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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Leyla and Jolene talk about Kelly and the sexual harassment suit. Leyla insults Kelly, who almost overhears her, but is stopped by another nurse who needs her help.

Pablo watches Kelly in the shower. When she gets out, he makes a rude comment and she comes over and knees him where it counts. He tells her that no matter what happens with the suit, her reputation is over. Later, Kelly and a man make out and head towards a bed. They accidentally sit on a dead patient.

A man is rushed into the ER with a dog bite. Regina looks for Epiphany and finds her with a mysterious package. Multiple people try to approach the package, but Epiphany bites everyone's head off and tells them not to touch the package. Later, she hands it to Toussaint and congratulates him. It's an employee of the month plaque.

Spinelli walks into the hospital and finds Toussaint. He tells him that tonight the Jackal's quest will be fulfilled. He practices asking Jolene out in front of Toussaint. He says he has great video gaming skills and once impressed a 12-year-old. Toussaint tells him he has some real problems. When Spinelli leaves, Toussaint gets dizzy. Spinelli takes the first opportunity to talk to Jolene when he sees her snooping around some drugs. He startles her and she yells at him and calls him a stalker.

Dr. Julian tells Maxie that she has a heart abscess. It's not uncommon and can be fixed. He's going to find a surgeon for her. She's not happy. She wants him to do it. He looks for Monica Quartermaine to do it, but she is unavailable. Mac also wants Monica to do the surgery and is upset when he learns that Dr. Julian will end up doing the surgery himself. Maxie is in the recovering room sleeping when Jolene walks in and messes with her IV. Maxie flat-lines. Later, Jolene walks past an upset Spinelli and acts cheery towards him and says, "Hey Mr. Jackal!"

Andy lays down to rest using an IV. An unknown person is seen coming in to the room and raising the medication on Andy. When Dr. Julian tries to get Andy up, he has problems and is groggy. He uses oxygen to wake up more quickly and Kelly sees this and tells him he has a problem. Andy gets upset and reports to surgery. Dr. Julian, nervous already, notices as surgery begins, that Maxie is turning blue. Andy put the breathing tube in the wrong place. The surgery ends up being finished with no more issues. Regina tells Dr. Julian he did a wonderful job. When Dr. Julian sees Andy again, they argue. He tells him to never come to the OR like that again. Andy tries to explain that someone upped his dosage.

In the nursery, Robin holds Stacey's baby girl. A nurse questions her, and Robin explains how she feels guilty because she wasn't there for her friend when she needed her. Patrick comes in and talks to Robin. She has named the little girl Anna and wants to keep her. Her tests have come back negative. Patrick tells her she got too personal and too involved with this case. A social worker comes in to put the baby in foster care. There is no father because Stacey conceived the child via IVF and Stacey has no family.

Lainey's father is brought in to the ER after suffering a major fall. Cody, who is also back in the ER bleeding, sees Lainey and her father. Once Mr. Winters gets settled in a room, he gets upset and pushes Lainey who falls into a medicine cabinet. While Patrick checks on Mr. Winters, Lainey rushes off to find Stan. She asks him to pretend to be her ex-boyfriend, David. He agrees and Mr. Winters falls for the trick. He is pleased to see his daughter with David again. Outside the room, Patrick tells Lainey that her father is getting worse. Dr. Ford mentions that they can't do any unnecessary procedures. When Lainey goes back to talk to her dad, he tells her that he loves her and he's ready to die.

Meanwhile, Leyla catches Cody looking through medical supplies.

Mr. Sanders and Dr. Ford talk to an associate from MedCam. He tells them that the state is considering shutting GH down altogether. Dr. Ford tells Jordan that things happen and he will fight him on this all the way. Lainey leaves, but watches as Cody goes to talk to her father. He tells Mr. Winters that he is there to help in any way he can. Mr. Winters tells him that he is ready to die. Cody argues with him and says he should stay and fight for his family.

Ms. Barrett, the burn victim from the ambulance, watches and listens to what's going on in the hospital. She watches Robin with baby Anna.

In the hospital's morgue, Jolene meets with Jordan. He thanks her for her contributions on MedCam's behalf. She is the reason behind the ambulance exploding, Mrs. Storch dying, the elevator breaking, and everything else that has gone wrong. Maxie, however, is not added to that list, because she has survived. Jolene says her father's death opened her eyes. Jordan tells Jolene that her father would be proud.

In the end, Dr. Julian holds Maxie's hand, Cody salutes Mr. Winters, Andy continues to use more oxygen, Kelly cries, Epiphany smiles and Toussaint who thanks her, Robin fills out adoption papers, and Leyla comforts Patrick.



Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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