Springfield, the unhappiest place on earth!

It's the Memorial Day weekend - time to spend time with your family and remember those who served this country both in the past and right now. But in Springfield I'll bet there isn't one grill that is being lit up - no potato sack race or time for a dip in the pool. No, the citizens of Springfield are all too busy trying to patch up their lives or keep the lies that they've told a secret. Hardly a warm, fuzzy feeling at all!

I've said it before and it bears repeating - I watch GL for a little diversion - an escape. When you come home from a long day - or a long week - it's nice to get a peek into someone else's life. Even if the show is all fiction. But GL sometimes is getting to be like the evening news - no good news at all. With everyone fighting or hiding some tremendous lie from their loved ones, the Bauer bar-be-que will be the pits this year! While I was a little sad that I'll miss it (since I'll be on vacation for 3 weeks and have no access to the show) maybe it's for the best. I can concentrate on enjoying my vacation and hope that when I return there will be some happy GL stories waiting for me.

That being said, GL needs to move to a happier place. Surely not everyone is that dishonest - even when it is with the "best intentions" (Reva). Come on, not telling your family you have cancer is completely ridiculous. How long can we have this continue? Just by reading the spoilers you know that her "best intentions" are going to work against her this week. Come on GL, give the viewer some credit here. This can be a powerful storyline minus the deception. Sure Mom's put their own needs last, but this is going beyond all reason and sanity - even for Reva Shayne Lewis.

At least I can say that GL has finally given air time to cast members we rarely see. Those of you who know I have Tivo (best invention know to man for a soap fan) know my pet peeve that GL still lists Grant Aleksander (ex-Phillip), George Alvarez (Father Ray Santos) and Matthew Bomer (ex-Ben Reade - killed at least 2 years ago on-screen) as the cast of GL. My shock this week was that we actually SAW George Alvarez. I felt like there should have been a little family tree for fans to figure out his place in Springfield. And recent sightings of Mel, Rick, Alex and Lillian have to have newer GL fans wondering who they are. Now if only GL would unearth Holly from her hideaway to help Blake deal with her grief (and the often-forgotten mayoral race). Even A-M resurfaced from a fairly long absence.

So while we spend the long weekend with our family, let's hope our GL family can give us a little peace and harmony this summer - do it for the fans!

Kimberly PS -- Since I will be away for the July 4th holiday, here is a link to the Bauer Burger recipe for your cookouts!

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