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General Hospital Recap for Monday, December 2, 2019
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Monday, December 2, 2019

At Anna's, Maxie was asking Andre about Franco's procedure, much to Peter's discomfort. Andre hoped that Franco would "resurface," but he said that the procedure could "spark" Drew's memories. Andre's phone went off, and he excused himself to answer it. Maxie apologized to Peter for making him uncomfortable, and she inferred that it was because of his residual guilt about his involvement in the original memory procedure. She assured him that he was nothing like his father, and she was lucky to have him. "I'm the lucky one," he replied, and they embraced.

Finn, Anna, and Violet were talking about the Thanksgiving parade when the doorbell rang. Anna let Robert into the house, and Violet cheerfully greeted him. She showed her new teddy bear to him, and Anna explained that it had been a surprise from Finn. "Your daddy's full of surprises. Just ask Anna," he said. Anna suggested that Violet teach Finn her hand-clapping game, and she yanked Robert into the next room to talk to him. She chided him for judging Finn, and she promised to let him know if she ever needed him to stick up for her with Finn.

The phone rang, and Anna gruffly answered it to Robin. She insisted that she hadn't been fighting with Robert, but Robert grabbed the phone and confirmed that they'd been fighting. A few minutes later, he hung up the phone, and he revealed that Robin had told Robert to cut Anna and Finn some slack. Anna marveled over their smart daughter. Anna's phone went off, and she announced that the wishbone was ready. She retrieved the wishbone and handed it to Finn, who let Violet take the other side. He instructed her to close her eyes and make a wish, and the two pulled. Violet won, but she hoped that Finn would also get his wish. "You are my wish," he told her, and he kissed her on the head.

At the hospital, Franco wondered if his outfit was all right for the Quartermaine Thanksgiving, and Elizabeth thought that it was. She called him generous for what he was doing for Monica and related that his sacrifice meant everything to her and her family. He wished her a happy Thanksgiving and left. Epiphany thought that Franco was brave, and Elizabeth didn't how to repay the sacrifice. Epiphany replied that "thank you" was all one could do or say for a sacrifice and that it was the day to be grateful. "I am. You have no idea," Elizabeth answered.

At the Quartermaines', Brook Lynn was taking down some of the Thanksgiving decorations when Monica entered and informed her that Olivia had been in charge of them. Brook Lynn thought it was overboard and folded up a paper turkey. Olivia entered with Ned and Leo and allowed Brook Lynn to do what she wanted. Monica couldn't believe Olivia's reaction, but Olivia just wanted to get along with Brook Lynn. Leo wondered where his favorite turkey was, so Brook Lynn put back the paper turkey that she'd taken down.

Lulu and Rocco entered, and Brook Lynn openly glared at Lulu and spat, "No family of your own to celebrate with?" Rocco wondered if Danny and Scout would be there, and Monica informed them that Jason had taken the kids to see the Rockettes. Leo was happy to have helped decorate, and Rocco talked about how much fun he'd had at the parade with Lulu and Dustin. Olivia looked upset, and Brook Lynn smirked at the news. Monica ran outside to make a phone call, and she called Epiphany to ask how fast she could get there to help Monica with something.

Olivia ushered the kids upstairs to play a game, and Brook Lynn excused herself for some air outside. Lulu followed, and Brook Lynn demanded to know if the ink had been dry on the divorce papers before Lulu had started dating the first guy who'd shown interest. Lulu informed her that Dante had asked for the divorce, and the two ladies argued. Inside, Monica warned Ned that he needed to figure out what Brook Lynn's agenda was. Olivia returned and asked where Lulu and Brook Lynn were. Ned and Monica pointed outside, and Olivia observed, "This is not good."

Lulu and Brook Lynn were still arguing about Dante when Olivia, Ned, and Monica emerged from the house just in time to hear Lulu scream that Dante had abandoned her. Lulu immediately apologized to Olivia for the statement and decided to leave. Olivia assured her that every Thanksgiving dinner involved someone saying something they wished they could take back. She hugged Lulu and went to check on dinner. Brook Lynn hurled more insults at Lulu, and Lulu shot back that Brook Lynn was "the tramp who tried to seduce my husband." Ned broke Brook Lynn and Lulu up and stated that they were family. "She is not my family," the two women said in unison. Just then, they heard Olivia scream.

Olivia returned to the living room and told everyone that their dinner was gone, and she accused Brook Lynn of taking it. Franco arrived as the women argued about the dinner, and Monica got him a drink. She remembered a short time before, when she had given Epiphany all of their food and insisted that she give it to the staff at the hospital. She smirked, and Franco wondered what there was to smile about in the disaster. Monica divulged that disaster was a Quartermaine family tradition. A short while later, Ned entered the living room with a pile of pizza boxes, and Brook Lynn stated, "First we sing, then we eat." The family sang their traditional song.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asked how the dinner in the break room had gotten there. Epiphany only replied that it was just one more thing to be grateful for that day.

Neil and Julian talked about Kendra possibly being the one who'd poisoned Alexis, and Neil wanted to call Alexis to let her know that Kendra was dangerous. He left her a voicemail warning her about Kendra. Julian divulged that he hadn't yet gotten a reply from Kristina, but Molly had said that she hadn't heard from Alexis since earlier that day. Neil called the cops, but when he got off the phone, he informed Julian that the cops wouldn't do anything until Alexis was missing for 24 hours.

Neil and Julian wondered why Kendra would target Alexis, and they read the bio on her website. Julian kept scrolling and saw that she'd graduated from Port Charles High School in 2004. Neil decided to put out the word on the PCHS alumni social media pages about Kendra, and he included a picture in case there had been a name change. Minutes later, Neil had gotten a response from someone who recognized the woman as a classmate, but her last name had been Bauer. Julian related the last name to Kiefer and updated Neil on the accident.

Michael, Josslyn, and Dev sat down to play poker, and Carly insisted that Josslyn take it easy on Dev. Sonny went outside to check on the fire as the doorbell rang. Michael answered the door and let Sasha in, and he was happy that she was there. When they returned to the living room, Dev thought he should quit while he was ahead. Josslyn whispered that he couldn't, as Sonny was upset about Mike, so they had to "make it okay for him."

Carly went outside to check on Sonny. He told her that he was thankful for what he had, but he didn't want to be "that guy" that looked around and only saw those who weren't in attendance. She insisted that he was allowed to be that guy. He needed another minute to himself, so she kissed him and went inside. She announced that dinner was almost ready, but she had a phone call to make.

Lucas promised Brad that they could get through anything if Brad was just honest. Brad admitted that he was keeping something from Lucas, but he babbled on about Liesl. Lucas yelled at Brad not to lie to his face, and he finally stated that he was "done." Brad swore that he wasn't cheating, as everything he'd done had been for their marriage. Lucas urged Brad to "be brave," but they were interrupted by Lucas' phone. He answered it to Carly, who wanted the couple over for dinner. For Sonny, she didn't want any empty seats at the table, and she begged him. "Absolutely, we'll be there," Lucas agreed.

Carly returned to her family to find that Michael and Sasha had decided to forgo the traditional Quartermaine pizza dinner and stay at Sonny and Carly's. Sasha and Dev wondered why the Quartermaines ate pizza for Thanksgiving, and Sonny and Carly talked about the Quartermaine Thanksgiving curse.

Lucas informed Brad that they were going to Carly's for dinner, but Brad didn't want to. Lucas thought that, if it was their last holiday together with Wiley, they should make it count. A few minutes later, they were in the car, and Lucas wondered if Brad hadn't actually wanted a child. He remembered that things had changed around the time they'd gotten Wiley. Brad replied that he'd wanted Wiley "too much." Lucas pressed him to be honest, so Brad blurted out that Wiley wasn't the baby they'd adopted. "He's Michael and Nelle's son," Brad shouted.

"Here we are. Your final destination," Kendra told an unconscious Alexis from the front seat. Kendra got out of the car with a syringe and got in next to Alexis. "Time to wake up, or you'll miss the holiday fun," she muttered to Alexis as she opened Alexis' coat and stabbed her with the syringe. Alexis' eyes shot wide open, but she couldn't move anything else. Kendra observed that the paralytic had worked. She wanted to explain how Alexis had destroyed Kendra's family, and she called Alexis a "murderous bitch."

Kendra talked about how she and her mother had had to move on after her father had died. She related that she'd talked her mother into a Thanksgiving cruise, and they would have a good reason for celebration. She got out of the car and dragged Alexis out of the car to the middle of the road. She talked about the call she'd received from Shiloh telling her that Alexis had run Kiefer down on purpose. She wanted to do to Alexis what Alexis had done to Kiefer, so when Alexis saw the headlights, she would know how Kiefer had felt.

Kendra returned to the driver's seat of her car and started the car. She backed up, and when she shifted into drive, she floored the gas pedal. Down the road, Lucas tried to brake, but the car wouldn't stop. Brad yelled for Lucas to look out, and the car plowed right into Kendra's.

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