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Dr. Eve Guthrie, MD

Actor History

Hillary Edson (May 6, 1992 to May 25, 1995)


Died of Chemical warfare induced leukemia in May 25, 1995 Occupation


Resides At

at time of death/the Bauer garage Marital Status

at time of death Single/Engaged (Ed Bauer) Past Marriages

Paul Wyland (Divorced) Relatives

None Children


Flings & Affairs
Nick McHenry (Lovers)

Jim Haggerty (dated)

Ed Bauer (Engaged)

Crimes Committed
Broke into Mindy Lewis's medical records [January 4, 1993]

Destruction of property; destroyed her own windshield [January 27, 1993]

Drugged Mindy Lewis [March 8, 1993]

Attacked Mindy Lewis with a pair of sewing scissors [April 1, 1993]

Attempted to impersonate Mindy Lewis by wearing a blonde wig (backfired when she attempted to go to bed with Nick McHenry Spaulding) [April 5, 1993]

Worked on a wounded Alan Spaulding without knowing who he was and without proper medical equipment. (Coerced by Tangie Hill and Alan-Michael Spaulding) [October 7, 1994]

Read one of Dr. Margaret Sedwick's medical files (her own) without Dr. Sedwick's permission. [March 28, 1995] Brief Character History

Eve Guthrie's introduction to Springfield came in 1992 when a stranger named Roger Thorpe offered to help her escape from the worn-torn country of Cambrai in exchange for help in breaking up her former lover's engagement. Wary. Eve refused the offer but escaped to Springfield on her own and came face to face with her old lover, Nick McHenry. After she and Nick returned to Cambrai to rescue their mutual friend, political prisoner Paul Wyland, Eve divorced Paul (the marriage was simply one of convenience) and began a new life in Springfield. While trying to forge a new life for herself, she resumed her close friendship with Nick. Though she knew that Nick was in love with his fiancée, Mindy Lewis, when Mindy broke off the engagement and left town, Eve found herself comforting Nick and the pair made love.

Then Mindy returned. Scared that she'd lose Nick to Mindy, an angry Eve lashed out at her, warned her to stay away from Nick and starting destroying photographs of the couple. Obsessed with holding on to Nick, Eve went so far as to break into Mindy's hospital records. Though her boss, Ed Bauer, tried to get her to control her destructive behavior, Eve continued to let her anger and jealousy control her. Finally after an argument with Mindy, an angry Eve smashed her own windshield and blamed Mindy for it! Though Mindy tried to warn Nick about Eve, he didn't believe it until Eve showed up for a date dressed up like Mindy! When Nick caught Eve in a lie, he broke up with her. Outraged, Eve drugged Mindy's water bottle at a party, hoping she'd get into an accident. Though she was successful, Mindy survived the crash and the police starting investigating. Wanting to get rid of her nemesis once and for all, Eve attacked Mindy in the lighthouse. Luckily Ed and Nick were able to rescue Mindy and Eve was sent to a mental hospital for treatment.

Luckily for Eve, Ed stuck by her and visited her often in the hospital. After some treatment, Eve realized that her problems centered on her traumatic experience in Cambrai and she made a speedy recovery. She also found a staunch supporter in Ed, who let her keep her job at Cedar's and gave her a place to stay. Despite others' concerns about Eve's mental health, Ed fell in love with her and the pair became engaged. Unfortunately, their happiness wouldn't last long since Eve was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. Though Ed's son, Rick, tried desperately to save her, Eve's case was terminal. After she laid languishing in a coma for weeks, Ed made the painful decision to disconnect Eve's life support.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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