Oscar and Kim move in with the Quartermaines
General Hospital Recap for Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Thursday, April 18, 2019

At the Dawn of Day house, Shiloh asked for Sam's help in locating Kristina. She declared that she wasn't ready to accuse Jason of kidnapping Kristina yet even though Shiloh believed that to be the case. Sam informed Shiloh that she worked best when she was alone and would keep him posted but he insisted on accompanying her. He stated she would never have to be alone again.

Julian placed a call to Kim from the pub to let her know that he was stuck at work because Kristina hadn't shown up.

Anna returned home and sadly informed Finn that she hadn't been able to find any evidence to prove that she was Robin's mother. She added that Robert believed that Anna had been punishing herself, and she agreed that she had made bad choices in the past. She had always considered Robin to be her comfort.

Anna clarified that she wouldn't love Robin any less if she turned out to be Alex's daughter but she figured it would change things. She wondered what Robin would think. Finn asked if Robin needed to know, and Anna believed that she would have to know if she turned out to be Alex's daughter. Anna would never be able to keep that secret.

Finn related that there were more intensive DNA tests in existence that they could use for identical twins but comparative DNA from all involved parties would be needed. Anna didn't think it was feasible for many reasons. Just then, Finn received a message and announced that he was needed for an emergency at the hospital. Anna assured Finn she was okay, and she loved him. Finn replied that he loved her too.

Shortly after, Anna looked at photos and muttered how she would hate it if she turned out not to be Robin's mother. Suddenly, she stopped at a photo. "Oh my God could it be that simple?" she asked herself. She began to go through boxes of saved mementos and finally scrambled through a trinket box. She found what she was looking for and began to cry over a bracelet.

Later, Finn returned and Anna told him she was fine. She held onto the bracelet and told him that she had found the proof that told her she was Robin's mother.

Carly walked into her office at Metro Court and found Josslyn sitting there. Josslyn confessed that she'd wanted quiet because she was busy working on a song with Oscar. They were planning on performing it at the Nurses Ball. Carly thought that was great and said that she would love to hear it. Josslyn claimed it was still a "mess" but she thought it was good for Oscar to be looking forward to something.

Elsewhere in Metro Court, Sonny, Michael, and Jason discussed the ongoing predicament with Kristina and the fact that Shiloh might have some kind of leverage against Sonny. Michael thought that Kristina's pledge could be about anyone, and Sonny thought that it was probably a really big secret. Jason didn't believe that Kristina would have the facts or proof of anything pertaining to Sonny's business.

Michael left to get Josslyn, and Sonny thanked him for the information he'd gotten from Willow. Sonny declared that the pledge was beginning to be a lot of trouble. He and Jason continued to discuss what Kristina might know, and Jason suggested that Sonny ask her about her pledge. Sonny emphatically said no, and Jason thought they should find and destroy the signed pledge. Sonny declared that they needed Sam to take care of it.

Jason reminded Sonny that that was why Sam had been trying to get close to Shiloh. He thought that he should get into the house and search for the document himself. Sonny was opposed to that in case Jason got caught because he'd already had a run-in with Shiloh. Jason was afraid that it would go wrong and Sam would be the one to get caught.

Michael got to Carly's office in order to take Josslyn to the Quartermaine house. Josslyn ran out to pick up some of her things, and Carly told Michael that it would be tough for Josslyn. Michael promised to keep an eye on her.

Jason stopped by Carly's office and asked about Josslyn and Oscar. Carly told him about their song writing and Josslyn's attempt at trying to stay positive. Carly admitted that she hated seeing her daughter in pain but she wanted to remain supportive. She wanted to shield her. Jason replied that sometimes that wasn't possible.

Ned found Olivia crying at the Quartermaine mansion. She revealed that she had been looking at Oscar's new bedroom where he'd be staying until he died. Ned was certain that being surrounded by family would comfort Oscar, and Olivia agreed. Just then, a maid approached with a wheelchair, and Olivia ordered her to place it elsewhere before Oscar saw it. Unfortunately, Oscar walked in just then followed by Kim and Drew. He was okay with it.

Oscar greeted Olivia with a hug, and Kim expressed her thanks for allowing them to stay. Olivia sat and told Oscar that she had full access to the kitchen for when he regained his appetite. She talked about Oscar's room, and Kim and Drew rushed back outside to grab the bags. Oscar was glad to be able to talk to Olivia and Ned in private.

Oscar asked Olivia and Ned to plan his funeral and told them he wanted a memorial with nothing sad. They looked over a paper he'd prepared while Ned exclaimed that they were getting ahead of themselves. Oscar disagreed. Olivia thought that Kim and Drew should be the ones to plan it but Oscar thought they didn't need the extra burden.

The paper stated that there were to be no tears, and Olivia admitted that she cried at everything all the time. Ned concurred, and they joked about a commercial that often caused tears. Olivia maintained that she couldn't promise not to cry but they would be able to follow the rest of the plan. Ned assured Oscar that he'd take care of everything.

Kim and Drew returned with the bags, and Drew checked to make sure that Kim was okay. He stated that while the family could be demanding, they were only trying to help. He promised to back her up if the family got in her face. Kim admitted that she was feeling overwhelmed but it had been Oscar's choice that they reside there.

Michael arrived, and he and Drew discussed Oscar's moving in. Michael declared that Oscar was one of the family. He relayed a welcome from Monica to Kim and declared that the house held crazy people but they each had everyone's backs.

Josslyn walked into the room where Oscar was and asked if she was interrupting his talk with Ned and Olivia. Oscar replied that they had just been talking about the future. Josslyn and Oscar were left alone, and they began to work on their song. They agreed they made a good team. Josslyn grabbed a guitar, and Oscar strummed it as they tried out different lyrics.

Oscar suggested that Josslyn perform with someone else but Josslyn refused, citing the fact that it was their song. Oscar said the two of them could just finish it but Josslyn was adamant that she wouldn't perform with anyone but him. Oscar reminded her that he might not make it to the Nurses Ball, and Josslyn insisted they continue working on it. Oscar looked at her and smiled.

Suddenly, Oscar seemed overwhelmed, and he admitted that he felt tired. He wanted to keep going even though Josslyn suggested they continue the next day. Kim sat on a stairway and listened until Drew found her. They were happy to hear Oscar and Josslyn, and they hugged as Kim began to cry.

At the safehouse, Alexis abruptly told Neil that Kristina was finally asleep. Neil wanted to discuss the bad feeling between them, and Alexis admitted that she was angry that Neil had worked with Sonny behind her back after she had been the one to tell him about Kristina. She said that she felt betrayed, and she sarcastically asked if the doctor had a mother-daughter discount.

Neil confirmed that Sonny had contacted him after he had spoken to Alexis and had made him "an offer he couldn't refuse." Alexis called it a conflict of interest because she had already been his patient, and she wanted to know what was going on. Neil confirmed that it would be unethical for him to discuss another patient. Alexis wondered about his personal experience with cults because he hadn't mentioned it previously.

Neil retorted that he wouldn't share details of his personal life even though Alexis wanted some insight into his background. He reminded her that he wasn't her friend but her doctor. He expected to guide everyone on how to handle things, and he expected Alexis to respect his boundaries.

Shiloh and Sam walked into Charlie's Pub, and Sam asked Julian if he'd seen Kristina. Julian snarled that Kristina was about to lose her job because she hadn't shown up to work. He had tried to get in touch with Kristina every way imaginable. Shiloh introduced himself to Julian and asked that Julian get in touch if he heard from Kristina.

Alexis arrived, and Sam shared her concern about Kristina. Alexis reported that she had spoken to her daughter who had given her a message for Julian. Alexis told Sam that Kristina had decided to leave DOD after she had "cold feet" about her big decision. She hoped that Shiloh hadn't been offended but she needed time to clear her head. Shiloh asked that Alexis have Kristina call him.

Shiloh and Sam left, and Shiloh asked Sam to return to the DOD house for meditation. He asked where she thought Kristina could be. Sam didn't know, and she told him she had to get home to her kids. He hoped that Sam's commitment to DOD would be stronger than Kristina's.

Back inside the pub, Julian was angry at Kristina, and Alexis tried to tell him it was complicated. She pleaded with Julian to give Kristina her job back and called the current situation a leave of absence. Julian couldn't promise anything but he was particularly annoyed about the fact that he'd given Kristina an advance of ten thousand dollars on her salary.

Alexis was shocked as Julian explained that he'd thought that Kristina had needed to pay off a debt. Alexis asked what Julian had been thinking but Julian retorted that it was none of her business. He called it a favor he had done for Alexis and bemoaned the fact that he could never win.

Alexis began to write Julian a check to cover the loan, and Julian refused to take it. Alexis called it "damage control," and she asked him to wait until she could move some money. Julian hoped that Kristina was okay, and Alexis replied that she would be.

Sonny sat with Neil at the safehouse, and the doctor explained the process of the procedure they'd be following, much like an intervention. Sonny confessed that he'd read Shiloh's book but hadn't been able to connect to it. Neil described that the reader was able to fit their own problems into the book, and Shiloh's ramblings appeared to have the answer.

Neil continued that positive reinforcement and wisdom led to the reader pleasing Shiloh which equaled enlightenment. Sonny thought it was garbage but Neil clarified that it wasn't garbage to Kristina. He added that they would have to see what Kristina had seen. Sonny revealed that Kristina might have given Shiloh leverage for blackmail, and he explained what he'd learned about the pledge.

Neil called it "par for the course" which was manipulation for leverage in various ways. Sonny wanted to know if he could ask Kristina what she'd told Shiloh in the pledge. "Absolutely not," Neil said firmly. He maintained that Kristina wouldn't be ready to talk about it because she was fragile and scared about what Sonny thought of her. If she'd said something about Sonny, Neil thought that Kristina would think she had betrayed Sonny. She could be destroyed forever like shattered glass.

At Metro Court, Jason and Carly talked about Kim and Drew as well as Josslyn. Jason knew that Josslyn would have support and love and would get through everything with Oscar. They were interrupted when there was a knock on the office door. It was Sam who wanted to speak to Jason alone. Carly picked up one of Josslyn's scraps of paper from the floor.

Sam and Jason stepped outside. Sam told Jason that Shiloh had insisted on accompanying her on her search for Kristina. They'd run into Alexis who said she had spoken to Kristina though Shiloh had been convinced that Jason had kidnapped her.

Jason told Sam about the pledge and the fact that it was probably something incriminating against Sonny. He asked Sam if she would be able to find it. Sam thought that Kristina would never be free until it was found.

Shiloh returned to DOD house and went through a file cabinet. He pulled out the folder that contained Kristina's signed pledge. The last line read, "Kiefer's death was no accident."

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