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Brent Lawrence

Also known as Marion Crane

Who's Who in Springfield: Brent Lawrence | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Frank Beaty (February 14, 1995 to June 27, 1995; August 14, 1995 to February 16, 1996)

Marc Wolf (temporary replacement for an ill Frank Beaty, January 5, 1996 to February 7, 1996)


Former executive at Spaulding Enterprises (both as Brent and Marion)

Resides At

Mental Hospital

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Lila Lawrence (Mother; deceased)

Cassie Lawrence (Sister)



Flings & Affairs

Lucy Cooper (Dated) (as Brent)

Mindy Lewis (dated) (as Brent)

Harry (flirted with) (as Marion)

Det. Patrick Cutter (Dated) (as Marion)

Crimes Committed

Hired by Alan Spaulding to cook the books at Spaulding Enterprises [February 14, 1995]

Arrested for skinny dipping in the Country Club pool [March 31, 1995]

Attempted to bribe Det. Patrick Cutter to get out of being arrested for skinny dipping in the Country Club pool [March 1995]

Drugged and date-raped Lucy Cooper [April 7, 1995]

Assaulted Alan-Michael Spaulding [late April 1995]

Threatened to kill Buzz Cooper, held a gun to Buzz's head [May 26, 1995]

Kidnapped Tangie Hill, at gun point, to force her to write a favorable story about him in the Springfield Journal [June 6, 1995]

Threatened to kidnap Lucy [June 22, 1995]

Faked his own death [June 23, 1995]

Accepted a bribe from Alan Spaulding, to get out of Springfield, in exchange for incriminating evidence to bring down Alan-Michael Spaulding as President of Spaulding Enterprises [June 27, 1995]

Pretended to be a woman [Marion Crane] to get a job illegally at Spaulding Enterprises [August 14, 1995 - January 5, 1996]

Bugged the Spaulding yacht [September 7, 1995]

Smashed Lucy's car with a lead pipe [September 12, 1995]

Attempted to strangle and kill Lucy with a scarf [September 13, 1995]

Stabbed and killed Lucky Fowler when Fowler tried to attack Marion Crane [October 4, 1995]

Broke into the Cedars Hospital lab [October 13, 1995]

Manipulated Lucy's HIV test to falsely say that she was HIV positive [October 13, 1995]

Terrorized Rebecca Blume (Reva Shayne Lewis) who Brent thought recognized him without the Marion Crane mask and dress on [October 13, 1995]

Murdered Nadine Cooper and then dumped her body in a lake [October 20, 1995] p>Murdered Detective Patrick Cutter. [November 13, 1995]

Allowed everyone to believe that Marcus Williams had actually committed Detective Cutter's murder [November 1995]

Tried to kidnap Lucy [November 22, 1995]

In the Spaulding garage, tried to puncture Alan-Michael's back tire on his car [November 22, 1995]

Broke into the Reardon boarding house [December 11, 1995]

Attempted murder of Susan Bates [December 11, 1995]

As Marian, flirted with Spaulding Enterprises employee Harry and pretended to be drunk, in an attempt to murder Lucy [December 24, 1995]

Kidnapped and held Lucy hostage at the Lighthouse [December 31, 1995 - February 16, 1996]

Held Alan-Michael hostage at the Lighthouse [January 12 - February 16, 1996]

Set a bomb under Alan-Michael and Lucy in attempt to explode them and the lighthouse [January 17 - February 1, 1996]

Accepted money from Alan Spaulding to release Lucy and Alan-Michael [February 8, 1996]

Shot and wounded Alan-Michael [February 13, 1996]

Threatened to kill Lucy [February 14, 1996] Memorable Quote

Brent Lawrence on October 20, 1995, after he murdered Nadine Cooper; talking to a dead Nadine:

"Dead!...Great! That wasn't part of the plan. You Forced Me To Do It! Just like Lucy made me want her...See their going to say I lost control and I couldn't stop. But it wasn't like that! Was it?!?! No it wasn't like that! You forced my hand. You came in here, you SNOOPED through my things you called me a frigging pervert!!! (He hits the lamp.) That was bad........that was very, very bad Nadine! That was stupid. DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!!! You asked for it! Admit it LUCY you asked for it...Oh my...did I say Lucy? I meant Nadine. You stupid people are getting me so rattled it's a wonder I'm not crazy! Well so much for Marian's beauty rest. I'm going to have to clean up this mess aren't I? Nadine you're going to have to leave I'm sorry...""

Brief Character History

Brent Lawrence first surfaced in Springfield as a Spaulding employee who started dating Lucy Cooper after Lucy was hired as Alan-Michael Spaulding's secretary. Brent initially seemed to be a great guy and Lucy and he had some great fun dates, for a while, even getting arrested for skinny dipping in the Country Club Pool. Unfortunately for most of Springfield, Brent would not remain a nice guy for very long. One night while he was on a date with Lucy, they had a few drinks and seemed to be having a good time. But when a virginal Lucy told Brent that she was reluctant to sleep with him, Brent drugged her with a spiked drink and raped her. Ashamed, Lucy told no one about the rape and when Alan-Michael confessed his love for her, she ran away, making Alan-Michael realize something was wrong. When Brent went to Lucy's apartment and talked about their night together, Lucy yelled that he'd raped her! At this moment, Alan-Michael arrived and beat Brent up! Alan-Michael comforted Lucy and convinced her to tell all of the Coopers and to press charges against Brent when he threatened to rape her again. Meanwhile, it was learned that Alan Spaulding had hired Brent to sabotage Spaulding files so Alan could attempt to take the presidency from his son. After Alan-Michael was forced to step down as president of Spaulding, thanks to Brent's manipulations, he and Lucy exposed Brent by getting him to confess to the rape on tape. Brent then left for Seattle when Frank and Buzz Cooper threatened to take him to the police (an empty threat, since the tape was inadmissible in court). Brent would later reappear and, one day, he threatened Lucy and Alan-Michael with a gun at the docks and demanded to take Lucy with him. Alan-Michael struggled with Brent and then shot him. However, when the police arrived, Brent was nowhere to be found! Later, it was learned Brent was injured when he called Alan-Michael and demanded that Alan-Michael come to see him at the docks. When Alan-Michael arrived, he saw a mortally injured Brent who apologized for what he'd done to Lucy and when Brent's sister, Cassie Lawrence, arrived, Brent apparently died. What Alan-Michael did not know was that Alan later found Brent (Brent and his sister apparently faked his death) alive and paid him and his sister, Cassie, to leave town to avoid a scandal.

Unfortunately, Alan's bribe wouldn't keep Brent out of town for Brent turned out to be more mentally unstable than anyone suspected. Brent soon reappeared, in Springfield, as a woman named Marion Crane and began working at Spaulding Enterprises and even tried to get a room at the Reardon boarding house right next to Lucy Cooper's room. Unfortunately for Brent, he lost out to that room to Marcus Williams. As Marion, Brent stalked Lucy and gained her friendship by claiming to be a rape victim. When Lucy went to group therapy, Marion also attended and was even invited to Alan-Michael's yacht when Alan-Michael and Lucy got engaged. In addition to bugging the yacht, Marion also stabbed and killed Lucky Fowler when Fowler attacked him/her! At this time, Lucy had an HIV test done since she could have been infected at the time Brent raped her. Brent broke in the Cedars lab and manipulated the test and Lucy would learn weeks later that she was infected. Luckily a second test would come back negative. In the meantime, Rebecca Blume (who was actually Reva Shayne Lewis) who was visiting her "sister" Abigail "Abby" Blume saw Brent manipulate Lucy's test. When, Brent saw Rebecca/Reva, he assumed that she'd go to the police, because he wasn't wearing his Marion mask and dress and so he terrorized Rebecca/Reva. Fortunately, since Reva wasn't in town at the time Brent raped Lucy, Brent let her go. But, several future victims were not to be that fortunate!

Though Lucy never suspected that Marion was, in fact, Brent, Buzz's ex-wife, Nadine, accidentally learned the truth when she began snooping around Brent's apartment. Nadine was about to leave town, but had a premonition that Marion was in grave danger. So Brent killed Nadine with a candlestick (exactly as in Nadine's premonition) and threw her body in the lake. Later, while Detective Patrick Cutter was investigating the murder of Lucky Fowler (and assuming it was Marcus Williams who killed Fowler) he allowed himself to be set up on a date with Marion. Brent though slipped up when he had problems with Marion's makeup and dress and so he killed Detective Cutter as Patrick was taking him/her home. When Brent saw Marcus Williams nearby, he decided to made it appear as if Marcus had killed Cutter so that he could get the room at the Reardon boarding house next to Lucy's. Though he succeeded in framing Marcus, Brent didn't get in the room because when Marcus was arrested and then released into his friend, Dinah Marler's custody, the room went to Lucy's new friend, Susan Bates. Shortly after Brent killed Cutter, Brent, as Marion, had a chance to kidnap Lucy and then kill Alan-Michel, but somehow things went awry. When Lucy learned that Marion had no family to spend Thanksgiving with, she invited Marion to spend Thanksgiving with her and Alan-Michael on the yacht. Marion accepted, but planned to kidnap Lucy and hold her hostage when Lucy offered to drive her and Marion in her vehicle. Brent also decided to kill Alan-Michael by puncturing one of his back tires on his car that was parked in the Spaulding garage. Unfortunately when Alan-Michael got in his car to leave, Marion wasn't finished and Alan-Michael ended up running into him/her! Although, Marion insisted she was fine, she had trouble standing up so Lucy and Alan-Michael insisted on taking Marion to the Cedars Emergency Room. When Marion arrived at the ER, the doctor who treated her was Alan-Michael's cousin, Dr. Rick Bauer. Rick didn't recognize Marion as Brent, because Rick wasn't in town when Brent raped Lucy. But Rick did know that Marion was actually a man dressed as a woman. Brent let Rick believe and then perpetuated the lie that Marion was actually a transsexual and due to doctor/patient confidentiality, Rick couldn't tell anyone who Marion really was.

Meanwhile, Brent was desperate to get Lucy. Planning on murdering her, he went to Lucy's room and attacked her while she was showering. Unfortunately, the woman in Lucy's shower was Susan, not Lucy. Finally on New Year's Eve/Day 1995, 1996, Brent kidnapped Lucy at the Country Club's annual New Year's Eve costume party and brought her to the lighthouse to kill her. There he confessed all his crimes, including masquerading as Marion, and told Lucy that he was abused by his mother. Meanwhile, the Springfield police department (Detective Frank Cooper and Detective Eugene Levy) told the press not to print or air anything that would show either Brent or Lucy's face, for fear that that would set off Brent and he would kill Lucy. Unfortunately, Roger Thorpe, whose current wife, Dinah Marler owned WSPR while Roger managed it, wouldn't heed their advice and aired the pictures of Lucy and Brent. Soon after, Alan-Michael arrived at the lighthouse to rescue Lucy. At the same time, Alan-Michael's father, Alan, got in touch with Brent and offered a Spaulding jet and $10 million in exchange for Lucy and Alan-Michael's safety. Though Alan-Michael attempted to kill Brent with a knife, Brent shot him in the arm and locked him away and tied him up with Lucy. When Brent went to Alan for the money, Alan-Michael and Lucy found a bomb that Brent had planted. When the police and the families arrived, Lucy began acting like Brent's mom in order to confuse him. Though it almost worked, with Brent setting Alan-Michael free, Brent realized their game and knocked Alan-Michael out. When Cassie tried to convince her brother to give himself up, Brent threatened to throw Lucy over the balcony. At that point, Alan-Michael took the bomb and threatened to detonate it, thus destroying the lighthouse but Brent wouldn't listen. Finally, Brent dragged Lucy to the top of the lighthouse and Lucy threw the money from Alan over the edge. Alan-Michael caught the money and after struggling with Brent, rescued Lucy when she was about to fall over the edge. Brent was also in danger of falling to his death but was saved by Frank who promptly arrested him. In the end, Brent, who slipped into his Marion persona, went to a mental institution.

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