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Thursday, July 19, 2007

While Jason mops the floor, he and Toussaint talk. Toussaint gives him advice on how to mop the floor correctly. Jason explains how he shot a man in the foot. Jason asks Toussaint how he got his name. At first Toussaint is upset, but then realizes Jason meant no harm by asking. Normally, people make fun of his name. It's the name of a man who used to free slaves. They are interrupted by Stan, who walks in wearing orderly clothes. He's there to organize a hospital strike. After Stan leaves, Toussaint tells Jason that Stan is a throwback, meaning someone who believes he can change the world.

Jolene goes to get vitals on Ms. Barrett, the burned victim. She tells her how lucky she is that she was saved and then rescued from the morgue only minutes away from being autopsied. Ms. Barrett has a memory of Jason rescuing her and calls out his name.

A woman comes to the ER and tells Robin that she needs to see a doctor. Robin says that she is a doctor, but the woman wants a male doctor. Meanwhile, Patrick tries to teach Layla something about neurosurgery, but she's having trouble paying attention. He hears singing again and goes to find where it is coming from. Layla follows him and tells him he is stressed. She instructs him to sit in a wheelchair and proceeds to give him a massage. Robin sees them and slaps a chart on his lap. She tells him there's a patient who needs to see him, if he has time. Patrick runs after Robin and asks if she has time for a quickly in the storage room. She tells him there may not be enough room, as Layla walks past. He tells her it was just innocent and then proceeds to ask about the patient. She says there's no one else available and the patient is asking for a male doctor. He goes to see the woman and asks what the problem is. She says, "These", and opens her shirt. He says that breasts are not his professional specialty. She says her surgeon said the pain would go away within a few weeks, but she's not sure. He refers her back to her surgeon, but she says her surgeon is a female. She wanted a male's perspective. She gets him to examine her and asks him if they look good. He thinks they are fine, but maybe a little too perfect. Dr. Lee comes in to assist, but the patient says Dr. Drake is handling things just fine. The patient ends up admitting to Patrick that she's recently divorced and describes him to be very much like Patrick is with Robin. Patrick admits he's been superficial in the past but hopes he's changed. He tells her she's very beautiful and shouldn't need to fake illness to get attention. She asks if he has anyone at home to play doctor with. Robin walks up and says, "Yeah, me." After the patient leaves, Patrick tries to explain himself and mentions the plastic surgery the patient had to "enhance herself". Robin tells him to not even think about it!

Robin runs into Jason, mopping the floor. She's surprised to see him and laughs. She tells him she's glad to see him, though. At least she'll have someone to talk to. He questions why she can't talk to Patrick, but she just says that Patrick can sometimes be difficult. Either way, she's glad to have him there. He asks about the ambulance explosion, and she says it was ruled an accident. He still finds it strange that there was laughing gas aboard the ambulance.

The old lady that Jason helped save is being wheeled out of her room and stops when she sees Jason. She thanks him for his kindness. She asks if he was married and wishes she had a granddaughter or niece to fix him up with. She says back in her day, he would be considered a catch. If only she were younger!

Dr. Julian is about to start heart surgery on a patient with his interns watching. He realizes the heart patient has a healthy heart. When he gets back to the locker room, Dr. Ford comes in ranting and raving about the error. He talks about how Med Cam wants to take over the hospital. Dr. Julian points out that he just caught the mistake, but he did not make the error. Dr. Ford goes and finds Regina and starts yelling at her for messing up the patient's chart. She tries to deny that she made an error, but he refuses to hear it. He tells her she's an embarrassment to their race and she should rethink nursing as a career. Regina cries on a gurney in the hallway. Toussaint sits down next to her and asks her what's wrong. She tells him how Dr. Ford chewed her out for making a mistake that she didn't even make. Being a nurse has always been her dream. Her grandmother told her that was the most selfless job a person could have. She owed it to her heritage to be a nurse and wants to make her grandmother proud. Regina is cheered up when she visits the older lady and chats with her about all the hot men they have on staff at the hospital. Later, Layla comes in and watches the old woman sleep.

Cody shows up and asks to talk to Lainey. He says he's been having nightmares. They go into a room, where he proceeds to tell her about his nightmares. She kicks him out and tells him she's not that gullible. "Go score your painkillers elsewhere," she says. Cody comes back later and scares Lainey. He shows her that he is shaking. She agrees to give him pills if he comes back for therapy.

Maxie shows up in Ms. Sneed's hospital room with flowers to apologize for the incident last week. Ms. Sneed notices she is scratching her butt with the flowers and tells her she can keep them. Ms. Sneed then asks if sex is better restrained. When Maxie leaves, she runs into Epiphany in the hall. She tells her she's got a rash, and Epiphany takes her into a room to examine her. Epiphany decides that Maxie has a staph infection and they're going to run tests on a culture. Epiphany leaves and runs into Stan. She asks him if he has anything to do with the strike that's being organized. He tells her he knows she doesn't approve but he is happy and that should be good enough for her. Meanwhile, Dr. Julian walks into Maxie's room playing the guitar. Dr. Ford walks in and starts yelling at him for playing the guitar. It could cause heart problems for Maxie. They decide to admit Maxie. She is scared and asks them to call Coop.

The pregnant HIV patient comes back to the hospital with Braxton Hicks contractions. Dr. Lee checks her out and tells her everything is fine. Robin comes in and asks if the baby's dad is in the picture. The woman tells her the baby's dad is a test tube. It was too hard to date. When does she tell him (her date) that she's HIV positive? Robin relates and the two women talk about how lonely it can be.

At the nurse's station, Jolene stares at Epiphany and says he doesn't look like the type of person to be a janitor. Epiphany takes offense and asks what type of person would be better suited for janitor work. Jolene tries to explain, but Epiphany interrupts and tells her that Jason is way out of her league. Spinelli shows up at the hospital a week early for his checkup. He wants to see Jolene. He wants to return the pain medication that he was given. Although he's in a lot of pain, he's too tough to take medication. While Spinelli is waiting in a room, Jason comes to check on him. Spinelli starts going on and on about how he shouldn't be taking the blame for something he did. He drops his laptop and rushes to get it. Jason tells him he doesn't have a problem doing community service for 3 months for him. However he doesn't have another 3 months in case he needs to shoot him in the foot again! He tells him to just stay away from guns. Jolene comes in and Spinelli attempts to flirt. After Jolene leaves, Spinelli shows Jason the computer game he is developing, called "The Saga of Stone Cold".

Outside on the roof, Patrick overhears Robin talking to Jason about the HIV positive woman. She tells him she admires her and wants her own child one day. She tells Jason that Patrick has commitment issues and he would go running scared if she mentions babies. Patrick walks away. During a musical montage, Kelly and Stan are seen kissing in the shower. Jason is exasperated by Spinelli and the video game. Maxie plays with Dr. Julian's guitar. Robin and Patrick meet up on the roof. She forgives him. They hold hands and talk about where to go for breakfast.



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