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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gutter Ball

In the break room, everyone is talking about Lainey's father. When Kelly walks in, everyone stops talking. She thinks they were talking about her and the sexual harassment suit. They quickly tell her that it's just because they will be operating on Mr. Winters without the hospital's approval. When Lainey leaves the break room, Cody runs into her asking for more pain pills. After he pushes her around a bit, she relents and gives him a small prescription. Later, Cody is in the room with Mr. Winters when the doctors come to take him to surgery. Cody offers his assistance. Lainey thanks him and tells him that he must keep this a secret because they are not supposed to be operating on him since the insurance won't cover the operation.

Jolene tries to convince Regina and Leyla that they shouldn't be helping with the operation on Mr. Winters. When Patrick comes to get the girls, Jolene tells him she's going to stay and keep an eye out for Epiphany. While the operation is going on, Robin talks to Lainey about her father. They change the subject when Dr. Ford approaches them. Robin yells at Dr. Ford and threatens to quit in an effort to prevent him from walking in on the surgery. Dr. Ford surprises them all when he tells them after the surgery is over that the operation was authorized. Jolene goes in to see Mr. Winters while everyone else is busy with other things. Soon afterwards, Lainey's dad takes a turn for the worse and is taken to ICU. Patrick is upset and Leyla tries to comfort him. Lainey tells Dr. Ford that her father wanted to die and she needs a Do Not Resuscitate for him.

Spinelli tries to follow Jolene as she takes a wheelchair into a room. Regina stops him and tells her to stop stalking her. Meanwhile, Jordan tells Jolene that a patient needs to die. Jolene sneaks into a room that Jason is outside of and drops a tray of medical supplies. He comes in to help her clean it up and she asks him out to go bowling with her sometime. He tells her she shouldn't be asking a guy like him out. Spinelli notices the two were talking and later asks Jason to find out some hobbies that Jolene enjoys. Jason breaks the bad news to him and tells him that Jolene asked him out. He isn't surprised that Jolene wants to be with Jason and not Spinelli. Later on, Jolene ignores Spinelli when she sees him bowling in the hallways with spray bottles.

Ms. Barrett, the burn victim, watches Jason holding Stacey's baby. Robin sees her and questions why she is so interested in the baby. Robin goes into the nursery and tells Jason that she's calling the baby Anna. She thanks him for paying all the medical bills and tells him he would be a great dad.

Dr. Julian talks to Epiphany about needing an operating room on Monday. He doesn't want room 4, though. Andy walks over and it is obvious that Dr. Julian is still mad at him for the episode during Maxie's surgery.

Stan talks to Toussaint and offers him a job at the MetroCourt. Toussaint turns it down and says he wants to stay there at the hospital. Epiphany yells at Stan and tells him to leave and not return until he's learned some respect. Dr. Julian then walks up to Toussaint and asks him about his musical background. Epiphany interrupts and sends him to the emergency room and then apologizes to Toussaint. She tells Toussaint she doesn't understand why he works the night shift. He tells her that he never could get to bed before sun rise. Later, Toussaint gives Epiphany a drawing. She thanks him and asks him to sing a song for her. He tells her he doesn't sing that particular song anymore, but then suddenly he has another dizzy spell. Epiphany, worried, asks him if he's alright. He brushes her off and tells her he's fine and walks away.

Patrick asks Robin for help on Mr. Winter's surgery, but she tells him she can't. She has a meeting with the social worker. He is mad and tells her that he's not ready to be a father. In the locker room, Robin tells him she doesn't want to force him into something he's not ready for. He can live without her, though, and she doesn't think Anna can. They cry and hug and he tells her she will be a wonderful mother. Later, Robin meets with the social worker who thinks Robin will have a good chance at getting custody of the baby girl. Unfortunately, a nurse later tells Robin that a man has come in requesting to see the baby. Robin goes in to hold Anna again and tells Jason that she's going to be taking the baby home as a foster mother until the adoption goes through. She tells him it won't be easy because Patrick isn't ready to settle down yet.

In the end, Ms. Barrett continues to walk around the hospital. Robin finds out the man asking about Anna claims to be her father. Patrick and Leyla kiss.



Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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