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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The night starts out calm, but Dr. Julian warns the nurses that it's just the calm before the storm. Before too long, a pregnant patient comes in screaming with contractions. Epiphany tells Regina to page Kelly. Regina pages Kelly and then tries to calm down the patient. Kelly comes in and sees that her blood pressure is too high. Later, Kelly takes Regina aside and tells her to calm down and keep it together. Javi Martinez, the baby's father searches for the girl in the hospital. He asks Leyla where she is. Javi finds her and walks into her room. He argues with her and tells her she has no right to keep him from his child. Kelly tries to make him leave, but he grabs her and threatens her.

Jason mops up while Toussaint walks over to talk to him. He tells him he has been promoted to Supervisor of Matinee. Spinelli comes over to talk to them. He's wearing a bowling shirt and has a bowling ball with him. He drops the bowling ball on his injured foot. While Spinelli and Toussaint talk and ice the foot, Jason mops his way over to the pregnant girl's hospital room and tells Javi to step outside. He comes at Jason with a knife, but Jason defends himself and gets the knife away from him. Cody steps in and helps take down another assailant. They run off and Cody tells Jason they are now even. Meanwhile, a woman with a broken arm asks Toussaint to sign her cast. Epiphany chases her away.

Curtis comes into the nursery with the results from his paternity test. He says he is there to take his daughter home. He explains that the last time he saw Stacey was in January. She never told him she was pregnant. He won't let his daughter grow up alone. Lori, the social worker, tells Robin she is sorry. While Curtis fills out paperwork, Robin asks him if he knows how hard it's going to be raising a child. She tells him that she's been calling the girl, Anna. He doesn't like that name and tells her so. He also says he's going to be the only one raising his child. Robin watches through the nursery window. Jason comes over and she tells him about Curtis taking the baby to New York. She doesn't think he has the little girl's best interest at heart. She can't figure out why Stacey didn't tell the truth. Jason offers to talk to Curtis and leaves. Diane comes to the hospital to talk to Jason and Robin stops her. She asks what would hold up in court and what the different options are. Diane points out that what Stacey may have wanted won't hold up in court. Before Diane leaves, she sees Toussaint. She starts to talk to him, but Epiphany yells at her. The two women argue until Jason comes between them and puts Diane on an elevator.

Dr. Ford and Jordan are talking when they see Kelly. Dr. Ford introduces Jordan to Kelly and tells her that Pablo dropped the lawsuit and they settled with him. Kelly is mad that they settled. She starts yelling, but Andy rescues her and pulls her away from the gentlemen. She tells him not to save her next time and leaves in a huff. Later, Kelly lashes out at orderlies walking past her.

After Javi's girlfriend gives birth to her little girl, Kelly instructs Regina to start an IV that will stop the girl's bleeding. Regina does it wrong, but Kelly quickly corrects the mistake before anything bad happens. When Dr. Ford finds out, he puts her on probation. Dr. Julian overhears Regina and Jolene talking about what happened. Regina mentions that she would be in her second trimester now if she hadn't had the abortion. Dr. Julian stops her from leaving and tells her they are short handed and they need her. He tells her he will handle Dr. Ford. She asks him why he is being so nice to her and he tells her that good nurses are hard to come by. Meanwhile, Kelly talks to Dr. Ford and tells him she will take responsibility for what happened with Regina. She runs out of the room as she takes her clothes off. She stands on top of the nurse's station, screaming and crying. Andy comes over to her and wraps her up in his lab coat. He pulls her into the break room, where Kelly thinks she just committed suicide to her career. She can't remember the last time she enjoyed being with a man. She feels in control and has a rush of power when she sleeps with someone.

Patrick approaches Leyla at the nurse's station and asks her to assist with a surgery he is performing. She tells him not to grant her any special favors and suggests he talk to Regina or Jolene. He understands that she's telling him to ask someone he hasn't kissed. Later, she comes into surgery as he's scrubbing in. He explains that he only wanted her to watch so she might learn something new.

Jolene talks to Jordan in private and he tells her that the only reason why GH is still in business is because of the public support it has. He tells her she must kill again, but this time it should be a doctor. Meanwhile, Andy prepares to lie down. Dr. Julian warns him not to use any drugs. He doesn't want him to screw up another surgery. Andy lies down with his IV set up anyway. Jolene approaches the door outside Andy's room with a shot in her hand. She can't get in. Spinelli sees her and offers to help. He asks what is in there. She tells him she was just looking for a place where they could be alone. She really likes him. They go into another room and she takes her shirt off. He tells her they should slow down. He doesn't have much experience in this area. She says they will make it up as they go. She takes his shirt off and lays down on top of him, all the while, kissing his neck. When they come out of the room, Jolene tells Spinelli to keep it a secret. She doesn't want to get in trouble. He bends down to tie his shoe and asks her to breakfast. He looks up and she is long gone.

Lainey is with her father in his hospital room when Cody comes in and asks how he is doing. She thinks he is just there for drugs and writes a prescription. She hands it to him and tells him to leave. He doesn't take the prescription and walks out of the room. She chases after him and tells him that her father isn't doing well. The machines are basically keeping him alive. Cody tells her that maybe it's time to let go.

In the end, Spinelli tells Jason and Jolene goodnight, but only Jason acknowledges him. Javi's girlfriend names her daughter Maria, after her grandma. Baby Anna's name is changed to Rebecca. Leyla and Patrick head towards a bed as they passionately kiss. Toussaint passes out. Jason, Jolene, and Epiphany rush to his side to help.



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