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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Robin witnesses Leyla and Patrick in the locker room and walks away after telling them to get a room. Robin is upset that Curtis won't let her hold the baby anymore and Patrick's new relationship isn't making things any better. When she sees Leyla later, Robin tells the girl to clean out a supply closet. Leyla says she will find someone to do it, but Robin tells her she is a student nurse and she should do it. Patrick sees this and tells Robin to stop punishing Leyla because of their relationship. Later, Patrick sees Leyla in the break room and shows her a file on a patient. The patient has a cerebella aneurysm that can not be treated. He is upset.

Patrick goes to visit Lainey while she sits with her father. Dr. Ford also comes in and tells her that the insurance is running out and her father will need to be transferred to the county hospital. He is sympathetic and apologizes before he leaves. When Cody comes in later, Lainey explains the situation to him. When Lainey leaves the room, Cody pulls the plug on the machines and tells Mr. Winters that he knows what he wants. Lainey witnesses this and rushes back in when the nurses enter to try to resuscitate her father. She tells them about the Do Not Resuscitate order. Dr. Ford hears about the situation and tells Lainey that he and Jordan think someone killed her father. They interrogate Cody, but Lainey says she saw him elsewhere so he couldn't be responsible. She doesn't know who did it, but she is thankful. Dr. Ford tells her that he will have to tell the police before MedCam does. They will use this as an opportunity to try to take over GH. When they leave, Cody and Lainey talk. She tells him not to be sorry. She just wishes she could have said a better good-bye.

Spinelli walks into the hospital and tries to approach Jolene. She moves to another area further away from him, though. He goes to Jason who notices a distinct odor. Spinelli explains that it's his cologne. He later overhears Andy and Kelly talking. She wants to go to a Sexaholic Anonymous meeting for help with her problem. When they walk away, Spinelli tells Regina what he overheard. He asks her if it's possible to be addicted to sex.

Epiphany is shocked when she goes to check on Toussaint and finds that he is not there. She finds him mopping the floor. She makes him get back in bed. When Jason comes in, Epiphany yells at him for not taking Toussaint's work on himself. Spinelli rushes in to tell Jason about his newfound knowledge regarding addiction and Epiphany tells Spinelli to leave Jason alone so he can do his work. Epiphany and Jason leave and Spinelli asks Toussaint if he ever was worried about becoming addicted to sex during his singing years. Toussaint tells him no. Later, Epiphany comes back in and they talk about the past. She tells him that a student nurse will be coming in to take him for more tests. He wants to know why she isn't taking him. As she turns to leave, he starts to hum and she breaks out singing.

Spinelli runs to catch up with Jason and tells him about Kelly being addicted to sex. He thinks he is addicted now, too, since he and Jolene slept together. It is better than orange soda and barbeque chips. Jason walks away and Spinelli goes to invite Jolene to breakfast with him. She asks him if he has told anyone about them having sex, and he says he told Jason. She is mad and walks off. Spinelli talks to Jason and asks him to talk to Jolene for him. Jason doesn't think it will do any good. When Spinelli and Jolene talk later, he tells her that he won't stand in her way of a relationship with Jason. Jolene says that Jason isn't interested in a relationship. Jolene catches up with Jordan who asks her if she is responsible for Mr. Winter's death. She says no, but she did mess with Andy's machines. Jordan doesn't think that's good enough.

Dr. Julian asks Regina for her help with a surgery, but she tells him she's still on probation. He says he will take care of Dr. Ford. Later, Dr. Ford approaches Regina and tells her the probation is over. She can get back to work. She goes to talk to Dr. Julian and he tells her about a patient with Maxie's condition that died. He is looking for Andy but can not find him. Kelly overhears and goes looking for him. She finds him passed out and hooked up to an IV. She struggles to wake him up, not knowing that Jolene had been in there previously and had messed with the IV. Jolene also doesn't know that Jason saw her. When Kelly finally gets him awake, he tells her that this is the second time someone has messed with his IV. She calls him an addict and storms out. Andy finds Regina and asks if Dr. Julian is using another doctor in place of him. As they talk, Curtis and Lori rush to the nurse's station looking for the baby. Curtis tells Leyla to lock the doors because Robin took his baby. Patrick yells at Curtis and tells him that he sees why Stacey didn't tell him he was the father. If Robin took her, she is fine. Outside, Robin talks to the baby in her arms. Jason approaches her and tells her about Curtis. She was going to take her back before anyone noticed.

In the end, Robin brings the baby back to Curtis. Patrick and Leyla kiss in the locker room. Cody comforts Lainey as she mourns her father. Jason watches and Jolene observes an upset Spinelli leave the hospital. He sees her run into a room crying. Robin cries on the roof.



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