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General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

"Surprise!" Peter and Maxie yelled as Anna arrived home with Finn. Peter related that Violet had helped with the "welcome home" signs, and she was very proud of her father. When Anna and Peter were alone, she wondered how Maxie was doing. Peter thought that Maxie was relieved to get her mind off of Lulu for a while. A few minutes later, the four sat talking in the living room, but Maxie was spaced out. She blurted out that she wanted to talk about Alex and why she'd been so obsessed with Maxie and the baby.

Anna explained that Alex hadn't always been like that, and she'd even saved Anna's life once. She continued that family had always been important to Alex, who had been kept from having a family because of her choices and mistakes. Maxie thought it was sad that Alex had to pretend to be someone else in order to receive love. She remarked that it was creepy how much digging Alex had done for details about their lives. She admitted that what had been bothering her the most was that she'd been rescued and that Finn was mending, but Lulu wasn't all right.

Anna thought that Lulu would want Maxie to focus on the happy things in her life like the baby and the impending weddings. Speaking of the wedding, Anna revealed that she and Finn had decided to make their wedding small and intimate so that they didn't have to wait so long to get married. Peter thought they should let Finn get some rest, but he advised Finn that Violet had a surprise planned when she returned home from school.

When Peter left the room to get his and Maxie's coats, Maxie asked Anna why Alex would say that Alex and Peter were alike. Anna replied that Alex had just been trying to cause trouble, and she instructed Maxie to let it go. They made their way out to the foyer, and Peter wondered what they'd been talking about. Anna claimed that they'd been talking about how much they loved him. "Well in that case, I love you too, Mom," he replied, and he hugged a tearful Anna.

When Maxie and Peter were gone, Anna returned to Finn and thought that things were "looking up for a change." Outside, Maxie couldn't believe how close Finn and Anna's wedding had been to not happening because Finn had almost died. Peter reminded her to focus on happy things, which reminded her that she had an idea to run by him about their wedding.

Jordan and Curtis arrived home, discussing the "Grey" lead they'd gotten. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Jordan answered it to Cyrus. She was surprised that he already knew that she and Curtis had arrived home, and he replied that he liked to keep track of "key personnel." She informed him that it had been a long trip, and she was tired. Cyrus told her that things hadn't been the same without her in charge, and he hoped that she would be back at work soon. When he was gone, Curtis wondered if Cyrus was onto them, but Jordan assured him that Portia had done a great job of doctoring Jordan's medical records.

Curtis looked through the medical records that Jordan had copied from the computer in Mexico, and he saw that the person they'd been looking for in Oregon was named Florence Grey. Curtis revealed that he'd tracked Florence and her husband back to Port Charles, where they'd lived years before. He figured that he'd only find information in paper records, and Jordan thought that the hospital might still have them. She mentioned that she coincidentally had an appointment there later.

At Sonny's, Josslyn and Trina were packing up some of Dev's things in his room. They joked about some of his antics until they became serious and agreed that they would miss him.

A clearly upset Sam listened as Carly walked Brando through what would happen at the service she was planning for Dev. Brando promised not to let Gladys make another surprise appearance. Sam commented that it would be a lovely service for a boy who never should have died in the first place. Just then, Josslyn descended the stairs and approached Brando. Even though he wasn't Dev's real father, she wanted him to know that Dev had considered him a good friend, and Brando said that he'd felt the same. Josslyn handed Brando a bracelet of Dev's to have. She explained that he'd been wearing it when he'd first gotten there, and he'd never taken it off in Turkey because he'd never been settled very long. Brando thanked her and said that he would wear it with pride. He thanked Carly for arranging Dev's service, and he left.

Later, Carly called up the stairs for Trina, as she'd gotten a call from the guard that Portia was there. Moments later, she let Portia into the house. Carly said that she'd heard about how Portia had helped Lulu, and she expressed how grateful her family was for it. Portia only wished she could have done more. Trina arrived downstairs as Portia's phone went off, and she checked the text. Trina wondered if they were still going to breakfast, and Portia replied that they had a quick stop to make on the way.

Upstairs, Josslyn got frustrated with some packing tape and threw it across the room. Sam entered the room and offered her help. Josslyn wished she was putting all the effort into helping Dev with his college applications, as he'd been excited to go to college in America. Josslyn knew that Sonny and Jason did their best to protect everyone, but she admitted that she sometimes wondered what life would be like if they were "safe, normal people." As Carly listened in, Josslyn figured that would never be possible in Port Charles, but she would never want to leave. She concluded that "my life is here, and that's the way it is."

Carly entered the room and suggested to Sam that they let Josslyn get back to what she was doing. Downstairs, Carly insisted that she knew what Sam was going through, but she urged Sam to talk to her and to leave Josslyn out of it. Sam explained that she'd only been listening to Josslyn. She wondered what she was supposed to tell Danny once he started asking questions. Carly replied that, if the truth would hurt the children, then they didn't need the truth. "I need better for my kids," Sam replied. Carly divulged that she'd told her own children that they had parents that loved them, and whatever was happening in the world, their mother would always keep them safe.

Elizabeth was with Franco in his room at the hospital when Cameron entered. Franco passed on his condolences to Cameron about Dev, but Cameron didn't want to talk about it. Franco hoped that Cameron wasn't hiding his grief on Franco's account. Cameron asked about Franco's surgery, and Elizabeth explained that the size of Franco's tumor had been reduced with the hope that radiation could eliminate it completely. Franco asked Elizabeth for something out of the vending machine, so she left the room.

Franco confessed to Cameron that he was scared. "That's all I got. Your turn," he said. "I'm more than scared. I'm terrified," Cameron admitted. Franco promised to do everything he could to stick around if Cameron could promise to start expecting good things to happen in his life. Cameron agreed, and the two embraced.

Out in the hall, Elizabeth bumped into Martin, who asked for a word with Elizabeth. He reminded her that he'd represented Franco when he'd had Drew's memories. He took an envelope out of his briefcase and informed her that Franco had filed a will as Drew. He handed it to her and told her that Franco could "dispose of it as he sees fit." He stated that he was officially off the case. He gave Elizabeth his best wishes for Franco's speedy recovery, and he walked away.

In an exam room at the hospital, Curtis and Jordan told Portia about the lead they'd found. "What do you need from me?" Portia asked immediately. Curtis assured Portia that she shouldn't feel obligated to help them, but she was happy to do what she could to help take down a drug dealer and murderer who had affected her own family. Jordan explained that Cyrus had already been at her door, pressuring her to get back to work, so Portia agreed to refuse to clear Jordan for work. "Anything else?" she asked. Curtis broke it to her that they needed access to hospital medical files from 40 years in the past.

A short while later, Curtis and Jordan left the exam room after their meeting with Portia and bumped into Martin. Martin hoped that Jordan would feel better soon, and he walked away. Suddenly, it clicked with Curtis and Jordan that Martin's last name was Grey.

Trina found Cameron at the hospital and asked about Franco. Cameron updated her on Franco's tumor and the possible treatment. She thought it sounded encouraging, but Cameron didn't look happy. Cameron confided that he felt guilty for being happy about Franco's news while Dev was dead. Trina assured him that he could feel both happy about Franco and sad about Dev at the same time.

Later, Cameron was explaining a social media app to Franco when Elizabeth returned to the room with Franco's snack. Franco was tired, so Elizabeth promised they would see him soon. Franco called out for Cameron to remember their deal as they left. "What deal?" Elizabeth wondered when they were out of the room. Cameron replied that he and Franco had thought up a deal together to make their futures much brighter. As Franco tried to get to sleep in his room, he heard Peter say in his head, "I'm telling you, I want this to happen now."

Brando arrived at Cyrus', and Cyrus appreciated Brando being there, despite his loss. Brando replied that it helped to keep busy. Cyrus asked if there was anything he could do, and Brando replied that he would "do anything to get my hands on the bastard who killed my son." He questioned if Cyrus knew who had planted the bomb, as he had his "ear to the ground," but Cyrus claimed that he didn't. Cyrus figured that Sonny would assume Cyrus was behind it, and he wanted to clear up the misperception. He wondered if Brando could ask Sonny for a meeting, and Brando agreed to try. He went out in the hall to make the call, and Cyrus locked the door behind him.

In Sonny's office in Pozzulo's, Jason informed Sonny that the shoreline had been searched for miles, but there had been no sign of Julian. Sonny thought that Sam needed to know that Julian had planted the bomb at the Floating Rib, and Jason knew how hard it would be for her to hear. Jason wondered if Sonny thought Ava was covering for Julian, but Sonny replied that Ava knew what he would do if she took Julian's side. Just then, Jason got a call from Brando, and he put the phone on speaker. Brando told them the situation. Sonny replied that he was willing to listen if Cyrus wanted to talk, "but I got terms."

At Cyrus' apartment, Cyrus' henchman emerged from another room and wondered if Brando believed that Cyrus had had nothing to do with the explosion. Cyrus thought that it was in Brando's best interest to believe it. He informed the henchman that Julian had claimed that Taggert was alive. He instructed the henchman to draw Taggert out of hiding, as they had the perfect means at their disposal. There was a knock on the door, and Cyrus let Brando in. Brando informed Cyrus that Sonny had agreed to talk under the condition that Cyrus went alone.

A short while later, Cyrus and Brando arrived at Pozzulo's, and Sonny reminded Cyrus that he'd wanted Cyrus to go alone. Cyrus explained that Brando was Sonny's family, and Sonny instructed the guard to put Brando at a table. At the table, Brando took out Dev's bracelet and put it on. Inside the office, Sonny questioned if Cyrus had something to tell him about the explosion. Cyrus replied that he was there to give Sonny everything he was looking for.

At the café after finishing breakfast, Trina told Portia that she'd decided to go to school. Portia said that a couple days off would be understandable, but Trina wanted to feel normal. She wanted to walk in like it was a normal day and pretend everything was all right, but she hinted that she couldn't do that with Portia looking over her shoulder. Portia instructed Trina to go straight home after school, and she left. Trina was looking at the picture of herself and Taggert on her phone when a man approached her and asked if she was Trina Robinson.

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