One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on OLTL
Drew kissed Kelly. Patrick didn't like Marty's questions. Antonio showed Andy around New York City. Dorian ended up at Viki's house during a blizzard. Dorian and Drew plotted to keep Kelly in town. A fashion show was planned for Starr's benefit.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, March 17, 1997

Patrick and Marty

Patrick and Marty are getting ready to go to a fund raiser. Neither wants to go and hope that the weather will keep them from going. While Patrick is getting ready, Marty picks up and book and finds a photo. Patrick comes down and the radio announcer tells all that the roads are closed and all should stay home. Marty tells Patrick his prayers are answered. Patrick picks up the picture and Marty tells him she found it after it fell out of a book. He looks at her funny and she asks if she did something wrong? He tells her that this is a picture of the Squire's estate and that he had forgotten that he had it. He told her that the cottage he lived in with his father was behind the estate and couldn't be seen. Marty then tells Patrick that he is full of surprises. You rescued Andy, you're Alex's confidant, you're a poet and writer. Just who are you really Patrick? He gets angry and asks Marty why all the bloody questions? She tells him that she didn't mean to upset him. It's just he is so full of surprises. He tells her that he has been an open book with her and yet she tells him he is a mystery man. She tells him that it's just that she sees him be a confidant to someone like Alex and do all the things that he has done and "you're doing things you don't usually do and being things that you aren't." Patrick tells her that as a little boy he used to pretend all the time. I wanted to be a writer but was told that wouldn't pay the bills, so I became what I needed to be.

Cassie, Andrew, Téa, Kevin, Maggie and Ian

Cassie and Andrew are at the ski lodge. Kevin and Téa arrive to ski and then leave. The weather keeps them from leaving. Andrew asks Cassie if she would like to leave because Kevin is there. She says no. He asks her if she will feel awkward with Kevin there and she tells him no, she wants to stay. Ian gets Maggie off to one side and she asks him about his foot. She tells him that it looks like he doesn't need the crutches. Ian tells her that he is sure that Max told her that he was lying about his foot and that she being an ex-nun would never lie herself. Maggie tells him that she tries to be honest with people. Ian says, yes, one white lie leads to another and it gets hard to keep track of what you told who. Maggie just looks at him. All of them converge in the great room at the lodge. The radio announcer tells all about the closed roads. Maggie is worried about the cook not making it in. "If cook can't get in, we're going to have alot of unhappy campers come morning." Kevin and Téa realize they too are stuck. There are no rooms, but Maggie lets them sleep in front of the fire on bed rolls.

As they are all there, Ian suggests that they play one of the games Cassie has. One is a kiddie game for ages 2-6. Téa says that will be a good one for Kevin. Cassie then tells them that there is also a game called Psycodrama. Ian tells all to play that one. You draw questions from a pile and answer it. Andrew draws first. His question is, Name your secret fantasy. He says he is beside a reflective pool, dressed in his best, playing a sax, to a full house at Carnegie Hall. Cassie says and..... Andrew says that's it. She then tells him that "you and I have very different ideas of what's a fantasy." Ian then while no one is looking changes the cards to that when Maggie pulls her card she gets the question he wants her to have. Her question is. First Ian says What's your natural hair color? Then reads, what is your most prized possession? Maggie says oh that's easy. Its a drawing that my brother made me before he died. If I lost it, I just can't imagine what I'd do. Ian looks at her and says, Oh I can, I know just how you'd feel. That's just how I feel about losing my mother's locket. Next Cassie chooses a question. Hers is, If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be. Kevin and Andrew both look at her. Cassie says, nothing comes to mind. I have a wonderful husband, a precious child, I adore, and a job I love. Téa tells her that she is a lucky woman. Cassie agrees and says that it's time that they went to their room. They leave.

Everyone breaks up and goes there separate ways. Maggie asks Ian when he would be up for breakfast call. He says oh, around 9 would be fine. She looks at him, shakes her head and tells him that she will see him at 5. Maggie goes to her room and calls Bishop. She tells him that he has to give the locket to Ian. He will never give up looking for it. Ian is listening at the door. Kevin and Téa get their sleeping bags and lay them in front of the fire. He asks her if she minds staying. She says no, she hope this night never ends. She tells him that he never answered one of the questions. He takes one and reads it. It says, if the person next to you were an animal, what kind would they be. He says, a Cat, a panther or a cheeta; sleek, graceful and beautiful. Téa says, and deadly? Téa then reads hers. It says, tell the person to the left of you, something about themselves. She moves to his left. She tells him that he is the most wonderful guy she has met. "You want a woman that you can't have. She has a husband, what do you have? nothing. You deserve so much more. You deserve a woman that would care about you." Kevin asks her if she has anyone in mind? Téa stands and walks over to Kevin and puts her arms on him. She says, let me make something clear. I am interested and available. I'm not going to hide it, it's not my style. Does that bother you? Kevin tells her that he likes it. Now what else is on your mind. She tells him that she will tell him the short list. "I like music, jazz; clothes, simple; sports, like running where you are against your own personal best; drink, bourbon and I like sex and you. They kiss very passionately. Kevin looks at her and says, YEAH....and they kiss again.

Kelly, Drew, Jessica and Chris

Kelly is very angry with Drew. She wants to know why he didn't tell her about the messages from Joey. He tells her that he didn't like the way that Joey sounded and that he was trying to spare her. She says from what? He then tells her that Joey sounded like he was only calling because he had to and that he thought that Joey had someone like maybe a woman in the room with him. She asked what he said. Drew told her that he didn't say anything it was the tone he used. Drew asks her if she is dressing up for Jessica's party. She says no, after what you told me, I can't party. Jessica then shows up. She is worried that no one will come because of the roads. Then she says what you know she really meant. She hopes that Chris can get there. It turns out that Chris and Jessica and Drew and Kelly are the only ones that make it. Jessica starts to worry about her mother and she and Chris decide to go to the house to see if she made it home. Chris told her he probably shouldn't go because they would be at the house by themselves if Viki didn't make it back. Jessica just grins and says he should come with her. They leave. Kelly has had too much to drink and is still talking about Joey having some woman in his room. Drew tells her that it was time she learned to hula. She tells him that he has watched too many Hawaii Five-O reruns. He then goes into this spill about the meaning of the hula dance. The woman is like a mountain with a myst surrounding her. Next thing you know he is behind her with his hands on her hips showing her the hula. Yeah right...

Todd, Blair, Dorian and Starr

Todd is holding Starr and talking to her about when she grows up and goes to school, she will like snow because it will get her out of school. Blair walks in and tells him that she likes the sound of that. Everything sounding so normal. Todd tells her that Starr is OK right now and that there isn't any reason why she can't play in snow and be normal. They would just have to wrap her up good and be careful. Dorian walks in and tells Todd that he should put Starr down and leave before the snow gets any worse. Todd agrees and then tells Dorian that he is in a situation and that she is the only one to help him. This intrigues Dorian. He tells her that he had a meeting scheduled with one of the board members that dislikes him and doesn't want to take his money. She reminds him that she was there and knows all about that. He then tells her that he had a meeting scheduled and that he had wanted Viki to go to it to talk to the board member and smooth things out. He then says, oh, he should just reschedule and wait until Viki is back and can go. Dorian says that she will go. He tells her that the meeting is in 30 min. She tells him that she has time and she will go change. She goes up to change and Blair laughs and tells Todd that he did that on purpose. Didn't you? You know how to push Dorian's buttons, the Big one with VIKI written on it. She laughs. Dorian comes down dressed to kill. Blair tells her that she will freeze to death dressed like that. Dorian tells her that she will only be outside going from car to building and that she wanted to look her best. She starts to leave and tells Todd that he should be leaving too. He tells her that he is right behind her. "I'll be the one that's fishtailing into the guard rail behind you." Dorian leaves. Blair turns to Todd and tells him that she thought Dorian would never leave. Todd says he should go. Blair asks him to stay. Todd tells her that she should take Starr out in the snow to play. She loves the snow just like you do. You turn into a kid everytime it comes down. Blair laughs and Todd tells her that it's good to hear her laugh. Blair says, we had alot to laugh about back then. We were so wrong. Todd says he should go. Blair asks him not to. Do you have to go, I could use the company. Next scene Todd is bring in firewood, Blair tells him that he is bringing in snow and ice too. He looks and says, mud too. He turns and Blair hits him with a snowball. "I got you!" I can't believe you fell for that. They are laughing.

Dorian is stuck in the snow. I can't believe this, I'm stuck in the snow and my cell phone battery is dead. I'm going to die. Oh, carbon monoxide is odorless, she starts to roll the window down. Oh, I'll freeze to death. Oh, I'm hallucinating, I see Laura from Dr. Zhivago coming toward me. You see this woman dressed from head to foot in fur coming toward her. She looks up, it's Viki. Dorian sees who it is. Oh, lord, I'm already dead and I've gone straight to hell!

Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Blair and Todd

Blair and Todd are just about to kiss when the baby kicks. Blair steps back and says she doesn't know what to do about this mess. Todd said he didn't want anything to do with it. Blair told him that she knew that it upset him, but that the baby was real and that none of this was his fault. "I'm as mixed up about all of this as you are." Todd told her not to involve him, "I don't want anything to do with Patrick Thornhart's baby." Blair told him that this baby is innocent and that he deserved all the love he could get. "This isn't the baby that I would have wished for, but he is alive and kicking and he is Starr's half-brother. And that alone is enough reason to love and cherish him." Todd doesn't say anything about the baby. He turns and tells Blair that he meant what he said about finding a donor for Starr. "We are going to find a donor for Starr and if we can't find one in the family, then if I have to shake the world until one falls out, I will." Blair tells him that that is what she is counting on.

Dorian calls to tell Blair that she is at Viki's. Blair doesn't tell Dorian that Todd is still there. "You didn't tell Dorian I was still here on purpose, did you?" Blair just smiled and said she didn't think she needed to know. Todd, Yeah I can imagine what Dorian would say if she knew that I was going to spend the night on her couch. Todd then asked Blair not to tell Dorian. He then decided that it would be best if he stayed the night in his car. Blair told him that she wanted him to stay in the house. Todd asked how Starr was. Blair said she was sleeping peacefully and happy. Todd again said that he meant it, she would be OK. Blair told Todd goodnight and went upstairs.

Drew, Kelly, Jessica and Chris

The party wound up being just these four. Kelly is drunk. Drew kissed her. Kelly said, I'm not suppose to do that. She then said she was going to go to Paris and see Joey and straighten things out because they belong together. She tries to leave and when she opens the door, snow flies everywhere. Drew brings her back in. Jessica and Chris get to the house. No one is there. Jessica goes to the phone and listens to the message from Viki saying that she is delayed because of the snow. While Jessica is listening to messages, Chris picks up the paper and sees the article about Asa and his last minute testimony. This angers Chris and ultimately they have a fight.

Téa, Kevin, Cassie, Maggie and Ian

Téa and Kevin are in the floor about to strip their clothes off and in walks Cassie. She tries to slip by and slips and falls instead. She says she is sorry, but that she needed to get some milk for River. Kevin and Téa just say they were getting to know each other. When Téa says something about Cassie seeing them, Kevin says, oh she knows about snowy nights by the fire. Téa asks if he is cool with this and he says yes. Téa then says that it would be a good time to deal with it. Kevin says, It is? She then says, What is going on with you and Andrew's wife. Kevin tells her that he is sorry about all of the interruptions and that next time it will be better. Téa says there really will be a next time? Kevin says yes and uses the commit word. This impresses Téa. Wow, a man that will use the "commit" word. She then says as long as there is a next time and falls asleep. Kevin strokes her hair and looks out the window and thinks about Cassie. Cassie is in her room looking out the window thinking about Kevin.

Maggie has the dream about the little girl and the locket and then the dead woman appears on the bed again. She is crying in her sleep. Ian hears her and knocks on the door and asks if she is OK. She tells him to come in and tells him she is alright. He tells her that if she doesn't tell someone about the dream she will just have it again. She asks how is knows so much about nightmares. He said he had alot of them. He then told her that he didn't mean to pry but that he couldn't sleep and had been pacing in his room and had decided to expand his walking and had heard her crying. He starts to leave and she tells him to stay. He then tells her about growing up with a nanny and going to boarding school. He was to be seen and not heard, so they brought him home every so often to parade in front of friends and show him off before they sent him off again. Ian ends up reading to Maggie until she falls asleep. He then looks at her and asks, who are you Maggie, Can you explain yourself?

Viki and Dorian

Dorian explains to Viki that she was on her way to the meeting with Dr. Doherty. Viki tells her that the meeting had been canceled. Dorian then finds out that Todd had told Viki the meeting was canceled and had used it to get her out of the house. This tickled Viki and enraged Dorian. Dorian accuses Viki of getting her out in the storm to kill her. Viki said, oh yes, I drove into a snowbank and used my magic to stall your car but I stalled mine too. I also knocked out half of the county while I was at it. Dorian asked what she was going to do. Viki said she was going to walk. Dorian said she couldn't dressed like she was, she'd freeze. Viki told her that when she amended her list of fools, she was going to put her name as #1. Viki walks off. Dorian hollers don't leave me. Viki walks around and gets into the car and asks what do we do now, tell ghost stories. Dorian starts to start the car and Viki turns it off and tells her that her tailpipe is blocked. They then discuss the fact that Todd knew about the canceled meeting and Dorian says she hates that they are together alone. Viki says she is glad and hopes that they find their way back to each other. Dorian disagree and Viki tells her that she can fend for herself and gets out. Dorian hollers for her not to leave her here to die. Viki says she isn't going to die with her and leaves.

They get rescued and Dorian stays at Viki's house. Dorian thanks her for letting her stay. They discuss Jessica(whom Viki had had a yelling match with when she came in) Dorian said she wouldn't be 17 for anything in the world. Viki said it's hard to see a child make mistakes and not say anything. Dorian agreed and when Viki looked at her, she said, ok well, I have to say something. Viki asked if Blair was Ok and Dorian said yes. Viki said she thought that they needed each other and hoped that they could help each other. Dorian didn't like hearing that and said she was tired and would like to go to bed. Viki told her to use the Blue Guest room and started to tell her where it was. Dorian reminded her that she knew where it was because this house use to be hers.

Wednesday, March 19, 1997

Snowbound at Llanview- Viki, Dorian and Jessica

The Blizzard is over, but the new day has interesting new situations for Llanview's residents.

At Llanfair, Dorian has managed to make herself quite comfortable in her old house. Maybe too comfortable Jessica and Viki's taste. Dorian pours herself some orange juice and spies Jessica in a sadly reflective mood in the study. Of course, she cannot stop herself from probing and offering advice to the trouble teenager, who really would prefer to be left alone. Dorian says she can see that things are difficult for Jessie. She is still in high school and Cristian is a college man. She asks if Jessica is in love with him and she admits she is. Then perhaps she is not to young, Dorian says. Love should be seized because true love is rare. Precautions should be taken of course. Viki walks in just as Dorian make the pronoucement that virginity is defintely over-revered and over-rated. Viki is livid that Dorian would advise her daughter to lose her virginity at the earliest possible moment. Jessica is uncomfortable with this talk and excuses herself from the study to dress for an appointment with the College Dean.

Viki tells Dorian what her daughter does is none of her business! Dorian swears she did not bring up the subject and she ws only speaking from her own perspective. Dorian accuses her of keeping Jessica in a 19th century time capsule. She acts as if she is the hostess in Viki's home by offering to pour Viki some tea or coffee. Viki notices that Dorian is wearing her robe and turns down the coffee, which she will pour for herself. Dorian wants to make it clear that she does not intend to stay one more moment than is necessary. She mentions she would not even be at Llanview if it had not been for Todd's bogus story about her meeting with Dougherty. As soon as her car is returned to her , she can keep the new appointment she set up to meet privately with the College President. Viki thought they were going to do this together. The Two Titans of Llanview begin to brainstorm on how to best help Starr. They agree that the search must be widened for a bone marrow donor. Viki suggests a dance. Dorian corrects her and calls it a ball. She says the perspective donors must be tested before the event. Viki replies they will be issued a voucher at the hospital. Dorian wants the vouchers to be numbered and a prize should be raffled off. She suggests a dinner for two at the Palace would be appropriate. Viki thinks they could do better than that. Dorian becomes sarcastic and wonders if they should go the same route as Todd did at the Children's Charity Ball when he offered everyone a $1000 to show up. Viki defends her brother and says at least he is trying to change which is a lot more than...Ever on the defensive, Dorian is certain Viki is accusing her of being incapable of changing. Viki replies actually she was thinking of her father Victor Lord who never changed in his whole life. Todd, on the other hand, is facing down his demons. Dorian counters he would have to take down all the mirrors in his house to do that. Viki is exasperated with the whole line of conversation. She asks Dorian if she didn't have compassion for the way Victor abused her as a little girl. Dorian admits that of course she did. Viki says that she was a victim, but Todd is one too. Dorian is adamant that she wants Todd Manning no where near Blair and Starr. Viki shakes her head as Dorian is proofing just how incapable of change she herself is.

Dorian leaves and Viki spends some quality time with Jessica who is unsure whether she should go to Llanview University. Maybe she should go away to college. Viki offers to postpone her appointment with the Dean, but Jessica says she will go. Viki is concerned about the argument her daughter had with Cristian. Seh know s that part of the argument was about Grandpa Asa, but after hearing Dorian speak to Jessica earlier, she wonders if the other part of the argument is about sex. Jessica doesn't want to speak to her mother about that subject. It's embarrasing. Anyway, it doesn't matter what they fought about because she is just stupid and immature.

Student Union Center-Patrick, Cristian, Marty, Jessica and Viki

While Jessica ruminates at Llanfair about the state of her relationship with Cristian, young Mr. Vega is also distressed by their argument. He is doodling in his sketch book when Professor Thornhart arrives and asks why he has not shown up at class. He is willing to make allowance for the many absences during Antonio's trial, but finding him at the Center is proof positive that the storm did not prevent him from showing up at school today. Cristian tries to sidetrack him with talk of his gratitude to Patrick for helping his brother and compliments about Patrick's class and how much he enjoys it. Patrick steadfastly replies that he is still not answering his question. Cristian says after the night he had last night, reading romantic poetry is the last thing he needs. Patrick lightens up when he glimpses the hearts Cristian has drawn in the sketchbook. Maybe he should hold classes at 3 in the morning when " the heart and soul are in mortal battle with sleep." Cristian admits he hasn't been sleeping. Patrick asks him what is troubling him? Cristian poses a hypothetical question about what if the one person you care about is the one you always make miserable? That is the reason he is drawing pictures instead of attending class. Patrick says he will consider sleep deprivation as a medical excuse for his absence and Cristian promises he will show up for his next class.

Marty arrives as Cristian departs. They discuss their wedding plans and the situation with Blair. Marty says she help but wonder what his parents think about the baby. Patrick replies that his family is very traditional and admits they wouldn't approve of the situation. He has not told them of the engagement of their soon becoming grandparents. He makes excuses about having no time to return to Ireland and it is not the thing to tell someone on the phone. Marty says it is none of her business when and how he tells his parents about Blair and the baby, but she does not like being a dark secret. She wants his parents at the wedding. If she and Patrick are luck enough to have children, she wants them to know their grandparents, the only ones they will have since Martys mom and dad are deceased. She cannot understand why Patrick is acting like it is a burdent to have parents rather than the blessing it truly is. Patrick stiffly says she is right. They should tell them about the wedding as soon as they set a date. Marty proposes they do that immediately. Patrick reminds her that they have already vowed their love for eachother privately, but Marty wants to do so publicly with his parents present. She wants them to come over from Ireland and then she will have the opportunity to discuss his childhood and she will learn all his secrets. He tells her to pick a date. Marty tells him Spring is just two days away. By his reaction, Marty can tell that is too soon for Patrick. He hates to remind her that his son will be born in the Spring and perhaps the busy doctor can open a date in her schedule for the fall. Marty says a less secure person would say he is stalling (Bingo!). He denies it and Marty leaves a lot less happier when she arrived.

Jessica has had her interview with the Dean and he was impressed with her extracirricular activities. Jessica is still not certain she wants to attend LU and would like to check out other schools. Viki offers her the services of either her or Clint to accompany her to any campuses she might want to visit. Jessica apologizes for being such a pain. Viki tells her she is good company and she knows things have been tough on her and their will be more life changes up ahead. Cristian arrives from class and offers to show her the campus. But a classmate interrupts their conversation and informs him about the print exhibit now in progress. He begs off on his offer to Jessica. She is offended, hurt and defensive. She tells him not to let her hold him back. After all, she is surprised he would even talk to her considering what her "evil grandfather" did to his family. Cristian says he has never held that against her and walks away. The moment he is gone, Jessie tells Viki she cannot believe she said that. Viki says that maybe she is afraid of dating a college man and Jessie says maybe she is.

Buchanan Enterprises and Patrick's Apartment- Asa, Rene` and Patrick

Asa is obsessed about his money. He is giving an earful on the phone to his flunky Osgood when Rene` arrives with a present for him. It's in a large unwrapped box. Asa makes a joke of listening to see if it is ticking. For a few moments he and Rene` joke as they did when they were married. He opens the present and holds up a striped prison shirt with a serial number printed on it. Rene` tells him she wants him to look spiffy when they haul his raggedy butt off to jail for obstructing justice. As doesn't understnad why she is making such a big deal about the way he behaved when Antonio was suspected of Carlo's murder. He talks about the good old days when no one would have dared put a hand in his till. Rene` believes he is being insecure. Asa tells her that he is afraid he will be seen as over the hill and the target of every conman in the world. She replies that she does not remember paranoia as being part of the package way back when. Through clenched teeth, Asa answers in a raised voice that he has enemies and some think he has slowed down and to prove them different, he has to get the money back. Rene` says, fine, "prove you're made of brass but don't expect me to visit you at Statesville." She departs hurriedly and Asa immediately picks up his phone and dials up Patrick at the University. He tells him he needs to see him now and to meet him at Patrick's place because he does not want anyone to see them together.

At the Apartment, Patrick wants to kow why he would want to see him. Asa replies he wants his money back and he wi willing to make a deal with Patrick. He acted swiftly in many dangerous situations and Asa admires the Irish poet's courage. "James Bond with a scratch pad", Patrick says dryly. No, Asa replies, and enumerates all of Patrick's brave acts. He says he will give him a finder's fee of 10 percent (3 million dollars) if he returns to him the money Mortimer deposited in the Swiss bank. Patrick agrees to the deal. He sees it as a final act of revenge against Poseidon for what he did to "Siobbhan, Margaret and all the people in this bloody town." He does have one stipulation. He will not withhold any information from the police. Bo is his friend and he will not lie to him. Asa tells him, he does not have to lie to his son, he will do all the lying himself.

Blair's House- Blair, Todd and the Dragon Lady

Blair comes downstairs and is disappointed to find a goodbye note from Todd. He thanks her for giving him sheltor from the storm. She is about to go back upstairs when Todd comes back through the door. His car has been plowed in and he has to pay a kid to shovel it out. The paper is shorthanded and he has to go back but he figured he would check up on her while the car is being cleared off. He thanks her for not throwing him out last night. She says she does not think she would have made it through the night without him. Blair says she would have been crazy with worry if Todd hadn't been there. She worries every moment about Starr and when she is not obsessing about the baby's every hiccup, she is tearing herself apart about her own life and what she did wrong to cause Starr's illness. Todd tells her aplastic anemia is not caused by anything she could have done during her pregnancy. Blair is grateful that he is trying to get a donor for Starr and she is not alone to face all this. He tells her she was never alone. He thinks that they are in for a long haul with Starr and it would be a good idea to get the baby used to a regular routine. Maybe she should consider going back to work and leaving Starr with the nanny. Blair replies that her heart is not in Melador right now. The baby cries and Blair goes running, despite the fact that the ever competent Judith is capable of taking care of the situation.

Todd's wheels are turning. He calls the Sun and informs his assistant, Lou, to tell Briggs to go home. Lou says that they are shorthanded and Briggs has been running the paper singlehandedly. Todd doesn't care. He wants Briggs out of there now.

Blair comes back downstairs and Todd suggests that with Judith having everything under control, Blair should have a morning to herself. He lies and says that Lou called him and Briggs couldn't get into the office. He is snowed in by the blizzard. He has to get ther quick. He doesn't know how he is getting the days' edition out on the street. Maybe Blair can come and help him out. She is amazed that he would want her there. He has been so against her being there in the past. True, but the people at the Sun hate him and they would love to see her. Blair goes off to tell Judith about her plans, but she is interrupted by the arrival of her busybody Aunt Dorian who is not pleased to see Todd. Not content with having spent the morning minding Viki's business, she decides to pick another fight. Blair wants to hear about her prodigal aunt's night at Llanview, but Dorian is more interested in what is happening with her niece and Todd. Ever the control freak, Dorian demands that Blair stays home.

Todd goes ballistic at the dragon lady's takeover attitude. He is sick of being treated as a bad smell in his daughter's house. He is sick of Dorian's wisecracks and her outrageous get ups. That's why he figured he would beat her at her own game and get her out of the house last night. He did not figure on the three feet of snow. He would have some quiet time with his kid without Dorian's interference. Dorian surmises he must have stayed overnight. "You're a genius", Todd replies. She is angry that Blair lied to her. Blair must not leave with Todd. Todd ignore Dorian and informs Blair he is ready to leave. Blair sits on the steps with her hands covering her face and does not respond. Todd says fine and goes. Dorian attacks Blair for not telling her the truth. Blair denies she lied. She just never said Todd was there. Dorian pushes the envelope when Blair says tht Todd kept her from being alone. Auntie wants to know if Blair was alone in bed. Blair says she was. Dorian tries to convince Blair that she has a family and does not need Todd. Blair says that she and Todd are Starr's parents. Dorian is sure that Todd is using her and will press another custody suit. Blair has had enough. She throws a fur coat at Dorian and heads upstair while Dorian shouts after her, "Mark my words. Soonas Starr gets better, he'll take that child away from you."

Meanwhile, at the Sun, Todd is beginning to regret his machinations. It is proving tough to run the paper without the reliable Briggs. Just as he is certain he made a mistake trying to get Blair out of the house, he looks up to see his wife smiling and ready to help.

Thursday, March 20, 1997

ANTONIO and ANDI - New York City

Antonio and Andy are at Abuelita 's apartment. They are enjoying being together for more than just a couple minutes. Antonio tells Andi that he can't help but think about her being held at gunpoint by Alex, he thought he would lose her. Andi tells him that he will never lose her. Antonio has his grandmother's beads in his hands. He tells Andi that he used chase big dreams, but they turned him into a small man. He realized that when Andi gave the beads back to him. He says that he is turning his back on the streets, and on law school. He says he has no regrets, except not realizing sooner what he had and how special it is. He places the beads around Andi's neck. Then he goes to the kitchen to find some food for them, but the cupboards are bare. He remembers a place up the street that sells pretzels and other snacks, and suggests they go there. Andi mentions that she is worried about R.J.'s threats yesterday, but Antonio tells her to forget about it. Now that R.J. has all the money and Carlo's power, why would he be interested in Antonio? They leave the apartment, talking about how they will spend their day. Antonio wants to show Andi "his New York." They wander through the city all day, while a song about being free plays in the background. They go shopping, and to Chinatown, they visit Antonio's old church and the places he likes to hang out. They have a lovely day and look very happy.

They arrive back at Abuelita's apartment, and are unlocking the door when a man approaches them. He is carrying a broom, and tells them not to bother saying they live here, because he knows they don't. He is the superintendant of the building. Antonio introduces himself, and tells the man that they are staying there. The man then remembers that Abuelita told him all about it, and says he is sorry if he scared them. He tells them that he is Casey Keegan, an aspiring comedian. He invites them to see his act at a comedy club. They are hesitant, since they want to be alone together. Casey finally pesters them into going, and gives them 2 free passes to the comedy club. They go inside. Casey walks down the hall, where he meets another man. The man asks him how it went. Casey tells him it did; Antonio will be at the club at 10:00 tonight. The man asks him if he is sure, and Casey replies "It's like they say in my business, and in your business, too. The show must go on."

TODD and BLAIR- The Sun Office

Blair walks into the office and tells him that she has an idea. She thinks the real story now is about Alex. She thinks an interview with her would sell papers for a month. Todd agrees with her, and says it's a good thing she came down to the office. Blair says it's good to be back, she has missed the place. They talk about how working helps to take their minds off Starr's problems, even for a little while. Blair says it is probably good for she and Starr to have some time away from each other. Todd says" I'll score the interview with Alex. With you working here with me, how could I go wrong?" They discuss how they will get Alex's story. Blair says it's a good thing she went there today, she thinks they should keep the paper strong, for Starr's sake. Todd agrees, and adds that if Blair was at home bouncing off the walls and gnawing on the furniture, Starr will pick up on it. Blair has an idea for a new headline. She wants to use Alex's picture, instead of Carlo's. Todd likes the idea, and asks Blair to go tell the front-page editor about it. He thinks the people around the office would like to see her. She would like to see them, too, so she heads to the editor's office.

While she is on her way there, she runs into Briggs. He asks her why she is there. She tells him that she heard he couldn't get in because of the storm. He tells her that he was already here, and Todd sent him home. Blair storms back into Todd's office. He asks her what's wrong. She asks him what kind of game he is playing now. She tells him that she ran into Briggs. She says that Dorian is right, Starr being sick hasn't changed him at all. She says that he dragged her down to the office for no good reason. He replies, " You came up with a new headline, I call that a reason." Blair says, " So, it's ok to lie to me as long as it works out, is that it?" Todd tells Blair that he asked Briggs to leave so Blair would have a reason to come there, not to trick her. To give her a break. He says she's freaking out. He has the paper to go to every day, and deadlines to meet, it's not much of an escape, but it's more than she has. He wanted to let her borrow it for a day. She asks if the whole reason for him lying and using the paper, and Briggs, was to save her a couple hours of childcare. Todd says" No, Blair, but I would never expect you to think I could do anything good, that's why I lied. Fine, go home now; drive yourself crazy worrying about how sick Starr is. Put yourself next to that toxic dump Dorian calls a mouth. Me, I'm gonna bang out a couple of headlines about Alex and sell so many papers the only reason anyone will buy the Banner is to housetrain their puppies." He leaves. Briggs comes in and shows Blair the new headline. He asks her if she will be a regular feature around the office now. She says she doesn't know, the only reason she's there now is because he was snowed in. He asks her if she could stay around a couple of hours, so he can run the lead editorial by her. Blair says she can stick around for a while.



Alex is escorted into the interview room in handcuffs. Nora is waiting for her. Alex tells Nora that she looks beautiful, and she loves her scarf. Nora right away says "No." She tells Alex that she knows why she wanted to see her, but the answer is no, she won't represent her. She says it would be cynical of her, since she just tried Antonio's case. Alex asks if there's anything she can do to change Nora's mind. Nora says no. She says Alex is a cold-blooded killer, and even though she has a right to representation, it won't be hers. Alex says, "Nora, you make it sound like I've done something wrong." Alex tells Nora that she had an out of body experience inside her body. She says that she was changed into another Alex, an Alex she doesn't know .An Alex ruled by passion. She says that other Alex killed Carlo. Nora says that an insanity defense won't work. She says her decision is final, she won't represent her. Alex asks her, "lawyer to lawyer" what her chances are. Nora says that out of 4 billion people on earth Alex might be able to find 12 who she can con into believing she's innocent. Nora also says that she hopes Alex is sent to Statesville for so long that she is making license plates for spaceships. Alex says she is like Antonio, being tried for a crime she didn't commit. She asks Nora to tell the Vegas that she is sorry. Nora says she won't, after all they've already been through because of her. Alex asks Nora why she is treating her that way; they have known each other so long. Nora tells her it is because of the nightmare she put her through, trying to prove Antonio's innocence. And she is also mad at Alex because she made her accuse R.J. of murder, since she didn't know the truth. She tells Alex that she is on her way to apologize to R.J. right now. As she is leaving, Alex says, " I wish you all the very best, Nora. I hope that you and Bo might be able to find the passion that Carlo and I had once." Nora says, "Oh my god, you are nuts."


After Nora leaves, Todd arrives to talk to Alex about doing an interview. Alex is getting a manicure while she talks to Todd. He tells Alex that he understands about being misunderstood. He says he can help her by printing her side of the story. She says she is not a murderer, Carlo died a tragic death, but she is only guilty of loving him too much. Todd says he understands, it is like him trying to win custody of his daughter. He just loves her, but people think it means something else. He tells her that people see evil where they want to see it. Printing her side of the story will make understand her, and see the truth about her. Alex says that what happened between her and Carlo isn't a murder mystery, it's a love story- the biggest love story of all time. Todd and the manicurist give each other a look as if to say "yeah, sure."


R.J. is having a dinner meeting with 2 gangsters from out of town. He tells them that they are entering the post Carlo era. He sees new possibilities and lots of money ahead for all of them. There's just one obstacle, he says, Antonio Vega. He says that Carlo made a big mistake trusting a snitch. He tells them that Antonio was in no all of Carlo's dealings, all over the country including New York. And, he says, the cops know he knows. R.J. tells them that Antonio is in New York right now. Maybe he's sight seeing, he says, or maybe he's at the U.S attorney's office. R.J. says he's sure they know what needs to be done, He tells them he assumes they can come up with some way to take care of their problem, it shouldn't be too hard. There's a knock on the door. His guests go to his office, R.J. answers the door. It's Nora. She tells him she is there to apologize for accusing him. R.J. says the court didn't believe it, and that's all he cares about. She says that what she did was wrong, and that he was wrong for not being honest about what he knew from the beginning. She tells R.J. that he is about to do something wrong again. She saw him talking to the gangsters, and thinks they are dangerous. She says she was hoping he would find a new line of work now, with Carlo out of the picture. R.J. tells Nora a story about his youth. He says he used to watch Hank play football, and hope that he would be noticed, too. One day during a game he wandered under the bleachers and came across some men playing craps. He joined the game and he won. At that moment he realized that the real game isn't on the field, it's behind the scenes. He says he is the captain of this team, and he is leading them to victory. Nora says, "yes, but if you fumble your teammates will kill you." R.J. says, "It's a hard world, but at least it's not a hypocritical one. Can you say the same about your world?" He tells her that of all the people who have tried to give him advice, he almost thought that Nora believed in what she said to him. But during the trial, she showed her true colors. She'll do anything to win, like the rest of them. He says it is better to be shot in the head by enemies than stabbed in the back by family. He asks Nora not to come back to the club until she is ready to admit that their worlds are a lot more alike then she has acknowledged before. She leaves. R.J.'s friends come back into the room. They thank R.J. for the tip on Antonio. One of them says he made a few calls to his people, and they're "handling the details, it is already under way." They drink a toast to the post Carlo era...

Friday, March 21, 1997


Maggie and Ian are entering Maggie's hotel room at the Palace. Ian is helping her carry all her stuff back from the lodge, ski boots and other things. She thanks him for all the help he's been lately, it was a lot for a stranger to do. He doesn't consider them to be strangers anymore. Maggie would like them to be friends, but claims she doesn't really know the "real" Ian Armitage. Ian wonders if Maggie is anything like her father. Maggie hopes not, does she seem like a pompous old windbag who's forbidding and condescending? No, but Ian would like to meet her father next time he comes to town.

Maggie doesn't think Ian would enjoy chatting with her father, he's a very cold person. Sounds like my father, Ian comments, he spent his entire childhood trying to do something, anything, his father would approve of. Maggie admits that she and her father have been getting along a little better lately. Ian wonders when that started happening. It just happened, Maggie tells him. Maggie thanks him again and hints that he should go. Ian leaves and the phone rings, it's the Bishop. "Speak of the devil", Maggie says. The Bishop is at Andrew's right now and will be over in a little while to see her. "Make it fast", Maggie tells him. Ian is outside the door listening.

Later, the Bishop arrives at Maggie's hotel room, he thinks he's being followed. He keeps seeing the same man following him and thinks it must have something to do with Ian. Maggie tells her father that she's sick of lying and Ian is not going to give up. She begs him to give Ian Eleanor's locket before things get really ugly. Down in the lobby, Ian and the PI are on phones right next to each other talking to each other. The PI tells Ian that the Bishop is in the hotel visiting Maggie, but there's been no sign of the locket. Ian tells the PI he'll take it from here.

Maggie's father finally admits that he has the locket, but he's not going to give it to anyone. Give me the locket, Maggie insists, holding out her hand for it. The Bishop says he doesn't have it with him. Ian knocks on the door and, against the Bishop's wishes, Maggie lets him in and introduces them.


Kevin enters the Banner office, walks over to Cassie, who's sitting at her desk, and asks what she's working on. She's working on an article about Alex "from murderer, to mayor, to murderer." Kevin says he was going to write an article on that very same topic. Cassie hands him all her notes, ignoring his protests, she has another story she can work on. Kevin takes the notes and goes over to his desk to start working on it.

Kevin snaps at Cassie when she takes an excessively long time sharpening her pencil. He then comes over and apologizes, not for snapping at her, but for what happened at the Mountain Sunset Inn. It was "unfortunate" that Cassie walked in on Téa and him by the fireplace. Cassie agrees that it was awkward, but it's fine. Didn't it bother her just a little, Kevin asks hopefully. Cassie's glad that he found someone else, she couldn't be happier for him. "Good, glad you approve", Kevin says and goes back to his desk.

Téa sits down at the counter at the diner. Carlotta thought she would be back in New York already. She thanks Téa again, Carlotta appreciates everything Téa did to help Antonio. Téa wonders if Carlotta can give her any information about Antonio's previous conviction. Carlotta doesn't want to talk about it.

Nora already tried appealing Antonio's conviction and it didn't work, Carlotta explains. Neither she nor Antonio could take the pain of trying to appeal it again, Carlotta asks Téa to please let the whole thing drop. It was just a thought, Téa tells Carlotta, and then goes to make a phone call to Kevin. Both Kevin and Cassie pick up the phone at the same time, but Cassie puts her phone down when she hears Téa asking to speak to Kevin. They flirt for a while and then Téa gets to the point. She'd like Kevin to let her look at some old articles, she'll be by in a little while.

Kevin's typing at his computer when someone surprises him by covering his eyes. It's Téa. She really appreciates Kevin doing this for her and promises to find some "fabulous" way to pay him back. Cassie watches them from across the room for a while, then walks back to her desk. They say hi and Cassie gets ready to leave. Téa wonders if Kevin's getting ready to leave, too. He assures her he's not going anywhere, he's hers until dawn if she wants him. Téa pulls a chair next to Kevin's behind his desk and they start looking for information about Antonio's previous conviction. Kevin reminds her that Nora tried to appeal before and failed. Téa knows, but she wants to try.

Kevin, distracted by Téa leaning so close to him, finally finds an article about the murder. They are about to kiss when Kevin suggests they ask Cassie if she remembers anything about the murder (so they don't get interrupted again). "Cassie", Kevin shouts, but Cassie doesn't answer. They decide that Cassie must have gone home and Téa sits in his lap and they kiss.


Andy and Antonio are in Abuelita's apartment. Andy can't believe that they actually agreed to go see that guy at a comedy club tonight. Antonio comments that there aren't any comedy clubs in Llanview, he can't imagine R.J. letting a comic perform in his club. His mention of R.J. bothers Andy, it reminds her that R.J. threatened him, Antonio should take that threat seriously. Antonio will worry about it when they get back to Llanview. Antonio wants to take Andy someplace, but won't tell her where. They put on their coats and leave and Casey (the comedy guy) watches them go.

Antonio takes Andy to the roof of the building (which bears a striking resemblance to the roof of the Palace Hotel). They admire the view and the empty lot where Antonio used to play baseball. He was happy there with his mom and dad and Abuelita. Andy used to think that they were too different, but now she feels like she knows him better. He sees a bright future together for the two of them. In the comedy club, Casey tells the bartender he overheard Antonio promise to take Andy to the comedy club tonight. Casey wonders what Antonio did to make people want to kill him and the other man explains that Antonio was a snitch. All Casey has to do is make sure Antonio stays until closing.

Andy sees a pigeon coop and remembers feeding wrens back in her home in Arizona growing up. She would feed them and they would swoop down around her, she felt that they needed her, they made her feel like she belonged. She never had much of a family, and her birds made her feel important. What about Max, Antonio asks.(And what about Jake?) Andy explains that she and Max weren't raised together, she went looking for him after her mom died. Even when she found him at first, she still didn't feel like she belonged. If she didn't belong, she was never going be anyone, Andy felt. Then she married Hunter and he beat her and belittled her. She felt if she left him, if she tried to stand on her own, she'd be worthless. Antonio can't believe she thought that, she's as tough as they come. It wasn't until she was in the police academy that she realized that she would have to reach inside herself to fix it, Andy explains. She things they should put the past behind and concentrate on the future. They kiss.

Andy and Antonio arrive outside the "Comedy Closet." They go in and ask at the bar if Casey Keegan has done his act yet. The bartender tells them to have a seat. He goes backstage and tells Casey the 'dead man' just arrived. All Casey has to do is make sure they stay until closing and the bartender will do the rest. Andy and Antonio have decided to leave and are headed for the door when Casey comes out to greet them. He promises that they will have "the time of your life" tonight.


Kelly, in the gatehouse, is on the phone trying to get a plane ticket to Paris. She can't believe how much it costs and wonders if you can split the cost between two credit cards. Drew tells her there's no rush, it's not like Joey's going to cheat on her or anything. Kelly loves Joey and want to be with him as soon as possible, she replies. Kelly goes upstairs to pack and Drew is picking up the phone to call someone when the doorbell rings, it's Dorian. Drew was just trying to call her, he thinks he's blown the whole thing and needs her help.

Drew calls for Kelly, who comes downstairs. She wants Dorian's advice about how to go over her credit limit or split the cost of the plane ticket between credit cards. Dorian needs Kelly's help. They are going to be having a fashion show to help Starr and it would be better if the "Face of Melador" were there. Dorian's trying to talk Kelly into staying for the fashion show as Viki arrives. Viki brought an ugly lamp over to help with the "redecorating." Viki mentions to Dorian that they have to sit down and decide what kind of ball to have for Starr's fundraiser. "Ball?", Kelly questions, Dorian told her it was going to be a fashion show.

Dorain quickly explains that she hasn't had time to fill Viki in on the change in plans. Viki's not very happy that Dorian went ahead and decided on this without her. Dorian agrees that she and Viki should sit down and discuss the details, but first she gets Drew involved by asking for his opinion. Drew, of course, backs Dorian's fashion show idea. Viki turns to Kelly and asks what this will mean for her and Joey. Does this fashion show mean she won't be joining Joey in Paris?

Kelly, after talking to Viki, decides that she will stay in town and help to get as many donors as possible for Starr, then she will leave to go see Joey. Dorian agrees that it's an excellent decision. The phone rings and Kelly goes into the kitchen to answer it. Viki has apparently left and Dorian tells Drew she did her part, now it's up to him to do his. Kelly comes back, it wasn't Joey on the phone, just an aluminum siding company. Dorian leaves. Drew assures her that she's doing the right thing, not going to Paris now. Drew thinks that Kelly should take over the planning of the fashion show, she knows what's hot and what isn't. She can do anything that she wants to do, Drew boosts her confidence. She kisses him on the cheek and calls him sweet, she has decided she will take charge of the fashion show.

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