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Dr. Christopher Langham
Who's Who in Springfield: Christopher Langham | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Russ Anderson (June 6, 2003 to April 6, 2004; Recurring)



Profiler for the U.S. Government



Marital Status


Past Marriages

Kate Langham (deceased)





Flings & Affairs

Reva Shayne Lewis (kissed)

Crimes Committed


Brief Character History

Christopher Langham met Reva Shayne Lewis at a psychic reading in June 2003. Having been experiencing psychic visions for several weeks, Reva let herself be talked into attending the reading since she knew of Langham and his research in psychic phenomena. After the reading, she introduced herself and spoke of her recent premonitions. Later, Reva attended a sťance where she saw a medium communicating with the spirits of the dead (among them Reva's former brother-in-law, Richard Winslow). After the sťance, Christopher approached Reva. After speaking with her, he told her that she had a powerful gift that she should develop, not shy away from. Offering his help as a mentor, he told her about a seminar in Milan where he could help develop her unique abilities. Though she initially refused, she changed her mind after having a spat with her husband, Josh. After a successful multi-week seminar in Milan, Reva returned more secure in her abilities, but not totally confident in them. Christopher persuaded her to give in to her impulsive side since that would better help her to interpret and sort out her visions. Christopher spent the summer encouraging Reva to use her abilities, even encouraging her to use them on her television show at WSPR. Despite resistance from Reva's husband, Josh, Christopher and Reva became good friends, with her confiding her troubles to him. However it soon became apparent that he had an ulterior motive regarding Reva since he made a clandestine phone call announcing that he'd "found the one."

Late that summer, Christopher was asked by Alan Spaulding to counsel his troubled teenaged granddaughter, Lizzie. Though Lizzie, knowing that Alan was funding some of Christopher's research, tried to convince Christopher to just certify her as healthy and just take the money, he informed her that he wasn't for sale and would evaluate her honestly. Continually angry and defensive, Lizzie used every trick she could think of to get rid of Christopher, including kissing him. However, Christopher was always one step ahead and nothing Lizzie said or did fazed him. Though she thought she could threaten him into compliance by telling him that she'd say he had molested her, he saw through her and informed her that all their sessions were recorded--she had nothing on him. Throughout the sessions, Lizzie's anger and resentment toward Olivia was growing and one day, in a show of anger, she broke the head off her old baby doll. Things finally came to a head the night of Olivia's baby shower when Lizzie snuck out of the house on the pretense of giving Olivia a gift. When a frightened Olivia refused the gift and asked Lizzie to leave, Lizzie continued to push the gift on Olivia and finally was escorted home by Christopher. That night, Olivia found something in her baby crib--a doll's head! Though Lizzie tried to deny it and pleaded with her family to believe her, she was unable to convince her family of her innocence. Distraught over her family's mistrust, Lizzie confided in Alan that she was only trying to be a good Spaulding by manipulating events to get what she wanted. She also finally admitted to Christopher that she needed help and wanted to get back to being that happy girl she used to be.

In the midst of counseling Lizzie, Christopher continued to grow even closer to Reva, with their closeness culminating in a kiss. Realizing she was slipping back into self-destructive patterns, the kiss startled Reva and convinced her that she needed to put her anger at Josh aside. In the meantime, following Lizzie's breakthrough, the Spauldings had to deal with her father, Phillip, whose mental health was deteriorating due to the stress of Lizzie's breakdown and losing Olivia, who had left town out of fear. Growing increasingly anxious in the course of several weeks, Phillip finally lost all touch with reality and had to be institutionalized. It was at this point that Olivia returned to Springfield with the news that her baby had died. Though the rest of the family thought it would be best for Olivia to lie to Phillip about the baby, as his doctor, Christopher, disagreed, and in 2004, he told her that the truth just might snap Phillip back into reality. Unfortunately, he was wrong since the news of his baby's death only sent Phillip deeper into himself, mumbling that it was his fault. After hearing Olivia say "It's not true. It's not your fault." Christopher wondered whether or not Olivia was lying about the death of her child. But when confronted, Olivia vehemently denied lying about that and later disappeared for the night. Though she simply said she went for a very long drive, Christopher, concerned about Olivia's emotional state as well suspected that something else was wrong.

Meanwhile, the truth about Christopher Langham was about to revealed when it was discovered that he worked for District Attorney Jeffrey O'Neill! Ordered by Jeffrey to test others in Reva's family for psychic abilities, Christopher talked Reva into convincing her family, specifically her sister, Cassie, and daughter, Marah, to be tested. However, neither woman had the gift Reva had. It was apparent that Reva was "the one" that Christopher had mentioned months earlier. In the meantime, Christopher continued to get close to Reva, valuing her friendship, and offering to help her channel the spirit of the deceased Maryanne Caruthers when it became clear that Maryanne wanted to tell Reva something about the death of her Aunt Carrie--for which Josh falsely confessed to, but which Marah committed. However, when Jeffrey and Christopher both learned that his cover had been blown, Christopher was forced to come clean with Reva. He was a profiler hired by the federal government to assess the talent of other potential profilers. Hurt that she'd been "targeted" from the very beginning, Reva rejected his sincere offer of help and completely lost her trust in him. However, a week later, knowing Carrie was indeed alive, Reva had a change of heart and asked Christopher to hypnotize her in an attempt to contact Maryanne. Although the attempt was successful in getting Marah off the hook, it almost cost Reva her life when she stopped breathing while under. Although she recovered, a shaken Christopher told Jeffrey that he quit. Although Jeffrey tried to shame him into reconsidering by pointing out that the work they did was important, this would be the last we'd see of Christopher Langham.

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