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Dr. Michael Burke, MD
Who's Who in Springfield: Michael Burke | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Peter Hermann (April 11, 1997 to July 27, 1998)


Killed himself in an explosion at the Spaulding lab on July 27, 1998 in order to prevent Alan Spaulding from learning about his successful work on cloning a human


Lab Technician

Physical Therapist

Practicing Physician


at time of death, had an apartment where he also conducted his cloning research before moving the research to the Spaulding lab.

Marital Status

at time of death/Single

Past Marriages



None (unless you count Clone Reva/Cousin Dolly as his child)

See above
Flings & Affairs

Celeste (affair)

Vicky Brandon (lovers)

Dinah Marler (dated)

Crimes Committed

Accused of murdering his patient, Celeste [prior to Spring 1997]

Help to keep Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon's secret that she was still alive in a Swiss convent clinic [1997 - 1998]

Gave blood pressure medicine to Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon without a doctor's license [November 24, 1997]

Conducted illegal research into cloning [1998]

Illegally cloned a cat (Winter 1998)

Illegally cloned Reva Shayne Lewis for a distraught Josh Lewis [March 9, 1998]

Crossed the line between what he was hired as at Cedars, a physical therapist, and trying to practice as a physician -- he was fired for this [Spring 1998]

Set off an explosion in the Spaulding lab [July 29, 1998]

Brief Character History

Michael Burke was first introduced as the ill Vanessa Reardon's physical therapist in a Swiss convent clinic. It was later revealed that he had been a practicing physician in the U.S., but had lost his license after being accused of murdering a patient. The patient was a married woman with whom he was having an affair, and she had the same incurable disease as Vanessa. The fact was that Michael loved her deeply and did not murder her, but her angry husband was able to pull enough strings to cost Michael his license. Michael returned with Vanessa to Springfield after her illness went into remission and worked for a time at Cedars Hospital, where he crossed the line between physical therapist and physician one time too many and got himself fired.

Michael subsequently went to work for Spaulding Enterprises, ostensibly developing the fragrance "Simply Annie," with Alan Spaulding and Annie Dutton overseeing the work. However, he also used the lab as a cover for his private research. He was unsuccessful in developing a cure for Vanessa's illness, so he branched out into cloning. First he cloned a cat, and then, after Annie had kidnapped Reva Shayne Lewis and had left her on an airplane that crashed, he cloned Reva for a distraught Josh Lewis. Michael also developed a growth/aging serum for the clone and, along with Josh, watched the clone grow very quickly into Reva. Unfortunately for the clone, the real Reva came back to town, very much alive, and took over her status as the real Reva. The clone was thus relegated to the status of posing as Reva's Cousin Dolly. Though Michael wanted to continue to pursue his research, Josh refused to back him. Later, Michael's friend/lover/associate Vicky Brandon convinced him to approach her uncle, Alan Spaulding, for funding. Though Alan didn't fund him, he did allow him to continue to work on the "Simply Annie" formula. Later, when Cousin Dolly visited Alan, Alan became intrigued and started to launch an investigation into what was really going on at the Lewis household, even going so far as to call the press. Luckily, Josh and Reva, with Vanessa's help, got Cousin Dolly out of Springfield and to Cross Creek. Disconcerted about Alan's questioning of Dolly and Alan's desire to clone Annie, Michael brought a bomb to the Spaulding lab in the hopes of destroying all of his work. While Josh and Vicky went to the lab to talk an agitated Michael out of destroying his research, Alan's security guards entered, causing a rattled Michael to drop the bomb! Luckily Michael was able to save Josh, Vicky, and Vanessa from the blast by pushing the lab table over to shield them. Unfortunately, Michael himself died in Vanessa's arms.

Not long after, not wanting to cause any more problems for Josh and Reva or her "father", Cousin Dolly decided to take a large dose of Michael's growth/aging serum and she killed herself via advanced old age. Reva and Josh buried Cousin Dolly, at Cross Creek.

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