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Friday, September 18, 2009

The final Guiding Light episode opened with a montage of all the logos that the show has had over the years, and the announcer said, "This is the Guiding Light."

On the parlor overlook, Lizzie worried to Bill, because Fletcher had waltzed into the house to whisk Alexandria away on a trip. From below, Fletcher promised to keep Alex out of trouble. Alex entered, eager to throw caution to the wind after all that had happened. Beth and Phillip strolled in, and Phillip was astonished to see that Fletcher Reed had returned to town.

In the mansion driveway, Lizzie was upset to have to say another goodbye. Phillip and Beth promised that Lizzie wouldn't have to say it to them. Wheeling out Alex's bags, Fletcher and Bill talked about how much they missed Ben. Alex emerged from the house, and Phillip assured her that Alan would want her to go. "I'll be back for the damn wedding!" Alex chuckled. She winked, and waved goodbye as she entered the car.

In the dining room, Phillip said he was the oldest Spaulding living in the mansion. Beth gave Phillip a journal. She said that it was time that he write again, starting with his feelings about the things that had happened. Rick called to invite them to join everyone in the park.

After helping Josh pack, Billy was surprised to see Mindy. He thought she should have caught her plane by then, but Mindy replied that there would be no more planes. She wanted to stay in Springfield, if it were okay with her daddy. Billy gave her a big hug.

As Reva and Jonathan played with Sarah outside Jonathan's house, Josh called Reva, and asked her to meet him at Cross Creek. When Reva arrived, she joked that Josh looked good standing beside H.B.'s old-fashioned pickup truck. She wondered if he'd drive it to Venezuela. Josh said Venezuela was "a few plans ago."

Josh's new plan was to build a wing onto the H.B. Memorial Hospital in Oklahoma. Reva asked if there had been a plan between plans, and Josh replied, "My plan was to kidnap you, carry you in the back of this truck to the nearest justice of the peace, and marry you. I love you. Always have, always will." Reva gasped, and turned away.

Josh apologized for upsetting Reva. She said she loved him, and she always would, "But, uh..." she started. Josh cut off her, saying he understood that she wasn't ready. He wasn't either, which was why he was leaving town. He felt that every part of him was designed for her, so he was going away to prepare himself to be with her "always."

Josh asked her not to reply, but to just live her life. "A year from now, one year from this very day at 12 noon, I'm going to be at the light house. If life has gotten you to a place where you're ready to be with me, then you be there, too," Josh told her. He hopped into the truck, and said he'd see her in one year.

After Josh left, Billy arrived to check on Reva. He asked her what she planned to do about her date with Josh at the lighthouse. Reva was surprised Billy knew about Josh's plan. Billy repeated the question, and Reva answered, "I don't know."

While Daisy told her family that she'd leave for Berkeley in a few short hours, Doris announced to Ashlee that Doris had pulled some strings to get Ashlee also admitted to Berkeley. Doris ushered Ashlee out of the office to pack, so that she could leave with Daisy.

At the Cooper house, Ashlee announced to Daisy and James that Doris had gotten Ashlee into the writing program at Berkeley. She suggested that Daisy and she rent a house together in California, and the two ladies squealed in excitement.

With the baby name list complied, Olivia suggested that Frank, Natalia, and she leave to meet the baby room designer. Frank wondered how long it would take, and Buzz teased Frank about having a hot date. After the appointment with the designer, Frank received a call, and told Olivia and Natalia that Daisy was leaving for a college "on the other side of the country."

Olivia and Natalia held hands at a table, unable to believe how fortunate they'd been. Olivia suggested that they do something to signify Frank's importance in the baby's life. "You already have an idea," Natalia suspected. With a sly look, Olivia asked Natalia to follow her.

Remy and Christina frantically searched for Mel to sort out their marriage license issue. Christina yelled that they absolutely had to be married before she gave birth. Remy told her to relax, because she'd just found out that she was pregnant an hour earlier.

The couple rushed to Mel's room, and Mel answered the door draped in a sheet. Mel assumed they were there to wish her a happy birthday. When the couple noticed a naked Cyrus in the bed, Cyrus said that he was giving Mel her birthday present.

Later, the Cooper and Boudreaux families gathered outside the courthouse with Doris. Remy hastily explained that they needed to conduct an impromptu wedding. Buzz urged them to hurry, because Daisy and Ashlee would leave in a few minutes.

Doris zipped through the ceremony, and pronounced Christina and Remy husband and wife. She stopped them from kissing, saying, "We gotta get out of here." Everyone scurried off, and Remy kissed his wife.

As Ashlee, Daisy, and James packed the car for their long road trip, their family and friends ran down the street to meet them at the car. In a hail of hugs, kisses, and goodbyes, James told Daisy that he loved her. She said she loved him, too. Doris and Ashlee said they loved each other and hugged tightly. Ashlee honked the horn, interrupting Daisy and James's kiss.

After Ashlee and Daisy left, Frank and Blake slipped off to meet their dates. Frank and Blake arrived on the bridge at the same time. Frank tried to get rid of Blake, because he was expecting a date. "Are you F1357?" she asked. Frank replied, "B1465?" Blake extended her hand, and said it was nice to meet him. An amazed Frank replied that he'd really enjoyed talking to her online. He took her hand, and invited her to take a walk.

On their walk, Blake and Frank encountered Olivia and Natalia, who said they'd picked out a baby name to honor their baby's father: Francesca. Blake said it was perfect. Olivia noticed Blake and Frank holding hands. "We met online," Blake said, bashfully staring at Frank.

The Coopers and the Lewises spied on Frank, and figured out that Blake was the mystery woman. "I'll be damned. Let's go over there, and give them a hard time," Buzz decided. As Lillian and Buzz horned in on Blake and Frank's date, Marina told Shayne that she'd signed him up to be the assistant baseball coach at the high school.

Because Frank had a date, Maureen thought it was time that Matt had one, too. When Matt picked her up from drama rehearsals, Maureen introduced Matt to her teacher, Charlotte. Maureen decided that since Matt and Charlotte both liked to bike ride, they should ride together. Matt whispered to his daughter that she worked fast.

Back in the park, Beth and Phillip met Rick, Michelle, Danny, Hope, and Robby. Rick announced that the Santos family was back for good. He also announced that the Four Musketeers were reuniting. "Surprise!" Mindy yelled, rushing from behind a tree. She stated that she was returning to Springfield. Beth, Rick, Mindy, and Phillip hugged.

In the gazebo, Mel hoped it was the last time that Remy and Christina would get married. Christina hoped so, because they were expecting a baby. Mel and Cyrus congratulated them.

Natalia played with Henry on a bench as Reva told Olivia that Josh had left, but he'd asked her to meet him in a year. "Of course he did," Olivia knowingly said. Reva shook her head, adamant that she didn't know what she'd do once the time arrived.

One Year Later:

At the baseball field, Marina held a two-year old Henry in her arms as she cheered coach Shayne to win the championships. Lillian anxiously took baby Clayton when Christina and Remy arrived with Mel and Cyrus. Buzz directed people to the food. Frank said he had another assignment for Cyrus and Remy. Doris dubbed the men "Springfield's own Butch and Sundance."

Blake took Francesca to Frank, saying that both his girls needed attention. Frank kissed Blake, and wondered why he always had diaper duty when Francesca had two mommies. Buzz reminded him that Natalia and Olivia had gone to pick Rafe up from the bus station. Natalia and Olivia arrived with Rafe, and introduced him to his new little sister.

Jonathan and Billy stood near the stands. Billy asked Jonathan to be the foreman on their new construction project. A pregnant Lizzie arrived with Bill, and let Sarah feel her little brother moving inside Lizzie's stomach. Billy and Jonathan wondered where Reva was. Jonathan asked if Billy had talked to Josh. Billy guessed that Josh was at the lighthouse at that very moment.

As the families that had gathered at the baseball field played and picnicked together, James picked up Ashlee and Daisy. He and Daisy kissed. The girls hopped into James's convertible, and they took off.

At the mansion, Danny, Michelle, Beth, and Phillip toasted to Rick and Mindy on the eve of their wedding. Mindy warned Rick to be on time for the wedding. Phillip said that as best man, he'd handle it. Hilda took a picture of the six of them.

Somewhere in Europe, Dinah and Mallet peeked in on a couple's wedding ceremony. Mallet commented that they'd interloped on weddings in almost every church across Europe. Dinah dreamily said that she'd never tired of it. Mallet threw her over his shoulder, and spirited her away from the church.

At the lighthouse, Josh arrived in the old-fashioned pickup truck. When he saw Reva and Colin strolling toward him, he hurried to meet them on the road. Josh said that he hadn't been sure that Reva would be there. "Yes, you were. You knew I was going to show up. What you didn't know was what I would say," Reva replied.

Reva said that Josh had been right: she'd needed to find herself. "So you found Reva again?" Josh asked. Reva affirmed it with a devilish grin. She asked if he'd found Joshua, and if Joshua still wanted the same thing. "To be with the woman I love-the woman I have loved my entire life-for the rest of my life. Yes, I want the same thing. I want you, Reva," he told her. Reva uttered that she loved him, adding, "And if you still want to be together, I'm in."

Josh kissed Reva. He asked where her stuff was, because he wanted to go on a big adventure with her and Colin. After tossing her things into the back of the truck, Reva, Josh, and Colin climbed into the front. Josh asked if Reva were ready. "Always," she said.

Reva and Josh drove away from the lighthouse, and down a country road as lyrics to a song played, "We belong together..."

The End.

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