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General Hospital Recap for Friday, September 20, 2019
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Friday, September 20, 2019

Sonny stopped near Kelly's to make a phone call to Carly. He was unable to reach her, and he left a voicemail to tell her that he was grabbing lunch. He assumed she was on another line. Josslyn and Dev were sitting at an outside table, doing homework. Josslyn complained about the assignment but she noticed that Dev was unusually quiet. He recalled a conversation he'd overheard between Sonny and Carly when they'd been discussing whether Dev should remain in the house.

Sonny approached the table and learned that Josslyn and Dev had lots of homework. Sonny suggested that Dev take some time off from working at the warehouse, and Josslyn promised that she would be a good student again and not skip school. Sonny was glad that Carly would have one less thing to worry about.

Sonny headed inside while Josslyn and Dev continued to work on their school papers. Dev noted that he was happy that Josslyn had decided to stay in school, although she disclosed that she still continued to see Oscar everywhere. She felt that she was making a sacrifice by sticking around, but she didn't want her parents to be concerned.

Josslyn wanted to change the subject, and she asked Dev about work at Sonny's warehouse. Dev was vague. After Josslyn pushed him, he admitted that he didn't feel needed, and the other workers often talked down to him. He felt like he was in the way, both at home and at work. Josslyn assured him he wasn't in the way, but Dev also thought that it wasn't fair that she had to lie to everyone about him.

Dev grabbed Josslyn's hands and told her that no matter what happened, her family meant a lot to him. He apologized for being a "jerk" early on in their relationship and said her kindness was important to him. Josslyn retorted that he wasn't going anywhere, and she stood to go home. Dev announced that he would stay put and work on his paper. After Josslyn had gone, he researched travel to Montreal on his laptop.

Carly sat in her kitchen and finished up a phone conversation with someone regarding a boarding school. When Bobbie showed up, Carly quickly shoved the literature from the counter under her laptop. Bobbie explained that she was busy running Wiley around but wanted to talk to Carly about the upcoming birth of Carly's baby. Carly revealed that her C-section had been scheduled, and Bobbie was shocked.

Carly laughed it off as she explained that Dr. Navarro had thought the C-section would be safer. She admitted she was a little nervous. Bobbie noted that if there were any complications, then Carly would have already known. Carly disclosed that she had something to tell Bobbie, but they were interrupted when Sonny arrived with a bag of goodies from Kelly's.

After greetings were exchanged, Bobbie returned to the subject at hand. Carly admitted that she and Sonny had learned the sex of their new child but had chosen to keep it secret until birth. Bobbie had to leave to pick up Wiley, and Sonny comforted Carly after Bobbie was gone. Carly stated that she had decided not to tell Bobbie about a possible problem with the baby because she wanted to have peace before the birth. She knew her mother would hover over her.

Carly announced that she'd found the perfect boarding school for Dev, and she showed Sonny the brochure. She had spoken to the school, and they wanted to interview Dev. Sonny grew angry and yelled that he'd never agreed to send Dev away. Carly replied that nothing had been scheduled, and she and Sonny began to argue.

Carly shouted that she refused to have Josslyn continue lying, and Sonny thought a good plan would be to have Josslyn move in with Jax instead. Carly refused to have changes made at Josslyn's expense and made it clear that it was Josslyn's home. Avery would also be upset if her sister left. Sonny agreed that he wouldn't sacrifice the family for Dev, and Carly reminded Sonny that he wasn't Dev's father.

Carly thought it was a good idea to be able to keep Dev at a distance, and he'd also be able to have a new life where he'd be free without questions. Sonny agreed to keep an open mind, and Carly told him not to take too long to make a decision. She didn't consider it to be picking on Dev or pushing him away but rather support for her daughter. She would not uproot Josslyn.

Josslyn returned home and found the kitchen empty. She spotted the brochure for Greyfield Academy and heaved a sigh of annoyance.

Lulu and Maxie walked into Crimson with bags of food for lunch. They shared some girl talk about Peter, James, and Dustin. Maxie admitted she was nervous over how good her relationship with Peter had been. Just then, Peter arrived to take Maxie to lunch and saw that he was too late. Lulu complained about her latest assignment at a pet fashion show and admitted she was desperate for a better story.

Lulu expressed her desire to be back on the "crime beat," and Peter agreed that he would talk to Lulu's editor. He wanted Lulu to promise to stick to reporting only, though, and not conduct any investigations on her own. Maxie thought that Lulu should be happy with her situation, given that she had more time to spend with Dustin.

Peter sat at the table with Lulu and Maxie. Lulu insisted that her relationship with Dustin wasn't serious, although Maxie disagreed with her. Lulu mentioned how Peter and Maxie worked lots of hours and maintained their relationship, but Maxie didn't think it was the same situation. Peter disclosed that Maxie would run her own magazine someday, and Lulu gasped at the thought that Maxie was leaving Crimson.

Peter apologized for letting the cat out of the bag but Maxie insisted she wasn't leaving the magazine. She thought that Peter was "fixated" on the idea, and she asked him to leave so that she and Lulu could continue their girl session. Peter repeated that he would speak to Lulu's editor, and he told her not to "rock the boat." Lulu pleaded her case and stated that she would love to be at Shiloh's trial instead of hearing everything secondhand. Peter noted that he would enjoy the same.

At the courthouse, it was Shiloh's turn to take the stand. His attorney questioned him, and he denied that Dawn of Day was a cult where he was the leader. He insisted that everyone was equal and that it was a "self-help" organization where charity work was done. He continued that individuals were always helped first, like Kristina and Sam, although Sam had had ulterior motives.

Shiloh continued to talk about Sam's past with his father. He mentioned that Sam had wiped out the family savings. The prosecutor jumped up more than once to object to Shiloh's comments. Shiloh insisted that he'd forgiven Sam but that Sam hadn't believed him.

The prosecutor noted that everyone really wasn't equal at DOD, and she asked about the Trust. Shiloh was evasive as he was asked whether women had had to have sex with him and endure tattoos being drawn. She asked how many women he'd drugged and initiated. There were flashbacks to Kristina, Sam, and Willow in various compromising situations. Shiloh's attorney objected. Court was finally adjourned for the day, and Shiloh was cuffed and led out of the courtroom.

Chase was proud of Willow, and Kristina invited her to go out for drinks. Chase had business to attend to. Sam complained that she'd known Shiloh would refer to her past, and Jason asked Spinelli to find the connection between Peter and Shiloh. Sam vowed not to let Shiloh win.

Back at Crimson, Peter left Lulu and Maxie and flashed back to his last conversation with Shiloh, who had threatened him. Peter stopped in the outer office to make a phone call and told one of Shiloh's police guards that things better be handled by the end of the trial. He wanted to be kept posted. He ended the call and turned around to see Spinelli standing there.

Lulu asked Maxie if she'd had a new job opportunity. Maxie said no, and Lulu reminded her that she wasn't obligated to stay where she was. Maxie insisted it was only a fantasy of hers to run her own magazine, but when Lulu asked her how she would handle things, Maxie had an entire scenario in mind. She declared that everything would be online. It was obvious to Lulu that Maxie hadn't been telling the truth when she'd said she hadn't thought about it.

Maxie quickly apologized for rambling, but Lulu thought she'd sounded excited. Maxie didn't think she was qualified to launch her own magazine, but Lulu thought otherwise. She noted that Maxie had supported Lulu's dream of being a journalist, and Maxie had the same qualities. Maxie disputed that she would take such an action because things were just starting to calm down, and she had time for both James and Peter.

In the outer office, Peter informed Spinelli that Spinelli had startled him. He stated that he'd just been conducting business on the phone, and Spinelli was confused that it was about Shiloh's trial. Peter claimed that all newspaper publishers would consider the trial as business, and he suggested that Spinelli read the Invader online.

Spinelli claimed to be curious about Peter, since Peter was close to his daughter's mother, and he suggested they double-date the next time he and Ellie were in town. Peter agreed, and he suggested that Spinelli throw some dates out to Maxie. Peter stepped onto the elevator, and Spinelli waved goodbye. He quickly placed a call and asked someone to trace a call that had just originated from there and had "pinged" off the local cell tower.

At the courthouse, the guard told Peter that things were being handled. He got off the phone and informed his partner that the warden wanted both men to guard Shiloh instead of only one of them. The trio walked out of the nearest door.

Sam and Jason approached Robert, who was certain the jury would see through Shiloh. He added that everything had to be done legally, and he didn't want things handled in Jason's "personal brand." He didn't want any retaliation, and if something happened, he would know where to start asking questions. He left. Jason was aware that Robert believed Jason wanted Shiloh dead and could get to him. Jason promised to deal with Shiloh if the system failed.

Just then, Chase, who had been on the phone nearby, shouted. He ran over and announced that Shiloh was gone. He added that the van had never made it back to Pentonville.

Bobbie was stopped in her car, and a police officer approached and tapped on her window. It was Shiloh, and he told her there was a problem.

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