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September 27, 2007
Thursday, October 4, 2007

Time Served

Leyla is on the phone at the nurse's station when Patrick tells her about another patient that has come in. He goes into the locker room just in time to hear Robin talking to Lainey and Kelly about Patrick and Leyla's new relationship. When the girls leave, Patrick comes up behind Robin and tells her that he heard what she said earlier. He cares about her, but they have different life goals. She walks away from him. She goes to assist with Shawn, the patient that was in a car accident and has a head injury. Leyla is also there, helping. Shawn asks about his wife, Janet. They tell her that she is fine and she is in the next room.

Regina and Jolene overhear Jordan and Dr. Ford talking as they push a cart into an elevator. The two girls begin to talk about Leyla when Dr. Julian walks past and overhears their conversation. They change their conversation and talk about how this is their last night on the night shift. Regina walks away and Spinelli comes in. Jolene goes to talk to him and tells him that she does find him attractive. Three men come in and ask fro help, but she tells them to sit down and wait in a very rude tone. As she walks away, a gun can be seen hidden in one of the men's arm sling. Later, Dr. Julian approaches Regina at the nurse's station. They talk about how she's competed with Leyla throughout the entire nursing program. He tells her she will make a great nurse once she gets her confidence up.

Lainey walks over to Epiphany and asks her how Toussaint is doing. Dr. Ford walks by and Lainey stops him. She tells him she is planning on testifying on Cody's behalf. He didn't kill his father; he set him free.

Epiphany asks Jason if he has been to visit Toussaint yet. She can't stay away from him, and she refuses to believe that his condition is permanent. Later, she notices that Jason is mopping outside Toussaint's room. She realizes he is staying there to protect Toussaint and asks him about it. Jason admits that he is trying to protect his friend. Meanwhile, Toussaint, still in a coma, talks to a younger version of himself. He tells his younger self to not be so arrogant. His younger persona replies that he loves to sing and he's not going to deny that fact. Toussaint tells his younger self to enjoy the singing and all the attention because it won't last. When the younger Toussaint disappears, the bracelet Toussaint gave Epiphany is sitting in the chair. Jordan tells Jolene that Toussaint must die. Jason knows what is going on and tells Spinelli that he knows Jolene is the killer. Spinelli tells Jason that Jolene is being paid by a dummy company owned by MedCam to destroy General Hospital so they can take over. Ms. Sneed walks over and tells Spinelli to leave. She also tells Jason that he is needed in another part of the hospital. When he leaves, Toussaint is left unguarded. Jason comes back just in time to see Jolene attempting to access Toussaint's room with a needle in her hand. He grabs her from behind and drags her to Dr. Ford.

A couple, Nate and Penny, come into the hospital from out of state. Penny is pregnant and is in labor. Regina helps her until Kelly comes in to meet them. Javi's girlfriend also comes into the hospital and asks Regina if she can see Kelly. She goes and finds Kelly in Penny's room when Nate walks past and distracts Regina. Javi's girlfriend tells Kelly to take Penny upstairs right away. Kelly doesn't understand. She looks out and tells Kelly that it's too late just as a gurney is being rolled in. At the same time, Jason is bringing a screaming Jolene to Dr. Ford. He explains that Jolene was about to kill Toussaint. He notices the three men in the waiting area and sees the two paramedics and Javi walking in. He knows something is going on and whispers to everyone to get behind the counter. The man on the gurney jumps up and everyone starts shooting. Nate is shot in the leg. Dr. Julian gets up to try to help an injured patient and he is also shot. Jason tries to get a gun and Spinelli distracts a gunman to try to help Jason. The gunman attempts to shoot Spinelli, but Jolene jumps in front of him at the last moment and is shot. Jason shoots and kills all of the gunmen except one. The last gunman grabs Robin at gunpoint and tries to leave with her. Jason and Robin make eye contact and she ducks out of the way just as Jason shoots. The last bandit is killed and Robin makes it out ok.

When the police arrive, Jason explains to Detective Cruz everything that happened. Mac rushes over to Robin. She tells him that she's ok, thanks to Jason. He saved her life. When Mac gets a chance to talk to Jason, he isn't exactly nice to him, despite the fact that he saved his niece's life.

Kelly goes to talk to Javi's girlfriend and tells her that Javi is dead. The girl says she tried not to go back to him, but she couldn't help it. Javi got into a fight and they thought his injuries were worse than they really were. When the paramedics arrived, he jumped one of them and took his uniform. She knew what was going on, so she decided to come and warn Kelly ahead of time since she had tried to help her before. Cruz comes over and asks the girl if she knew anything about the shooting that occurred. Kelly says she was not involved at all and was just there for an appointment.

Dr. Ford approaches Jordan and tells him that MedCam won't be taking over General Hospital. He shows him the file proving that MedCam paid Jolene $25,000 for the mishaps in the hospital. Meanwhile, Spinelli tells Jason that he doesn't understand why she jumped in front of him to save him. He goes into her room where she's hooked up to machines and unconscious. He thanks her for saving him and quickly leaves.

Meanwhile, in the locker room, Leyla and Regina look at Jolene's new scrubs hanging on her locker and talk about the things she did and how she was shot.

Epiphany goes into Toussaint's room and is puzzled when she sees the bracelet Toussaint gave her on the chair. She picks it up and Toussaint wakes up. She is so excited. Patrick comes in to check out his patient and Epiphany praises his work. Patrick is stunned that she admitted he did something well. Spinelli comes in and tells Toussaint about Jolene and the shootout and everything that occurred while he was unconscious. Toussaint can't believe it, but Jason comes in and confirms everything. Jason tells Toussaint it was an honor to work with him. Toussaint asks Epiphany for Leland's phone number and as they talk, he sees the younger version of himself smile and walk away. Jason leaves to meet with Dr. Ford who thanks him for his service. He mentions how lucky they were to get him to do his community service there when his friend shot himself in the foot.

Andy finds Kelly and asks her if she's ok. She tells him she is going to start going to Sex Addict meetings. She tells him that if they both can remain clean for 74 more days, they can sleep together.

Dr. Julian wakes up and Regina is in his room. He notices her new scrubs and congratulates her. He tells her that he notices her increased self-confidence even now.

Leyla goes up to the roof and sees Patrick. She tells him that she, Jolene, and Regina were all supposed to go out for waffles on the morning after they graduated. He offers to take her, and she decides to go and kisses him. They are interrupted when a pager goes off and they go to tend to the next patient.

The burned patient, Ms. Barrett, gets her wraps taken off of her head and the doctor tells her that she was really lucky because there is no scarring. She is happy and hugs him. She goes out to the waiting room and Spinelli sees her. He asks her if he can help her with something. She says she is there waiting for someone. Spinelli leaves and Jason comes over to the nurse's station to talk to Robin. He tells her he is released from his community service. Robin says she will miss seeing him around there. As they talk, he notices Ms. Barrett but doesn't see her face. Robin offers to walk Jason out to Sonny's car. Ms. Barrett leaves before they do, and when Robin comes back inside, she goes to work on Patrick's head trauma patient. She enters and Patrick stops her. He tells her she is too closely involved in this one. She says they will have to learn how to work together professionally and walks around him. She stops when she sees the patient. It is Robin on the gurney. She opens her eyes.

Y&R's Max Page back in the hospital


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Y&R's Max Page back in the hospital
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