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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

At the reception for the double wedding, Lizzie assured Jonathan that Alan had changed. Jonathan sarcastically shrugged, revealing that he'd paid Alan a hospital visit. Lizzie asked how long Jonathan and Sarah would be in town. After Jonathan's noncommittal response, she wondered if she'd see Sarah that evening. Jonathan replied that Lizzie could see her daughter.

Jonathan met Mel in the parking lot to pick up Sarah. Mel handed Jonathan some paperwork, and said there was no looking back if he signed the papers . Jonathan replied that he wanted to do what was best for his little girl.

Jonathan returned to the reception with Sarah, and told everyone that Sarah and he were staying in town. Jonathan handed Bill and Lizzie joint custody papers, saying that Sarah was Lizzie's daughter, too. Jonathan asked that everyone help keep Sarah safe. The guests agreed, and Lizzie escorted Sarah to the dance floor.

After Sarah danced with Bill, Jonathan, and Lizzie, Jonathan thought it was time to introduce Sarah to the Spauldings. The four of them found the Spauldings talking together on the deck. Jonathan said that moving back to town wasn't easy. He warned Alan not to make him regret it. Phillip introduced himself as Sarah's grandfather, but Beth couldn't call herself a grandmother. Alan apologized to Sarah for making her feel unsafe before, but promised that she was safe from then on. "Here's your family, sweetheart," Alan said.

Cyrus found Mel admiring the water. He thought that she'd done a great thing for Jonathan, Lizzie, and Sarah. Mel shrugged, saying she was doing what lawyers had to do. Cyrus replied that he was about to do what he had to do, too. He kissed her.

Matt tried to slip out of the reception, but Vanessa implored him to stay. As Matt danced with Maureen, Nola, and Bridget, Vanessa greeted her friends, Justin and Cecilia.

The two pairs of newlyweds thanked everyone for attending their wedding. Buzz and Billy challenged each other to prove who kissed his wife the best. The guests cheered as the couples smooched. Afterward, Buzz danced with Alex, and Lillian told Alan that he was brave for helping Phillip. Alan felt he'd done what any parent would have.

Near the pier, Frank told Blake that he was happy for his father; however, Frank felt that love had passed him by. Blake encouraged him to never give up, and he admitted that he'd invited someone to the wedding. When Frank said that the person had a prior engagement, Blake reasoned that the response really meant, "Ask me again."

Josh congratulated Billy on snagging the woman of his dreams. Billy thought everyone was where they were supposed to be. "Except me," Josh said. He reasoned that he always took care of other people. Since everyone seemed to be doing well, Josh really had nothing to do. Josh said he was considering leaving town for a while to find something that he could call his own. The brothers said they'd miss each other, but Josh promised that he'd be back.

Olivia and a pregnant Natalia strolled along the lakeshore, holding hands. They encountered Josh, who said they looked happy. Josh thanked Olivia for being his friend. Olivia wondered why he was being so serious. Josh announced that he was leaving town soon, and he asked Natalia to take care of his friend.

Later, Josh sat with Shayne, who said he was having a lot of fun being a father. Josh said that he would leave for Venezuela to restart their offices there. Shayne thought he should go instead, but Josh said he needed the trip. Shayne replied that he understood that feeling.

Shayne and Marina incessantly checked in with the babysitter. Shayne noted that he'd been so busy parenting that he hadn't had the urge to drink or pick a fight at a wedding. Marina and Shayne said they missed Henry, and decided to sneak away to check on him.

Josh cut in on Dylan and Reva's dance. Josh said that it felt good to know that Jonathan and Shayne would be around to protect Reva. Josh felt that everyone would okay, and that was why it was time for him to move back to Venezuela for a while. Reva stopped dancing, and sadly said that he should do it, if that was what he needed.

Josh and Frank called everyone's attention to give speeches from the best men. Josh said that he admired Billy, and Frank told Buzz that Coop was smiling down on them.

Phillip found James and Daisy alone on a pier to coax them back to the party. James still didn't understand why he couldn't have helped Phillip. Phillip replied that James had his whole life ahead of him. James strode off, murmuring that he'd wanted to help his father.

Alan found James standing alone. James commended Alan for helping Phillip. Alan said that parents were supposed to save their children. Later, James and Daisy sneaked food from the reception, and ate on a blanket by a car. James said that Alan was a cool guy, and felt that Phillip owed Alan big time. Daisy reasoned that Alan had only done what he was supposed to do.

Later, Alan encountered Rafe, who said that he'd be leaving for the military later that day. Alan called Rafe braver than Alan, who'd feared the draft. Alan was proud to see a Spaulding serve their country.

Alan strolled over to Reva. She mentioned that Rick had handled the surgery, and Alan replied that Rick had really come through for them. Reva kissed his cheek. They toasted to Sarah, and the grandkids they'd share in the future.

Billy approached them, and announced to the guests that Alan had become an unlikely hero when he'd stepped in to help Phillip. Billy said that Alan made them believe in miracles again. Billy called a toast to Alan, the hero. Alan modestly smiled, and raised a glass.

Beth encountered Phillip sitting alone, thinking of how lucky he was to be alive. Beth said that Phillip had professed his love to her before the operation. "Was that you? I thought it was Rick?" Phillip joked. Beth said she wouldn't hold him to what he'd said. Phillip replied that he loved her, and he always would. Beth replied that she loved him, too, and walked away.

Later, at the end of the pier, Alan and Phillip discussed how wonderful Sarah was. Phillip thanked Alan for the second chance, but Phillip didn't know if he deserved it. Alan said that he'd only done what a parent should do. Alan asked Phillip not to overanalyze his second chance at life, but to live it to its fullest. Phillip promised that he would, and they walked down the pier with their arms around each other's shoulders.

As night fell, Alan congratulated Buzz on his nuptials. Buzz said that Alan must have felt like the king of the world after saving Phillip. "I always feel like the king of the world," Alan joked. Alan figured Buzz would have done the same thing, but Buzz wasn't sure. Alan said he couldn't have done it without Buzz's help and support. Buzz said that Alan always had that love for Phillip inside him; Alan had just needed something to help it surface.

Alan said that he truly valued his relationship with Buzz. Alan stated that Buzz being happy for him meant more than Buzz could ever know. Buzz figured that he'd probably made more mistakes than Alan, but their families loved them. Buzz thought they were lucky men.

Buzz invited Alan back to the reception to dance with the ladies. "You made love to all of them. Now dance with them," Buzz reasoned. Alan said he'd be in momentarily. "Hey," Buzz said, turning back, "You did it." Alan nodded resolutely, saying, "I did it."

Phillip found Beth picking shells in the sand. She said she'd thought about painting again. "Don't think about it. Just do it," Phillip replied. He seemed to be thinking about something, and then he stuttered. Beth asked if he were okay. Phillip replied that he would be. Beth said she didn't follow. "Don't follow. Just be here with me. Be here with me for the rest of my life, and let me be with you," Phillip said.

Phillip knew that Beth had no reason to believe him after all the complications of the past, but he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. "Marry me and I will spend the rest of my life making you happy. I promise I will," he said. He kept trying to convince her, but she silenced him, saying, "Yes! I'll spend the rest of my life letting you make me happy!" They kissed, and laughed. Beth was anxious to tell their kids, but Phillip wanted to talk to Alan first.

Phillip found Alan sitting on a bench, staring at the water. Phillip said that he hadn't understood what Alan had meant about overanalyzing things until Phillip had seen Beth collecting shells on the beach. Phillip stated that Alan was right; it was time to live in the moment, and appreciate everything for what it was. Phillip didn't want to waste any more time. He just wanted to be with Alan, Beth, and the family.

Phillip tapped a silent Alan on the shoulder. When Alan didn't respond, Phillip shook him. Phillip knelt before Alan on the bench, and checked his pulse. Alan remained strangely still. Phillip sobbed, and cried into Alan's lap.

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