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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mother's Day

Jason starts doing CPR on Stacey's baby girl and quickly gets the baby breathing again. He hands the baby over to Spinelli so he can get the placenta out of Stacey. He realizes she's bleeding a lot and asks Spinelli to take a pulse. When they determine that she has no pulse, Jason starts CPR. Meanwhile, Ms. Sneed comes over to the group of doctors huddled around the elevator and tells them that this has to stop. She says Stacey and her baby are already dead and they need to get back to work. Dr. Ford stands up for Robin and the team. He tells Ms. Sneed that she does not have a doctor's degree and to leave the team alone. Downstairs in the elevator shaft, Epiphany goes to check on Toussaint and Stan. They are still working on the fuse box for the elevator. Toussaint mentions that the box looks like someone poured liquid all throughout. He says this was no accident. He stumbles a bit, but manages to put a final piece back in the fuse box. Although Stan thought it would take much longer, by a seemingly miracle the elevator starts up again. Robin and Dr. Lee greet Jason and ask how long he has been doing chest compressions. Spinelli tells the nurse the status of the baby. They rush off to the ER, but Robin turns back around to tell Jason that he should have waited. In the ER, Dr. Lee realizes that the only way to save Stacey is for her to have a hysterectomy. After the surgery is over, Robin and Patrick wait with Dr. Lee in Stacey's recovery room. Robin tells Dr. Lee that she shouldn't have done the hysterectomy because Stacey won't be able to have any more kids now. Dr. Lee takes offense to Robin questioning her life-saving methods. Leyla comes to talk to Dr. Lee and tells her that another pregnant patient has come into the ER in pain. She thinks something is wrong. Dr. Lee asks Patrick to wait with Stacey while she goes to attend to the other patient, another decision Robin thinks is poor. In the nursery, Spinelli (wearing scrubs) and Jason look in on the baby. She appears to be doing fine. A nurse takes the baby to Stacey's recovery room. Spinelli tells Jason that he takes the blame for the elevator getting stuck. Toussaint had told him not to jam the elevator buttons, but he did it anyway. Jason tells him it's not his fault. He's a hero. Later, Jolene talks to Spinelli and also reiterates the same message. Jason could not have performed the C-section without Spinelli finding the instructions. Back in Stacey's room, Robin holds the baby while they wait for her to wake up. Stacey starts to stir and Robin walks over and tells her to try to wake up. When she does, Robin hands her the baby girl. Stacey starts crying and Robin and Patrick both get emotional. Robin tells her how Jason saved her and the baby and Stacey asks her to thank him for her. Robin starts to tell her that she can thank Jason herself, but suddenly Stacey flat-lines. Patrick starts CPR and then uses the paddles once the defibulator is wheeled in. After countless tries, Patrick finally declares her dead. Robin is devastated and yells at Patrick, telling him he didn't do enough for her. Patrick grabs her and pulls her out of the room. He yells at her and tells her patients die. If she can't get used to that, she shouldn't be in medicine.

Meanwhile, Epiphany talks to Stan, of whom she is very proud. She asks if he is done impersonating orderlies, and he replies that he is simply on break. She tells him to get back to work. He is impressed that he doesn't get any further harassing.

Toussaint and Jason go to the elevator to clean up the blood. Epiphany tells them they should wait and let the janitors do that when they come on. Toussaint tells her he still has time left on his shift and would rather stay busy. Epiphany tells both men they did a great job. While the men clean the elevator, Toussaint reveals to Jason that someone intentionally sabotaged the elevator. Robin also shows up. She apologizes to Epiphany and thanks her for everything she did. Epiphany instructs the three nurses to go and take Stacey's body to the morgue. She tells them to be professional about it. As they start to move the body, the sheet falls away from Stacey's face. This startles the girls. The pull the sheet back up and continue on their way.

Spinelli goes to see the baby, who is back in the nursery. He sobs while he apologizes to the baby. Robin comes to see the baby, also. She goes in to hold her while Patrick watches from outside.

As Patrick is walking past another room, he notices Leyla is stocking shelves and is upset. She and Regina had gotten into an argument earlier. Leyla still thinks Regina is out to get her from Mrs. Storch's death. Regina says she is tired of being nice to her. When Patrick stops in, he tells Leyla that she is the best in her class. Do not lose her cool and don't let her emotions get the best of her.

Kelly is sitting in a stairwell when Andy walks up to her. She tells him that she could have done a c-section weeks ago when she first diagnosed Stacey with preeclampsia. Andy reminds her that it was her decision to make, not Kelly's. Later, Dr. Julian talks to Kelly. When Patrick walks by, he asks him when he's going to perform surgery on his patient. Patrick says the patient is still too weak. Kelly asks him to re-check. Just one more minute could save a life.

Patrick, Robin, and Dr. Lee all talk to Mr. Sanders and Dr. Ford. The final decision is reached that Stacey bled out from complications from placenta abreva. Everything that could be done was done. When Robin leaves the room, she runs into Jason. He is shocked to learn of Stacey's death and is upset. She apologizes to him and tells him that it was not his fault. Robin tells Jason that she held such high hope for Stacey because if she could have a baby, maybe Robin could, too. Jason is also called in to speak with Mr. Sanders and Dr. Ford and they reiterate what Robin says. He rushes out of the room and up to the helipad to watch the sun come up, with tears in his eyes.

As Spinelli gets ready to leave, he hesitates at the elevator and turns to take the stairs. Toussaint notices this. He tells him that it was not his fault the elevator jammed. He explains that the control box had been sabotaged. When Stacey got wheeled on the elevator, she was doomed. It was just a matter of who she was going to get stuck with. What Spinelli did was heroism. Jason could not have logged on and found the instructions to perform the c-section. Toussaint tells him he would be honored to ride the elevator down with him, and they both get on the elevator.



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