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Mark Evans

Also known as Samuel Pasquin


Actor History

Mark Pinter (October 23, 1981 to May 7, 1983)


Was killed on April 29th, 1983, when he fell from a cliff while struggling with his former wife Mona Enright/Rebecca Cartwright. Occupation

Spaulding Enterprises Executive

Former Illegal International Trader in Stolen Archaeological Artifacts

Resides At

At time of death, lived with his pregnant "wife" Jennifer Richards at the cottage, at the Wexler Estate, on Thornway Road Marital Status

at time of death Married/Mona Enright (a.k.a Rebecca Cartwright) (married as Samuel Pasquin; deceased)

Jennifer Richards) (illegal, never divorced Mona/Rebecca) Past Marriages

Mona Enright/Rebecca Cartwright (led her to believe he was dead; deceased) Relatives

Mr. Evans (Father; deceased) Children:

Matthew Evans (with Jennifer) Flings & Affairs

Lola Fontaine/Mary Frances (Lovers)

Blanche Bouvier (Dated)

Vanessa Chamberlain (Dated)

Brenda Lowry/Ivy Pierce (Dated)

Amanda Spaulding McFarren (Affair)

Crimes Committed
Colluded with Lucien Goff in defrauding Spaulding Enterprises by profiting, illegally, from the company's foreign trade [Prior to March 1981]

Married Mona Enright under an assumed name [Prior to April 29, 1980]

Attempted to kill Mona by pushing her off a cliff when she learned off Lucien and his illegal schemes and to collect on her life insurance policy [April 29, 1980]

Traded illegally in international stolen archaeological artifacts. [Prior to March 1981]

Colluded with Silas Crocker to steal international stolen archaeological artifacts from Quinton McCord and Archibald Renfield and to kill both men [Prior to March 1981]

Unintentionally responsible for the death of Archibald Renfield [Prior to March 1981]

Dated Vanessa Chamberlain to get close to Spaulding Enterprises, so he could steal money and destroy documents [March 1981 to July 1981]

Dated Blanche Bouvier to steal her money to fund his illegal activities [July 1981 to Fall 1981]

Dated and then married Jennifer Richards to get close to Spaulding Enterprises to further steal money and destroy documents [Fall 1981 to Spring 1982]

Colluded with Lucien Goff to kill Alan Spaulding [Fall 1981 to March 1982]

Bigamy [Spring 1982 to March 1983]

Seduced and had an affair with Amanda Spaulding, while married to her mother, Jennifer to continue to steal money and destroy documents at Spaulding Enterprises [Spring 1982 to December 1982]

Verbally abused his wife Jennifer [Spring 1982 to March 1983]

Planned to kill Alan and Amanda, to wrest control of Spaulding Enterprises [Spring 1982 to March 1983]

Paid Bryan Lister to try to kill Alan and Amanda [January to March 1983]

Killed Bryan Lister [February 1983]

Threatened to kill Mona Enright/Rebecca Cartwright [May 7, 1983] Brief Character History:

Mark Evans had actually been in Springfield for over a year before he made himself known in March 1981. Throughout that time, he had gathered much information on Alan Spaulding for reasons that would later be revealed.

In March 1981, Mark Evans began dating the wealthy Vanessa Chamberlain. That relationship quickly fizzled and mark moved on to Vanessa's, equally rich and recently widowed, friend Blanche Bouvier. However,, Blanche was just a means to an end for Mark. Just as Vanessa had done, Blanche only dated Mark so she could be seen out in society with a very handsome man on her shoulder. Unfortunately, what Blanche failed to realize was that Mark was using her and the money she literally threw at him, to fund his illegal activities. Mark nearly left Blanche totally broke, until Vanessa and Derek Colby interceded and warned Blanche to back away from her relationship with Mark.

Soon after, Mark met someone who could help him get closer to his real goal: Jennifer Richards. Jennifer, quickly, fell under Mark's spell and after a short courtship, Mark proposed to Jennifer. The pair married in a hasty ceremony with both of Jennifer's daughters in attendance. Jennifer's daughter, Amanda, was a bit suspicious of how quickly her mom had married Mark, but wasn't suspicious enough. Soon, after he had married Jennifer, Mark sweet talked Amanda in giving him a position at Spaulding Enterprises, which would turn out to be one of the worst mistakes Amanda ever made. Though married, Mark had taken an undue liking to Amanda and Amanda didn't mind the attention, since by then it was obvious that her marriage to Ben McFarren was over. When Amanda left for Spain, Mark made up a phony excuse to go with her. In Spain, Mark quickly seduced Amanda and the two began a full-fledged affair. Unfortunately when Amanda and Mark returned to Springfield, she was shocked to learn that her father, Alan Spaulding, had been kidnapped from prison.

As all of this was going on with the shady Mark Evans, Alan Spaulding was being chased after by a mysterious, one-eyed man named Lucien Goff. Lucien abducted Alan to a cabin and revealed to him that he was a former disgruntled employee whom Alan had fired for illegally profiting from the company's foreign trade. To Alan's horror, his pilot, Wayne Jennings, entered the cabin and admitted that he and Goff were in cahoots. Luckily, Alan was rescued by Mike Bauer and FBI agent, Ivy Pierce, while Goff fell off a tramway to his death. Meanwhile, a penitent Wayne was sent to prison, where he was later fatally poisoned. However, it was obvious that at least one other person was involved in the scheme. Ivy believed it was Samuel Pasquin, a former cohort of Goff's who had disappeared after his wife, the former Mona Enright, had fallen off a cliff to her "death." When Quint McCord purchased Spaulding stocks that Diane Ballard had left behind, Ivy strongly suspected that Quint was, in reality, Samuel Pasquin. Meanwhile, kept in a secret third floor room at the McCord mansion was a bandaged young woman who had lost the use of her vocal chords. At one point, Quint sneaked the woman into Cedars to be treated by Ed Bauer and Justin Marler, giving her name as Rebecca Cartwright. What the authorities did not yet know was that Rebecca was the missing Mona. When Quint brought Mona back home, Nola Reardon overheard the "mute" patient tell herself that she planned on having Quint back in her life for keeps. As for the "Samuel Pasquin" alias, it belonged not to Quint, but to Mark Evans!

Now that Amanda was president of Spaulding Enterprises in Alan's absence, she had considerable cash, stocks and corporate clout, all of which Mark dearly coveted. Jennifer was a mere cover for Mark's intentions toward Amanda, who felt guilty and cheap for betraying her mother. In the meantime, it wasn't long before Mark became verbally abusive to his baffled new wife. Mark's ultimate plan was to kill both Alan and Amanda and make Spaulding his own! Amanda was torn between her love for her mother and her intense attraction to Mark. Her personal life in shambles, she began making costly mistakes at the company. In the meantime, Alan was, eventually, cleared of all the charges against him regarding his dealings with Dr. Paul La Crosse, Ramon de Vilar, and Roger Thorpe. Meanwhile, Alan and Morgan eventually discovered Amanda and Mark's affair, but held off telling Jennifer because she was pregnant with Mark's child. At this point, Amanda's divorce became final and her affair with Mark became more heated and passionate.

By January 1983, Quint realized that Mona was only pretending to be mute in order to manipulate him. Out driving one snowy day, the two were arguing when their car skidded off the road. Later, Mona told Nola that, at one point, been engaged to Quint and pregnant with his child. When Quint left on a long archaeological dig, she had an affair with Samuel Pasquin and married him. After Quint returned, Mona told him of her marriage and they had an argument atop a cliff. Quint was so agitated that he lost his balance, fell off the cliff and was knocked unconscious. What Mona didn't tell Nola was that while Quint was out cold, Samuel Pasquin arrived at the scene and pushed Mona off the cliff, hoping to collect on her life insurance policy. Pasquin thought she was dead, but Mona had fallen only a few feet. Mona lost the baby, and to play on Quint's guilt, she pretended to be severely injured so he would take care of her.

Meanwhile, Mark Evans, alias Samuel Pasquin, finally showed a trace of humanity when he realized he was truly in love with Amanda. He confessed to her that he hated the Spaulding family because years earlier, Brandon Spaulding had swindled Mark's father when they were partners in the shipping industry. The betrayal drove his father to suicide -- or so Mark thought. Mark believed he was entitled to half of Spaulding Enterprises by virtue of his father's prior relationship with Brandon. Amanda was sympathetic and helped Mark investigate the matter, only to discover that the senior Mr. Evans hadn't killed himself after all. He'd been murdered by Bryan Lister, one of Brandon's white-collar henchmen, who was now working for Mark to kill Amanda and Alan and find the missing Mona Enright. When Mark and Amanda went to find proof of Mark's claim that his family was entitled to half of Spaulding Enterprises, Brian followed the pair. Amanda went by herself to the boathouse at night and encountered Brian. Brian, holding a gun on her, tried to tell Amanda about all the things that Mark had done, but Mark arrived, also with a gun (which wasn't loaded but Mark didn't know that). Mark told Amanda to leave, and then he and Brian argued. Mark found out that Brian had killed his father.

Furious and grieved, Mark struggled with Brian, got Brian's gun, and shot him. Amanda heard the shot outside and returned to the shack where she saw Brian dead. Mark sent her away again and hid the body and the gun under the floor of the boathouse. He thought when both were discovered that the authorities would believe that Brian had committed suicide. Unfortunately, this entire incident was witnessed by Mona, who took the gun and alerted authorities about the body. Mark was arrested for murder by D.A. Ross Marler. After Mark was released from jail on bail, Mona abducted Amanda (using the gun she had taken from the boathouse) and took her to the cliff. Mark found them there and just as Mona was about to kill Amanda, Mark yanked Amanda away from Mona. He then struggled with Mona and both fell over the cliff. Mona was killed instantly but Mark lived long enough to tell Amanda that he really had cared for her.

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