A 'perfect' shutout

Two Scoops It's funny how one simple saying can have two completely different meanings - one good, and one bad. In baseball, a perfect shutout is a GOOD thing - no runs. But in the Emmys, it's not so good - same phrase, different meaning. I remember trying to teach a new student in my 6th grade class some Americanized English (she was from Iran) and how difficult it was to explain the vast differences in sayings or words in our language. Not to mention trying to take her trick or treating that fall - she had no idea what was going on.

That is the way I felt Friday night, after watching the Emmys. I planned my evening around getting home in time to watch the show, and most of the pre-show stuff on SoapNet. I was so hopeful that we had a great shot at winning at least one or two of the Emmys GL and it's cast were nominated for. And when we didn't win a single Emmy - it really brought me down. It's like pulling for your team to win a big game, but to lose in the end after you've sat (sometimes in the cold and rain) for hours, cheering them on.

When they announced Christian LeBlanc's name for Best Actor, I hit the "OFF" button on my remote quicker than the blink of an eye. And even though I really wanted to drift off to sleep, I lay awake thinking of what happened. Or, what didn't happen. It didn't make for a restful night at all.

I freely admit that I no longer watch any other soaps. I used to watch DOOL, AMC, Y&R, and ATWT at some point in my life (plus SFT and Capitol no longer on the air). So I don't know how the performances stack up to the ones of our cast. And since they only show a snippet of what the actor (or show) submitted, it is hard to tell. But, like the loyal sports fan that I am, I root for the "home" team - my team - Guiding Light. Unlike those performers (and athletes) who get constant feedback live from their audience, this is one of the few times an actor from a soap gets feedback. In this day and age where people are busier than ever, trying to do too much in too little time, we don't really have time to communicate how we feel to the show itself. We go to message boards, sometimes email the show or an actor. But how often do we pick up a pen and drop them a line or a card to show our appreciation? I'm just as guilty as anyone else - I never have the spare time I want to do a million things every day. But after being shut out (again) at the Emmys - I just wonder what message they received.

It is obvious, from the interactions that I have had with the cast over the years, that they all really support one another. The actors are always interested in hearing what the fans think about the show and their character (even when they have NOTHING to do with the plots - which some fans forget). I know that they know that we appreciate them and the part of our lives that we share with them. But there is a big part of me who wanted them to bring home at least one Emmy.

After nearly three decades of watching GL, there is a big part of me that thinks of the show and it's characters as a part of my family. They come into our homes five days a week, 52 weeks a year - no hiatus, no re-runs - just new stories to tell each of us. Now I don't think that David Andrew MacDonald is as evil as Edmund (thank goodness) I still appreciate his performances as much as the sweet little Nicholas Art (who plays Zach). They are all a part of my GL family - some easier to get along with at times, much like your real-life family, but all a part of the family just the same.

Those who frequently read this column know that there was one GL'er I was pulling for more than all the rest - Grant Aleksander (ex-Phillip). Partially because he's a Marylander like me, partially because he's the actor I met first and "know" the most, and partly because I am still pretty darn ticked that GL would fire him after 25 years of being on the show (off and on). I wanted Grant to get what Ellen Parker (ex-Maureen) got all those years ago - a send-off with an Emmy to show the show that they might have made a mistake in letting them go in such a final way. I still hold out a tiny sliver of hope that Phillip was spirited out of Springfield somewhere to watch the collateral damage of his "death." But every day, the hope dims just a bit.

And in the aftermath of the Emmy shutout, I wonder. Every year, the show loses more fans. People don't have the time they once did to devote to a daily show. Heck, I find it hard to watch 5 hours and do the research to do this column and the spoilers many weeks. I try not to let my thoughts take that turn in direction to the "C" word (that's cancellation folks). Surely a shutout on the awards show (again) doesn't mean that the show is any more troubled? Summer is nearly here, which means many viewers will go on vacation and not watch GL. Hopefully they tape the show while they are gone (or Tivo it, like I do) and watch when they return. We will gain some newer fans with the summer teen stories, like Lizzie and Coop (so cute together). We just have to do all we can to keep the loyal fans that we have. A girl's gotta have hope.

On the rumor front (GL won't comment - at least not yet) we have heard that GL held a meeting with the cast and crew where they learned of across the board pay cuts and a studio move. GL will move to where ATWT is taped on 57th St. A number of union jobs will be cut but no word on who (behind the scenes) will be leaving. GL was recently renewed through the 2006-07 season. Hopefully these changes will mean a bump in the shows ratings, even though times are tough for the P&G NY soaps.

I do want to say a big WOO HOO to Beth Ehlers and Ricky Paull Goldin for winning the fan-based "Irresistible Combination" on the show. It in NO WAY makes up for the slight of not having Beth up for Best Actress, but I'm glad she got some recognition during a year of really strong performances.

And now I want to hear what YOU have to say. It's the First Un-Official SOC Emmys and I want SoapCentral fans to tell me (and all of us) which GL'er(s) you would have cast a ballot for and why. This should be from their performances in the past year. Tell us what actor deserves this (non) award. Hopefully we can all remember that GL fans are really supportive about their show, even when we are in a down period. You can vote for any character on the show this year. Here are your categories:

Best Actress:
Best Actor:
Best Supporting Actress:
Best Supporting Actor:
Best Younger Actress:
Best Younger Actor:
Best Storyline (so far) in 2005:

Here's the Link:

I've ranted enough for now. We'll have a poll up, too, to see (before the killer is revealed Friday) who you think killed Phillip. I won't reveal my pick, but you might be surprised. Then again, GL fans are pretty smart, so I think you'll see the writing on the wall.

On a completely unrelated note, as a Marylander, I want to say how proud I was that Afleet Alex won at the Preakness yesterday. If you don't know the story behind the name, check out the amazing little girl who inspired the name and the lemonade stands she had to raise money for neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that claimed her life in 2004. While we are all aware of things that go wrong in our lifes, remember the adage, "When Life Hands You Lemons - Make Lemonade." Check it out at www.alfeetalex.com

Un Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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