charlie's and happened upon Liesl. Liesl explained to a curious Maxie that she'd run out of Metro Court before the DNA test results had been read because she hadn't been able to bear seeing Nina heartbroken. Maxie informed a shocked Liesl that the DNA had proven that Sasha was Nina's daughter. Liesl acted happy, but Maxie demanded to know what Liesl was holding over Valentin's head. Liesl claimed ignorance and left the restaurant to work on her column "in peace."

Maxie observed that Liesl had seemed surprised, and she thought that Liesl definitely had a secret. Peter reminded Maxie that speculation and assumptions were how the mess with Nina had started, so he suggested that she stop digging. Peter reminded Maxie that Nina was a "big girl," and she knew who she was marrying. Maxie wondered how he could say that when Valentin had caused him so much pain. Peter informed her that he'd rather leave the past in the past, where it couldn't hurt him. He added that Valentin lived "in a prison of his own making," anyway.

Maxie wondered if it was worth it to ask Liesl what was going on. "Not on my account," Peter replied. He'd arrived in town in "constant rage" over Faison, and he, Maxie, and Nathan had paid heavily. He didn't want to go back to that life, especially since he was finally learning what "true happiness" was. He told Maxie that he wanted to move forward "with you."

At Metro Court, Nina told Valentin about the playdate she'd set up between Charlotte and Aiden. Her phone went off, and she remarked that she got notifications when Liesl posted on the Invader. She couldn't believe that Maxie had thought Liesl was holding something over Valentin's head about Sasha. Valentin said that there was no way Maxie could know about what Nina had done to Cassandra. Nina thought that they should have called the police after it had happened, but Valentin assured her that Liesl wouldn't use the secret, since she had everything she wanted.

As Nina called her aunt "smart but unpredictable," Liesl entered Metro Court. Nina asked Valentin to deal with her and got up to leave. Liesl approached and congratulated Nina on the good news about Sasha. "As if you care about my happiness," Nina spat, and she left. Liesl sat with Valentin and asked for an explanation on Nina's "hostility." Valentin replied that Nina had assumed that Liesl was blackmailing Valentin. He informed her that Liesl would enjoy her freedom as long as he and Nina were happy. He reminded her that she had "far more to lose," and he left a visibly uncomfortable Liesl.

At Charlie's, on her phone, Laura read a Port Charles Press article about the charges being dropped against Kevin. Elizabeth entered. Elizabeth's phone went off, and she revealed that it was Nina about Charlotte and Aiden's playdate. A surprised Laura hoped the playdate meant progress for the cousins. Elizabeth believed that Franco was behind it, and she wished he'd talked to her first. Laura remarked that she knew all about not getting "full disclosure" from her husband.

Laura admitted that she was relieved that the charges against Kevin had been dropped, but she revealed that their marriage was still "in limbo." She told Elizabeth about Lulu's panic attack at seeing Kevin, but Elizabeth thought that Lulu was strong and would get through it. Laura confided that she still loved Kevin. Elizabeth informed Laura that she wouldn't be with Franco if it wasn't for Laura. She advised that "it comes down to" knowing that his heart was in the right place, even when he "slips up." Elizabeth had to go to work, but she told Laura that Kevin was moving out of this office that day.

Franco was walking down the hall at the hospital with a box full of art supplies when he bumped into Jordan. Franco hoped that Ryan was dead, and Jordan advised him to be cautious, just in case. Franco cracked that, "At least we can finally tell the difference between Kevin and Ryan." Just then, Kevin approached. His waved both of his hands to show that it was him. Jordan congratulated him on the dropped charges, but Kevin credited Nora.

Kevin commented that he had to finish clearing out his office. Franco wondered if Kevin would practice elsewhere, and Kevin replied that he would rent a space if enough patients still wanted to see him. He walked away, and Franco related that he had to get back to work. Jordan made sure that he wasn't planning on leaving town, and he wondered if he was under investigation again. Jordan informed him that the PCPD wanted to acknowledge Franco for his help solving the Chamberlain case. He reminded her that she'd blackmailed him. She stated that he'd gotten the job done, and she walked away.

A short while later, Franco bumped into Kevin, who had his arms full of boxes from his office. Franco advised Kevin to let Franco know where he ended up. Kevin wondered if Franco was going to make an appointment with him. Franco revealed that Kevin had understood him better than any other "shrink," and Elizabeth had reminded him of that. Kevin countered that he'd failed Franco by leaving him open to Ryan's manipulations. Franco replied that Kevin had helped, advised, and never judged Franco, and Franco wanted to follow Kevin's example. Kevin welcomed the opportunity and got into the elevator.

Later, Kevin found Elizabeth and thanked her for talking to Franco on Kevin's behalf. Elizabeth believed that what had happened with Ryan didn't negate all the good that Kevin had done for Franco. She was grateful for how much he'd helped Franco. She hoped things worked out for him, and she walked away.

Laura got off the elevator and told Kevin that she'd heard it was "moving day." He revealed that he was clearing his office for his replacement, but Laura didn't think he was replaceable. He reminded her that Ryan had replaced him, and no one would forget that. Laura told him that she had put it in perspective. She remembered how overjoyed she'd been to find him at Ferncliff and realize that him no longer loving her was a lie. They both admitted that they loved each other and shared a kiss.

When Kevin and Laura pulled apart, a deliveryman approached with a package for Kevin. He asked who it was from, and the man replied that it was from "someone named Chamberlain." He handed Kevin a box that read "Perishable, Insulated."

Ava entered her apartment but stopped when she heard a noise down the hall. She retrieved her gun from her purse and yelled at Ryan to show himself. Curtis revealed himself, and she wondered how long he'd been following her. He followed her into the apartment and informed her that Julian had hired him to look after her. "No, thanks," she stated. She said that she was already prepared to protect herself, but he didn't think reverting to her "vigilante" ways was a good thing. She tried to fire him, but he wouldn't accept it, since Julian had hired him. She threatened to make his job impossible, and he didn't doubt that she could.

Curtis explained that he just wanted to help Ava, but she replied that he could help by leaving, so he finally left. When he was gone, she retrieved her gun and urged Ryan to "come and get me." A few minutes later, Franco entered, and Ava informed him that she needed him to pose as her boyfriend. He reminded her that he was married, but she told him about her plan to lure Ryan back to town. Franco thought it was a terrible idea and instructed her to find another man. "God help you both," he said as he left. Ava picked up the phone and made a call. She invited Scott over.

Franco found Elizabeth at the hospital, and she revealed that she knew about Charlotte and Aiden's playdate. He explained about his meeting with Nina and, in doing so, realized that he should have run the idea by her first. While she agreed, she loved him for trying to help, and she was glad that he was "all mine."

Curtis met up with Jordan at a café, and he told her that Ava had fired him, but he felt like she was up to something. He thought that she hoped Ryan was alive so she could "seek justice for herself." Curtis wondered how Ryan could have survived without a hand, and Jordan realized that Ryan had to have had help. Curtis wanted to find the helper, but Jordan figured the helper was probably already dead. Curtis realized that Ryan would have needed medical supplies, so he'd "put out feelers" to pharmacies and gotten a hit. After Ryan had disappeared over the bridge, a Niagara Falls pharmacy had been burglarized, and the criminal hadn't been caught.

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