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Victoria "Tory" Granger
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Actor History

Charissa Chamorro (September 18, 2001 to July 16, 2002; Recurring)


Presumed dead after faking a suicide (March 18 - April 12, 2002)


Former assistant to Ross Marler Aliases

Officer Close [alias used to trick Blake into meeting with her]

Resides At

Mental Institution

Formerly at a makeshift jail hidden away at the docks

Formerly an apartment above Company

Marital Status

Single/Widowed (Stewart Thompson)

Past Marriages

Stewart Thompson (deceased)



Mother (Deceased)



Flings & Affairs

Todd Dupree (8th grade boyfriend; deceased)

Romeo Jones (kissed)

Ross Marler (affair; deceased)

Crimes Committed

Shoved a classmate down a well, killing her (while a teenager)

Killed boyfriend Todd Dupree (while a teenager)

Arranged car accident to kill her husband, Stewart [Prior to September 2001]

Stalked Ross Marler and Blake Thorpe Marler in San Cristobel [February 7, 2002 - February 12, 2002]

Broke into the Marler carriage house and planted one of her earrings there [February 18, 2002]

Stole a picture of the Marlers (Blake, Ross, Kevin, Jason and Clarissa) and crossed Blake out of it [February 19, 2002]

Tricked Marina Cooper into letting her take care of Kevin, Jason and Clarissa Marler [February 22, 2002]

Kidnapped the Marler children [February 22 - February 26, 2002]

Falsely accused Blake, in a public place (Company), of threatening her [March 1, 2002]

Set it up to make it look like Blake made her fall off the porch at Company [March 1, 2002]

In a phone call, lied to Blake that her mother, Holly, was in the hospital [March 8, 2002]

May have tampered with the brakes of Blake's car's causing her car to skid [March 8, 2002]

Arranged for an icicle to fall on Blake's head [March 12, 2002]

Disguised as a nun, attacked Blake at Ray Santos's church [March 13, 2002]

Stalked Ross and Blake again, this time while they were at Moon Lake [March 11, 2002 - March 13, 2002]

Faked a suicide at the docks and, disguised as Blake, paid a fisherman to say he saw her committ suicide successfully [March 2002, off camera]

Faked her own death [March 18, 2002 - April 12, 2002

Stalked Blake Thorpe Marler [April 10, 2002 - April 12, 2002]

impersonated a police officer [April 12, 2002]

Kidnapped and threatened to kill Blake Thorpe Marler [April 15, 2002]

Imprisoned Blake at the Harbormaster office complex [April 16, 2002 - May 1, 2002]

Broke into the Marler carriage house, yet again [April 19, 2002]

Impersonated Blake in a Chicago hotel room and drugged Ross's champagne [April 23, 2002]

Made a video that showed her supposedly having a wild sexual night with a drugged out Ross and then forged a note from Blake [April 24, 2002]

Again broke into the Marler carriage house and made a video where Clarissa called her auntie Tory [April 26, 2002]

Impersonated a waiter at Reva Shayne and Josh Lewis's wedding [June 10, 2002]

Sent an email to Blake threatening to kill her [July 3, 2002]

Held a gun to Ross Marler and threatened to kill him. [July 5, 2002]

Kidnapped Ross Marler [July 5, 2002]

Held Ross captive in the Marler carriage house [July 5, 2002 - July 9, 2002]

Hired a pizza delivery guy to deliver a pizza to Blake to distract Blake and Gus and Harley from finding out she was attempting to murder Ross [July 8, 2002]

Gave Ross a muscle relaxer to drown him in the Marler bathtub [July 9, 2002]

Held a gun on Blake and Ross [July 9, 2002]

Shot Blake (Blake was wearing a bulletproof vest) [July 9, 2002] Memorable Quote

Tory to Dr. Pembrook as she's being admitted to a mental hospital. Her final words:

"Well, I think that if you continue to treat me there Dr. Pembrook, I'll be able to get through it. You know, I've always really admired doctors. What you do with your life, it's so courageous. It takes so much intelligence. You know, I used to think I wanted to be a doctor. I think I could... I think I could really learn a lot from you."

Brief Character History

Tory Granger claimed that her father abused her, and that her mother committed suicide. Never a happy child, her shining moment was being vice-president of the chess club in the 6th grade. One day the president, Suzie, berated Tory for losing an important match. As they were walking by an empty construction site, Tory pushed Susie into a well; everyone thought her death was an accident. In the 8th grade, Tory fell in love with Todd Dupree, and confided her crime to him. Horrified, he said he had to go to the police. Tory brutally murdered him, and again, never faced any charges. The truth of all of this is highly questionable, since Tory was insane.

Law Student Tory Granger instantly became the star pupil of her professor, Ross Marler. A shy and unassuming young woman, Tory was deeply impressed with Ross's career and his skills as a professor. Trusting him implicitly, Tory told him the story of how her husband, a former attorney, was killed in an accident and she was unable to collect any insurance money. Alone and needing money, she was offered a job as Ross's assistant. In time Tory grew more and more attracted to Ross, to the displeasure of Ross's ex-wife and lover, Blake. When Blake offered to give Tory a makeover, Tory was elated at the transformation until she learned Blake's motivation. Thinking that Blake was trying to be her friend, she was hurt to discover that Blake was hoping Tory would find a man and stay away from Ross. Blake's jealousy continued to hurt Tory and she turned more and more to Ross for comfort. Finally, Tory decided that the only way to please Blake was to drop out of school and quit her job. However, by this point, Tory found that her feelings for Ross had indeed grown and she learned that he felt the same way. Eventually, Tory felt that she couldn't control her passion any longer and she seduced Ross. Feeling that she'd found her soul mate, Tory refused to believe that this was just a one-night stand and followed Ross relentlessly, despite his pleas for her to stay away. Tory refused to give up h and told Blake about the affair, which Ross denied. Growing obsessed, Tory imagined herself marrying Ross and followed him and Blake to St. Michaels (the church they were planning to get married in). After disguising herself as a nun and almost attacking Blake, Tory slipped away unnoticed.

Then one night, the Marlers got a call from the police stating that Tory supposedly committed suicide by jumping off the pier. Though no body was found, there was a suicide note and her scarf was found in the lake. Though Blake doubted that Tory was dead, the evidence convinced everyone else that she was. It was at this point that everyone learned how sick Tory really was. Trying to figure out why a supposedly nice girl like Tory could become so delusional, Blake broke into her apartment and found her diary which confirmed what Tory said all along: she and Ross did have an affair. Soon after, Detectives Harley Cooper and Gus Aitoro found out something startling: Ross was a dead ringer for Tory's late husband, Stewart! Seeing the shrine Tory had devoted to Stewart and Ross, they realized that Tory came to Springfield specifically to seduce Ross. Blake later received a call from the police asking her to identify a body on the docks. Blake arrived at the docks to find Tory-- very much alive! Believing Blake to be her only obstacle from becoming Mrs. Ross Marler, Tory locked her away and set out to win Ross back.

When Blake came to, she found herself in a jail cell with a huge "WELCOME HOME BLAKE" banner on the wall. Tory had built a cell in a hidden area which had been untouched since the Prohibition days of rum-running. Giving her only fatty junk foods, Tory spent her time harassing Blake, when not spying on Ross or his family. She broke into their home to steal some of Blake's clothes, and flew to Chicago for a writer's convention. Ross also visited the hotel, expecting Blake to be there. Tory left a note in the hotel room, asking Ross to drink some champagne. The champagne was drugged, and before Ross passed out, he groggily saw a woman with red hair (a wig) walking out of the bathroom. The next morning, he woke up alone, and found a note, seemingly from Blake, which stated that Ross called out Tory's name during sex, an act which made Blake realize his and Blake's relationship was over.

Tory had videotaped herself groping Ross and gleefully played the tape for Blake. However, Blake quickly realized Ross was drugged, completely passed out. Enraged by Blake's amusement, Tory threatened the lives of Blake's children, and forced Blake to make a videotape saying that she was leaving the family and not returning for some time. Blake did so, but after repeatedly trying to escape and taunting Tory over Ross never being able to love another woman, Tory decided that the only way Ross could fall in love with another woman was if she killed Blake. The day Tory planned to set the jail and building ablaze, Blake wasn't in her cell. Tory walked in, and was jumped by Blake, who had attached herself to a pipe on the ceiling. Blake got the key from Tory, and locked HER in the cell.

After having a makeover and spa treatment, Blake returned to the jail, and announced her plans to call the cops on Tory. Tory boasted that Blake had no proof, and in fact, Blake was the one who would be arrested. Blake realized she was right and kept Tory prisoner for several weeks, giving her bad junk food and tormenting her as Tory had when their roles were reversed. Finally, Tory began complaining of stomach pains and illness. Blake didn't believe her at first, but eventually stole pills from Rick Bauer's medical bag to treat Tory's stomachache. The day after she had tossed them into Tory's cell, Blake returned to find Tory in an apparent overdose situation. Blake raced in, only to be attacked by a very-alive Tory. Tory tried to escape, but Blake swallowed the key, and the arch-enemies were now prisoners together! During this time Tory revealed ugly childhood secrets to Blake, as well as admitting she had killed her husband Stewart after finding out he'd been carrying on with an office temp.

Later, Blake escaped by giving Tory prescription meds to make her sleep. When she returned soon after with Ross, Tory and the entire prison was gone. Ross began to believe Blake's story after realizing the cobwebs in the cellar room were artificial. To get Tory out in the open, Ross and Blake fought repeatedly in public, knowing Tory was watching. Later, Ross put up an ad in a law journal that would make Tory visit him. She did, and he planned to get her confessions on audio tape at the Bauer cabin. He did, but the bad news was that the recorder malfunctioned. Even worse news - she found it after he'd left.

Tory set a trail to make Blake, Ross and the police think she was going to kill Blake. Instead, she went to the university and kidnapped Ross. Drugging him, she tied him up in his own bathtub, where he would eventually drown. Luckily, Blake arrived with a guard, whom Tory knocked out. Tory shocked Blake by having a total about-face: she was "saving" Blake from her dependence on men and wanted Blake to run away with her. Blake tried to run to free Ross, and Tory shot her. Tory then went upstairs and began to forcefully drown Ross to pay him back for what he'd made her do to Blake. However, Blake had a bulletproof vest on, and knocked Tory out, then freed Ross. Unbeknownst to them, Tory had regained consciousness, and was about to strike when the police arrived to arrest her.

Tory was sent to a mental institution, and when last seen on route there, was developing a fixation on her handsome, male doctor.

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