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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Keep The Change

Stan sneaks into the hospital with picket signs. Toussaint helps hide him from Epiphany. Spinelli shows up and tells Toussaint that he's there to stand in for Jason. Jolene walks by, crying. Spinelli tries to get her to open up to him, but she runs off. A patient walks out of his room and vomits on the floor. Toussaint instructs him to start cleaning it up.

In the locker room, Patrick asks Pablo how his vacation in Vegas was. Pablo calls it the City of Love. Regina points out that Paris is the City of Love, but Pablo disagrees. Any city is the City of Love for Pablo. They talk about Mrs. Storch's death and how someone killed her by injecting her IV with something. Robin and Regina join in the conversation about how wonderful and nice Mrs. Storch was. When Dr. Ford walks in, Patrick mentions that maybe Mrs. Storch was killed because of her co-pay. Dr. Ford doesn't find that funny. Pablo leaves after saluting Dr. Ford behind his back and Robin gives him a dirty look. None of them realize that Layla was listening to their conversation in another part of the locker room. Ms. Sneed comes in and tells Dr. Ford about the picket line that is forming outside. Patrick, Pablo, Layla and Stan are all outside with the picketers. Dr. Ford yells at Epiphany to get the picketers to stop. She yells at Stan, but he tells her there's no stopping when people start asking for what they deserve. Patrick tries to get Robin to join them, but she says she has to help the people inside. Patrick reminds her that the reason they are on the night shift is because they treated a patient without insurance. Robin leaves and Layla takes the opportunity to flirt with Patrick. They are stopped when Patrick notices Stacey, the pregnant HIV patient, passed out.

Andy tracks down Dr. Lee and asks if she's pissed at him. She ignores him and walks off to a patient. He's confused at her reaction. Kelly runs into Pablo in the locker room. Next, they're in the shower making out.

At the nurse's station, Epiphany tries to get Dr. Julian's attention to give him some lab results. When the ear buds are removed from his ears, Dr. Julian notices the x-ray is for a frog. The second set of lab results are for someone who is pregnant, obviously not his male patient. The patient, Mr. Hurley, approaches Dr. Julian and throws up at his feet. Epiphany realizes Mr. Hurley was fed the wrong dinner, which is what caused him to get sick. Epiphany yells at Jolene, but she says it wasn't her fault. The tray had the name and room number on it. She just delivered it.

Inside the hospital, Patrick and Stacey talk until Robin comes in. Dr. Lee orders some test for Stacey and they determine that she has preeclampsia. Robin asks Patrick to also evaluate Stacey because of her headaches caused by the high blood pressure. They give her the option of inducing now or waiting until she is full term. While they wait for her to make her decision, Robin visits a baby in the NICU. Stacey decides to wait instead of being induced. When Patrick leaves, Stan asks him if he's coming back to the picket line. Patrick tells him no and Stan is disappointed. When Dr. Lee leaves, Robin notices a condom wrapper stuck to her shoe. Robin approaches her and Kelly denies that it's hers.

Dr. Ford and Ms. Sneed talk about the media and their coverage of the strike. They're worried about bad press. They laugh about doing whatever to make them look good. Patrick tells them they need to be more sensitive. An ambulance exploded, Dr. Julian almost cut the wrong end of a patient, and an elderly woman was murdered. What's funny about that?

Patrick hears singing again and is thrilled to learn that Epiphany hears it as well. He hugs her, much to her dismay. Patrick finds out the singer is Toussaint. He used to be in a group called The Saints. When he tells Epiphany, she is tickled to learn the news. The next time she runs into Toussaint, she's star struck.

Dr. Ford and Mrs. Sneed tell a patient that they can not treat her since she doesn't have any insurance. When Robin tells Epiphany she needs an x-ray technician, Epiphany goes outside to the picket line. She manages to get an x-ray technician and two orderlies to come inside. Stan asks her where her compassion is. He shows her the woman Dr. Ford and Mrs. Sneed refused to treat. He says he knows she has pneumonia. He wants her to make a difference. Epiphany walks back inside and ignores his I love you.

Lainey and Cody have another session. She still thinks he's trying to use her to get access to pills. He threatens her and pulls a knife on her. She writes down the number to the Veteran's hospital for him. She tells him she's done with him. She gets a phone call about her father. When her father is admitted, he does not recognize her. Lainey asks Patrick for help. Her father has suffered a stroke. The nurses at Rose Lawn think he has Alzheimer's. Patrick runs some tests and says that her father needs surgery. Dr. Ford and Ms. Sneed walks up and say that they will not treat Mr. Winters. This is a pre-existing condition and insurance will not cover it. Patrick offers to donate his services and Lainey says she will cover any costs. They still say that Mr. Winters must leave. Cody walks in and sees Lainey and her father. Mr. Winters salutes Cody. Cody is strangely respectful of the older man. Lainey is straight business, though, and says that Cody is going to start nagging her for pills. Cody walks away after telling Lainey that she needs to stop being a doc long enough to be human.

Layla asks Regina why she's been so weird with her lately. Regina says she saw her go into Mrs. Storch's room right before the alarms went off. Layla stammers and says she was just doing her job. Jolene notices later that the two girls are silent towards each other. Regina tells her what she confessed to Layla. Jolene points out that just because Regina saw her around the time of Mrs. Storch's death doesn't mean she killed her. Later,

Spinelli walks in and sees Jolene crying again. He offers a shoulder for her to cry on. She tells him that her dad died 7 years ago today from a simple surgery that he never came out of. Spinelli tries to comfort her and is rewarded with a kiss before she gets back to work.

In the last segment, Epiphany goes back outside and gets the ill woman to bring her in for treatment. Dr. Ford tries to stop her, but she reminds him that he is scared of her.

In the locker room, Andy confronts Kelly about what happened between them. Up on the roof, Patrick and Robin talk about Stacey and her decision to go full term with her pregnancy. Patrick warns her not to use Stacey as a blueprint for her own life. Her life may not turn out the same.

Y&R's Max Page back in the hospital


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Y&R's Max Page back in the hospital
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