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Brandon "Lujack" Luvonoczek Spaulding

Actor History
November 28, 1983 to December 6, 1985; 1991; January 20, 1989; January 1993


Born January 19, 1961

Died from injuries sustained in an explosion on December 2, 1985.



Worked at Company

Resides At

An apartment in Springfield (at the time of his death)

Marital Status

Single/Engaged (Beth Raines; at the time of his death)

Past Marriages



Eric Luvonaczek (Father)

Alexandra Spaulding (Mother)

Brandon Spaulding (Maternal grandfather; Deceased)

Penelope Winthrop Spaulding (Maternal grandmother; Deceased)

Nick McHenry Spaulding (Twin brother)

Alan Spaulding (Uncle)

Simon Hall (half-brother)

Amanda Spaulding (Aunt)

Victoria Spaulding (Aunt)

Phillip Spaulding (Adopted first cousin)

Gus Aitoro (first cousin; deceased)

Alan-Michael Spaulding (First cousin)

Vicky Spaulding (First cousin)

Peyton Raines (First Cousin)

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding (first cousin once removed)

Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (first cousin once removed)

James Spaulding (first cousin once removed)

Emma Spencer Spaulding (first cousin once removed)

Raphael "Rafe' Rivera (first cousin once removed)

Sarah Randall (first cousin twice removed)



Flings & Affairs

Darcy Dekker (lovers)

Suzette Saxon (dated)

Beth Raines (engaged)

Crimes Committed

1Hoodlum (Head of the Galahads street gang) [1983 - 1984]

Threatened Phillip Spaulding [November 28, 1983]

Stole Floyd Parker's lottery winnings [December 1983]

Falsely accused, by Floyd Parker, of attacking Tony Reardon outside of Company [January 1984]

Wrongly convicted of killing Andy Ferris [Spring 1985]

Escaped from prison [Spring 1985]

Brief Character History

In late 1983, when Cedars hospital orderly Floyd Parker won the lottery, this well-publicized event caught the attention of an enterprising teenage tough named Lujack, leader of a street gang called "The Galahads." Lujack stole the money but later had a change of heart and gave it back to Floyd. While he was in jail, Lujack overheard a crooked cop tell someone that Alan Spaulding had hired him to plant cocaine in former District Attorney Ross Marler's car, the previous October. Lujack hated privileged people like the Spauldings, so to spite them he came forward and told everyone what he'd heard, thus clearing Ross's name. It soon became evident that Lujack had a soft, tender side, and he was deeply moved when Tony Reardon, the owner and operator of "Company", took him under his wingsand hired him to work at "Company." It was there that Lujack met the love of his life, Beth Raines, who began teaching him to read in hopes that he would swear off "The Galahads." In exchange for her help, Lujack taught Beth how to drive. Attracted to each other, they began dating earnestly when her engagement to Phillip Spaulding was broken off. One night, in 1984, Lujack and Beth went to a dance together, and not only had to contend with a jealous Phillip, but also a jealous Darcy, Lujack's old girlfriend. Darcy and the rest of "The Galahads" decided to crash the party. A fight broke out that compromised Lujack's parole.

Not long after, Lujack received a shock when the wealthy Alexandra Spaulding confronted him with news that he was her long-lost son! Apparently years earlier, Alex had gotten pregnant by a man that her father didn't approve of, Eric Luvonaczek -- a French artist -- who ended up selling the child, Brandon, for a price. Ross figured out that Lujack was that child. When Alex tearfully told Lujack that they were mother and son, he was horrified! Lujack spent his entire life striking out against wealthy autocrats like the Spauldings, only to discover that the same blue blood ran in his veins! Though wary at first, Beth encouraged him to get to know Alex and in time the two became close. Soon, after, Lujack finally decided to cut all ties with the Galahads. Unfortunately, that decision didn't set well with his old girlfriend, Darcy, who started using the gang to terrorize Beth as well as Phillip Spaulding and Mindy Lewis. Realizing the violence had to stop, Lujack pretended (with encouragement from police officer, Jeff Saunders) to rejoin the gang in the hopes of disbanding it. When Lujack refused to tell Beth why he was back in the gang, she turned to Phillip. Unfortunately, Darcy caught on to Lujack's plan and in a rage, she entered Cedars on the opening day of the new Spaulding wing, tied up Katie Parker, shot Warren Andrews, kidnapped Alex and Beth, pushed a burning crash cart into Phillip Spaulding and turned Cedars into a general war zone. Luckily, Lujack talked her into giving up the fight, and Lt. Saunders arrested her. A few of the other "Galahads" -- Lucky, Martin "I.Q." Wilson and Gina Daniels -- were proud of Lujack's heroics and went straight. Soon after, Lujack and Floyd Parker decided to turn the Galahads' old garage into a Night Club. Unfortunately, an explosion ruined the club site and ended up injuring Beth, causing her to go blind. When Beth went to a school for the blind and refused to see Lujack, he decided to be near her by masquerading as a man named Lenny.

At the same time, he began to suspect that a jealous Phillip, with the help of Andy Ferris, was behind the explosion. Finally, Lujack convinced Andy to crash Alex's Valentine's Day soiree with the intent of revealing Phillip's duplicity. However, once he was at the party, Andy began having second thoughts and thought about killing Phillip instead. A fuming Lujack warned, "If you back out on me now, Ferris, I'll kill you!" Suddenly the ballroom was plunged into darkness and a shot rang out. A few moments later, the lights came back on -- and Lujack, gun in hand, was standing over Andy's dead body! Lujack stood trial and was found guilty of murder. In prison he found an unlikely ally in Bradley Raines, who befriended Lujack at the request of Beth's mother. Beth eventually convinced Phillip to come clean about his deal with Andy Ferris and they became friends once again. Ironically the police did not believe Phillip's story. By now plenty of people shared the suspicion the India had murdered Andy but the real culprit was holding India in a cabin where he forced her to sign a false confession. The real murderer turned out to be Floyd who had killed Andy out of his secret love for Beth.

Now engaged, Lujack decided to give Beth a better life by becoming a rock star and began singing at the nightclub "The Blue Orchid." When Alexandra feared that Lujack's growing fascination with show business would threaten his marriage plans with Beth, she decided to bring him back down to earth, by introducing him to her former lover, Locke Walls, a musician who had become a substance abuser. Lujack ended up idolizing the man and grieved when Locke later died of a terminal ailment. Not long after, Lujack was offered a record contract from famed record producter, Suzette Saxon. Suzette brought in a suave rock promoter named Jackson Freemont to work with Lujack. Jackson soon became friendly with Beth, who had always been a talented artist, and Jackson himself had an artistic bent. He encouraged her to be more free and sensual in her brush strokes. Suzette was pleased by this, for she made no secret of it that a girlfriend did not fit into the plans she had for her new star, Lujack. Suzette was so preoccupied with Lujack's career that she was unaware that her lover, David Preston, was fending off a threat that had been made on her life. About this time a sinister criminal named Largo forced David to help him in his scheme by threatening to kill both him and Suzette. Soon, Suzette found out about this, and then about a new threat and opportunity to off David, who she was getting tired of -- for she was finding herself falling in love with Lujack. Noticing the enmity between Billy Lewis and Kyle Sampson, Largo and David engaged Billy in a poker game and hypnotized him with Largo's unusual ring. Their mission was to control Billy's mind and manipulate him into killing Kyle. Billy indeed had subliminal thoughts of murdering his "half-brother,", the programming initiated whenever Billy saw the ringed symbol for Largo's organization, known as Infinity.

Coincidentally, Beth and Jackson had designed the same logo for Lujack's music video. This eerie scenario came to a head during Billy's daughter, Mindy and Kurt Corday's lavish wedding. At the reception, Lujack proudly screened his video, complete with the ringed symbol. A programmed Billy pulled a gun and aimed it at Kyle, but when H.B. called out Billy's name in the ensuing melee, David was shot instead! Police Lt. Jeff Saunders arrested Billy for David Preston's murder, although many had their doubts. As Billy was on trial, with Ross Marler defending him, Beth and Jackson were taken hostage aboard Largo's ship but were saved by Lujack, Kyle and Kurt. The boat exploded, taking Largo's life and injuring Lujack severely. Lujack was rushed to Cedars, where he died tragically in the arms of his beloved Beth.

In 1991, Lujack would appear in the dreams of his double, Nick McHenry, who turned out to be the twin brother he never knew he had. Shortly after the New Year in 1993, Nick would visit Lujack's grave, wondering of perhaps Lujack knew where there mother was. Nick also told Lujack that he would like Eve (Nick's girlfriend) if he would have ever met her and the specter of Lujack simply told him that he wished he could be with him to teach him more about women.

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