Fatherly love

Two Scoops It's Father's Day - but it seems there aren't many Dads in Springfield who are getting to enjoy their big day.

Starting off on 5th Street, Buzz can't even count on a phone call from daughter Harley. She's on the lam with ex-fiancé' Gus for a murder she didn't commit. Frank is so hard pressed to find his escapee/little sister, that he might even forget to spend time with Dad. Maybe Lucy will call Buzz from wherever she's living now with Alan-Michael. I'm sure Marina will have to be the one to bring the fractured family together for the day.

Hopefully Rick can spend some time with Jude and Leah this Father's Day. For so many years, Rick wanted to be a dad - only to be denied. Even if we don't see him 'til the Bauer Barbecue (and since he's the only Bauer left in Springfield, it's a safe bet he'll be flipping burgers this year) I sure hope he enjoys the day. And with the death of Phillip (and Harley on the run) I'm positive that Rick and Mel will include Zach on this very difficult first Father's Day without his dad.

Ross has four children to spend the day with, but we know he'll be thinking a lot about darling daughter Dinah. Even though he has only known her (and about her) since she was a teenager, she's definitely been giving Ross most of his gray hairs (that look great - don't even think about another hatchet job dyeing someone's hair GL!!). Before her return to Springfield last year, Ross had to settle for thinking about his daughter from afar. Now Dinah is a walking, talking, scheming advertisement for the Pepto Bismol that Gus loves to chug. Dinah needs to plan a really great gift for Dad and give him less to worry about for the rest of the year (not that I think for a minute she'll do just that).

Dinah's scheming for the affections of Daddy-to-be Edmund might just well work out for her (or not - too early to tell). Instead of being able to sit back and wait for the birth of the baby he shares with Cassie, he'll have to do some fast work to get his family back together prior to the delivery date. Although Edmund is more than I would care to spend a lifetime with, I am glad to see that he has returned to his true colors - even if it leaves him all alone, changing diapers this fall....

Bill might not be a biological father, but he's doing a great job with Emma (she is so adorable!) - but his relationship with Olivia is pretty rocky. Let's see if Emma can overcome her volatile parents to have a stable, normal life.

But the prize for worst Dad in Springfield this year has to be Alan. He has three sons (one adopted, two biological - not that it matters) but his "love" for his sons has left him all alone. Alan-Michael has been MIA for years (he didn't even come home when Alan had a heart attack). Gus is on the run with Harley. And Phillip is a murder victim (supposedly) of his very own father? The ultimate control freak, if Alan couldn't control his "favorite" son, he kills him? Which means that, once the truth is revealed (and you know it will) Alan will be all alone since Gus (and Lizzie, and most of Springfield) will never forgive him.

I hope that wherever the day takes you, you get the time to spend some time with your Father. It's a day I never really took full advantage of, and really wish I had. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!!

I do want to thank all of you that have written concerning the state of affairs at GL. I haven't had the chance to really look at many yet, as I am preparing to be out of my office for (and away from this column as I won't be able to watch) for two weeks in July. The cast and crew of GL are really great people and I know appreciate all of the support they have received. So until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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