One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 7, 1997 on OLTL
Ian and Maggie were in a motorcycle accident. Patrick and Marty apologized. Kevin and Antonio rescued Téa from Javier's clutches. Dorian had her first encounter with Mel Hayes. Maggie's father suffered a fatal heart attack as she and Ian questioned him.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 7, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, April 7, 1997

Patrick and Marty each apologize for the harsh remarks they exchanged in their argument. Marty says she'll have to find a way to deal with Blair's pregnancy. Nothing and noone will ever come between them, Patrick assures her.

The models are running through a final dress rehersal under Dorian's supervision. Blair is thrill to learn that hundreds of people are already lining up outside to be tested as possible bone marrow donors for Starr. Todd is doubtful people are buying the story that they are back together again, so Blair stands up and makes a public announcement about their reconciliation. Todd adds his own, surprisingly tender remarks. Blair wonders if they are his true feelings or only an act.

Téa tries to get out of her meeting with Javier later, but he insists she keep her promise. Antonio still can't figure out why Javier would only help if Téa took over the case.

Max calls Maggie to tell her of his sucess on the Canadian deal. Instead of being happy for Max, she's more worried about how Max's success will make Ian look bad in his father's eyes. On the way to the fashion show, Ian and Maggie have an accident and are thrown from his motorcycle.

Tuesday, April 8, 1997

Marty and Todd are not happy when they find Patrick with his hand on Blair's stomach feeling the baby kick. Todd and Blair reluctantly lead the first dance at Kelly's urging. Dorian gives Drew and Kelly a week's vacation in New York to reward them for all their hard work on the fashion show.

Max, at the fashion show, is worried that Maggie and Ian still haven't shown up. He has Bo call the police station, but no motorcycle accidents have been reported. Meanwhile, Ian comes to, but he can't wake Maggie up at first. She finally wakes up briefly, but passes out again. A passing motorist helps Ian bring her to the hospital. The police station calls Bo to tell him Maggie and Ian have been brought into the emergency room. Maggie has a slight concussion and asks Max to stay with her in the hospital room overnight.

The fashion show comes to a close with Téa in a *very* revealing black dress. Later, Javier corners Téa in the dressing room and insists she meet him outside later. Out on the docks, Javier grabs Téa, who screams. Kevin and Antonio hear her and rescue her from Javier. Antonio beats Javier and threatens to kill him if he ever sees him in Llanview again.

Wednesday, April 9, 1997

Asa, Bo, Clint and Hank

Hank and Clint walk into Bo's office to tell him that Asa has been released and all the charges have been dropped. The lawyers brought up Asa's recent stay in the psychiatric hospital and the judge let him go due to "diminished capacity." They came by to lend Bo some moral support since Asa is headed his was and is not very happy. Asa enters Bo's office, saying he's a sorry example of a police commissioner.

Asa's mad because he "busted" the case open for them and they turn around and arrest him. Asa refuses to admit he did anything wrong and insists that the reason they put him in jail was because he made them look like a bunch of fools. Then he blasts Bo and Clint for their lack of family loyalty, Bo locked him up and then Clint spread it all around in his newspaper. What Asa went through in jail for the past few days was nothing compared to what Antonio went through, Bo tries to explain. Asa knew that Antonio was innoncent, but he stood back and let Antonio suffer. Asa doesn't understand what he did was wrong, he still plans to go after his 30 million dollars and he's going to get it, no matter what it takes. Asa leaves. Clint wonders how Asa can still manange to make them feel 8 years old.

Bo's sitting at his desk and Andy comes into his office. She's happy Antonio's record's been cleared, but she can't stop worrying about the attempted hit on Antonio in New York City. Andy's sure R.J. was behind the hit, and he's probably even madder now that Javier went against him and testified on Antonio's behalf. Andy suggests that Bo gets permission from a judge to set up survaillence on R.J. on the grounds that he's taken over Carlo's business dealings. If they happen to get information on a possible hit on Antonio at the same time, all the better. Bo bellows for Hank to come in his office. When Hank enters, he asks if Hank would be interested in finding out what R.J is up to.

Andy promises to do overtime to do the survaillance on R.J., she and Benny can handle it alone. Andy points out that Nora saw a known N.Y. mobster at Club Indigo. Also, the person that tried to kill Antonio in N.Y. is tied to this same mobster, there's the connection to R.J. Hank points out that they have no proof of any of this, if they did, R.J. would be in jail. All they have are suspicions and that's not enough to get permission for survaillance on R.J. Bo suggests that if they can't do survaillance, he can at least keep on top of R.J. and his business dealings, breath down R.J.'s neck and make him nervous.

Andy has left and Bo is warning Hank that things could get messy if they try to go after R.J. Is Hank ready for that, Bo wonders. Hank thinks the attempted hit on Antonio is R.J.'s style, everyone around him gets his hands dirty, but R.J. somehow manages to stay clean. Hank's worried that R.J. won't give up on Antonio, that he'll try to kill him again. Hank feels that one day, R.J. is going to do something so bad that Hank won't be able to save him from it. When R.J. was little, he was a fine kid, then everything just kind of fell apart. Hank asks Bo to give him one more chance to talk to R.J. before Bo does anything. Bo agrees and wishes him good luck.

Blair and Dorian

Blair's working in her office at Melador when Dorian comes in, raving about what a wonderful party it was last night, they're the toast of the town. Blair talked to the hospital this morning and it may take weeks to process all of the blood samples that were collected. Even so, the chances of finding an exact match are small. The night was still perfect except for Maggie's accident, Dorian wonders if they should call the hospital and check and see how she's doing.

Blair gets off the phone and tells Dorian that Maggie will be released that morning. Dorian has come up with a way to revitalize Melador. She thinks they should use themselves, the Cramer women, to promote the product line. Blair knows just the photograher that they should use. She calls up and speaks to the photographer's assistant, who tells them to forget it, Ms. Little is booked until November 1998. Dorian puts on a big act that she knows Ms. Little and finally gets the secretary to reveal that she's in Washington D.C. Dorian rushes out to catch the next plane to Washington.

In Washington D.C., Dorian's at a restraunt. She asks a waiter if that is Princess Little sitting at the bar. When he confirms that it is, she asks the waiter to go over and tell Ms. Little that Dorian Lord is there, they have an appointment. Ms. Little comes over to Dorian and says there must be some mistake, they don't have an appointment and Ms. Little doesn't even know Dorian. Ms. Little tries to leave, but Dorian steps in her way and says that she can't be 'dusted off' like that.

Dorian tells Ms. Little she's being rude and all of a sudden Ms. Little starts laughing, she likes a woman with a mouth on her. She suggests they cut out the nonsense about their nonexistant appointment and agrees to sit down and talk to Dorian. Dorian explains about Melador's planned advertisement campaign using real women of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. To make it work, Dorian tells her, they need the very best photographer. You found her, Ms. Little says confidently, but it will be very expensive. We can afford it, Dorian assures her. Ms. Little gives Dorian her private number. Dorian notices a man interviewing a senator across the room and asks Ms. Little who the man is. Ms. Little tells Dorian that she doesn't want to know.

Ms. Little and Dorian are laughing and seem to be getting along well. Ms. Little tells Dorian to call her when she gets back to N.Y., Ms. Little thinks they can definitely work something out. Across the room, the man is talking to the senator about the death penalty. He suggests to make a real example, they should have the execution in a stadium and have the person stoned to death. Before leaving, Ms. Little tells Dorian the man is Mel Hayes, the journalist. Mel insults the senator and he and his aide get up and leave. Mel notices Dorian across the room and tips his glass to her before getting up and slowly making his way to the bar.

Dorian takes off her jacket and heads toward Mel at the bar. Mel notices her and walks over toward her, but when they get close he collapses, landing on the floor on top of Dorian. He apolgizes and Dorian assures him jokingly that he's not the first man who's thrown himself at her. Instead of getting up, Mel passes out on top of Dorian while they are lying on the floor of the bar.

Maggie, Max and Ian

At the hospital, Maggie has another dream about playing in a garden with a boy. The boy is lead away by a woman and Maggie wakes up, upset. She hurts all over from the accident. Ian comes in to see how she is doing. She's not OK and Ian is not welcome there, Max tells him. Maggie tells Max to stop, but Ian agrees with him. Last night could have been a tragedy because he let his father push his buttons, he promises it won't happen again. Maggie insists no one made her get on the bike. Something seems to keep pulling the two of them together, Maggie describes her dream to Ian again. Ian knows the garden she's describing, it's his mother's family's garden in New Orleans. That's not possible, how would I know that, Maggie asks.

Maggie describes the garden in further detail, wrought iron furniture, the scent of jasmine, a brick wall. The furniture wall was white Ian guesses correctly. Maggie doesn't understand, she's never been to New Orleans. Max interrupts to point out that she has described a typical garden, it could be any garden. Ian insists that she's described his mother's garden in perfect detail. Maggie asks for the phone to call her father. Maggie calls her father and asks if he took her to New Orleans when she was a little girl. The Bishop tries to evade the question. Maggie begs for the truth and the Bishop tells her he'll come to Llanview today to see her.

Released from the hospital, Maggie is relaxing on the couch with Max at his house. Max is not happy about the whole situation, but Maggie insists she must see it through to the end. She thought it was all over when the Bishop gave the locket back to Ian, but he's still hiding something. The doorbell rings and Max goes to answer it. It's not the Bishop, though, it's Ian.

Later, the Bishop arrives and is upset to see that Ian is there. Ian tells him that since his mother is dead, the Bishop is the only that can give him answers and he's not leaving until he gets some. The Bishop triesto leave, but Max stops him. The Bishop is the one that got Maggie involved in this whole mess when he asked for her help with Eleanor Armitage. Maggie gets the Bishop to sit down, she begs him for the whole story.

The Bishop asks them one last time to leave the past in the past, it can only hurt them all. Ian pulls out the empty locket, the answers were supposed to be in the locket, since they aren't there, it's up to the Bishop to tell them the truth. Maggie tells her father about the dream she's been having about a garden. Ian says he always thought that the reason his mother married a man she didn't love was to save her family and their home, which her father had gambled away. He asks the Bishop if this is true, but he doesn't answer. He still insists there was nothing in the locket. Max tells the Bishop it's obvious he's been hiding something and he's going to tell Maggie and Ian what it is NOW.

Maggie is pleading with her father to tell her the truth. She knows that she has some sort of connection with Ian, she's felt it ever since Ian came to town. The Bishop pulls at his collar and clutches his left arm, he refuses to answer because he would be breaking a promise. Ian is sure he and Maggie met as children, what was Maggie doing at his mother's house, he asks. The Bishop, sweating and pulling at his collar asks them to please stop asking him questions. Maggie says that because of this whole thing, they're closer than they have been in years. She promises that once the truth is out in the open, they'll find a way to love each other again, like they did when she was a little girl. "I do love you. I've always loved you, almost as much as I loved...." The Bishop collapses on the couch in pain, he's having a heart attack. "Daddy!", Maggie screams.

Thursday, April 10, 1997

MAX'S HOUSE- Maggie, The bishop, Max, Ian

The Bishop is on the couch; Maggie is trying to wake him up. Max and Maggie move him onto the floor, so Max can try CPR. It does not work, so Ian calls 911. When the paramedics arrive, they try to revive him with electrodes, but to no avail....The Bishop Is Dead. Maggie is obviously very upset, and can't accept his death. She asks the paramedics all sorts of questions about heart attacks and how they happen. They tell her that they sometimes come on suddenly, and that the bishop probably didn't feel any pain. She turns to Ian, and says", he was trying to tell me something, he knew what was happening to him ." Ian says, "yes, Maggie, he was trying to tell you that he loves you." Maggie blesses him, and says a prayer over him before they cover his face. She takes his crucifix. Maggie is crying a lot, Ian holds her as they take the bishop's body away. Max comes over, and holds her when they have gone. Andrew and Cassie come over. She tells them that he was there one minute, and gone the next. Andrew says she needs to hold onto her faith. Cassie says it is important that he reached out to her at the end. Maggie asks Andrew if trying to answer her questions and tell the truth is what killed him. Andrew tells her to not even go down that road. She asks what the truth could have been, if it was so awful that he would rather die than tell her. She looks at Ian. Andrew tells her that he'll try to keep the graveside service quiet, and just for the family. She says he sounded angry when he said he loved her. Ian says "perhaps he was angry with himself about something." She tells Andrew about the dreams, and about the garden in New Orleans. She tells him the story of the mysterious locket. Andrew says that the bishop was a good man, and a moral man. Andrew tells them about the letter. He says it's possible he knew the bishop knew about his heart condition. Max says it may just be a goodbye letter, Andrew says it might not answer their questions. Andrew says he'll bring it over tomorrow, when he can get it from the safe deposit box at the bank. Maggie asks Ian if he can be at the house tomorrow, and he says yes. They hug, she says he has enough to worry about since he just lost his own mother She apologizes. Max comes in and asks what she's apologizing for, she is the one who deserves sympathy right now. Ian says Max is right. Everyone leaves. Max asks if he can get her anything. She says "I'm an orphan, Max, I used to think that was such a strange word." He says it will take a while to sort out. She agrees. She says she's afraid she won't be able to find all the pieces of her life again. He asks her if that's important. She says yes. She tells Max about her family, and how her father always pushed everyone to be perfect. She says her whole life she's been trying to push herself to be perfect. She tells him that her brother committed suicide, but was sure to leave their father a note to tell him he didn't screw that up. She says she knows her mother died from drinking, but what made her drink?

LLANFAIR-Viki, Jessica, Clint, Cristian

Jessica comes downstairs, on her way to go out with Cristian. She is wearing a dress that is left over from the fashion show. It is short and black, with a transparent top that is very revealing. Viki comments on the dress, and also tells Jessica that she's sure that she will do the right, and responsible thing, and that she knows Jessica will follow her heart, and conscience. She tells her that sharing physical love with someone is very special. wonderful and important. Jessica goes to get her coat, and grabs the key to the cabin while she is in the closet. Viki doesn't notice. Clint and Cristian arrive at the same time. Clint has come to do taxes with Viki; Cristian is there to pick up Jessica. Clint asks her, " What happened to your dress, did they run out of material?" Viki tells him it is just the style. Jessica and Cristian leave. He is surprised that she is Victor Lord's widow. Viki tells them she'll be waiting up for her. Clint says he feels like he just missed something. Viki tells him that they have trust Jessica's good sense, and that she's always been responsible. Until she started listening to Dorian, that is. She says that Dorian has strange ideas, especially about sex. Clint says, " I think I need to sit down." He goes into the living room. Viki follows, and they sit on the couch. They talk about the Banner, and how the sales are. Clint asks what Dorian said to Jessica. She tells him that Dorian told Jessica, basically, that virginity is a hurdle to be crossed over. Nothing more, nothing less. Clint says Jessica knows better. Viki says, "yes, and No." Clint says he'll tear Cristian's lungs out if anything happens, and says he knows what is on Cristian's mind. Viki says it has been on his and Jessica's minds for quite a while. Viki says Jessica will only do what she's ready for. Clint says, "what if she does?" He doesn't want her to do it until after he is dead. Viki says they'll just have to make some mental adjustments if that happens. They have a little chat about aging. Viki says she still feels like she's 28, and Clint says he feels 22. They talk about Kevin. And he asks her whom Kevin is courting. She tells Clint about Téa. She tells him that Téa is just the kind of distraction that Kevin needs. Clint says, " Maybe that's what we need. A distraction. We're sitting here discussing our children's sex lives, what about our own?" She says there's nothing to worry about. Clint says, " that's exactly the point. not a darn thing, we could do something to fix that. " He reaches over and touches her shoulder. She stands up and says its time for him to go home. He says, "or upstairs?" Viki replies, "No, I think home .We have a good thing going, let's not complicate matters." Clint says complications are what keep people young. She says" not necessarily." Clint asks her if she's blushing. She says" no, I'm hyperventilating." Clint says" that sounds promising." As he walks out the door he tells her that her blushing is very becoming. She closes the door after him, and laughs to herself.

THE CABIN-Jessica and Cristian

They arrive at the cabin. Jessica turns off the alarm. She is about to turn on the lights, but Cristian says he likes the moonlight. They kiss each other. She says, "here we are again." He says it seemed like a good idea to break in at the time. They talk about how mad their parents were when they had to go to the jail and prove who they were. He says she thought he'd never be allowed to see her again. They hug, and then Jessica closes the door.

WASHINGTON-Dorian and Mel Hayes

Dorian and Mr. Hayes are lying on the floor. Some men help them get up. Dorian orders some food and coffee for Mr. Hayes so that he can sober up. They sit down to eat. They introduce themselves to each other. She tells him that she heard of him years ago, and admired his work. She also said her husband wanted to hire him at one time. He is surprised to find out that she is Victor Lord's widow. He says, " So, did you kill him or not?" She tells him she was found not guilty. Dorian drinks a martini while Mr. Hayes eats. He tells her that Victor offered him a job. He says he would have met her a long time ago. Dorian tells him that the Banner isn't the great paper it once was. She asks why he is still wearing his wedding ring, because she knows his wife died in a plane crash 18 months ago. He says it's a habit, and that he liked being married to her. He sees a senator, and introduces Dorian to him. Mr. Hayes gives the Senator a hard time about not signing a health care bill. Then they tell him that his tie is awful as he walks away. They start laughing. He asks if she's a republican, and if so this would be a first. She says, " what, that you've broken bread with one?" He says, "No, that I've lusted after one." She tells him that actually she is a democrat. He wants to order another drink. Dorian tells him she likes him better sober. He says that maybe he will abstain. She says, "Not from everything, I hope." She asks if he is weighing his options. He says" sort of." She says he can go home or not. He says home doesn't feel much like home these days. Dorian says,"well, there's your answer." He says, "What's yours?" She says, "Did I hear a question?" He replies, "loud and clear." She stands up and takes his hand.

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Friday, April 11, 1997
by Susan Richmond

Mel and Dorian

Mel and Dorian go into Dorian's hotel room. They're talking about the hotel and about architecture. Domes are female, columns are male, Dorian comments suggestively. She walks over to Mel and begins loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. Mel suggests they slow down a bit, "the better I know you, the better this is going to be."

Dorian wonders how long this 'getting to know you' is going to take. A while, Mel replies, he wants to do this right. They sit down at a table and Dorian all of a sudden decides she's starving. They race for the phone, but Mel gets there first. At her request, he orders cavier and several other things per her very specific orders. For himself, he orders a BLT after she cancels his order of a bottle of vodka. He already knows alot about her, she's impatient, competetive, expensive and exacting. They sit down again and Dorian asks him what else he wants to know. "What do you want, Dorian?", he replies.

I want peace on earth, no hunger, equal rights for everyone, protection of the environment, Dorian answers. "But what do you want for you", he asks. It's been a long time since anyone has asked her that question, she wants respect. He promises to respect her... in the morning. Dorian smiles at that.

Mel asks her to tell him who has no respect for her. Her daughter, Cassie, disapproves of her and it causes her pain, says Dorian. Mel knows how she feels, his daughter isn't speaking to him at the moment. She and his mother and his sons staged an intervention to get him to stop drinking and into rehab. He didn't take it well and his daughter, Dorothy practically disowned him. He's ashamed of himself and the way he acted, they really love him. Is he an alcoholic, Dorian asks. Mel replies that if you go to meetings you're an alcoholic, if you go to bars you're a drunk. He goes to bars. Stop making jokes, Dorian tells him. Is his drinking related to his wife's death, Dorian wonders. Dorian changes the subject, she was born in Ohio, went to medical school, and practiced medicine for a while. She lives in Llanview, PA, which is just outside of Philadelphia. Mel stops her, tells her that's enough and comes over and kisses her. They continue to kiss and she takes his jacket off...

Dorian and Mel are lying on the bed after having made love. Dorian complements him that he gave her what she wanted for herself. Mel mentions wanting to have a cigarrette. Dorian can't believe that he smokes too, he has a self-destructive streak. He gave up smoking when his kids were little, Mel tells her, but he started again when it became socially unacceptable. He figures it's a race between his lungs and his liver which will go first. There's a knock at the door. It's room service and Dorian hides under the covers until he's gone.

Mel and Dorian are sitting at the table eating their meal, Mel even shares his BLT with Dorian. They talk a little about his work, he quit doing his column for the paper and has been doing a little freelance work. They finish every little crumb of food on the table and Mel wonders what they will do now. They push away the table and start kissing again.

Jessica and Cristian

At the cabin, Jessica says she's glad they're there together, alone. She asks Cristian to start a fire, which he does. She and Cristian are standing up and kissing. Cristian gets a blanket and some pillows from the couch and spreads the blanket out in front of the fireplace. Jessica looks nervous, but joins him on the blanket. Cristian takes off his sweatshirt and her dress(she's still wearing her slip). He tells her how beautiful she is, how soft her skin is. They lay back on the pillows, kissing. Suddenly, Jessica asks him to stop.

Now both sitting up, Jessica asks Cristian if he's mad. Yes, Cristian answers, getting up to blow out the candles. Does this mean they're breaking up? Cristian told her that he loved her, no they're not breaking up, but they are getting out of there right now. Let's go, he tells her, and puts out the fire.

Jessica arrives home and tries to go straight upstairs, but Viki is waiting in the library for her and calls out her name. Jessica admits that they didn't go to the movies. Viki has her come sit on the couch in the library with her. Viki hugs her as Jessica cries. Jessica's afraid that she's going to lose Chris. She admits that she and Chris went up to the cabin and were planning to make love, but she couldn't. Viki tells her she'll know when the time is right. Chris stopped when he told her too, but she's worried that he won't forgive her. Viki's impressed by how mature both of them were tonight. Jessica asks if Viki can not tell Clint anything about this. Viki promises to tell him nothing happened, which is the truth.

Hank and R.J.

At Club Indigo, Hank comes in and tells R.J. that he was wrong about Antonio and maybe about some other things too. R.J. laughs, enjoying the fact that Hank actually has to apologize for something. R.J. opens a beer for him and Hank takes it. Hank know that R.J. is angry with him and with Nora, that they would have sent him to jail just to win their case. He also knows that R.J. is furious with Antonio too, but Hank is asking to let it go, to leave it in the past.

Hank doesn't care about him at all, R.J. accuses, Hank cares about Nora, Rachel, even Antonio, but the person he cares about most is himself. Hank thinks R.J. put out a hit on Antonio and it won't look good for him to have a "bad baby brother", R.J. continues. R.J. tells Hank to back off, because he's doing just fine on his own. No he's not, he's messing up, Hank tells him. If R.J. didn't actually order the hit on Antonio, he certainly set the stage for hit. Hank doesn't want to have to arrest Antonio... or bury him, so Hank thinks R.J. should take a good look at his options and do the right thing for once.

R.J. orders Hank to leave his club, but Hank refuses to go. Hank's scared, but not for himself, he's scared for R.J.'s sake. Hank was always the good son and Randall James always broke his mother's heart, R.J. says. Hank can't go back and change the past, but R.J. can take responsibility for now.

R.J. thinks Hank has responsibility covered for the both of them. Hank can't cover for him, he tells R.J. R.J. needs to get out before he gets in so deep that Hank can't help him. R.J's not asking for help, Hank should just give it up. Hank leaves.

R.J., alone at the club, hears a voice call his name, "Randall." He looks up to see a woman standing in the doorway. The woman walks over to the table and throws down a gold bracelet on it. She heard "Charlene" saying that R.J. gave it to her. You'd better tell me where it came from, the woman insists. I bought it, R.J. claims, I didn't steal it. There's no way he can make that kind of money with the jobs he's doing. She gave him the benefit of the doubt about his sneakers and the tapes, but there is no way he could have afforded this bracelet. And why wasn't he in school when he was supposed to be. R.J. accuses Hank of telling on him. The woman denies it, Hank has done nothing but try to protect his brother since their father died. R.J. yells at her to leave him alone and knocks over a chair. "Momma", he says and turns around to find that she is gone.

Back at his office, Hank sees the same woman sitting on his couch. He sits down next to her and tells him mother that he couldn't set R.J. straight. He couldn't do it when R.J. was 16 and he couldn't do it today. He'll find a way, his mother assures him. Maybe it's time for R.J. to help himself. Try again, his mother insists, R.J. has a lot of respect for Hank, even if he doesn't show it. R.J. hates everything about him, Hank insists and it's his mother's own fault, hers and their father's. Hank turns around and the woman is gone. He pours himself a drink and looks at a trophy on his shelf. He throws it across the room and the woman appears again and tells him to pick it up, he knows better than that. Hank goes over a picks up the broken trophy.

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