Shiloh gets out on bail
General Hospital Recap for Friday, July 19, 2019
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Friday, July 19, 2019

Curtis and Jordan sat on one side of the glass in the visitors' room at Pentonville as Ryan was escorted in on the other side. Curtis admitted that he hadn't seen visiting Ryan as part of their future together, but she wanted peace of mind. "Don't count on it," Curtis replied as Ryan hobbled over to the phone, holding his side. Jordan picked up the phone and asked how Ryan was doing, and he told her about all the medical issues he would be prone to due to donating a kidney. Curtis assured her that Ryan was fine, and Ryan accused Curtis of being "unafraid to skirt the law."

Jordan thanked Ryan for saving her life, but Ryan informed her that he'd been forced into it, which was a crime. He launched into his story about Kevin posing as him to sign the forms, and Curtis called it a conspiracy theory that Ryan couldn't prove. Ryan told Jordan that his kidney was infecting her body, and she would "never get me out."

Later, Curtis told Jordan not to believe anything Ryan had said, but she admitted that she was "uncomfortable" with how she'd gotten the new kidney. Curtis replied that she deserved to live, and donating a kidney was the best thing Ryan had done in his "miserable life." She relented that she couldn't give the kidney back, so she would just have to live with it. She was glad that she didn't have to miss out on a future with Curtis, and he agreed.

At the police station, Chase explained to Laura that, instead of holding Shiloh without bail, the judge had set Shiloh's bail "impossibly high." "Not high enough," Laura muttered as she watched Shiloh retrieve his personal effects. Shiloh promised that he wouldn't be going anywhere without his son, but Chase informed him of Shiloh's inability to do anything with the family court case unless he was exonerated. Chase and Laura talked about all the evidence they had against him, shocking Daisy, who stood nearby. He left with Daisy, and Chase and Laura agreed that they would give anything to put the man behind bars permanently.

Shiloh told Daisy that Zahra didn't do criminal law, so he needed her help getting an attorney. She reminded him that she'd drained her trust fund to bail him out, and her parents had cut her off. She added that the Dawn of Day accounts had been "frozen by the Feds." "It's always darkest before the dawn," he reminded her with a smile, and they left.

Willow thought it was unfair that Harmony had been sent back to Pentonville after giving her statement against Shiloh. Harmony wanted to take responsibility for her actions, and she revealed that she'd been appointed prison librarian for cooperating with the police. Willow informed her mother that the Port Charles chapter of Dawn of Day had basically been shut down, and Harmony figured it would only be a matter of time until the Beechers Corners chapter was, as well. She wished she was there to help the lost people that Shiloh had taken advantage of, and Willow reminded her that Shiloh had taken advantage of Harmony, too. Harmony profusely apologized for not protecting Willow from Shiloh. Willow only begged her mother to never let Shiloh manipulate her again.

Later, Harmony returned to the visitors' room and found Shiloh waiting for her. She demanded to know how he'd gone free. He cited his "loyal followers," and he hoped that she would follow their example. He vowed that, if she recanted her statement, he would use all of his resources to free her, and they could raise Wiley together. She growled that she finally saw him for the fraudulent, manipulative sexual predator he was, and she would "sing like a bird" to make sure that he stayed away from her, Willow, and Wiley. "I'm through here!" she yelled at the guard, and she was escorted out.

A short while later, Harmony was pushing a book cart down the hall when she noticed a copy of Shiloh's book on top. She picked it up and moved to get rid of it, but Ryan appeared and thought that a book should never be discarded. He took it and suggested that he could find value in it. "Not if you have half a brain," Harmony shot back. He promised to let her know what he thought of it. Before he walked away, he asked her to give his regards to her cellmate, Nelle.

Sonny entered Charlie's and found Kristina. He told her that he was proud of how she'd stood up to Shiloh, and he promised that Shiloh couldn't hurt her anymore. She updated him on how she'd worked through the issue of her pledge with Alexis. Sonny's phone went off, and he walked away to take the call. When he was gone, Shiloh entered with Daisy, and he told Kristina that he wanted to make peace and clear the air. He thought that he needed her to help rebuild Dawn of Day, and he hoped to see more of her soon. She agreed that he would, as she would be testifying at his trial.

Sonny returned and stated that Shiloh was a cockroach that would be "stepped on real soon." Shiloh said that he and Daisy had work to do, so they left. Kristina couldn't believe that Shiloh had made bail, but Sonny assured her that Shiloh could still get convicted. Kristina knew that she would be fine with her support system around her. She walked away to continue her work, and Sonny took the opportunity to make a phone call.

Jason and Drew entered the Floating Rib after a day of starting to build the treehouse Oscar had wanted. Drew figured that Oscar had also wanted them to build a relationship, so they sat down to eat together. Drew assured a silent Jason that they didn't have to if it was weird for Jason. Jason confessed that he was still bothered over Oscar leaving his ELQ shares to Shiloh, and Drew agreed, especially considering Oscar's plans for the Kilimanjaro Foundation. Jason thought that the shares would be "tied up in court for years," which Drew called a "silver lining."

Drew was more concerned about Shiloh manipulating Oscar and that Oscar had joined Dawn of Day because of Drew. Drew thought it was suspicious how interested Shiloh seemed in his past, and Jason suggested that Drew had known something about Shiloh that Shiloh didn't want getting out. Jason's phone rang, and he answered it to Sonny. Sonny informed Jason that Shiloh was out on bail -- just as Jason spotted Shiloh standing at the bar.

Shiloh approached Jason and Drew, hoping to put the "ELQ drama" behind them. Drew reasoned that he could, as Shiloh would be "old and gray" before he could touch the shares. He remembered Dawn of Day preaching about how money didn't matter, but Shiloh explained that he had legal bills to pay. He reminded Drew that he'd cared for Oscar when it had mattered, but Drew accused him of using and lying to Oscar like he did to everyone else. He refused to let Shiloh "tarnish my son's legacy. Hear me, Hank?" He demanded that Shiloh walk away, and Shiloh listened.

Drew picked up a pool stick to start a game, and Jason wondered if Drew would be all right if Jason left. Drew replied that he was going to shoot some pool to cool down and that he would see Jason the following day for more building. Jason glared at Shiloh on his way out. Drew started to shoot some pool, and the sound took Shiloh back to a time when he'd been lying unconscious on a stretcher in a medical tent. Someone had called out for Shiloh and tried to wake him up. "Hey, Drew," Shiloh said to the man who'd woken him up, who looked like Jason.

Sonny put his phone away as Kristina returned, and she knew that he'd called Jason. She didn't want Shiloh to disappear, as it would hurt her if Sonny and Jason were blamed for it. She wanted him to stay in town and have his day in court. Sonny agreed, adding that he wanted Shiloh to rot in prison, where he belonged. Sonny remarked that Kristina's setbacks had made her stronger, and she replied that she was just following her father's example.

At the park, Elizabeth and Franco surveyed Aiden's birthday party, including a cake he'd made himself. They watched as he played a set of drums, which was one of his gifts. Lulu approached and laughed that Laura and Kevin hadn't forgotten that Aiden had wanted a drum. She was sorry for what had happened at the reception, and Franco assured her that it was because of the guests, not the venue. Elizabeth related that she thought Hayden had "something big up her sleeve."

Nina entered with Charlotte, who hoped that Aiden liked the gift of a set of mixing bowls. Hayden entered with a gift and caught sight of Nina. Minutes later, Aiden opened Hayden's gift, a remote-control truck. Charlotte was excited and offered to show Aiden how to play with it, so all the kids ran off to play. Hayden remarked to Elizabeth that Aiden didn't seem too thrilled with her gift. Elizabeth replied that there was a lot Hayden didn't know about Aiden, and she related that there was a lot she didn't know about Hayden. She questioned if Hayden had invited Jax, but Hayden insisted that she didn't think of him in that way. Hayden asked if Finn would be at the party, and Elizabeth wondered why Hayden cared.

With Jake looking on, Cameron gave Aiden his birthday gift, three tickets to the live shows that Aiden's favorite "pastry lady" would be filming in town. Aiden was beyond excited and wondered who he should take with him. Minutes later, he told Franco and Elizabeth about Cameron's gift. He said that he would be taking his brothers with him, as Cameron wanted to "share the experience" with Aiden, even though baking wasn't his favorite. The parents were pleasantly surprised, but Elizabeth muttered to Franco that she wondered how Cameron had scored the tickets.

Hayden noticed that Nina was at the party with her "future stepdaughter" and used the conversation starter to talk to Nina in order to get to know her. She revealed that she'd heard all about Nina's good work at Crimson, but Nina replied that she'd heard nothing about Hayden. Nina abruptly excused herself and walked away.

Lulu was proud of Charlotte for attending the birthday party, and she knew that it meant a lot to Aiden. Charlotte wondered where Rocco was, and Lulu replied that he had a cold, so he was at home. Charlotte was sad that they were hardly ever together as a family, especially with Dante gone. She wondered when he would be home, and Lulu hugged her daughter, who missed Dante. Charlotte ran off to play a few minutes later, and Laura arrived. Lulu looked around and regretted that Dante was missing the family party, and Laura hugged her daughter.

Lulu still couldn't believe that Dante had shot Peter, and she remarked on how lost and horrified Dante was probably feeling. She was glad Dante was getting the help he needed, but Laura was concerned about her daughter. Just then, a man approached and asked for Lulu, and Lulu identified herself. He gave her an envelope and walked away. She pulled papers out of the envelope, and a shocked Lulu informed Laura that Dante wanted to divorce her.

Willow arrived and set a gift down for Aiden. Charlotte approached and told Willow all about the party so far. When Charlotte ran off, Nina took the opportunity to approach Willow and offer an apology. She explained her realization that Shiloh only knew about Wiley because of Nina's big mouth at the Nurses Ball. She apologized profusely, but Willow urged her not to blame herself, as it would have only been a matter of time before Shiloh had found out, anyway.

Willow continued that everything had worked out, as Wiley was safe, and Shiloh was in jail. Nina figured that she and Willow weren't so different, after all, and she was happy that Wiley was safe. Aiden ran over to Willow with his drum and asked her if Principal Schultz would consent to a marching band. Willow thought it was a great idea and urged Aiden to take it to the principal on the first day of school. Chase went over to Willow after Aiden had run off, and she was happy to see him after all the good things that had happened that day. He revealed that not everything was good, and he broke it to her that Shiloh had been released on bail. He assured her that there was a strong case against Shiloh, but she feared that Shiloh would try to take Wiley.

As Cameron recorded on his phone, a blindfolded Charlotte hit a piņata, which exploded with candy. As the kids scrambled to pick up all the candy, Aiden pulled Cameron over, since some of the candy was Cameron's favorite. Cameron happily helped his brother pick up some candy. Franco thought he and Elizabeth had thrown a great party, and they were both glad to see Aiden having fun.

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