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General Hospital Recap for Friday, May 17, 2019
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Friday, May 17, 2019

Laura and Curtis, both unconscious, were tied to chairs in April's dark house. Curtis woke up and immediately woke Laura up. Laura observed that April's body was gone. Just then, Laura started to smell gas, and she heard hissing. As they rubbed the ropes against the chairs to fray them, Laura suddenly realized that Ryan was trying to torment Kevin by killing her the same way Ryan was supposed to have died -- in a gas explosion. When Curtis yelled that fraying the ropes was taking too long, Laura thought that she could reach to untie his. She finally got his ropes untied, and he untied hers. As they ran out of the house, there was an explosion.

Carly descended the stairs, dressed for the Nurses Ball, and Sonny wondered if they were staying or going. Carly replied that Josslyn wanted them to go, but she thought that Josslyn needed her mother. Sonny agreed with Josslyn but related how he hated the night. He explained that it reminded him of how Stone was gone, but he had Stone in his head, telling him to go. Sonny concluded that he was always glad that he'd attended. Carly suggested waiting for Kristina to get there before they left.

"Wow," Franco said as he caught sight of Elizabeth, dressed for the Nurses Ball, at the hospital. They shared a kiss, and Epiphany cracked, "Get a room!" Amy, Felix, and Deanna entered, talking about catching their Uber, but Franco didn't want his stretch limo to go to waste. He thought that the nurses should arrive in style. The excited group got into the elevator and left for the ball.

At Metro Court, a stage manager gave Nina five minutes until the red carpet coverage began. Nina and Maxie, who would be live-tweeting the red carpet show, frantically wondered where Nina's co-host was, until she finally entered. Nina quickly explained the drill to Sydney Val Jean, a New York fashion editor. She warned that their first guest would be "extra," and they began their broadcast.

Lucy entered first and traded gushing compliments with Sydney, forcing Nina to edge into the conversation. She directed Lucy to Maxie, who took a picture of Lucy for Twitter. "Let the Nurses Ball begin," Lucy stated with a smile. As she got her picture taken, Kevin and Ava entered. Lucy glared as Sydney talked about the "scandalous new couple," and Nina struggled to say something positive to Ava. After an awkward pause, Kevin declared that he was honored to be there, and they made their way to Maxie.

Kevin asked about the strange look on Maxie's face, and she replied that she was just surprised to see Kevin and Ava together. Scott entered and flirted with the stage manager, but he stated, "Hello, goodbye," as soon as he spotted Kevin and Ava together. He blew right by Nina and Sydney, and Maxie wondered what was wrong with him. "Those two are wrong," he said, and Maxie agreed. He passed through where the pictures were being taken but held his hand in front of his face.

Chase and Willow entered, and Sydney expressed her curiosity about Chase's performance. As they went by, Sydney gushed about how adorable they were, much to Nina's annoyance. Valentin entered, and Nina ran to him and kissed him. A few minutes later, Nina was ecstatic to see Michael and Sasha arrive together. Nina babbled on about how admirable Michael was, including because of ELQ's donation to the ball. They walked by to get their picture taken.

Franco and Elizabeth arrived next, and Franco warned Nina and Sydney about the "gaggle of rowdy nurses" behind them. As they walked off to get pictures taken, Epiphany, Amy, Deanna, and Felix entered, laughing and joking. Nina joked about their rowdiness, but Epiphany stoically talked about the "tight ship" she ran. Sydney asked about "Magic Milo," but Epiphany broke the news that he'd had a work conflict.

Next on the red carpet were Carly and Sonny, and Sonny talked about how important the night was to him. Peter entered with Lulu, and Maxie ran over to kiss Peter. Nina's voice suddenly became hoarse as she tried to talk to the trio, and she ran off-camera to get some water. She left the building, coughing, as the stage manager offered to get some water. "Will you settle for Champange?" Jax wondered, offering his glass to her. She reluctantly took it and took a sip. "Bless you," she said. She babbled on, starry-eyed, about who she was and why she was there. She gave the glass back and rejoined Sydney.

When Nina was gone, someone interviewed Jax outside and wondered how long Jax would be in town. "We'll see what happens," Jax answered coyly. Mac and Felicia arrived next, but Nina looked past them as Sydney interviewed them, looking for Jax. He finally entered, and Nina could only stammer as Sydney interviewed him. When he left to get his picture taken, Sydney stared open-mouthed at Nina and punched her lightly on the arm. Jax hugged Maxie, and she was delighted to hear that he would be staying in town "indefinitely."

Sam and Shiloh arrived, and Sam introduced Shiloh to Nina and Sydney. Nina wondered where Jason was, but she remembered that Jason didn't like big events like the Nurses Ball. Shiloh chimed in that Sam wasn't "defined by anyone else's decisions," anyway, which silenced the co-hosts. Sam spotted Maxie and introduced Shiloh to her. "Have fun with your friend," Maxie spat, and she walked away.

Anna and Finn entered, and Sydney called them a "lovely-looking couple." Anna caught sight of Robert and couldn't stop from staring in shock that he was there. He approached the group, making things awkward, and Sydney observed that they were "an intriguing trio." They went to get their pictures taken, and Sydney declared the red carpet show over. She and Nina agreed that they made a great team. They promised to talk soon, and Nina ran off to be with Valentin.

As Scott watched, Ava thanked Kevin for smoothing things over with Nina, as Ava had almost "ripped her face off." Kevin replied that she wouldn't have because she knew that their "bigger mission" was the priority. She knew that Ryan was on his way, and Kevin was concerned that nothing having to do with Ryan ever went according to plan. She reasoned that Ryan would never show up there with all the people, and he would wait until she was alone. Lucy joined Scott in observing the couple, and they agreed that they needed to "pump the brakes" on Ava and Kevin. A few minutes later, they agreed to a plan and split up.

A bellboy approached Kevin and informed him that a woman had passed out on the red carpet but was awake and hysterical in a room upstairs. The bellboy had been asked to summon a doctor, so Kevin agreed to go to the room. A few minutes later, Kevin knocked on the door, and Lucy, clad only in a slip, opened the door. "Let me save you from yourself," she said, trying to convince him how wrong and he and Ava were for each other.

Downstairs, Scott pulled Ava along with him so that he could show her something. They went upstairs, and she told him that she didn't have time for whatever he was doing. "It's for your own good," he said, and he opened the door to the room that Kevin had gone to.

Valentin approached Peter and Lulu, and he complimented Lulu's dress. She divulged that Charlotte had helped her pick it out, and Valentin related that Charlotte had also helped Nina with her dress. They amicably agreed that it would be nice for Charlotte to follow in Nina's footsteps. A few minutes later, Lulu bumped into Sonny while getting a drink, and he wondered where Laura was. She only said that Laura was on a "special assignment."

Sasha apologized to Michael if Nina had made him uncomfortable, but he thought Nina was sweet. Sonny and Carly found Michael, who introduced Sasha to them. Carly reminded Sasha that they'd met after Sasha's "workout." They talked about Josslyn, and Carly excused herself to go to the bathroom. Sonny and Michael agreed that Carly was about to text Josslyn.

A short while later, Sonny and Carly bumped into Jax, and Carly was happy to see that he'd made it. Sonny went off to get a drink, and Carly and Jax both admitted that they hadn't wanted to attend the ball. Jax was glad they'd both gone, though, because it showed that they listened to Josslyn and had faith in her. A few minutes later, Jax stole a minute outside to call Josslyn and check up on her. When he was off the phone, Lulu approached with Peter and Valentin and introduced them both to Jax.

"No one holds a candle to you," Franco told Elizabeth, and she thought that it was going to be a good night. He replied that it already was, and he kissed her.

Chase told Willow that he'd had a great idea for the next time he visited her classroom, but she confessed that he would have to do it with someone else's class. He was shocked to learn that she'd been fired, but he assured her that there were plenty of private schools around that would jump at hiring her. He thought that, when things seemed the worst, they could sometimes turn out the best. She related that it had worked out for the best the night she'd met him. Just then, she stopped dead and stared across the room. Chase spotted Shiloh with Sam, and he assured Willow that she was safe.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Sam asked Shiloh. He replied that he just wanted to say hello, and they approached Sonny and Carly. He asked about Kristina, and Sonny replied that she was "better now." Shiloh looked forward to her return to Dawn of Day, but Carly said she wouldn't count on it. Shiloh countered that it was what was best for Kristina and her family. Sonny informed Shiloh that his philosophy was "family first and always, at any cost," and he grinned widely.

Finn found Robert and demanded his ring back. As they observed, Felicia told Anna that she, Robert, and Finn had made "quite the entrance." She asked which one was Anna's date. Just then, a voice over the loudspeaker announced that the ball was about to begin, so everyone should find their seats. The doors were opened, and everyone flooded the ballroom. Nina and Valentin ran in after everyone else, and Jax followed them.

On the next General Hospital...

• Willow thinks that the night would be perfect if not for Shiloh.

• Lucy welcomes everyone to the Nurses Ball.

• Scott informs Ava that her "boyfriend" had run off with Lucy.

• "Sam is setting up Shiloh tonight," Jason tells Spinelli.

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