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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ms. Sneed walks past a janitor and yells at him. She's already in a fine mood. When Coop and Maxie walk past her, they are shocked when Ms. Sneed drops a pair of handcuffs! She takes it out on Regina and starts yelling at her about screwing things up. Maxie is admitted into the hospital and Coop sits with her while Robin explains that her infection is resistant to most antibiotics. Dr. Julien comes in and tells her that she's going into septic shock. Georgie walks in and Dr. Julien gives her the news, also. He assures her that something will work, though. Later, Maxie tries to leave the hospital, which infuriates Georgie. Maxie collapses. Back in her room, Georgie yells at her and tells her if she wants to die, then go ahead and die.

A man dressed like a clown comes into the ER, laughing hysterically. Spinelli hides behind Jason, who is scared of clowns. Epiphany yells at Jason, though, and tells him to get back to work. He's not doing enough to help Toussaint. Jason is stunned by Epiphany's affection towards Toussaint. Meanwhile, Ms. Barrett is outside of her room in a wheelchair. She can't keep her eyes off Jason until Regina comes to take her back to her room. Patrick walks into the clown's room that can't stop laughing. He seems creepy because he keeps laughing at everyone's misfortunes, like Jolene tripping over a cart. Patrick does an MRI on the clown and realizes that he has a brain tumor called "The Joker Face". It is treatable. They will do surgery tonight.

Andy sees a patient with a sleep disorder. While asleep, the patient gets in bed with a sleeping Layla. The patient's wife thinks he is just faking his "illness", though. When he gets in bed with Epiphany, his wife believes that it truly is an illness. Andy refers them to a sleep clinic. As they leave, it becomes apparent that he may really be faking his sleep disorder.

Robin talks to Jared's mother and explains what happened to Jason and how he pulled through his accident. Unknowingly, Jason listens to Robin telling his story. Jared's father runs into Jason and asks where he can get some coffee. They talk about Jared and his situation. Jason tries to offer up some encouragement and tells Jared's father that loving your child isn't something you can choose. Jared's dad tells Jason it's a good thing he's not a dad. Meanwhile, Patrick goes up to the roof and finds Layla crying. She's upset because she feels like everyone is ganging up on her about Mrs. Storch's death. She tells him that she has to graduate because everyone is counting on her. Patrick tells her she is a fine nurse and hugs her. Robin walks out and sees Patrick and Layla hugging and storms out. When Robin and Patrick go back to check on Jared, they see that he is awake and tell him about what happened. He recognizes his parents and seems to have a personality change. His father is pleased. Robin goes outside to take a breather and runs into Jason. She talks to him about Jared and how she wants to have children some day. Patrick overhears her conversation with Jason.

Pablo is fired. He thinks Kelly did this to him because he wouldn't sleep with her. Later, Dr. Ford tells Kelly that she and the hospital are being sued for sexual harassment. Kelly says he is lying, but Ms. Sneed wants to know if she really slept with him or not. This may be the end for the hospital.



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