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Thursday, September 27, 2007

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?

Patrick and Regina talk briefly about all the strange things happening at the hospital lately. Patrick excuses himself and leaves. Leyla, meanwhile, is stopped by Ms. Sneed to talk. As soon as she leaves, Leyla goes into a spare room to meet Patrick. They begin kissing passionately. One thing leads to another and when they finish and start to get dressed, Leyla tells Patrick that this has to stop. She could fall in love with him. She wants it to stop and they should leave things alone.

Robin is in the locker room talking to Lainey when Dr. Ford comes in and tells Lainey that the police want to talk to her about her father's murder. Lainey comes out and talks to Mac. Cody watches as they start to arrest Lainey for the murder of her father. He decides to try to steal some drugs while everyone is preoccupied. The cops see him and stop him. He tells them that it's Lainey's fault he needed the drugs. Her father didn't deserve to die, but he deserved to lose him. He pulled the plug to make her pay. When Lainey gets a chance to talk to him privately, he tells her that the cops wouldn't have believed him if they thought it was just a random killing. He had to make it seem like he wanted revenge.

Spinelli overhears Jason asking around to some of the nurses about Jolene. He asks Jason why he's investigating Jolene and finds out that Jason is suspicious of her. Jason wants Spinelli to look into her as well. Spinelli says that Jolene can't be responsible for murdering all the patients. Meanwhile, Jordan and Jolene talk. He wants her to kill one more time before they go public. He wants her to kill Toussaint. Jolene goes into the operating room where Regina is setting up for Toussaint's surgery. She offers to help, but Regina has it under control and Jolene leaves. Back at the nurse's station, Jolene yells at Regina. When she apologizes, Regina tells her she's not accepting the apology because she didn't deserve to be yelled at. Meanwhile, Spinelli and Jason continue to investigate Jolene. Spinelli tells Jason about Jolene's father and how he died during routine surgery. He still can't believe that Jolene could be guilty of all these horrible crimes.

Jolene stops a nurse who is pushing a cart. She tells her that Epiphany gave her orders to take over. The nurse leaves and Jolene starts to take something out of her pocket, but Jason stops her and offers to walk with her. Later, Jordan asks Jolene if she thinks Jason suspects anything, but she says no.

Toussaint and Epiphany talk about the surgery. She tells him she isn't worried. Everything will work out just fine. She comes back in later and brings two men with her. They are two other members of The Saints. Toussaint is thrilled to see them. They all sing and talk about their past. Everyone grows quiet when another man enters the room. Toussaint is surprised to see Leland because they did not get along anymore. Toussaint asks him if he came to see him die. Leland says he wished he would die back when they got into their disagreement. Maybe now he will get his wish.

After The Saints leave, Jason comes in and tells Toussaint that he has had brain surgery twice before. Before much more can be said, Epiphany comes in and tells Jason he needs to leave. It's almost time for the surgery and Toussaint needs his rest. Epiphany sits down to talk to Toussaint and tells him how he inspired her the first time she saw him sing. Patrick interrupts when he comes to take Toussaint for his surgery. Toussaint gives Epiphany his silver bracelet and asks her to keep it until he recovers. As he is rolled out of the room, Jolene watches from the shadows. Patrick and Robin begin the operation, while Epiphany worries at the nurse's station. Regina tells her to go take a break, so Epiphany goes to watch the surgery. Toussaint flat-line's, and everyone starts trying to save him. Inside Toussaint's mind, he sees himself with The Saints singing onstage when he was younger. A girl, Michelle, doctors, and deceased patients are out in the audience. The shows ends with a flat white line and the beep of the machine signaling no heart beat.



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