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Patrick and Robin cuddled after making love on the couch, and Patrick talked about a girl named Kelly Powers from high school. He said Robin's couch reminded him of the couch in Kelly's basement. Robin knew about all the Kelly Powers of the world, and said if they were having a girl they would not have a couch in their basement. Patrick said they wouldn't even have a basement. Robin and Patrick talked about possibly couch shopping during the upcoming weekend.

Dr. Ford talked to Epiphany about interviewing new orderlies, and after Dr. Ford walked away Epiphany muttered about needing a vacation to the Bahamas. Toussaint walked up and asked if he could go with her. He needed to interview for the orderly position first, though.

The new interns dressed in the locker room and briefly chatted about dating. Dr. Julian came in and made it very clear he was not happy about being there. As they started rounds, Kyle introduced himself to Claire and they laughed and bonded over Dr. Julian's bad attitude.

A car came squealing into the ER and crashed through the doors. A patient was injured, but Patrick focused on Robin, lying on the ground. He rushed over to her and started treating her until Dr. Ford walked in. He asked if anyone else was injured, not realizing there was a large shard of glass stuck in his neck. Patrick asked him to sit down and not pull the glass out, but Dr. Ford didn't pay attention. He pulled the glass out and started gushing blood and collapsed. Meanwhile, Epiphany asked the driver how much she had had to drink.

After the chaos had cleared out, Patrick made a speech to the hospital staff about how loss was hard to deal with, especially when it was of one of their own. Dr. Ford would want them to get on with their lives, though, and get back to work. In the mean time, Patrick was appointed temporary Chief of Staff.

Patrick went into Robin's hospital room and checked her vitals again. She and the baby were fine, and Kelly had agreed she could go back to work. Patrick told Robin he wasn't allowing her to work anymore. Robin was furious and left in a huff. As soon as she was gone, Patrick went to check on Alice, the "drunk" driver from the previous night's accident. He started to yell at her for drinking and being under the influence, but Epiphany stopped him and explained the blood tests showed Alice had been sober.

Patrick came home the next morning with breakfast for Robin. He thought she was still in bed and told her to get her" sexy body out in the kitchen" with him. Jagger walked out in a towel, and Patrick asked who the hell he was and what he was doing there. Robin soon came home and explained that her dear friend and showed up last night and she offered to let him stay. Patrick left them to talk but asked Jagger to put some pants on. Jagger talked to Robin about Karen's death and how hard it had been to lose her, even after their divorce. Robin knew what he was going through and they talked briefly about Stone, Jagger's brother and Robin's boyfriend who had died. Later that afternoon, Patrick was surprised to find them still talking. When he left for work, Robin said she would go to bed early. As soon as he left, though, Robin started to get ready for work or battle as she called it.

Dr. Julian started rounds with the new interns and asked Claire about the first patient they came upon. Claire stumbled with her answer, and Dr. Julian started to embarrass her. Kyle stepped up and gave a diagnosis and treatment, showing he clearly had mastered his studies in med school. Dr. Julian said they were both incorrect and the patient needed antibiotics. Saira, the new doctor told Dr. Julian she would be treating the patient with acupuncture. She thought Dr. Julian should be teaching his students that medicine is never a sure thing, and Dr. Julian appeared embarrassed. Later, in the locker room, Leo tried to flirt with Saira. He asked her not to treat him like that in front of students, though. She wasn't concerned with how doctors were treated, though. She reminded him of how he treated her patient when he barged into her room without even a hello. She was concerned with how patients were treated.

When Robin arrived at General Hospital, she was upset to learn her badge no longer worked. Saira used her badge to help Robin get into the locker room, where they talked about the old days in med school together. The new doctor wanted Robin to think about Patrick's concerns about maternity leave. She knew Robin loved to fight and wanted to make sure Robin was not just standing up to be fighting.

When Patrick finally caught Robin in the hospital, he had already given all her patients to other doctors. Robin was livid but was determined to find her own patients. She stopped in to check on Alice, but Patrick walked in and said all the tests and blood work had not shown anything was wrong with her. Alice and her fiancÚ, Gary, clearly loved each other and were planning on getting married. Gary had proposed to her the night they had crashed. She started feeling funny, which is why they had headed to the emergency room. Alice recognized Robin as being the girl she had hit and immediately apologized. She felt she was wasting everyone's time and should just go home. Suddenly, Alice was unable to talk and appeared to be having a stroke. Patrick rushed Alice for an MRI, while Robin talked to Gary about the stroke. Alice was only 26, so a stroke wasn't normally something they looked for in patients her age. Alice smoked and was on birth control, though, so she was at risk for strokes. Robin said Patrick would be doing emergency surgery to relieve the bleeding on the brain and he was the best surgeon there was. Robin told Gary he should postpone their wedding plans, though, because they had a long road ahead of them.

Dr. Julian walked into the operating room and offered to assist with Patrick on Alice's surgery. Patrick said two interns had already volunteered so there was no need for Leo to assist. Dr. Julian was furious and yelled at Claire and Kyle. When Claire tried to stand up for Kyle, Dr. Julian told her that Kyle had no interest in her so she didn't need to stand up for him. Claire walked into surgery, while Dr. Julian told Kyle he couldn't assist. The two men got into a fist fight and ended up in Patrick's office after the surgery was over. Patrick chastised Dr. Julian and then looked at Kyle's file and discovered his last name was also Julian. Kyle and Leo were brothers. Patrick told them to leave and keep their personal lives out of the hospital for further notice. Kyle walked out of Patrick's office and found Claire. They talked and she finally realized he was gay. She said she should have figured that out sooner, because she was just starting to like him.

Toussaint got on an elevator and held the door for Epiphany. He thanked her for the job and she asked what brought him back to General Hospital. The Saints had taught Toussaint a lesson that he couldn't live on the road anymore. He was back to start a new life and would start school and work his way up.

Robin went to check on Alice after the surgery and found a note from Gary. She rushed out, realizing Gary was intending to leave Alice before she woke up. Robin tried to talk him out of it, but Gary said he was too young to take care of someone. This wasn't what he had signed on for. Robin realized how good she had it with Patrick. She went home and thanked him for always standing by her when times got rough. Patrick explained how worried he was when he saw Robin on floor after the car crashed through the doors. They seemed to finally understand each other when Jagger knocked on the door. Robin went to answer it, and Jagger said he had someone to introduce her to - his son, Stone.



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