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A.C. Mallet

Born Anthony Camaletti

Actor History

Mark Derwin (July 5, 1990 to September 28, 1993)

James Carroll (temporary replacement, June 1991)

Robert Bogue (April 13, 2005 to September 18, 2009)


Works with the CIA

Former Detective at the Springfield PD

Former Patrolman

Former Chief of Police for the Springfield PD

Former Detective with the Springfield PD

Former Warden at the State Prison near Springfield, ILL

Former Police Detective in Florida

Former Detective with the Springfield PD

Former Private Detective with Frank Cooper

Resides At


Marital Status

Single/Divorced (Marina Cooper)

Past Marriages

Harley Cooper (Divorced) (m. 14 Sep 93; div. 97)

Dinah Marler (m. 28 Mar 07; div. 14 Jan 08)

Marina Cooper (m. 10 Dec 08; div. Fall 2009)


Julie Catherine Camaletti (sister)

Marina Cooper (goddaughter)


Henry Cooper Lewis (adopted w/Marina; gave up parental rights)

Flings & Affairs
Francesca "Cella" Vizzini (lovers)

Lisa Dravecky (lovers)

Mindy Lewis (dated)

Regina Morrison (affair)

Harley Cooper Aitoro (one-night stand)

Dinah Marler (engaged)

Marina Cooper (lovers)

Crimes Committed
Falsely accused by Marco Vizzini of setting off the explosion that supposedly "killed" Marco's daughter Francesca and then Marco had him accused of being a reckless cop [1988]

As a New York City police officer, beat up a young man on Mulberry Street, before he read him his Miranda rights [1988]

Fraud; pretended to be writing Phillip's biography, while investigating him and Rick Bauer [1990]

Threatened Gary Swanson to get his confession for Everest's murder [December 1990]

Fraud and entrapment: Pretended to be Jenna Bradshaw's boyfriend to arrest her for being jewel thief [April 1992]

Used Dylan Lewis to make Jenna believe that Harley was not a cop [May 1992]

Shot and killed criminal Pierre in self-defense [November 20, 1992]

Performed a hit for a loan shark named Griggs [Sometime between 1997 and Spring 2005]

Helped Harley Cooper escape from prison [May 31, 2005]

Attempted to break into Phillip Spaulding's crypt [August 5, 2005]

Failed to report that Dinah Marler held a gun on Edmund Winslow [October 26, 2005]

Intended to murder Griggs in order to protect his family [June 20, 2007]

Pocketed $ 30,000 from a drug bust (Returned) [September 6, 2007]

Kept quiet about the fact that Dinah set up Frank on sexual harrassment charges [May 2008]

Destroyed evidence implicating Detective Gus Aitoro as a corrupt cop [May 14, 2008]

Ilegally adopted a baby from Bosnia [March 2009]

Helped Dinah evade the police [August 5, 2009] Memorable Quotes

On September 24, 1993, Mallet getting unusually emotional and weepy at the courthouse right before his wedding to Harley and he's getting advice from Frank what his wedding vows should be:

"Whenever I look into your sister's eyes ..... those big beautiful eyes ..... I waited a lifetime to get into them ..... OH, HELL ...What if I break down and cry?" Mallet and Frank then hug.

Brief Character History

A.C. Mallet, a native of New York, showed up in Springfield in 1990 at the request of District Attorney, Leo Flynn, at the urging of his assistant, Lisa Dravecky. Lisa had charged Phillip Spaulding for the murder of Neill Everest but then Phillip faked his death in a car explosion in order to avoid prosecution. Though Lisa, with whom Mallet also had an affair, and Leo really thought that Phillip was dead, Mallet had doubts and convinced them to investigate. Mallet first met Mindy Lewis, one of Phillip's oldest friends, whom he saved from a pushy reporter in her apartment and became very close to her. Claiming to be a writer who wanted to write a book about Phillip, Mallet started asking lots of questions about Phillip's death and shadowed Phillip's widow, Beth Raines, who to his surprise, soon married Rick Bauer. However, as the weeks wore on certain people grew suspicious of Mallet and soon he was exposed as a cop. Though Phillip's friends tried to throw Mallet off track, Mallet caught up with Phillip in Cedars after he returned to town after the birth of his daughter, Lizzie. After Phillip was arrested, he convinced Mallet of his innocence, so Mallet helped him to arrest Gary Swanson as the true murderer after he and Roger Thorpe kidnapped and threatened Gary in order to get his confession. After Gary was arrested, Mallet decided to stick around Springfield a while and temporarily started a private detective agency with his new friend, Frank Cooper.

Their first case in early 1991 was to find Mindy's designs which had been stolen by New York designer Matt Weiss. Arriving in New York, Mallet suddenly had flashbacks of his past with a priest in a church telling him to come clean with everything and to start a new life. Back home, Mallet had to deal with the arrest of his friend Lt. Eugene Levy. Mallet was sure that Levy had been set up because he had investigated lawyer Jeffrey Battles who had helped Roger to steal the Waterview Towers from Billy Lewis. Mallet teamed up with reporter Fletcher Reade to bring Roger down and they arranged faked poker games in Hampton Speakes' Blue Moon with Battles, whereupon Battles confessed his schemes on tape.

Meanwhile, Mallet's past started to haunt him. Three years earlier, Mallet was working in New York as a cop under his real name Tony Camaletti. He investigated a mobster named Marco Vizzini and then fell in love with his daughter, Francesca "Cella." Since Tony had sent Marco's son, Tommy, to prison for drug dealing, Marco wanted him dead. An attempt on his life failed and when Marco learned that Cella and Tony were planning on running away together, he put a hit out on Tony and arranged for Tony's car to explode. Unfortunately, Cella was inside the car and so a grieving Tony thought she was dead. His life still in danger, Tony left New York and adopted the name A.C. Mallet. In March, Theresa O'Malley came to town to have a surgery on her hip in Cedars. Her niece followed her and after Mallet met her later, he immediately recognized her as the deceased Cella! Cella and Mallet then often secretly met in a church and renewed their relationship although. During their meetings, Mallet learned that Marco had faked her death in the car accident and got his revenge on Mallet. Meanwhile, Marco also came to town when he loaned some money to Roger but he still had no idea of Mallet and Cella's meetings. He also had no idea that Mallet was living in Springfield. Vinnie anted Cella to marry an Italian Doctor named Giancarlo Moreno.

Meanwhile, Mallet was hired by Alexandra to find evidence that Roger had embezzled money from Spaulding Enterprises. Mallet then made plans to elope with Cella after catching Roger and earning enough money but Roger thwarted his plans. Roger accidentally found out about Mallet's true identity and after Mallet had Roger's henchman, John Davis, arrested, Roger squealed it Marco. So Marco found Mallet and had beaten him. When Mindy and Frank found the injured Mallet and brought him to Cedars, Marco, in an attempt to separate the pair, used Mallet's younger sister, Julie, as leverage, so Cella had no choice but agreed to marry the man she didn't love after Marco promised her that Mallet and Julie would not be hurt. Though the still injured Mallet and Mindy traveled to New York to stop the wedding, they were too late; by the time they arrived, a scared Cella had gone through with the wedding and said goodbye to a sad Mallet, whom she loved. Julie followed him and Mindy back to Springfield and she soon fell in love with a man named Hart Jessup. Mallet approved of the relationship until he learned that Hart was Roger's son. Mallet tried to break the couple up and argued with Julie and Hart. Although Hart tried to convince Mallet that he wasn't a bad guy, a stubborn Mallet only saw Roger's son in Hart. But after a while, he finally gave his blessing with the persuasion of Harley Cooper.

Mallet was all set to leave town when District Attorney Ross Marler convinced him to join the Springfield police department. Mallet accepted and reluctantly became instructor of new recruits, including Harley. He immediately clashed with Harley and though hard on her at first, in time she impressed him and they secretly fell in love with each other. When the corrupt cop that Harley helped expose, Hutchins, threatened her, she and Mallet were not only able to arrest him but also his criminal partners for which they were honored. Not long after, Harley was a part of an investigation of the murder of Jean Weatherill in 1992. Harley's friend Samantha Marler convinced her that Holly Lindsey's fiancé, Daniel St. John, was the murderer, both Mallet and Ross suspected Roger and Mallet became obsessed in getting Roger. Going against orders, Harley continued her investigation and was suspended from the force when Mallet found out. Still unable to give up, Harley went out on her own and followed Holly and Daniel when they went to the Bauer cabin to marry. Unfortunately, Harley was discovered by Daniel who kidnapped her and locked her in the basement of the cabin. By the time Mallet put everything together by finding the murder weapon, Daniel's name plate with Jean's blood on it, and got to the cabin. Harley was suffering from hypothermia from being locked in the unheated basement. Afraid she was going to die, Harley admitted to Mallet that she loved him and kissed him. However, Mallet thought Harley was merely delirious from a fever and doubted that she meant it.

Although his feelings for her were growing, Mallet kept quiet since he thought Harley wouldn't feel the same way. However, after Harley suddenly disappeared, Mallet learned from Dylan that she was at Cross Creek and followed her there, whereupon they made love for the first time. After working undercover to catch international jewel thief, Jenna Bradshaw, Mallet and Harley considered moving in together but both of them were too stubborn to be the first one to bring up the subject. Then Chief Ryan ordered them to play a couple to trap an insurance swindler and, while in their hotel room, Mallet and Harley realized they still needed time for themselves. Not long after, the police got an anonymous call that there was a bomb in the Towers parking garage and after Mallet rushed there and saw the bomb under a car, he saw a woman who he thought was Eleni. It ended up being a French woman named Musette and although Mallet screamed at her to not open the door of her car, she did anyway and the bomb exploded with them being catapulted in the air. They were rushed to Cedars and, although he had surgery, Mallet was left deaf and unable to walk. After his release, Harley moved in with Mallet into the firehouse.

Frustrated over his state of health, Mallet feared that he would be impotent and as a result, he distanced himself from Harley since he no longer felt as a real man. Dr. Eve Guthrie couldn'tget through him and although Harley gave him a hearing dog named Xyla as a present, Mallet still felt as a burden to everyone and made plans to leave Harley. But Harley caught him packing and convinced him to stay they made love. At the same time, Mallet was shocked to learn from Harley that she and Nick discovered Alan-Michael Spaulding as the true culprit since Musette had worked for him to come between Frank and Eleni and his henchmen had deported her. While Mallet's hearing suddenly returned, Nick McHenry found in Alan-Michael's office a money transaction from Alan-Michael's private account to a bank account in Lucerne, Switzerland. Thanks to some friends there, Nick was able to track Pierre who detonated the bomb to kill Musette and lured him to Springfield by sending a fax in Alan-Michael's name from Spaulding.

Suddenly Harley disappeared and a worried Mallet and Nick learned through a listening device that Nick had set in the Spaulding house about Alan-Michael's meeting with Pierre at the airport because Pierre had kidnapped Harley and wanted money to escape. Mallet and Nick rushed to the airport and, while Nick went to Alan-Michael, When Pierre was about to shoot an escaping Harley, Alan-Michael jumped in front of her and was shot, whereupon he distracted Pierre so that Harley could escape and Mallet shot and killed Pierre. Since Alan-Michael had saved Harley and Pierre had confessed to Harley that detonating the bomb was only his idea, Mallet convinced Harley and Nick to declare Pierre as the only culprit and Alan-Michael was celebrated as the hero. In the meantime, Mallet wanted to have the planned surgery and learned that he might be sterile as a result of his injuries. Shocked, Mallet wanted to keep his condition quiet from Harley. Although the surgery was successful, tests had to be run regarding his sterilization. Knowing that Harley wanted to have children, Mallet left her. Around Christmas, Mallet slowly started to walk again and finally confessed Harley everything and, to his surprise, she stood by him anyway. As a result, Mallet proposed and he and Harley became engaged.

By January 1993, Mallet had almost fully recovered and since he had to give Xyla back to his owner in Washington, he and Harley traveled there and decided to visit the Vietnam Memorial to find Harley's father's name there. To their surprise, Buzz's name wasn't there and an Army official confessed the reason was that Harley's father never died in Vietnam! As a result, Harley started investigating and searched for Buzz. She soon even became obsessed by the search and since she also wasn't ready to marry Mallet immediately, Mallet continually argued with her. To Mallet's dismay, Harley also didn't want to tell Frank the truth and after Nadine's cousin Rex Mancini arrived, Mallet was immediately suspicious of him. At the same time, Mallet returned to work and after retrieving a cryptic for Harley, stating that someone knew about Buzz's whereabouts, Mallet, instead of giving Harley the note, confronted her mother with the note and noticed that Nadine tried to stop Harley from investigating. Suddenly Harley disappeared with money that Mallet had saved for a vacation for them and Mallet learned by phone from an officer that Harley was in San Jose looking for Buzz.

Mallet told Frank everything and they rushed to San Jose and found Harley meeting a nurse named Randy Hamby in a trailer. Although Randy claimed that Buzz had only been a patient of hers years ago, she was actually his girlfriend. When found a matchbox of the Springfield Inn in her possession, he had a police sketch artist draw Randy and after a bartender of the Inn recognized her being together with Rex, Mallet realized that Rex and Buzz were one and the same! To trap Buzz, Mallet then lured Randy to Springfield and when he went to the airport, he saw her with Rex and attempted to arrest Rex/ Buzz. Although Buzz was able to flee by dressing as a woman, Mallet recognized him and had him arrested. He brought him to the Inn, and urged Buzz to confess everything to Harley and asked Harley to come to the Inn. Unfortunately Buzz escaped without ever seeing Harley. Finally, Mallet found Buzz hiding at Frank and Eleni's wedding and convinced him to reveal himself to his children.. At this point, Mallet and Harley decided to marry at City Hall but everything went wrong and they realized that they wanted a wedding with their families by their sides. Several weeks later, Buzz convinced Senator Frances Collier to help him to throw a surprise wedding for Mallet and Harley at the courthouse. Mallet and Harley spent their honeymoon in the Florida Keys and although they planned on returning after a few months, they stayed in Florida after Mallet was offered a job there. In 1997, Harley returned to Springfield after discovering that Mallet had an affair with his partner. Months later, Mallet called Harley requesting a divorce.

Years went by and in 2005, Harley found herself in prison for the murder of Phillip Spaulding. There she came face to face with the prison's new warden--Mallet! Alone, Mallet tried to apologize for the pain he caused her but Harley wasn't interested and blasted him for cheating on her all those years ago. After unreasonably blaming him for the situation she was in, Harley began to break down as he wrapped her in his arms to try to comfort her. Later, Mallet offered her the cushy new detail of being assigned to his office. Resentful of his kindness towards her, Harley accused him of applying for the new warden job to be near him. However, he denied it, citing he had no ulterior motive for getting the job. He nonetheless wanted to make her life easier. Meanwhile Mallet would came to face with the infamous Gus Aitoro (who was forbidden from visiting Harley) when Gus burst into the warden's office demanding to be able to see Harley. . Believing that Gus, Harley's lawyer and ex-fiancé, seriously bungled Harley's legal defense, Mallet had little respect for Gus and the two faced off and Mallet denied his request.

Later that day, Mallet generously let Harley phone her family while he paid a visit to Company and watched through the window as Harley's family talked to her over the phone. Suddenly, as Gus was approaching, Buzz spotted Mallet and coldly informed him that he wasn't welcomed there. At the same time, Frank arrived and was incensed to see his former best friend. Angry at Mallet's betrayal of Harley years earlier when he cheated on her, Afterwards, Mallet returned to the prison and allowed Harley to go out on his office balcony for some fresh air (a one time deal) It was out on the balcony that Harley had her first real memory of the night Phillip was killed--she smelled jasmine that night! Although believing that Harley should make the best of her life now instead of hoping for an overturned conviction that might not ever happen, Mallet helped to obtain perfume samples for Harley to see if she did indeed smell perfume.

Unfortunately, that lead to a dead end and Harley got more bad news when Buzz informed her that Gus was missing. Fearful that he was in grave danger, Harley tried to seduce Mallet in an effort to have him let her out for the day so she could look for Gus. Unfortunately for Harley, he quickly saw through her attempt. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to both of them, Alan had paid a guard in the prison designed to make Harley's life hell and Harley was put in danger when Mallet fired a guard that was on Alan's payroll. The other guards sought payback and targeted Harley. Just when things were about to get ugly, Mallet came to her rescue. Soon after, Meanwhile, Mallet received orders to transfer Harley to the harshest correctional facility, nicknamed Hell House. While Mallet decided to manipulate the system to keep Harley in Springfield. He then asked Harley to trust him since he had to keep her isolated from everyone. Later, while holed up in Mallet's office, the two battled over their breakup and Mallet revealed that he wrote Harley countless letters, apologizing and trying to make up for the pain he caused her. Stunned, Harley figured out that Frank must have intercepted the letters but couldn't find it in herself to be angry since she knew he was just trying to protect her. Soon after this exchange, Mallet was called away to a meeting about the transfer, at the same time, Gus, who was investigating other possible murder suspects, got a lead to Olivia Spencer's whereabouts.

Now alone, the stage was set for Harley's transfer! Luckily, Mallet and Gus figured out the set-up and Mallet arrived at the prison in the nick of time and got Harley off the bus. Finally with the SWAT team ready to close in, a desperate Harley figured her only choice was to turn herself in but, in an attempt to change her mind, Mallet passionately kissed her. She quickly pulled back, reminding him that she was in love with Gus. The SWAT team then threw a tear gas grenade into the office, prompting Mallet to ask Harley to run away with him. Although doubtful, Harley accepted the offer. When they reached the yard, Harley saw her cellmate Lena (whom she had previously learned was a spy for Alan) on the transfer bus and learned she was taking Harley's place. Harley refused to let Lena suffer for her, even though Lena betrayed her. Harley then thanked Mallet for all he was willing to sacrifice and let him know they were now even, right before knocking him out cold. She then got aboard the bus and tried to get Lena to leave when suddenly, the door closed. Harley and Lena were on their way to Hell House! Just when things looked hopeless, the bus suddenly flipped over and caught on fire leaving her and Lena trapped. Just when it seemed as if they were doomed, Gus (who had spotted the transfer bus on the road) appeared and pulled Harley to safety. the pair then struggled to free Lena but it was too late and the woman died in Harley's arms. Harley escaped while Mallet spent weeks in jail, Mallet got salvation from a surprising source--Alan.

Through his connections, Alan arranged to have all charges against Mallet dropped; all he wanted in return was for Mallet to find Harley and run off with her alone. To Alan's chagrin, Mallet refused to do his bidding despite Alan's threats to put him back in jail. After learning from Alan that Harley and Gus were in New York City, Mallet hightailed it to NYC in an effort to warn Harley that Alan was on her trail. Days later, Mallet got a lucky break when at the hospital where Dr. Wallace (the man who knew who killed Phillip) died, he was given a note that was found in his possession. That note, addressed to Gus, claimed that Alan was Phillip's killer! Days later, oblivious as to what Mallet and Harley found, Gus ran into an increasingly paranoid Alan at Company. Incredulous, Harley set a trap for Alan by anonymously asking him to meet her at Company. Harley tricked him into confessing. Outraged and completely over the edge, Alan raised his gun, determined to keep the truth of what happened to Phillip a secret. Luckily, at this moment, Mallet arrived with gun in hand and stopped Alan. Trapped, Alan tried to recant his confession, but was shocked when Lizzie, Alex, Beth, Rick, Bill and Olivia, who were all summoned by Harley, appeared and revealed that they heard Alan's admission. Though Alan tried to weasel out of it, Alex stepped forward and revealed that she had physical evidence that Alan shot Phillip. With Alexandra's testimony, Harley was cleared of all charges and Alan was sent to jail.

Later, Alan shocked Gus and Harley by blurting out that Phillip was alive Alan faked his death! Although Gus didn't believe Alan's claim that a mentally disturbed Phillip was living out his life in an abandoned warehouse, Harley wasn't so sure. Against Gus's wishes, Harley spoke with Alan and agreed to get him released from jail if he showed her where Phillip was. As for Mallet, he accepted Frank's offer to rejoin the Springfield PD. Meanwhile, when Alan took Harley, Mallet and Frank to the warehouse, Phillip was nowhere to be found. Harley enlisted Mallet's help in helping her prove Phillip was alive. Doing some investigating, Mallet learned that Alan did have a medical staff on his payroll, but that wasn't proof that Phillip was alive. Finally the morning of Harley's wedding to Gus Mallet encountered Phillip in a parking garage. Mallet chased after Phillip only to lose him. Mallet then went to Harley's wedding to warn her that Phillip was alive. After watching Harley and Gus exchange vows, Mallet realized how content they were and decided to keep Phillip's existence a secret. Afterwards, Mallet was confused when Harley told him that Rick exhumed the grave and found Phillip's body. Since he knew this to be false, Mallet confronted him alone and when Rick convinced him that Phillip was no longer a threat, Mallet agreed to keep quiet for Harley's sake.

Meanwhile, Mallet's return to the Springfield PD included a return to training new recruits--including Frank's daughter, Marina. Meanwhile, a few weeks later, Gus asked Frank for his job back and Frank agreed on the condition that he partner with Mallet. Though Gus and Mallet were both adamantly opposed, they eventually came around. Things got rocky however when Blake published a thinly disguised book based on Harley and Mallet's relationship. Mallet tried to smooth things over with Gus about the book and though he feigned indifference, Gus's curiosity got the best of him and he read the book. He then got so agitated that he deliberately headed off on a police call without Mallet. When Gus ended up in trouble after chasing after the drug dealer, Mallet rescued him; however Gus didn't see that way. At the same time, Marina's investigation of Michelle Bauer'ss accident (which she thought involved Edmund Winslow) had reached a dead end. However, Mallet wasn't so sure. Believing there was something suspicious about Edmund; Mallet followed him to an abandoned farmhouse. By the time he got there, Edmund was gone but the farmhouse was on fire! Moving in closer, Mallet realized someone was in the barn and ended up rescuing Dinah Marler. (whom he'd flirted with on a few occasions prior) Dinah told everyone that Edmund kept her prisoner. Though Edmund tried to paint Dinah as crazy, Mallet wasn't so sure.

Later, when Dinah was proven right, Mallet was put in charge of keeping an eye on her due to her previous criminal record.. When he caught Dinah trying to steal his gun, Dinah admitted to him that she'd like to kill Edmund and make him pay. When Dinah was almost caught by her probation officer with the gun, Mallet covered for her but let her know that she had to let him take care of Edmund. Dinah nodded, though she clearly hadn't listened. Dinah though had a habit of disappearing and w Mallet discovered her in the woods holding a gun on Edmund, he was able to convince her to lower her weapon. When Edmund demanded Dinah's arrest, Mallet covered for Dinah by lying that the gun was fake and that no charges could be filed. As the weeks went by, Mallet became more and more intrigued (and exasperated) with this ex-con who was trying ot turn her life around. In order to help her, he convinced Harley to get her a job at Spaulding Enterprises. Despite his growing feelings for Dinah, Mallet had trouble letting go of his feelings for Harley--a fact that did not go unnoticed by a jealous Gus. In the on-going weeks, Mallet's unresolved feelings for Harley became a concern for several people. Finally, to convince Gus and a suspicious Frank that he had no feelings for his ex, Mallet planted a hot kiss on Dinah and publicly insisted they were dating. Dinah played along, and then let Mallet have it. When Christmas rolled around and Dinah was upset that her whole family would be gone for the holiday. A few days later, Mallet surprised Dinah by arranging for her mother to come home for Christmas. Soon after, the pair became lovers.

At the same time, Gus was terrified at the prospect of Alan being released from the mental hospital--since he was convinced he'd go after Harley and on New Years Day 2006, Mallet got the call that Alan had been released and Gus was missing! With both men missing, Harley worried that Gus might be doing something drastic, and informed Mallet that she would be helping the police look for Gus. Meanwhile, using the limo's GPS device, she and Mallet were able to track the limo which had crashed but abandoned. Due to a violent snowstorm the search had be postponed. Reeling from the realization that Gus could be dead, Harley broke down and Mallet comforted her. When the local police officer announced he was calling his men off the case since there was no proof of any foul play, Harley went ballistic. Later the pair thought they found Gus when they tracked his cell phone but, unfortunately, the cell phone (and Gus's wallet) was in the possession of a drifter who'd stolen them from a "lifeless" man. Meanwhile the FBI arrived to take over the case. Harley at first resisted, then went home, where she stubbornly insisted that Gus would be found safe and sound - despite her own private fears that Alan killed Gus, or vice versa.

As time went by, things were looking especially bleak although Harley refused to believe that Gus would not return. Unfortunately, her faith was shattered when police discovered Gus's coat and wedding ring in the frozen river where the limo had crashed. Although there were no bodies, the consensus seemed to be that both Alan and Gus had drowned. Distraught, Harley went to a bar and got drunk and almost got seduced by a man she thought was Gus until Mallet stopped her. Not wanting her kids to see her drunk, Mallet took her to a motel and got her sobered up. Devastated, Harley raged against Gus for breaking his promise to always be there for her. Mallet comforted her and, before either one of them could fully think it through, they made love. The next morning, Harley immediately regretted what had happened and insisted to Mallet that they pretend it never happened. In the meantime, on Valentine's Day, Harley decided that in honor of Gus, she should return to the force and requested Mallet as her partner. Although neither Frank nor Mallet thought this was a very good idea, Dinah, who Harley named as CEO of Spaulding, convinced both men it was a good plan since Mallet needed a partner anyway. Harley then asked Frank to pile on the caseload as heavy as he liked, as long as he also let her handle Gus's case. The FBI gave up on finding her husband, but now that Harley had her badge back, she intended to do just that.

Afterwards, she and Mallet became slightly suspicious when they found Beth at the crash scene but dismiss it. Weeks later, Harley read a note from Gus (really Alan-Michael) that urged her to get on with her life and find love again. Crushed, Harley attempted to kiss Mallet, but he stopped her. Meanwhile, Harley quickly theorized there was a connection between Beth and Gus, Mallet agreed and the two tailed Beth to an old cottage where they found Alan! Alan informed the pair although he survived the crash and has been convalescing at the cabin, Gus fell through the ice after the crash and perished. Although Harley didn't believe it at first, she was forced to accept it. Devastated again, Harley and Mallet, alone at the cabin since Beth took Alan home, kissed but this time Harley broke it off. It was then that they found a "G" carved in the cottage floor. Alan explained that he'd carved it as a memorial to his son, but Harley wasn't sure she believed it. Later, in Springfield, Harley tried to convince Beth to tell her what really happened to Gus, but Beth refused. At that moment, Alan entered the room and Harley was able to swipe his cell phone after overhearing him answer a call and quickly told the caller he'd call back. On a hunch, Harley had Marina trace the number which took her to a mental hospital. There, after disarming a guard, Harley came face to face with Gus and the two shared a tearful reunion. Meanwhile, Mallet decided that Dinah was his future and confessed that he'd slept with Harley. Later upon finding Harley with Gus, Mallet was afraid Dinah would spill the beans about his confession, after Harley raved about what a great friend Dinah had been to her, Dinah kept her mouth shut and professed her love to Mallet.

Soon after, Mallet gave Dinah some horrible news-- Ross's private plane lost contact shortly after take-off and crashed. In the meantime, Gus returned to the force. When Mallet asked if Gus would have wanted Harley to move on after his death, Gus confirmed that he would...as long as it wasn't with Mallet. Meanwhile, Harley told Dinah, in light of Ross's death, she should take some time off; Harley already hired a replacement. Far from grateful, Dinah felt as if Harley had betrayed her again and ranted to Mallet. However, Mallet agreed with Harley. Dinah tried to insist that her job was all she had left to hold on to. It seemed Mallet was able to calm her down. In the meantime, evidence suggested that Ross's plane going down may not have been an accident. At the same time, Gus was struggling to wean himself off his pain medication. These situations intersected when Mallet and Gus went to interview the mechanic who worked on Ross's plane. Because of the pills, a strung out Gus couldn't think straight and Mallet ended up being shot in the shoulder. While Dinah blamed Gus, Mallet stated it was his fault. Meanwhile, Alan-Michael became the prime suspect in Ross's death when police learned that Ross met with Alan-Michael several times over the last month. Despite Mallet's concerns, Dinah refused to stay out of the investigation and was determined to nail Alan-Michael. At the same time, Gus confessed to Mallet that he was out of it when during the interview and apologized. Mallet told Gus he could make it up to him by watching after Dinah.

Not long after, mallet was led to believe that Blake and Dinah were at a spa together when actually they were investigating Ross's death. Blake later informed Mallet that Dinah disappeared. Realizing his gun was missing, Mallet figured out that Dinah had gone to the resort in San Gabriel where Alan-Michael was staying so he and Gus and Harley went out searching for her. At the resort, Mallet found a shell shocked Dinah and thinking she'd killed Alan-Michael tried to get her to turn herself in. At that point, Dinah informed him that she didn't kill Alan-Michael because she was afraid of losing him. Dinah also confessed that she and Alan-Michael had plotted together to get Harley out of Spaulding. At that point, a local cop arrived to arrest her for holding Alan-Michael at gunpoint, but Mallet hid her. He then told Dinah she needed to apologize to Harley. But before she had a chance there came a startling revelation—Phillip was alive and in hiding! Apparently, Ross found out Phillip was alive and was trying to find him; Phillip had the plane sabotaged in order to keep it from lifting off to give him time to escape. The plane was never meant to take off. Later, Mallet and Dinah convinced the cop to drop the charges against her. Soon after, Mallet admitted to Harley that he'd known Phillip was alive since the day she married Gus but kept quiet because she seemed so happy. He later confessed the truth to Dinah. Though she railed against him at first, when she found a letter from her father stating that he approved of Mallet, she forgave him. In the meantime, the revelation of Harley and Mallet's affair was too much for Gus and he became hooked on pain pills. Though Mallet considered Gus a lost cause, Dinah tried to help him.

Weeks later, Mallet asked Dinah to marry him to marry him. In the meantime, Dinah spotted Mallet with a mysterious brunette.. Later, Mallet confessed to Dinah that that woman was his old partner in Florida (the one he cheated with Harley with) and sought him out since she'd been receiving threatening notes as well. It turned out the culprit was a criminal the pair put away but he'd been recently caught so the situation was over. Not long after, things got complicated when Mallet came across a website called "Springfield Burns" which included a picture of Gus kissing Dinah! It became apparent that someone was out to hurt Dinah. Alan-Michael was the most likely suspect, Mallet didn't really think he was the culprit. Meanwhile, Mallet was determined to find out who put that picture of Dinah and Gus on the internet. When the site went down, Dinah figured it was Alan-Michael and since he had what he wanted he didn't need the site. Unfortunately for Dinah, that wasn't the end of the site. At their engagement party, Mallet went on the laptop to show Gus and Harley their wedding video site and what should come up but Springfield Burns? This time, instead of a picture, the site included surveillance reports written by Mallet on Dinah! Mallet confessed that the FBI forced him to keep surveillance on Dinah since she held a gun on Edmund--otherwise she would go back to jail. Betrayed, Dinah rushed out. Mallet followed and tried to explain that he was doing his job but Dinah felt as if their whole relationship was a lie.

That night, there was a fire at the Beacon. Thinking that Dinah was home, Mallet rushed into her room to save her but was overwhelmed by the fumes and passed out. Luckily, he was saved and rushed to Cedars where he saw Dinah—who wasn't in the room after all. Relieved that he was alright, Dinah told Mallet that she'd marry him. Later, Mallet went to his and Dinah's old room and found that all of his clothes were gone. After asking the Fire Inspector if they moved his clothes out of the room, Mallet gave Dinah another chance to open up when he brought up that he lost all of his clothes in the fire. Again, Dinah kept quiet. Just then, the fire inspector came looking for Dinah--thanks to Mallet's comments. When Dinah accused Mallet of selling her out, he assured her that he wanted to protect her and begged her to tell him what happened. Just as she was about to, the Fire Inspector came to arrest Dinah and Dinah bitterly went off with him. At the police station.. In short order, Jeffrey got the arson charges against Dinah dropped. A free woman, Dinah informed Mallet that they were truly over.

In the meantime, Mallet was investigating Jeffrey O'Neill--trying to figure out why exactly O'Neill got Dinah out of the charges. Weeks later, while conducting an investigation, Mallet went to Dinah. Suddenly, she received a call and learned that she forgot to cancel her wedding reception. Unable to get a refund, Dinah and Mallet decided to throw an "independence" party. At the non-reception, Frank urged Mallet to reconcile with Dinah while both Harley and Blake urged Dinah to reconcile with Mallet. After Mallet and Dinah both flirted with other people, Mallet finally carried Dinah off so they could talk. As their song began to play, along with slides of their past, Mallet admitted to Dinah that he wanted to marry her; she agreed. They decided to get married right then and there, until Dinah came face to face with Jeffrey. Soon after, Dinah told Mallet she had to leave for a minute. Though Mallet begged her to trust him, she couldn't tell him what this was about and left with Jeffrey. In the meantime, Mallet's friendship with Marina was flourishing. Soon, Marina was up for promotion—becoming the youngest detective in Springfield PD history.

Meanwhile, on the night of Election Day, Blake unexpectedly won the election but as she was giving her victory speech she suddenly collapsed! It was soon determined that she had been poisoned and while the police were searching Blake's campaign headquarters Marina made a shocking discovery--Blake was the blogger! Mallet thought Jeffrey was responsible for Blake's poisoning and brought him downtown for questioning, but Marina had another suspect in mind—Dinah. Apparently, Dinah was caught on the surveillance camera sneaking into Blake's room and coming out with files. Doubtful, Mallet accused Dinah of knowing that Blake was the blogger and poisoning her. Dinah denied it and asked Mallet to trust her. Mallet truly believed in Dinah's innocence but Marina was still unsure and hounded Mallet to question Dinah again. Meanwhile, Dinah snuck out with her sister, Clarissa and the authorities thought she had kidnapped her. Luckily, Mallet found the pair at the Winter Carnival. When Dinah angrily railed that Mallet always suspected the worst of her, he stated that he did believe in her confessed how much he loved her. Mallet's words caught Dinah off guard and she passionately kissed him. Later, the pair made love. In the meantime, it was determined that the intended target for the poison had been Jeffrey, not Blake.

A few weeks later, Vanessa shocked Dinah with a job offer--her own TV show. Trouble is, the station couldn't air both that show and THE LAW so she was going to hold a competition and let the audience decide. Though Dinah tried to win underhandedly by bribing Mallet's production assistant into giving her tapes of THE LAW, good old fashion reporting won out, in 2007, when Dinah solved the mystery of why a millionaire dropped a bagful of money in the middle of the street. Mallet was so impressed with Dinah's "Find your Light" segment that he dropped out of the contest and declared Dinah the winner. Later, the police got a report from Interpol regarding a thief named Cyrus Foley who was wanted in Europe. Later, who else by Foley would end up at Dinah's? Though Dinah seemed surprised to see him and introduced him as an old acquaintance, Mallet wasn't fooled and correctly guessed that she had already known he was n town. Dinah confirmed it. Days later, Mallet was appointed to the governor's crime commission. Later at the induction ceremony, Mallet asked Dinah to marry him right there and she happily accepted. Afterwards, Mallet learned that some suspicious activity had been going Vanessa's bank account - specifically money was being transferred out. Convinced Cyrus (who Mallet had tried to intimidate into leaving town) was behind it, Mallet got Vanessa's permission to conduct an investigation. When Mallet got a lead about Cyrus and went to call the FBI, Dinah quickly stopped him by telling him that Matt had been secretly taking money out of Vanessa's account. During the course of the investigation, Mallet learned that Cyrus was working with a woman who was masquerading as Vanessa.. Several days later after finding a wig in Dinah's possessions, Mallet realized that she must have been the woman helping Cyrus.

Caught, Dinah was forced to admit that she impersonated Vanessa and got transferred money to Cyrus in exchange for Cyrus's silence regarding a damning secret about Mallet. Regretful that she knew his dark secret, Mallet and Dinah resolved to find Cyrus and the money. Meanwhile, Blake finally emerged from her coma as Mallet was telling her his deep dark secret. However, Blake informed him that she didn't hear anything he told her. Later, Dinah was touched that Mallet arranged for an alibi for her so that she couldn't be named as Cyrus's accomplice in stealing Matt and Vanessa's money. The pair then searched the warehouse for the missing money but it was nowhere to be found. After being discharged from Cedars, Blake invited herself to stay with Dinah and Mallet. She also made it very clear that it would be in Mallet's best interest if he got the criminal charges against her dropped--insinuating that she had heard every word he said to her. Fortunately for Mallet, the matter was moot when the governor--an old friend of Ross's--had all of the charges dropped. As the days went on, Dinah was ready to throw Blake out but Mallet urged her to be nice because of what Blake might know. Still unsure of what Blake actually knew, Mallet tried to coax it out of her but to no avail. As the weeks went by, Mallet's guilt over his past began to get to him and he started having nightmares.

Finally, Dinah got fed up with Blake and while taking her to her physical therapy, threatened to throw her off the dock unless she told her what game she was playing. Suddenly, she was interrupted by a sympathetic Mallet. Though Blake tried to convince Mallet that she was much better for him than Dinah, Mallet was committed to his wife and let Blake down gently. That's when she dropped the bomb and blackmailed Mallet. Mallet though didn't believe she was a heartless blackmailer and told her so. At the same time, a curious Dinah found Mallet's silver suitcase. Inside was a collection of guns and the phone number of a man named Griggs. When Dinah confronted Mallet he confessed his dark secret: after Harley divorced him, he became bitter, hit bottom and took a job for a loan shark named Griggs. At some point, he was ordered to kill a man. Immediately after, Mallet was sickened by what he'd done and left Grigg's employ.

Dinah was incredibly understanding and assured him that he was a good man. Mallet's guilt was finally abated until he received an unexpected visit from Griggs. Griggs informed him that Blake called him. He then told Mallet he had one last job for him-- kill Matt. Apparently Griggs was the loan shark he owed money to. Later Mallet told Dinah what Griggs wanted him to do. Though Mallet wanted to turn himself in so Frank could arrest Griggs, Dinah was sure there was another way. Later, Griggs threatened to kill Dinah if Mallet didn't do what he wanted and it seemed he would carry it out when Dinah was almost struck by a car. However, Dinah was unconvinced Griggs had anything to do with it and remained unconcerned. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Matt had finally reconciled and Matt informed Mallet and Dinah that he had the money he needed to repay his debt. That same day, Mallet and Matt faked Matt's death. Unfortunately, Mallet had been followed and Griggs quickly found out it was all a ruse. After finding out from Matt (who had been told my Mallet) Dinah arranged to meet Griggs herself. Soon Mallet arrived on the scene with a gun, telling Dinah he wanted to do it himself.

Suddenly, Griggs got the upper hand and was about to shoot Mallet when Dinah stepped in the way of the bullet. Griggs ran off and Dinah was taken to Cedars after being shot in the head. Dinah was in critical condition. Mallet blamed Cyrus for bringing Griggs to town and violently confronted him. Cyrus denied he was involved and offered to get Griggs for Mallet--and he did. When Griggs began threatening Mallet and Dinah, Cyrus bound and gagged him so Mallet could confront him. When Cyrus told Marina that he gave Mallet some alone time with Griggs, she became worried and the pair rushed to the Beacon. As she feared, Mallet was beating Griggs. When Marina pulled Mallet of him, Mallet pulled out his gun to shoot but was talked down by Cyrus. Afterwards, Cyrus cut Griggs loose and gave him a one-way ticket to Amsterdam but informed Marina that he arranged for the authorities to be waiting for him.

After languishing in a coma for days, Dinah finally woke up. Unfortunately, her head injury left her confused and she continued having trouble with her memory. Though she tried to cover, it became apparent that something was wrong when Dinah froze during a live television interview. Mallet quickly covered and Dinah was forced to come clean about her condition. Mallet became increasingly concerned with Dinah's condition and tried to convince frank to give him some time off. When Frank declined since they were understaffed, Mallet tried to convince Remy to come back to the force. As Dinah struggled with her condition, Mallet was swamped with medical bills and scouring around for work to pay them. Meanwhile and things got so desperate that Mallet stole money from a drug bust. At the same time, Frank was forced to reprimand Mallet who was working three jobs in order to pay for Dinah's medical bills and was becoming frequently late for work. Soon after, Frank found the dirty money in Mallet's drawer and reprimanded Mallet at the charity ball. Mallet confessed to Frank that he had stolen the money but ultimately reconsidered using it. He then pled Frank to let him keep his job but Frank was noncommittal. That same evening, Mallet walked in on a shirtless Matt kissing Dinah passionately and immediately attacked Matt. Upset, Dinah told Mallet that she turned to Matt because Mallet made her feel like damaged goods Mallet tried to assure Dinah that they could work things out but Dinah refused to listen.

Later, Mallet was shocked to learn that Griggs was back in Springfield and had been working with Cyrus to scam money from guests at the charity ball. Unfortunately, Cyrus told Griggs that the heist was off and Griggs's response was to kidnap Marina. Wanting to help, Dinah stopped Mallet from confessing his past association with Griggs to Frank. Mallet then called up some old associates from New York City n the hopes of finding Griggs. At the same time, Cyrus was at the police station telling Frank his suspicion that Dinah got Griggs to kidnap Marina. Brought in, Dinah denied it although she admitted to knowing about the scam and blackmailing Cyrus for a piece of the profit. Though Mallet tried to get Dinah to admit that she was not in her right mind because of the brain damage, Dinah insisted that she knew exactly what she was doing. In the meantime, Vanessa and Mallet were both highly concerned with Dinah's well being. Later, an alarmed Vanessa told Mallet that Dinah took her daughter, Maureen, out of school without her permission. Concerned that Dinah was a danger to herself and others, Vanessa told Dinah and Mallet her intention to have Dinah placed under psychiatric care. Dinah went ballistic at the thought and suddenly grabbed Mallet's gun. She was soon subdued and dragged away, screaming that she would never forgive Vanessa or Mallet. After failing to convince Mallet to get her released, Soon, Dinah's escape was thwarted by Mallet. Fortunately, Lizzie arrived and agreed to sneak her out.

Meanwhile, after finally being rescued, Marina was called before Internal Affairs since there was a question about how she conducted herself. The DA accused Marina of being in on Cyrus's scam, or at the very least keeping quiet about it. As union rep, Mallet did his best to defend Marina but ultimately she was stripped of her badge. Meanwhile, though Mallet tried to reconnect with Dinah she continually pushed him away. As the weeks went by, Mallet focused on his job, even working on Thanksgiving. Marina continued to be a good friend to him and they bonded when she brought Cooper Thanksgiving leftovers to the station. Later, Mallet responded to a call that someone was breaking into a contractor's house. The burglar was Dinah who apparently was there to steal the bid on behalf of her brother, Bill. Mallet dragged Dinah to Towers and tried to make Dinah see how dangerous her little stunt was: she could have been killed if another police officer had responded to the scene. He also railed into Bill for taking advantage of Dinah in her condition. Mallet's words irked Dinah who railed at his implication that she was damaged and asked how he knew this wasn't all her idea. Fed up with this argument, Bill turned to leave but was turned around by Mallet. Later, as punishment for breaking in entering, Mallet arranged for Dinah to sell Christmas trees instead of going to jail. When her job (which she only half-heartedly accomplished) was done, Dinah brought Mallet a tree. Touched, he lied that she was standing under the mistletoe and kissed her and soon the pair made love. Afterwards, Mallet, who had been rejected by Dinah for weeks, suggested that they divorce. Dinah agreed but wondered if perhaps they could reunite if she got her head straight again.

In 2008, Marina's relationship with Cyrus was floundering. Coming upon Marina after she and Cyrus broke up, Mallet assured her that she deserved happiness and Marina impulsively kissed him. Though tempted to go on a date with her, it was too awkward since Mallet correctly guessed that Marina was simply on the rebound. Meanwhile, Dinah informed Mallet that her mental faculties were returning; she was getting better. Later, Marina offered to handle a police call while Mallet spoke with Dinah. Dinah made it clear that she wanted to reunite but Mallet was wary since Dinah pushed him away so many times in the previous months. At the same time, Marina got into trouble while following the drug dealer but couldn't get through to Mallet's cell phone since it was turned off. Marina wound up with a knee injury. Realizing that Dinah must have turned off his phone so they could talk (since Mallet never turned off his phone) Mallet blasted Dinah for her irresponsible behavior. Weeks later, Mallet got a job offer to be the new Chief of Police at Shrewsbury. Immediately after getting the offer, Mallet got a surprise visit from Dinah. Mallet told Dinah about the offer and admitted that he had no good reason to turn it down. Later, Dinah told him how proud she was of him, and they shared an intense kiss. Dinah though broke it and stated that she couldn't fall for him right before he left.

Meanwhile, Frank got into trouble for flirting with a woman at a crime scene and was suspended so Doris appointed Mallet as the new Chief of Police. When Mallet tried to refuse, Doris warned him that the next person she appointed may not be so willing to step down should Frank be cleared. To save his friend's job, Mallet reluctantly accepted the offer. Neither Frank nor Marina was happy with this turn of events and Mallet explained that he was only holding Frank's job for him. At the same time, Dinah and Mallet were becoming friends again. Not long after, Springfield was rocked when Gus was killed in a motorcylce accident. Saddened, Mallet spoke eloquently at the funeral of his fallen friend. It didn't take long for the press to slam Mallet by insinuating that if there had been more cops on the streets, Gus wouldn't have been speeding. It didn't help that Frank made a statement to the press saying that this wouldn't have happened under his watch. Meanwhile, Mallet was called to the Spaulding mansion and was surprised to learn that Dinah was the new owner. According to Dinah, she had several successful investments over the past few months. Over the next few weeks, Dinah continued to call Mallet and flirted with him. Finally, after Dinah called in a false disturbance, Mallet told her not to prank him anymore and admitted that though he did love her, their relationship was too complicated. After kissing her, Mallet walked away.

In the meantime, although Frank's suspension was lifted, Doris decided to keep Mallet on as police chief. Meanwhile, Mallet and Marina's friendship went to a new level when, after a workout, he playfully suggested that they share a shower. However, Marina knew that they both weren't over their respective partners. In the meantime, Dinah made another play for Mallet by luring him to the mansion by faking a robbery. During their conversation, Dinah let it slip that she was responsible for Mallet's job—and Frank's suspension. Despite feeling like a hypocrite, Mallet kept quiet and continued on as Chief. Several days later, Alan pointed out that people found it odd that Mallet's ride to the top coincided with Dinah's. In the meantime, Harley returned to the force with the intention of closing all of Gus's open cases. Meanwhile, at the station, Mallet uncovered evidence that Gus was on the take. Wanting to preserve Gus's reputation, and his pension for Natalia's sake, Mallet shredded the evidence. At the same time, Harley suspected that Gus had so many unsolved cases because a corrupt cop was blocking him. Harley took her suspicions to Mallet who lied that he'd look into it. Unfortunately, Harley went to Jeffrey with her suspicions as well. When questioned, Mallet declared that Harley had no real evidence. Unfortunately, Jeffrey smelled something fishy and ordered a full investigation of the department. Desperate, Mallet confided in Dinah and asked her to get Jeffrey off the case. Though Dinah succeeded in blackmailing Doris, Jeffrey refused to stop what had been started. Unfortunately, neither would Harley and Mallet was forced to tell her that Gus was the crooked cop.

After some quick detective work, Harley realized that Gus was dropping his cases as a favor to the defense attorney in order to get Olivia Spencer moved up the heart transplant list. As a courtesy, Mallet went to Gus's son, Rafe, with this information before Jeffrey made a public statement. Unfortunately, Rafe's reaction was to confront Jeffrey with a gun and demand that he kept quiet. As Jeffrey tried to talk the teen down, Mallet walked in and distracted Rafe who accidentally shot Jeffrey. In the confusion, Rafe rushed out and eventually fled town with Harley. Afterwards, Mallet decided to stop living a lie and not only stepped down as Police Chief; he also stopped working as a detective and began walking the beat in order to get a fresh start. Not long after, Dinah confessed what she'd done to Frank but informed him that Mallet didn't know anything until much later. Frank's response was to seek out Mallet and punch him, but he made it clear that this wasn't the end of their friendship. In the meantime, Mallet and Marina's flirtation finally led to a passionate kiss and the pair seemed about to make love before they were interrupted by Natalia. Weeks later, Marina and Mallet finally decided to start dating officially and went to Frank and Buzz with their intention. Though shocked, both men gave their blessing.

In the following weeks, Mallet continued to befriend Dinah while his relationship with Marina flourished effortlessly. Though bothered when Mallet posted Dinah's bail when she was arrested for embezzlement, Marina put it behind her and she and Mallet made love for the first time. In the meantime, Buzz shocked Marina and Mallet by telling them that Harley wasn't returning to Springfield and was putting her house on the market. While preparing the house to be sold, Mallet seemed reluctant and dissuaded the first couple to look at the house from buying it. Meanwhile, Marina learned that Daisy was part of the youth task force that Marina was assigned to head. Though Marina initially refused to let Daisy join, both Mallet and Buzz talked her into it. Unfortunately, during Daisy's first sting, she was taken hostage. Luckily, Marina and Mallet learned that Daisy went off on her own and were able to save her. During the rescue attempt, Mallet blurted out to Marina that he loved her. In the meantime, Clayton Boudreau decided to buy Harley's house for his children. Though Marina claimed to be happy, it was clear that she was going to miss the house. Soon after, Mallet surprised Marina by suggesting that they buy the house. Unfortunately, they couldn't afford it. After Marina confided in her father, Frank solved their problem by giving Marina money that he'd saved for her wedding. In the meantime, Dinah asked for Mallet's help after Lizzie had been kidnapped. Apparently, the kidnappers had insisted on no police and Mallet was unable to talk Bill into making this an official investigation. Telling no one, Mallet went to the ransom drop off with Bill in an attempt to nab the kidnapper. Oddly, Dinah picked that moment to talk to Mallet about reuniting and kissed him. Mallet quickly pulled back and set out to arrest the kidnapper. Unfortunately, Mallet's cell phone went off and scared the kidnapper away.

Later, Mallet discovered that Dinah was the one who called. When he asked about it, Dinah informed him that she simply wanted to apologize for her actions. At the same time, Mallet told Marina about the ransom drop. Marina was irate that Mallet didn't follow protocol and insisted that the police had to be involved. Meanwhile, Mallet continued to befriend Dinah during the investigation, which irked Marina. Finally, Marina set ground rules regarding Mallet's relationship with Dinah. Though she soon relented, at this point, Mallet decided that she had a point and agreed that he couldn't be Dinah's "go to" guy anymore. Weeks later, Mallet impulsively suggested that they get married. On a whim, they went to a casino resort but ultimately Marina decided that she wanted a real wedding. Soon, Marina decided that she wanted to marry in a private ceremony since she feared that her family might try to control things. At this point, Mallet arranged for Marina's mother, Eleni, to come for a visit. Later, Mallet surprised Eleni with the news that he and Marina were getting married. Eleni wished Mallet the best of luck. Knowing that his previous injury left him unable to conceive children, Eleni urged Mallet to discuss it with Marina and make sure that she had no qualms about it. Though he had already told Marina all about his injury, Mallet talked to her again since he knew how much she wanted children. Marina insisted that it didn't matter to her and told him that she still wanted to marry him. Soon after, Marina got a call that someone had broken into Company and she and Mallet rushed to the scene. However, instead of a break-in, they discovered that Frank and Eleni had thrown the pair a surprise wedding. At that moment, Marina realized that she did want her family with her after all. Unfortunately, the wedding ceremony was interrupted by the arrival of Shayne Lewis who created a scene. Fortunately, the Coopers quickly arranged for Mallet and Marina to get married in City Hall.

In 2009, Mallet had a slight health scare when a mole was found on his back. Luckily, the mole was benign. Faced with his own mortality, Mallet decided to give Marina what she always wanted—a child. Unfortunately, Mallet was told by a doctor that his injury was could not be corrected. Since Mallet was unable to sire children, he and Marina decided to adopt. Realizing his past might be problematic if discovered , Mallet confessed to Marina that he worked for Griggs years earlier and had killed a man. Touched that he trusted her enough to reveal this, Marina forgave Mallet his past. Unfortunately, they hit a snag when the adoption agency deemed Marina unsuitable thanks to her prior affiliation with Danny Santos. Meanwhile, the Cooper family was rocked by Coop's death in a car accident. While Marina grieved for her uncle, Mallet was determined to give her a child. After being declined from various adoption agencies, Mallet got the idea to adopt a child from overseas. Not wanting to get Marina's hopes up, Mallet secretly left for Bosnia. Unfortunately, his plan hit a snag when the official stated that they needed to meet Mallet's wife. Luckily, Mallet got help from a familiar face—_Dinah. In Bosnia on behalf of Shayne, Dinah volunteered to masquerade as Mallet's wife so that the adoption could go through. Almost immediately after, the case worker informed Mallet and Dinah that the parents wanted the baby back. However, when the couple asked for money in exchange for the child, Mallet and Dinah realized that something shady was going on and Mallet took the child. He then returned home and presented their son to Marina. Though he admitted that the adoption was illegal, Mallet assured Marina that the baby was theirs. Marina immediately fell in love with the baby whom she named after her uncle--Henry Cooper.

Meanwhile, Phillip, who had recently returned to town, offered to return the deed to Company to the Cooper's. However, Buzz was too bitter about Coop's death to want anything from the Spauldings and refused. Realizing that Company was a part of their family, Marina quit the force and took ownership of the restaurant for herself. Soon after, Child Protective Services called Marina in regards to Henry's adoption since it was accomplished by Dinah impersonating Marina in Bosnia. Fortunately, the case worker unexpectedly testified on the Camaletti's behalf. Meanwhile, Mallet went back to his old job as detective. His first case was the murder of Edmund Winslow. Though the evidence pointed to Reva, Mallet was sure that she was innocent. Convinced that someone close to Reva committed the murder, Mallet had Reva arrested in order to draw the real killer out. Though Marina told Mallet to let the case go, Mallet was determined to bring the killer to justice. As the weeks went by, Marina exhibited an extremely calivier attitude towards Edmund's death.

Afterwards, evidence suddenly appeared which indicated that Jeffrey had been the killer. Jeffrey looked even guiltier when he left the country, but Mallet still had his doubts. Later, it was discovered that Jeffrey, along with Dinah, were spotted in Bosnia. When Frank innocently brought up the fact that that's where Henry was adopted and where Shayne had served in the Peace Corps, Mallet had a revelation and went to Cedars and verified that Henry and Shayne had the same blood type. Suddenly, it dawned on Mallet that Henry could be Shayne's son with Edmund's daughter! Mallet went to Marina who confirmed the truth but assured Mallet that Shayne did not want to be a part of Henry's life—that Mallet was Henry's father in every way. Afterwards, it was proven that Edmund had known about Henry when he sent Marina some papers for Henry. Though Mallet wanted to look through the papers for evidence, Marina quickly burned them. In the meantime, Springfield got word that Jeffrey's plane had gone down. Almost immediately after, Dinah returned alone and confirmed Jeffrey's suspicion—Edmund was alive. Obviously, the murdered man was an imposter, possibly sent to Springfield by Edmund.

Soon after, Mallet noticed a crack in the handle of Henry's baby stroller, however, when he asked Marina about it, she had no explanation. This, coupled with her apathy towards the murder investigation, roused Mallet's suspicions and he had the stroller analyzed. As he feared, the stroller was a 100% match to the murder weapon. Mallet confided in Dinah his suspicion that Marina killed the man thought to be Edmund when he confronted her about Henry. Dinah urged Mallet to keep his suspicions to himself since, if Marina was the murderer, she did it to protect her son. Unfortunately, Mallet couldn't shake the idea that his wife could keep such a profound incident as murder a secret. When Mallet hinted to Marina that whoever was responsible for the John Doe's death was responsible for Jeffrey's, Mallet was thrown by Marina's heartless response. Marina's seemingly ability to lie right to Mallet's face frustrated him to no end. After days of tension between the two, Mallet finally told Marina that he knew she was guilty. Marina instantly denied it and claimed that she had no idea who the stroller got damaged. Ultimately, Marina was able to account for the entire day of the murder except for a 45 minute gap. Unfortunately, Mallet couldn't shake his doubts and told Remy that he was going to bring Marina in for questioning. Dinah overheard and blurted to Mallet that he couldn't do that because she was the killer.

Mallet instantly felt sympathy for Dinah who confessed that she killed the man in order to protect Henry. Though Mallet was willing to forget what Dinah told him, Frank had overheard, and after Dinah left, he insisted that she needed to be arrested. Unwilling to let her go to jail, Mallet secretly helped her flee the country. Afterwards, he and Marina decided to fix their marriage. Unfortunately, Dinah's departure led Shayne to act out just like he did when he returned to Springfield. Realizing that Shayne needed a friend, Mallet called upon Shayne's childhood best friend—Marina for help. It didn't take long for Mallet to realize that Shayne was bonding with Henry. Suddenly, Mallet felt like the odd man out since Henry already had a mother and a father. With a heavy heart, Mallet went to Marina and admitted that the only way their marriage would work would be if Marina relinquished Henry to Shayne. As expected, Marina couldn't do that and Mallet bid her goodbye and accepted a job with the Agency in Germany.

Several weeks later, Mallet ran into a familiar face in Germany—Dinah! Though the pair seemed ready to go their separate ways, by the following year it was clear that they were very much a couple.


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