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Jagger and some local Port Charles police officers brought in a group of white supremacists and some local residents who had been fighting. There was one man who seemed to be the ringleader, and he quickly gave his opinion of Saira and Leo. He tried to befriend Patrick, but the chief of staff had no interest in being associated with the racist. When the man made some ignorant comments to Epiphany, she stood up to him and told him she didn't like the way he looked, either. Their exchange lasted several minutes until Epiphany stormed out. She had never let someone get to her like that before and had never walked out on the job. Toussaint met her at a local bar for a drink and did his best to calm her down.

During the chaos with the white supremacist group, one of the local Port Charles residents recognized Jagger from the autism support group. They talked briefly about their children, and Jagger told the man that Stone had suffered a seizure a few weeks prior. The man seemed supportive and told Jagger it would get better. He thought the support group helped and told Jagger he hoped to see him at the next meeting.

Robin called out to her father as she prepared to leave for work. When he didn't answer, she rushed into the bedroom and found her father unconscious on the floor. Robert was rushed to the hospital where Robin pulled Patrick away from the white supremacist movement that was happening in the emergency room. Anna came to wait with Robin as Robert underwent emergency surgery. Anna was surprised to learn how much Robert had deteriorated. After the surgery was over, Anna sat with Robert and they reminisced about old times. It was a bittersweet reunion as Anna tried to keep Robert's mind off his condition. When Robin came in to check on her father, Anna promised them both that they would all get through that battle together.

Meanwhile, Kyle was still very upset with his brother, and most of all, Claire. He took out his aggression on both Leo and Claire by yelling at them for their betrayal. Unfortunately, Saira witnessed Kyle yelling at Claire and telling her she needed to gain some self-respect. Claire ran away before Saira could get the chance to comfort the young woman when Kyle said he was moving out. Saira was very suspicious of all the anger, but she couldn't figure out what all the hostility was about.

Later, Saira sat down to talk to Leo and told her she had planned to talk to Kyle about his anger issues. Saira remembered what it was like to be a first-year resident and thought perhaps the job was getting to Kyle. Leo told Saira she was absolutely right, which immediately put her on guard. Leo promised he would talk to Kyle, and it would not be necessary for Saira to speak with him. As Leo walked away, Saira suddenly realized what had occurred. When Claire walked into the locker room at the end of her shift, Saira confronted her and asked if she had slept with Leo. Ashamed, Claire looked down and admitted that she had.

Sylvia again told her brother that she could not give him a part of her liver. Although the surgery was supposed to be low-risk, she couldn't take the chance that her children would become orphans. Eric took the news very well, but Kyle was still upset. He couldn't understand Sylvia's position, especially since Eric could die from her decision. Eric changed the subject and asked Kyle what was wrong with him. Kyle told his patient about Claire and Leo having sex. Eric told Kyle he needed to live his own life and stop monitoring everyone else's. Kyle then had a breakdown and cried, explaining to Eric that he didn't feel like he would ever be good enough. Eric looked him straight in the eye and told him that he was good enough.



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