Julian is surprised by the buyer of Charlie's
General Hospital Recap for Monday, August 19, 2019
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Monday, August 19, 2019

Franco was sitting in his cell at the Port Charles Police Station when Jason arrived for a visit. Franco divulged that people had been telling him that he was a victim of a "memory experiment gone wrong," and Jason nodded. Franco asked how it had happened, and Jason started from the beginning with Helena's mind-control technology. Franco commented that everyone had kept their stories straight, but Jason replied that he wasn't there to convince Franco. He continued that no one had any idea how to undo the transfer, but Franco insisted that he didn't need help. Jason left, and Franco threw his food tray against the bars in anger.

At the police station, Scott couldn't believe what Drew was telling him about Franco. Drew advised Scott to prepare himself, as the man wasn't Franco. Regardless, Scott figured that Franco would need a lawyer, and he refused to walk away from his son.

Jordan and Curtis peered into the interrogation room at Shiloh, and Jordan was looking forward to finally being able to "take the bastard down." She entered the room, and Shiloh asked for the phone call he'd never gotten. She gave him a phone and advised his to say his goodbyes, as he would be going to Pentonville for a long time. He dialed a number and told someone that he had interesting information about Alexis. A few minutes later, he was glad that his information had been helpful, and he hung up the phone with a smirk.

Elsewhere, someone scrolled through articles about Alexis' hit-and-run of Kiefer on their tablet.

Outside the room, Jordan and Curtis figured that there was no way Shiloh would get off for his crimes. Drew approached and informed them that Scott had gone down to see Franco. Jason walked by, and Jordan grabbed him to tell him the good news that Shiloh had been denied bail, and he would be on his way to Pentonville that afternoon. She promised that Franco would be the last person hurt by Shiloh.

Scott visited Franco in his cell, and Franco demanded to know who he was and what he wanted. Scott introduced himself as Franco's father, who wanted to help him get out of jail. Franco apologized for being harsh, and he wondered why Scott had named his son Franco. Scott explained that he and Franco had found each other later in life, and the artist had given himself the name. Franco apologized that he wasn't Scott's son, but Scott knew that Franco needed a lawyer, anyway. He promised to be back, and he left to talk to the cops.

Moments later, a cop led Shiloh in and put him in the cell across from Franco, who glared across the room. "Hello, Hank," he said, beckoning him closer so he could pull Shiloh's head through the bars and rip it off his shoulders. "I can't remember the last time I saw you," Shiloh commented, but Franco remembered the last time he'd seen Shiloh. He'd been writing in a journal when Shiloh had attacked him from behind and restrained him. "Delivered as promised," Shiloh had told a woman, who'd revealed herself to be Helena.

Shiloh told Franco that they'd been friends, and he'd betrayed Shiloh by threatening to turn him in. Franco clarified that they'd never been friends. "You think I'd let you send me to prison?" Shiloh asked, but Franco observed that Shiloh had ended up there, anyway. Shiloh wondered if Tex had told Drew where he'd hidden the money, but Franco refused to tell Shiloh. Franco remembered accusing Shiloh of treason, but Shiloh had knocked him out.

Shiloh remembered how Helena had called in a few of her henchmen to make sure that Drew was still alive, which he was. She'd had one of the men pay Shiloh, who'd wondered what she was going to do with Drew. She'd replied that if she'd told him, she would have had to kill him. Franco vowed to make Shiloh pay for all he'd done, and he added that Shiloh would never know where the money was. Shiloh offered to exchange the location of the money for the name of Helena's male accomplice.

Helena had warned Shiloh to stay "silent and loyal," and she'd dismissed him. He'd walked away but peered around the corner to keep watch. "There you are," Helena had said when someone else had shown up. She'd called her accomplice's help "invaluable." Shiloh offered the name to Franco, but Franco replied, "Hard pass." He figured that he would take the money back to Afghanistan and use it for humanitarian aid. Shiloh thought it would be "better spent for information that could change your life."

Scott returned to Jordan, who expressed sympathy for the situation he was in with his son. Scott wanted to get Franco out of jail, and Jordan assured him that it wouldn't be hard. Scott wondered what would keep Franco from leaving, because he was probably eager to leave behind all the people trying to tell him who he really was.

Hayden had breakfast set up by the time Elizabeth descended the stairs. Elizabeth wasn't hungry but mentioned that she hadn't slept all night, so Hayden handed her some coffee. Elizabeth was glad to have Hayden there, but she wondered if Hayden knew what she was getting herself into. Hayden revealed that, while she'd been away, she'd thought a lot about family, and she appreciated Elizabeth letting Hayden be there for her. No matter what happened with Franco, Hayden wanted to physically be there for Elizabeth and the boys.

Later, Curtis and Drew arrived, and Drew revealed that nothing with Franco had changed. Elizabeth and Drew went into the kitchen for some tea, and Curtis sat down with Hayden. He was glad that she was with her sister, and he added that he was proud of her. Hayden confided that she'd realized that putting others first wasn't so bad. Elizabeth and Drew returned, and the four talked about the possibility of the procedure being undone.

Hayden wondered if Franco would even agree to have the procedure undone, as he had no connection to his family as Drew. Elizabeth thought that it was her job to find a way to convince him, and Drew and Curtis' job to figure out how to get it done. When Drew and Curtis left a few minutes later, they resolved to find Andre, who was probably the only person who could help. Inside the house, Hayden wondered how Elizabeth planned to convince a stranger that she wasn't trying to take his life away. Elizabeth replied that she would need to convince Franco that the life he'd lost was more important.

Olivia burst into Sonny's and found Sonny, Lulu, and Robert waiting for her. Robert divulged that the WSB had to move Dante, as he'd had a setback. He continued that the WSB couldn't safely continue Dante's deprogramming, so he was getting psychiatric treatment for his PTSD. Olivia demanded that the WSB return Dante home to heal, but Lulu couldn't agree.

A few minutes later, Sonny and Robert were alone. Sonny regretted just telling Dante to "stick it out" when he'd first returned home. Robert assured Sonny that there was no "magic word" to help Dante. Olivia and Lulu returned, and Olivia demanded to see Dante for herself. Robert promised to do his best, and Olivia thanked him with a hug. Robert promised to keep the family posted, and he left.

Lulu took the opportunity to tell her in-laws that, while she hadn't agreed to the divorce, she wasn't going to contest it. She revealed that the divorce would be final 20 days from when she'd first been served with the papers. She insisted that she would never choose to divorce Dante, but she had to believe that he was doing what he was doing because he believed it was for the best. Olivia was upset, but she and Sonny offered to do anything they could to help Lulu. Lulu only asked that they help Rocco have a childhood, remember how much Dante loved him, and help him not worry about being the "man of the house." Lulu assured them both that they were still family, and the three embraced.

A few minutes later, Olivia was gone, and Sonny told Lulu how much she meant to him. While it would take time, Sonny knew that Dante would heal. He also knew that Dante would never abandon Rocco, and Lulu hoped he was right. He reiterated that he would do anything she needed, and she left. Outside, she looked at her rings and cried. She took both of them off.

Alexis arrived at Charlie's and informed Julian that she was the attorney for the new owner. Sam entered, and Julian broke the news to her about his move. He had to tend to something in the back, and Sam took the opportunity to inquire how Alexis was feeling. She wondered if her mother's feelings were hurt that Julian could "turn his life around" for Kim, but he hadn't been able to do it for Alexis. Alexis liked Kim and insisted that she was happy for Julian.

Later, Julian told Sam that he'd made peace with Lucas, who had no problem with Julian being in his and Wiley's lives. "You're my biological father, that's it," Sam stated. Julian replied that he couldn't undo his mistakes, but he was trying to atone for them. He asked for a little time with her, Danny, and Scout before he left, and she finally agreed. Just then, Jason entered and shared the good news he'd learned about Shiloh. Julian hoped that Shiloh would get convicted so that Lucas and Brad could raise Wiley in peace.

Alexis went back to her work, and Sam pulled Jason aside to ask what was wrong. He updated her on his encounter with a stubborn Franco, and Sam suggested that Franco was better off being Drew. Jason agreed, but he doubted that Elizabeth did. He continued that Elizabeth was desperate to have the procedure reversed, but really, it was up to Franco. Sam wondered if Franco would consent to that, but Jason countered that Franco didn't even want to hear his name.

Olivia entered Charlie's and apologized for being late. Julian was shocked to learn that Olivia was the new owner of Charlie's. She replied that Leo loved the restaurant, and she wanted Leo to be proud of Julian and his achievements. She intended to leave everything as it was, except for the addition of her coveted pizza oven. Alexis began going through the permits and contracts, but Olivia wondered what Julian was grinning at. He thought it was funny how the three were getting along "like grown-ups," and he believed it was a "good look for the future."

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