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Truth and Consequences

Anna sat with Robert and tried to keep cool washcloths on his forehead to lower his fever. Robert didn't take all the attention very well, but Anna said he had seen the worst of her. She was the one person he should let loose and be free around. Robin came in and told her mother that Robert had pneumonia and the next 48 hours were critical. Robert was upset that they were talking about him as if he weren't there, so Robin told him the news. They would treat him with the best antibiotics available.

Anna took a break and waited outside the room while Robin spent some time with her father. Robin was very emotional, and Robert reminded her it wasn't good for the baby. He told her he would do his best to fight the cancer and come through it. Meanwhile, Jagger talked to Anna and told her Robert was a strong man and would make it. Anna had never officially met Jagger, but instantly knew who he was. Jagger had heard many things about Anna from Robin, Robert, and the bureau. Anna and Robert both had quite the reputation from their work as international spies. Anna talked about how strong and resilient Robert had always been. Seeing him so weak and vulnerable really bothered her, because he had been the one person she could always count on. Anna broke down and cried, while Jagger did his best to comfort her.

After Robin was gone, Anna went back into Robert's room and watched him as he slept. Patrick came in and said Robert's fever had gotten worse. He asked when Anna had gotten some rest, but Anna didn't answer the question and said she wouldn't leave. An emotional Patrick said he and Robin would watch over Robert that night. He noticed the love Anna had for Robert and commented on it. Anna said, "Once you love a Scorpio…." Patrick knew what she was saying and agreed.

Later, Robert awoke and found Anna still there with him. The fever was getting to him and he told her he didn't know how much longer he could fight. He cried while Anna held him. Once they had calmed down, Anna laid down in bed with him. Robert said he had always thought they would end up together once they completed their final mission. Anna agreed, but Robert said it was hard to believe they would actually run out of time. They decided to imagine themselves sitting on the beach looking out at the beautiful ocean and they both told each other they loved one another.

Jagger caught up with Patrick at the nurses' station and told him the skinhead from the previous night had died. Epiphany and Toussaint overheard the news, and Epiphany was extremely upset. She couldn't believe she let a man's racism get to her so badly that she didn't treat him. Toussaint tried to calm her down, while Jagger told Patrick that the FBI was concerned with retaliation. They decided to install extra security measures in an effort to protect hospital staff and patients.

The next day when Kyle and Claire entered the new security checkpoint, the metal detectors went off and both of them had to be checked with wands before proceeding. As they stood next to each other, Claire tried to start a conversation with her friend. Kyle wasn't interested and answered her questions with short responses. Kyle said he had been staying with a friend, Maggie, and she offered to let him stay for good. He would come and pick up his things later. Thinking it would make things better, Claire told Kyle that she had told Dr. Batra the truth. Kyle said it didn't really change things, though.

Monica came to see Patrick and told him the board was second-guessing their decision to appoint him Chief of Staff. They thought he might have been too young for so much responsibility. Later, when Patrick and Robin prepared for bed, he broke down and asked how they had gotten to that place. He had taken the Chief of Staff position to provide for his family and be a better father than his father had been. Robin said he was a better father, because he was there and would be there for his family.

During a yoga session, Robin found out the truth about Claire and Leo from Saira. She was furious, but couldn't believe Saira was so calm. Saira admitted she had destroyed her apartment the night before. Leo didn't know she knew, though.

Later, Saira was paged to consult on one of Leo's heart patients. It was a very uncomfortable situation and she tried not to take the case. Leo had recommended surgery, but suddenly Saira told the patient that acupuncture could help her and also avoid an invasive surgery. The patient was intrigued. When the patient ended up having a heart attack the next day, Saira felt responsible. She cried in the stairwell, and Leo came to comfort her. She had already confronted him about cheating on her with Claire. He had said sorry, but it came too late. Saira told him that his efforts to act like a jerk and push the people who loved him away had worked-he had become a jerk. She even thought he might not deserve to be loved. In the stairwell, Leo apologized again to Saira when she said her course of treatment had only been offered because she wanted to be right and not let Leo treat the woman. Leo told her they would work it out and that he loved her. Saira said that it could not be love. Love didn't hurt like that.

Robin found Leo and yelled at him for betraying Saira. He told her he loved Saira and wanted her back. Robin wasn't sure he could win her back, though. Saira was the type of person who would give her heart to anyone, but it still broke just as easily as anyone else's.

Eric brought Kyle back from a walk and helped him into bed. His parents walked in just as Eric and Kyle shared an intimate moment, but the parents seemed fine with the budding relationship. Eric's mother even mentioned that she had always hoped her son would settle down with a nice doctor. Kyle told them all that Eric's only hope to survive was a liver transplant. Eric and Kyle made no secret of their like for each other and continued to flirt. Later, when they were alone, Eric told Kyle about his perfect moment. It was a time in New York during the fall, and everything was perfect for that one moment. He asked if Kyle had ever experienced anything like that, and Kyle said it was that very moment. They leaned in for a very passionate kiss.

Claire was called to see a patient who wasn't suffering from any symptoms. The man explained he was there to thank Claire for helping with his new liver. It was Mr. Dearborn, the recipient of Ryan's liver. Claire explained that Ryan was a man who lived with no regrets. Mr. Dearborn said he would do his best to live life to the fullest and not have any regrets. Claire liked the sound of that, and it appeared she would start to live her life with no regrets, as well.

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