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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leyla enters a dark room where Andy is breathing some type of gas. She tells him it's time for surgery and he walks to the elevator with him. He tells her she can call him Andy.

Dr. Julian talks to Patrick about an issue with a surgery. Patrick gets upset when he realizes there's another mistake between Drake Jr. and Drake Sr. He grabs the phone to call his father.

Stan approaches Dr. Lee, but she cuts him off before he can finish his sentence. She tells him she'll be showering alone tonight. She tells Dr. Julian that they should get something to eat together sometime. Dr. Julian points out that she's already eating. She tells him it was just a euphemism. He tells her he wants a rain check. Later, Kelly hooks up with Andy after Leyla shoots him down.

A victim of a car crash is brought in. Patrick and Robin try to question the victim, Jared, but he's upset and doesn't want to answer any questions. He's going to have to have a spine x-ray. He doesn't want his parents to be called. They hate him, especially now that he wrecked his Porsche. When Jared's parents arrive, Patrick notices how upset his father is. He asks the parents if they think drugs or alcohol could have factored into the accident. They don't think so. Jared was just angry. Patrick gets upset with how uncaring Jared's dad acts. He tells Jared's dad that his injury may cause a personality change. Jared's dad says that's good, because his son is an antisocial punk.

Patrick and Robin talk about Jared and his father's behavior. Robin says he's probably just scared. Patrick says some people have no business being fathers. Later, he calls his own father to thank him for the Porsche he got as a graduation gift. He really loved it. Then he goes to watch Jared's father sitting by his son's bedside.

Patrick continues to hear the singing in the hallways. He thinks it might be Stan, but he denies that it was him.

Toussaint asks Jason what his job is when he's not at the hospital. Jason tells him he's a coffee importer. Toussaint finds this information amusing. Liz walks in with Jake, who has an ear infection. Epiphany tells her there was a gun fight and she's needed in the operating room. Jason holds Jake and kisses him on the head while Toussaint watches. Jason apologizes to Toussaint for not working, but Toussaint tells him not to apologize. He's having the time of his life caring for his son. Robin sees Jason and Jake and thinks they are cute together. It's been a long time since she's seen him with a baby. She always knew he'd be a natural with kids, though. He's so calm. Robin tells Jason about their crash victim and how he may have the same injury Jason had. She tells him she wishes fathers and sons would just get long. He agrees. She says, "Easy for us to say, we're not parents."

Mrs. Storch is coughing badly which prompts Dr. Julian if she's been taking her antibiotics. She's only had enough money for her pain medication, so she has not been getting her antibiotic prescription filled. Dr. Julian asks Regina to help her out and give her some samples of the antibiotic. He tells Mrs. Storch that she needs to have some x-rays done. Later on, Mrs. Sneed yells at Dr. Julian for dispensing free drugs.

Jason comes in to see Mrs. Storch, carrying Jake. She is pleased to see him and calls him a dreamboat. She tells him Jake is going to be a lady killer, too. When Dr. Julian comes back, he tells Mrs. Storch that she has fluid in her lungs. She asks if that means she has to stay at the hospital. Dr. Julian just tells her that means she'll be a guest at the hospital. He kisses her and then leaves with Regina. Regina watches as Leyla walks into Mrs. Storch's room. Dr. Archer also goes into Mrs. Storch's room. He tells her he was her anesthesiologist. She asks how Leyla is after she leaves. She tells him he should be more confident because he's handsome. She tells him not to be afraid and he says he won't if she won't. When Dr. Archer leaves, he takes another doctor to a room where he hooks him up to an anesthesia machine so he can sleep. He warns him not to touch the dial or he'll sleep forever. When he leaves, an unknown person walks in and adjusts the anesthesia machine. When Dr. Archer comes back to wake the dr. for surgery, he's mad when he's too groggy to get up. Dr. Archer is forced to find someone else for the appendectomy.

Stan approaches Regina, but she doesn’t want to hear about the union. Stan then approaches Toussaint. He tells Stan how he once had dinner with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Stan asks how a janitor pulled that off. Epiphany tries to get Stan's attention, but just watches Toussaint as he walks by.

Spinelli thanks Lulu for bringing him to the hospital. She's curious at his behavior since he's the one who asked her to come. She has no idea why she's event here since his foot was fine the other day. Jolene approaches them and Spinelli introduces Lulu as his girlfriend, much to Lulu's surprise. Jolene leaves to check on Ms. Barrett, who is now conscious. She asks what happened to her. Jolene tells her they still aren't sure why there was laughing gas in the ambulance. Meanwhile, Lulu is annoyed at Spinelli. She asks him if he wants to go see Jason, but he wants to wait because Jolene will come in to check his vitals soon. Lulu asks if his girlfriend can miss that epic event and walks away. When Lulu comes back, Spinelli is telling Jolene how he saved Lulu from "mob warlords". Jolene asks Lulu if it's true, and Lulu reluctantly agrees. Jolene explains that she's very busy, but Spinelli tells her there's no hurry. Lulu gets up to walk away again and tells "Mr. Jackal" that he owes her. When Jolene comes back, Spinelli asks her to the Tech Expo. He's a celebrity there. She tells him she doesn't go out with people who cheat on their girlfriends. Spinelli tries to back peddle and says Lulu is just a friend. Jolene gives him chips and an orange soda. She asks what the relationship is between Jason and Elizabeth since she saw him with Jake. Spinelli is disappointed. When Jason and Jake come to check on Spinelli, he mentions how Jake will be going through his "firsts" soon, like the first time he goes online. Jason says Jake won't be going online. Jason asks Spinelli how many orange sodas he's had today, but Spinelli says it was HER fault, meaning Jolene. He tells him how he asked her to the Tech Expo, but she turned him down. Jason asks about the expo and Spinelli tells him that his game, "The Saga of Stone Cold" is a hit. Jason is mad because he told Spinelli that he was supposed to delete it. When Jolene comes back, Spinelli tries to tell her he's helping Jason babysit and says he likes playing with children. He starts stammering when he realizes that could be taken the wrong way. Jolene and Jason leave, while Spinelli looks for his ride.

Cody walks in and starts yelling at Regina. Jason walks over and tells him to relax. Cody says, "You again?", and Jason is confused. Lainey saves the day by dragging Cody off. Cody is upset that he doesn't get to talk to Lainey in an office, but she tells him to make an appointment next time. They talk about all the miniscule things Cody claims to suffer from: the death of his pet goldfish and the fact that his fly was down at his high school prom. He says he's also been having erotic dreams about her. Lainey is fed up. When she gets a call about her dad, she tells him to join a 12 step program or go to a military hospital.

Liz approaches a pregnant girl whose boyfriend has been shot in gang violence. She tells her she won't have a baby if it is only going to watch its father die. Liz is thoughtful. She goes to check on Jake, who is asleep in Jason's arms. He tells her that Jake has been changed twice and had his medicine. Every girl he introduced him to he now has wrapped around his finger. Later, she meets Jason on the roof with Jake. She starts to leave to take him home, but Liz turns back and watches Jason watching the skyline.

Dr. Archer walks in Ms. Barrett's room, but leaves to go do more gas. Later, another unknown person injects something into Mrs. Storch's IV. She smiles and then appears to go unconscious.



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