Kristina's deprogramming begins
General Hospital Recap for Monday, April 22, 2019
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Monday, April 22, 2019

Shiloh walked into Volonino's and saw Jason near the punching bag. He asked Jason if he could take a turn at the bag, but Jason silently walked to the bag and began punching it himself. Shiloh noted that Jason's hostility was obvious, but he continued to talk to Jason, who remained silent.

Shiloh revealed that Sam had persuaded him not to consider Jason as a suspect in Kristina's kidnapping, and he added that he and Sam had grown closer with mutual trust. Shiloh declared that both Sam and Danny were great, and he continued to taunt Jason with his comments. Jason punched the bag harder but ignored Shiloh until the leader of Dawn of Day left the gym, laughing.

Michael and Sasha lay in bed in a room at Metro Court after making love. They talked and joked until Sasha decided it was time for a shower. She returned afterward, and they continued a conversation about skiing. Sasha was impressed with Michael's brotherly skills. He dressed to go after announcing that he had to help his sister, and he jotted down his phone number for Sasha. "No expectations," he said, but Sasha confessed that she'd like to go out with him.

Sonny and Carly sat at a table in Metro Court, and Sonny groused that he wanted his daughter Kristina back. He was concerned that the deprogramming wouldn't work. Sam walked in and told him it had to work, but Sonny thought that another option would be better, especially if it resulted in the cult leader being gone.

Sonny was concerned with Kristina's missing pledge, and Sam announced that she would attempt to check the DOD house again. After Sam left, Carly stated that she believed that Sam had "lost it" and didn't know what she was doing. Sonny thought they should see how "things play[ed] out." "Shiloh will be dealt with," Sonny declared.

At General Hospital, Kevin and Laura's kiss was interrupted by a deliveryman who had a package for Kevin. The doctor signed for it, and he and Laura sat down to open it. It was a frost-covered hand. Laura gasped, and Kevin noted that the package was actually from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He clarified that they had sent Ryan's remains, but it didn't mean that Ryan's loss had been fatal.

Laura asked Kevin to move back home, but Kevin declined. He explained that he needed to work on himself first and had been seeing a therapist. Laura asked for further details. Kevin confessed that he shared a trait with Ryan, and that was his arrogance. He had realized he couldn't always be right, and he couldn't make the same mistake again like he had with Ryan.

Kevin shared that his "exercise in ego" had resulted in a tragedy, and he needed to acknowledge his faults and culpabilities. Laura insisted that he not do it alone because their marriage had been a partnership. It was her turn to take care of him. She again asked him to move back home, and Kevin relented.

Laura wondered what Kevin would do with "that thing." He replied that he would take the hand to the morgue and have it destroyed.

Molly and T.J. walked through the hallway at the hospital. Molly related that she hadn't heard from Kristina at all, not even a text message. Alexis spotted them, and she assured them that Kristina would be okay. She admitted that she hadn't been honest, and she revealed that Kristina was safe and "working on her issues." Molly wasn't satisfied with the lack of details, but she only wanted Kristina to be away from Shiloh. Alexis left.

T.J. felt that Kristina had had bad things happen to her even with all of her education, money, and family support. He thought that people always bailed Kristina out, and she had never taken responsibility for herself. Molly believed that Kristina thought she had used DOD to take ownership, but it had been the other way around.

Back at Metro Court, Carly saw Michael as he got himself a cup of coffee. She called him out for his happy appearance, and Michael refused to share any details. He stated that he had been at the gym, and was getting a cup of coffee. He retorted that she would be the first to hear about it if there was anything more he had to say, and he left.

Ava welcomed Scott into her penthouse and announced that she needed a hero. Scott replied that he was the man for the job, and Ava invited him to sit beside her on the couch. She fixed him a cup of coffee and told him that he was her best friend in Port Charles. Scott was curious and wondered what Ava was up to.

Ava informed Scott that she wanted him to fall in love with her, and Scott nearly choked on his coffee. He maintained that while he had always had feelings for her, they'd never even kissed. Ava explained that she believed that Ryan was still alive, and he knew of her closeness to Scott. She thought that Ryan would show up if he believed that she and Scott were together, because Ryan was obsessed with her.

Ava thought it was a good opportunity for Scott to claim his justice from the past, but he thought that Ava had been drinking too much vodka. She shouted that she was drinking coffee, and she wanted to be the one to kill Ryan. Scott didn't want to take advantage of Ava, and he suggested they take a walk and think of another plan. He refused to go along with Ava, and she ordered him to leave.

Harmony looked at old photos at DOD house. She stared at one with her and Willow, and another of Willow and Shiloh. She looked at the name at the top of a page, which read Kali Miller. She crossed it out and wrote Willow Tait. She went through some folders and stopped at a photo of Kristina and Shiloh.

Shortly after, Sam walked into the house and spotted the folders that Harmony had left. She sat down to look through them, but she heard a door open and jumped up. Harmony walked in, and Sam announced that she was there to see Shiloh. Harmony revealed that Shiloh wasn't around, and she didn't know where he was. Sam stated she would wait. Harmony collected the folders.

Sam offered to help Harmony with whatever she was doing, but Harmony told her it was private. She told Sam that it was "far above" her level. Sam watched Harmony unlock a door and go into another room. When Harmony emerged and relocked the door, Sam ran over to try it after Harmony went elsewhere.

Sam finally managed to get the door unlocked and opened with her tools, but she heard Shiloh arrive home and call out for Harmony. Sam quickly closed the door. She found Shiloh and told him she was there to see him. She announced that she wanted to take the next step to prove that she had faith in him, just as he'd had faith in her. Shiloh assured her that it would happen soon.

Neil had a session with Kristina at the safehouse. She was antagonistic, and Neil agreed that the way she'd arrived there had been unfair to Kristina. He asked her what she would tell a friend if the friend had been held against their will by loved ones. Kristina grabbed Shiloh's book and began to read, but Neil wanted it in her own words. Kristina replied that her parents were afraid of losing her after so much loss in their lives.

Neil announced that Kristina's family wanted to talk with her, and Kristina related that her family wasn't known for their communication skills. She didn't feel that they saw her or supported her, and Neil agreed that he would monitor the meeting.

Sonny arrived, followed by Alexis. As they waited for Michael, Alexis disclosed that she had shared some non-specific details with Molly. Neil found them and announced that their project would be "multi-step." He would have Kristina be in charge because she had already been feeling betrayed.

Later, Michael, Sonny, Neil, and Alexis sat with Kristina, who asked why Molly wasn't there. Alexis responded that due to "recent friction," she didn't think it was a good idea for Molly to join in yet. Kristina also asked about Sam, and she snapped that she didn't think that Sam would be there because Sam had been the one who had agreed with Kristina's own beliefs.

The group was interrupted when Alexis' phone began to ring, and she quickly turned it off. Kristina was clearly annoyed and pointed out that she saw the ringing phone as a lack of respect and a metaphor of her relationship with Alexis. Kristina maintained that that was her reason for choosing DOD. Sonny called out that he didn't understand what Kristina was saying, and Kristina maintained that she couldn't help it if he didn't understand.

Neil wanted Kristina to restate it, and Kristina explained that her mother had disappeared whenever the phone had begun to ring. Alexis had never been able to get over her mistakes, and Kristina felt that she would be loved more if she were different. She always ended up feeling awful. She continued that DOD only cared about her present and future, and she didn't feel lonely like she did otherwise. She began to cry. Alexis looked uncomfortable.

Michael handed Kristina a souvenir from Mexico. She smiled as Michael talked to her quietly. He stated that their family was complicated, but Shiloh had offered her something positive. His belief was that "if something is too good to be true, it probably is." He grabbed her hand and continued. He called Kristina smart and perceptive, and he thought she should be able to hear that when Shiloh said to do what he said and trust him, it meant "don't trust yourself."

Michael stated that he missed Kristina, and he invited her to move in with him at the Quartermaine house. Kristina sniffled that she had made a promise, and she could never go home.

Carly saw Sasha at the bar at Metro Court. Sasha asked for a salad to go, and Carly offered to get a waitress. She noticed that Sasha was wearing a sweatshirt from Volonino's gym, and she revealed that Sonny owned the gym. Sasha replied that she'd had a great workout. "Good to know," Carly said as she looked at Sasha curiously.

Carly spotted Jason on the phone, and she asked him about it when he was done. Jason had been on the phone with Brick, and he revealed that the cup that had been picked up along with Kristina had contained a narcotic residue, as they'd suspected. Carly asked what had happened during the first test at the hospital. Jason urged her to guess. "Shiloh," Carly replied.

Carly thought that the cops should be told, but Jason had another idea. He would handle things himself.

Kevin saw Ava at the bar, and he told her the news about the box he'd received. He took a seat and told her he would handle everything. He wanted her to be able to put Ryan behind her. "Like hell I can," Ava snapped. She thought they would be able to use the hand to bury Ryan.

Scott ran into Laura at the hospital as he was looking for Kevin. He told Laura about the conversation he'd had with Ava.

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