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General Hospital Recap for Monday, December 9, 2019
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Monday, December 9, 2019

Nina was looking at the Cassadine ring at the Metro Court when Valentin arrived. She told him that she'd worried about him all night, and she asked if he'd found the portrait. He admitted that he'd encountered a "glitch," and he told her about his and Martin's fight in the gallery. Nina wondered if the man in the mask had been Jax, but Valentin didn't think so. The man had been smaller than Jax, and he thought that there had been something familiar about the way the man had fought Valentin.

Valentin asked if Nina had had any luck with Ava, and Nina slipped the ring into her bag. She answered that Ava had only talked about ghosts, and she questioned him about the man in the mask again. Valentin's phone went off, and he saw a message from Martin. He revealed that Martin had been having Spencer followed, and the boy hadn't exchanged any calls or emails with anyone in the United States. Because of that, he knew that Spencer wasn't the one pulling the strings with Jax. He advised her to try again with Ava, and he left to find the man in the mask.

There was a pounding on Jax's door, and Nikolas announced himself. Jax let Nikolas in, and Nikolas wondered what was wrong with the back door. Jax revealed that he'd changed the locks, and he wanted Nikolas gone. He'd taken the liberty of packing up Nikolas' stuff, and he handed Nikolas two trash bags. He advised Nikolas that he was "opting out" of their agreement, and he hoped that the damage Nikolas had caused was worth it to him. Nikolas divulged that he hadn't gotten the codicil, and he told Jax about running into Valentin and Martin the night before.

A livid Jax regretted putting his trust in Nikolas, and he vowed not to be dragged down with Nikolas. He put in a call to Hayden so he could tell her that it was safe to return, but he found that her number was no longer in service. As Jax tore into Nikolas, Nikolas ripped through the trash bags, frantically searching for something. He admitted that he'd lost his ring with the Cassadine crest, and if someone else found it, it could prove that he was alive. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Valentin called out to Jax that he wanted them to put their cards on the table.

Anna found Peter at Metro Court and inferred that something was wrong with him. He claimed that he was trying to clear his work schedule for the day, as he'd just moved in with Maxie and James. Anna was happy to hear it, but she wondered why he wasn't there, unpacking. He told her that he'd never lived with a woman or a child, and the apartment was smaller than he'd realized.

Anna asked if Peter was having second thoughts, but he insisted that he would do anything to keep from losing Maxie and James. Anna promised that he was a different person, so he didn't have to keep worrying about losing his happiness. She revealed that she was "living proof" that people made their own destiny. She advised him to fight for what was important to him, even if he had to fight himself. She concluded that he was his own man, and she was proud to call him her son. He suddenly excused himself and walked away.

Cameron entered the gallery and found Trina running around. She revealed that someone had broken into the storeroom during the night, so she had to make sure that nothing had been taken and replaced with a fake. She wondered why he wasn't with Elizabeth and Franco, but Ava's arrival interrupted them. A genuinely concerned Trina asked if Ava had escaped Shadybrook, but Ava answered that she had signed herself out and was "perfectly well." Trina updated Ava on the break-in, and Ava thanked Trina for being such a loyal intern.

Ava took a peek into the storeroom, and she was thankful that "clutter" was her preferred method of organization, as no one but Ava could find anything. She told Trina and Cameron that they could go, and she gave them money for lunch. Trina informed Ava that she had a lot of messages from Julian, and she and Cameron left the gallery. He asked if she wanted to get food, but she had a better idea.

As Ava hoped out loud that Helena was enjoying her "disguise," she heard someone enter the gallery. She assured Trina that she was fine, but she peeked around the corner, shocked to see Griffin. He wondered if she was feeling better since getting out of Shadybrook, and she replied that that day was her "reentry into the world." She asked if he'd read her Crimson article, and he commented that she'd always been her own worst enemy.

Ava asked why Griffin was in town, and he told her about Lucas' accident. A shocked Ava realized why Julian had been trying to get ahold of her, and she added that she wouldn't wish losing a child on her worst enemy. Griffin confessed that he was also back to see her and apologized for how things had ended between them. He added that he carried Kiki with him all the time, but Ava dryly laughed that she only saw an unforgiving Kiki in her nightmares. Griffin refuted Ava's picture of an unforgiving Kiki, but Ava said that they would never know.

Nina entered the gallery, surprised to see Griffin, who asked Nina to say hello to Charlotte for him. He was happy to see Ava, and he excused himself. Ava talked to Nina about the break-in and assumed that Nina already knew. Nina figured that Ava would know that Valentin had broken in, but he had no idea who the other man breaking in had been. Nina showed Ava the ring, which she'd found in Ava's room after Nikolas' "haunting." Nina believed that Nikolas was alive, and she suggested that she and Ava "join forces" in order to "take down the Cassadine boys once and for all."

A man sat down on a bench at the hospital and watched Franco and Elizabeth in the waiting area. Franco observed Elizabeth's calmness, and he hoped that she would be reunited with her husband. She assured him that she would always be grateful for his sacrifice, but even if he stayed Drew, at least she would know that one of the men she cared about was all right. The man watching the pair glanced down at the gun in his waistband as he pretended to read.

Andre approached and advised Franco that the operating room was being prepped and would be ready soon. He promised to return when everything was ready, and he walked away. Scott arrived a few minutes later, and Elizabeth excused herself to check in with Andre. Scott took the opportunity to apologize to Franco for how Scott had treated him, and to thank him for his sacrifice. Scott was nervous, but Franco related that it was up to "Andre, God, and fate." He'd made peace with things, and he advised Scott to, as well. Andre and Elizabeth returned to retrieve Franco for the procedure.

Later, Franco was in his hospital room when Trina and Cameron arrived. Cameron admitted that he'd been having a hard time, but Trina had urged him to show up for Franco. Everyone left the room to give Cameron and Franco a minute, and Franco assured Cameron that he would have his stepfather back. If not, Franco needed to know that he could count on Cameron to be the man of the house. It was a lot of responsibility, but he knew that Cameron could handle it. He handed his phone to Cameron to hold onto for him. Elizabeth, Andre, Scott, and Trina returned with a wheelchair, which Franco hopped into. "I'll never forget you," Elizabeth said. "Be happy," Franco replied, and Andre wheeled him away.

The man with the gun spotted Andre and Franco and followed after them. He tossed his burner phone in the trash on the way, just as it began to ring. On the other end of the line, Peter tried to will the man to answer. Anna approached and insisted that he tell her what was going on so that she could help him. He claimed that his reporter had gone radio silent on a potential scoop. Anna wondered if Peter's editor could handle it, but he replied that it was too big. He decided to handle it himself and ran off.

Back in Franco's hotel room, Scott figured that the procedure had probably started, and he called Elizabeth brave. She admitted that she was scared to death, but she chose to believe Franco's last words when he'd said he'd return. She, Cameron, and Scott held hands in hope.

In the operating room, Franco looked around at all of the wires and machinery in the room. He remembered that he had "a form to sign," as he didn't want to be left a vegetable hooked up to machines, and he figured that Franco felt the same way. He signed the form as the man with the gun, clad in scrubs, peered into the room. As the man put a silencer on his gun, Andre put the sedative into Franco's I.V. He instructed Franco to count down from 100, and moments later, Franco fell unconscious.

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