Danger looms at the Floating Rib
General Hospital Recap for Thursday, November 19, 2020
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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Peter viciously beat the punching bag at Volonino's Gym until he finally heard Maxie calling out to him. She told him that she had assumed he would be at the Invader for an emergency because he'd stood her up at dinner. She was happy to have found him. Peter stated that he'd forgotten about dinner because he was consumed with being able to protect his loved ones.

Peter still couldn't understand why Alex had kidnapped Maxie, but Maxie was certain it was because Alex had been a psychopath, and she didn't think that Peter would have been able to prevent it. She assured him that Alex was no longer a threat, but Peter replied that they had other threats: enemies and associates of Faison and Jason. Maxie was shocked. She thought that Peter and Jason had resolved their issues.

Maxie pointed out that she would always perjure herself for Jason. "And trust me, I have," she concluded. She knew that Jason would always have her back, too. Peter admitted that he'd been able to notice that mob activity had been escalating, and he was afraid they'd be caught in the middle. He didn't think they could be too careful. Maxie was of the opinion that they couldn't live in fear but should enjoy all the good they had in their lives.

"Where did all this worry come from?" Maxie asked. "I think the worrying is coming from us," Peter replied. He explained that building a family and all it entailed was new to him, and he'd never had more to treasure or to lose. Maxie knew that Peter would do whatever it took to protect them. "You have no idea," he said.

Carly walked down the stairs at General Hospital and bumped into Jason. She informed him that Sasha would pull through, although she was worried about Michael. Carly had told Michael the truth, and he had been upset with her. He had felt betrayed. Jason revealed that he was there to follow up on a lead, but he wasn't sure how promising it would be.

Carly promised not to ask questions, but she asked if it was about Cyrus. She was concerned enough about the truce ending to make arrangements for her kids to get out of town. Jason agreed that was a good idea. He was hoping that Britt would help him. Carly couldn't believe that Jason might be working with Britt and told him that everyone hated her.

Jason reminded Carly that everyone had hated Carly once, too, but he'd made up his own mind about her. Jason thought that Britt had realized that Cyrus had dragged her into something that wasn't good.

Britt looked in on an unconscious Brad and managed to convince his guard to leave them alone, as she was the chief of staff. She sat down beside the bed and assured Brad that he would be okay, and the rest was up to him. She grabbed his hand and told him that she needed him; he couldn't leave her with her mother, and Brad was her only friend.

Shortly after, Brad opened his eyes as Britt slept on a nearby chair. Britt awoke and gave Brad a big hello. He couldn't remember what had happened, and Britt disclosed that someone had tried to kill him. Britt admitted she'd been worried. Brad insisted he'd been a model prisoner, and he couldn't remember anything. After considering it, Brad decided that he knew who had been behind the attack.

Brad recalled eating alone in the cafeteria in the prison, and one of Cyrus' crew had approached him. He'd never seen or met Cyrus, and he wondered how Cyrus even knew that Brad existed. After further contemplation, Brad decided that Julian had been behind the attack because he wanted Brad to die. Britt recalled Jason mentioning that Cyrus had been trying to make a deal with Julian.

Brad began to grow agitated; he was afraid that someone could get to him and either kill him in the hospital or back at the prison. He didn't think there was anywhere that he could go to be safe. "I'm a dead man," he said. Britt knew of someone who could help.

"I must complete the mission," Dante muttered as he stood at the pier. Lulu spotted him and noted that he had his thinking face on. She explained that Rocco had originated the name. Dante asked Lulu where she was going, and she disclosed that she had a deadline. She was headed to the Floating Rib to pick up dinner for herself.

Dante admitted he'd gotten carried away with Cyrus, and Lulu suggested he apologize to her for undermining her. Dante apologized, and Lulu accepted. He insisted that he would never stop caring about her. "Me, either," Lulu replied tearfully. She turned and left, and Dr. Kirk showed up shortly after. "Is she gone?" the doctor asked.

Kirk revealed that he had been appointed Dante's handler, and he wanted to catch up on Dante's activities. Dante disclosed that he had been able to access Peter's computer, and he had the files on the flash drive that he held out to Kirk.

Kirk inserted the flash drive into his device, and Dante noted that it proved that the evidence linked to Liesl for the attack on Andre and Franco had been fabricated. There was no evidence to prove that Peter had been behind it. Kirk declared that it suited his needs. "Your needs?" Dante asked. He thought Kirk's assessment was premature.

Kirk made it clear that people should be in jail for the crimes they had committed, and Peter was their target. Dante was afraid the bureau would tip off Peter. Kirk clicked a pen several times. "Complete the mission," Dante uttered. Kirk assured him it would all make sense another day. Dante repeated his statement and left. Kirk phoned Liesl and told her the news. "You're as good as free," he said.

Laura sat at a table with Scott at the Floating Rib and told him he might be in danger. Scott assured her that he always received death threats, and he tried to guess who was behind it. Laura informed him it was Cyrus who was after Laura and therefore a threat to Scott. She told him that Cyrus had managed to obtain the file of a 40-year-old case from someone in the police department.

Laura explained that the file had been heavily redacted, and she hoped that Cyrus wouldn't be able to figure out what she'd done as a kid. Scott insisted his role had been minor, but Laura thought that Cyrus might try to blackmail Scott. Scott wondered why Cyrus had chosen to get the file from the police when anyone who remembered the case would be able to fill him in.

Laura assumed that Cyrus had wanted something official. She had had many encounters with Cyrus, both before and after he'd been in prison, and she thought his interest in her was personal. He'd already asked Lulu and Kevin about her. Laura admitted she'd had Cyrus tossed into solitary, which was the least he'd deserved, and she'd hoped that Kevin could declare him insane.

Before the conversation could continue further, Lulu walked in and spotted Laura. She was surprised to see her mother, and she couldn't believe that Laura's first stop had been to visit with Scott. Laura stated that she'd caught an earlier flight and had had to see Scott about a legal matter. Scott gushed about Laura's request that he join her campaign that would be up in two years. Laura quickly told him that nothing was set in stone. She hurried Scott along, and he finally left.

Lulu was suspicious, but she took Scott's seat at the table. Laura asked about Dante, and Lulu told her that much had changed while much remained the same. Laura knew that Lulu loved Dustin but would always love Dante, too. Lulu wistfully replied that she loved Dustin but was in love with Dante.

At the Corinthos house, Sonny told Taggert that the cold war with Cyrus was about to change. He promised that he had his eyes out for Portia and Trina's safety, and he revealed that Julian knew that Taggert was alive. Sonny added that he had eyes and ears at the hospital, too.

Just then, Carly walked in and stopped short as she stared at Taggert in disbelief. "I don't mean to be rude, but aren't you supposed to be dead?" she asked. Sonny handed her a glass of wine. Taggert cleared his throat and explained that he'd had to play dead in order to protect Trina. Sonny assured her that he'd only known about Taggert since the Nurses Ball, and Epiphany and Jordan had been the ones to help Taggert to fake his death.

Carly began to list all of the people who knew about Taggert, and she noted that Trina had been grieving. Taggert thought it was better for her to grieve for him than vice versa. Carly was worried that Josslyn would find out, and she declared that Taggert shouldn't be there. Taggert promised to tell Trina the truth after Cyrus had been dealt with. He hoped his daughter would forgive him. Carly thought she would eventually, but they had to protect their kids by any means necessary.

Sam sat at a table in the Metro Court restaurant with Danny. They talked about the two Thanksgiving dinners they would have, and the boy wondered where Jason could be. Sam assured him that his father would show up. They could hear Alexis speaking loudly at the bar, and Danny pointed out that his grandma was having a good time. Sam excused herself and walked over to the bar.

Alexis introduced Sam to the two men she had been conversing with, two former colleagues with the firm where she'd been employed first. Sam asked to speak to Alexis privately, and Alexis assured her that she'd only had one drink. Sam didn't think it would stop at one, and she hoped her mother had a ride home.

Alexis promised that she'd secured a ride in both directions, and Sam proclaimed that there would be no lecturing. "I'm done," Sam said. Sam returned to Danny, who asked if his grandmother would be joining them. In the meantime, Cyrus showed up and offered to buy Alexis a drink. Instead, she tore into him and called him a drug pusher. She listed all of the drugs that Cyrus handled, including the heroin that had killed Neil.

Cyrus got into Alexis' face and grabbed her shoulders. He suggested that she didn't want to make a scene because if she embarrassed him, he'd have to embarrass her. "That's enough!" Jason ordered as he arrived at the bar. Alexis agreed with Jason that Cyrus had better remove his hands, and he pulled them away.

Cyrus noted that his and Jason's paths kept crossing. He hoped their truce wasn't jeopardized, and he hoped that Sonny felt the same. He had only returned to the bar for his forgotten credit card. He left, and Sam returned and asked Alexis if she was okay. Alexis confessed that she'd let loose on Cyrus about Neil, but she'd realized that Neil would never have shot up in the bed right next to her. Something didn't feel right to her.

Alexis decided to go home, and Sam announced that it had been wrong to keep Alexis from her grandchildren. She wanted Alexis to return home to get herself together and return to Sam's place to see the kids. "I think it would be good for you," Sam said. Alexis agreed that she would like it.

Sam informed Jason that it would be a good time to confront Alexis because Molly was already at their place to babysit for Scout. She suggested that Jason take Danny somewhere, and Jason agreed that they could visit the Floating Rib to play pool. As they chatted, the bartender seemed to be listening and interested in their conversation.

Sam placed a phone call to Diane and said that she needed Diane. It was about Alexis. The bartender made his own phone call and announced that he knew where Jason would be.

Julian gingerly opened the front door of the closed pub for Ava. "What on earth is wrong with you?" she asked. Julian suggested that she leave because it wasn't a good time, but Ava wanted to update him on the latest. She headed to the bar and told him that Sonny had asked questions about Ryan. She thought that Sonny had been figuring things out, but Nikolas had confessed to arranging the hit on Ryan. Sonny had believed him.

Ava poured herself a drink as she assured Julian that he was in the clear. She wanted to know who was really responsible for Ryan's stabbing. She was hopeful that Julian hadn't decided to accept a favor from Cyrus, and she accused Julian of having a death wish. Julian wanted to protect Ava, and he made it clear that he wouldn't share any details. He hugged her, and she told him she loved him.

Ava and Julian began to joke because Julian didn't return the sentiment, but Ava stressed that he was her family, and that would never change. She wanted Julian to allow Nikolas to help him to disappear. Julian insisted he was doing what was necessary. Ava grabbed her purse and headed to the door. Julian expressed his love for Ava, and she smiled. On the way out, she almost tripped over a package outside of the door, and she urged her brother to pick up his mail.

Julian picked up the package and took it inside. He received a phone call. He was told to drop off the package at the Floating Rib.

At the Floating Rib, many of the citizens of Port Charles were gathered to spend the evening. Jason and Danny were among them.

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