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Brad Green
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Actor History

Michael Swan (September 17, 2003 to October 18, 2003; Recurring)

Mark Pinter (December 12, 2003 to June 14, 2004; Recurring)


Died of a heart attack on June 14, 2004


Executive at Spaulding Enterprises

Resides At

At time of death, at his home with his wife and children

Marital Status

At time of death, Married (Marie Green)

Past Marriages






Flings & Affairs

Lori Jensen (affair)

Crimes Committed

Supplied the mob with shipments of the drug, Antimonious [about 1999 to June 2004]

Blackmailed Alan Spaulding [September 2003]

Brief Character History

Spaulding executive Brad Green found himself under scrutiny in September 2003 after the disappearance of Lori Jensen, his employee. Lori's mother, Brenda, had gone to the Springfield PD and reported her daughter missing. However since Lori was an adult, the police couldn't rule her as a missing person since not enough time had elapsed. Certain that her daughter was in danger, Brenda went to Harley's Angels, a non-profit investigative agency, run by Harley Cooper and asked for their help. Harley's investigation immediately centered on Brad since Brenda stated that Lori and he had been carrying on an affair that she wanted to end. However, in the course of her investigation, Harley discovered that it was Brad who wanted to end the affair, for fear of his wife, Marie, finding out. She then wondered whether Brad was responsible for Lori's disappearance. Though Harley tried to paint Lori as an innocent victim, Brad stated that Lori was ambitious and was using their affair to get ahead. Feeling threatened, Brad went to Alan Spaulding and demanded that he make the investigation go away, or he'd reveal many of the skeletons in the Spaulding closet. Though concerned about Brad's threats, there was really nothing Alan could do. In the meantime, Alan was very curious as to why his sister, Alexandra, made Brad the head of Spaulding's Pharmaceutical Division, especially since Alexandra herself coveted that position mere months earlier. Though she tried to explain that it was because Brad had done a great job heading the division in Europe, Alan wasn't so sure and wondered if Brad had something on Alex. By this point, the police finally got involved and they themselves centered their investigation on Brad. Then Brad received another visit from Harley who wanted to discuss the possibility that Lori was pregnant. Stating that there was no way a career-oriented woman like Lori would let herself get pregnant, Brad suddenly heard sirens, and feeling cornered, he panicked and kidnapped Harley! Though police officer Gus Aitoro (Harley's fiancÚ and Alan's son) feared for Harley's safety since it was discovered that Brad took his boat out in a storm the night Lori disappeared, Harley returned safely--now convinced of Brad's innocence.

Brad had informed Harley that he was being blackmailed with photos of a supposedly dead Lori, and was afraid to go to the police because his brother had a prior conviction that could hurt Brad. While Brad laid low, Harley and Gus teamed up and discovered that Lori was alive and well. Her "disappearance" was merely a ploy to get extortion money from Brad, and her accomplice was Brad's own wife, Marie. Surprisingly, instead of divorcing his wife, Brad supported her by refusing to testify against her. At the same time, Brad found himself intrigued by the flirtatious Harley who earned his trust by convincing the District Attorney, Jeffrey O'Neill, to drop the charges against Marie, As he was becoming more and more intrigued by Harley, he was also butting heads with Gus, who was working temporarily at Spaulding. When Gus starting asking about missing shipments of Antimonious, a drug sold by Spaulding Pharmaceuticals, Brad waved off his concerned and later warned him not to poke his nose where it didn't belong (namely Brad's office). Then, in 2004, Brad was pleasantly surprised when Alexandra offered to give the entire Antimonious project to him. As the months wore on, Brad, without his knowledge, found himself under scrutiny by the DA's office. Suspicious that Brad may have been smuggling shipments of Antimonious to the mob (to be refined into Delirium and sold on the streets), Jeffrey had assigned Harley to keep an eye on Brad's activities. Making Harley's life easier was Marie who hired her to keep an eye on Brad because she suspected he was having an affair. Under scrutiny for months, Brad's involvement in the drug ring was uncovered when he was caught red handed exchanging a bag full of drugs for a briefcase full of money. Unfortunately, the stress of working with the mob apparently put stress on Brad and the night of his arrest he had a massive heart attack and died.

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