One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on OLTL

Andrew and Carlotta were held hostage at the diner. Mel and Viki compared family histories. The Buchanans held a family meeting. Mel grew suspicious of Kelly. Todd traveled to Ireland. Antonio rallied Angel Square.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, May 12, 1997

Andrew talked to Maggie about his failed marriage and they were both alerted by all the police cars driving by. Andrew and Maggie headed to the diner and Andrew shrugged off his despondency about Cassie and offered himself as a hostage in exchange for Carlotta. Andrew then defied Bo and started walking towards the diner as shots rang out. Once inside the diner, Andrew empathized with Ernesto's feeling of loss and asked him to let Carlotta go. Ernesto, however, then held both Andrew and Carlotta hostage. Antonio arrived on the scene and Bo and Andy stopped him from racing into the diner to rescue Carlotta. Bo, Kevin, Mel and Viki learned that Asa owned the bank that was foreclosing on Ernesto's business. Maggie told Cassie off and Kevin was thrown by Cassie's strong reaction to Andrew in trouble. Dr. Sands told Todd and Viki that Starr's transplant had gone well, but that it would be a few weeks before they knew whether or not Starr would be okay. Later, Todd made plans to go to Ireland to see Kenneally. Ian and Max bonded further as they played basketball and talked about getting revenge on Guy and Asa.

Tuesday, May 13, 1997

At the diner, Antonio negotiated for a reporter to interview Ernesto in exchange for Carlotta's release. Bo decided to send Mel in to interview Ernesto and Mel began to approach the diner. Kevin, however, had already sneaked into the diner through the back. Kevin startled Ernesto, who began to shoot wildly but did not hit anyone. Andrew got Ernesto to agree to his promise to release Carlotta and she was reunited with Antonio and Cristian. Ernesto told Kevin his heartfelt story and Kevin revealed that Asa was his grandfather. Andrew calmed a newly infuriated Ernesto and Kevin promised Ernesto that he fight for him and report his story. Ernesto then surrendered and the crisis was over. As Kevin, Andrew and Ernesto left the diner, Antonio publicly declared that Ernesto had done nothing wrong and that Asa Buchanan was the one responsible for the trouble. Meanwhile, Asa and Drew watched the events unfold on television. Asa was initially unaffected by Antonio's threats, but then began to take them seriously. Maggie tired to cover her anger and comfort a distraught Cassie. Cassie showed real emotion when Kevin emerged unscathed from the diner.

Wednesday, May 14, 1997

East Llanview, West Llanview, all around the town, the talk of the town is the hostage crisis. For Kevin, it offers new insights about Andrew -and Cassie's relationship with her husband. For Antonio, it deepens his grudge against Asa, causing him to assume the mantle of community leadership. Asa and Drew conspire to avert a public relations disaster while secretly planning their next move to take over the East Llanview waterfront. Mel bonds with Viki and witnesses fireworks between his publisher and his lover, whetting his appetite for the truth behind the dynamics of the Viki-Dorian relationship. Jessie fears losing Cristian over Grandpa's behavior but gains a new friend from a surprising source.

The Banner-Mel, Kevin, Viki, Clint, Cassie, Dorian

Kevin is panicing over the deadline on his eyewitness account of the hostage crisis. Mel takes him under his wing and assists with the editing. Clint watches and points out to Viki how admirably Mel has acted considering Kevin's actions. Kevin apologizes to Mel and promises never to steal a story from him again. Viki admits to Clint that Mel has been very generous toward their son and very kind toward her throughout. Clint says she should tell the man. He has been on his toes and professional, turning in his story 30 minutes after he got back to the Banner. He hears it is excellent and is going to take a look right now. Viki walks over to Mel and asks to see him down the hall. Kevin sarcastically asks Mel if he is being called into the principal's office.

Viki thanks Mel for all he has done. She compliments him on his work and his handling of his publisher. Mel tells her he likes her kid. Reminds him of his son Frank, the TV news man, always looking for more stories to tell. Mel proceeds to compare familial notes and they have a lot in common. They both have two sons and a daughter. Mel's other son, Roger is a computer software whiz and his daughter is studing to be a social worker in Manhattan. "God's work", Viki says. Mel quotes his mother as saying that the ultimate satisfaction in life is to live long enough and colorfully enough to become the despair of your children. Mom is a pistol and she set an example which is difficult even for Mel to beat. They speak about his wife of 27 years whom he proposed to one week after he graduated Columbia, the very day he secured his first job at the Post. They barely had their children and he was called off to Vietnam for two years. His father, a World War II Veteran, started out believing in the war, but when Mel came home, he came around to his son's view and although disheartened by the truth, he was surprisingly proud of his son. Neal Hayes died in 1994 of cancer. Viki comments on how close the loss of his wife and father was. He was fortunate to have such a father, Viki was not so fortunate in that department. Dorian interrupts the conversation, asks Mel how he is and then launches into a tirade at Viki who is in no mood after spending the day worrying about the safety of her son and her step son (Andrew). Dorian counters that she has spent the better part of her life reacting to the pain imposed by the Lords and Buchanans. Viki is an indulgent mother who probably encouraged her son to destroy Cassie and Andrew's marriage. Viki reminds her that Cassie and Kevin are adults and that Dorian never liked Andrew. Dorian is worried about the trauma to her grandson River. Kevin's shamelss pursuit of her daughter only serves to remind her of Viki's own lack of respect for the sanctity of marriage. Viki is going home for a relaxing bath and Dorian can go soak herself. Mel politely escorts his lover from Viki's office.

In the City Room, Clint warns Kevin not to indulge himself in such juvenile behavior again. His actions could have had fatal consequences to himself, Carlotta and Andrew. Kevin admits he was wrong and he realized that the moment Ernesto fired his gun, but outside he could only think about how he had to get in there. He assures him it will not happen again and there are no worries about his personal relationship with Cassie affecting their work. It's not a problem, not before or now. He tells Clint he is madly in love with Cassie. Cassie arrives and she and Clint say hello. When she and Kevin are alone they discuss the day's events. She does not know what possessed him to place himself in harm's way. She understood about Andrew who was a minister. Kevin said he was also doing his job. Cassie says she needs Kevin more than ever and urges him to be more careful. Everything has changed for them. Kevin agrees that since what happened to him in the diner, he does know where she is coming from. Kevin confesses a new respect for Andrew's handling of the situation. He also now understands how hard it must be for Cassie to live up to Andrew's standards and he sympathizes. He comforts Cassie and they go home.

Asa's office- Asa and Drew

Asa has watched Antonio accuse him on TV of causing the hostage crisis. He wants the bank manager's head on a platter. The press are three deep at his gates. He is angry that the manager broadcasted Asa's orders to foreclose on all late payer's properties. Now he is under the media's scrutiny and there is still Nora, Bo, Clint, and Renee to face down. And last, but not least, Antonio. Asa wants to know the stuff Drew is made of. What would he advise him to do? Drew thinks it's simple. Go to Antonio, apologize and offer to help the Sotos. Make sure the press is in attendance, then wait a few weeks and buy everything in sight. Asa likes the idea, but considering his recent history with the Vegas, it could be dicey. They might not let him even get a foot in the door. Drew asks if he is not up to the challenge. Asa replies, "Follow me and I will show you new moves."

The Diner-Carlotta, Andrew, Andy, Antonio, Cristian, Jessica, Laine, Drew and Asa

Antonio has called a strategy meeting to mobilize the community against Asa and his bank. He wants his mom to take it easy, go home and put her feet up. Carlotta is determined to be a part of the plans they make. Jessica arrives and says she heard about Carlotta being taken hostage. She and Carlotta sit down in a booth next to Cris and Andy. Andrew and Antonio join Jessie and Carlotta at their booth. Andrew begins to fill Jessica in about Ernesto and how it was the actions of Asa's bank which put him over the edge. Andrew says it could have been a tragedy, but thank God no one was hurt. Antonio tells Jessie that Andrew offered himself as a substitute for Carlotta. He will never forget what Andrew did for his mother. Andrew is modest about his courage. Conversation turns to the purpose of the meeting. They are going to raise the $60,000 the Sotos owe to Asa's bank! Jessica feels bad that her grandfather once again was behind yet another near tragedy in the Vega's lives. Antonio reassures her that no one blames her. Andrew suggests they set up a campaign to offer loans at a low cost. Antonio will mobilize a march on the bank. He wants to convince the whole community to tranfer all bank accounts, CD's, credit cards, etc. from the Llantano Bank to the competition. No one takes loans out from Asa's bank either. Cristian can design posters and flyers can be distributed by the Community Center.

Jessica and Cris ahave a moment alone and he tells her he is sorry he hasn't called her. He was swamped with school work. Jessie wonders if he is mad about their not making love. He says he is not angry, he was just frustrated with the situation. He respects her honesty and would never force her to do anything she is not ready for. It is just hard to see her now, yet he really misses her. She asks him if he wants to move on. She heard he took Laine to her Uncle Bo's surprise party. It threw her, but she is trying to understand. It was not about them, Cris says. Laine was helping him decorate the Diner. He loves Jessie, not Laine. Laine arrives and says they are working on a project together. Cris tells Jessica he will call her real soon. Jessie waits until they leave and runs toward the bathroom. Carlotta notices and brings her back for a heart to heart. She thinks Jessica is a remarkable woman. She is important to Cris and he really loves her. Jessie comments that things are changing. Of course, Carlotta replies, she and Cris are growing up. Jessie is brave and beautiful. She must have faith. Jessie is about to leave when Grampa Asa and Cousin Drew arrive with the press at their heels.

Asa says the media doesn't know their butt from their elbow, but they are going to straighten it out together. He apologizes for what happened to Carlotta, while denying his own culpability. He wants to help the Sotos. He will wipe the loan out and buy the building outright from him. That means they will have to move, Antonio replies. Carlotta doesn't think the Sotos will be interestd. Andrew says he will convey the offer. Antonio has had enough of this, but Asa says that Antonio is a man of character and he can go to the top of Asa's corporate ladder. Antonio replies that Carlo tried to buy him, but he is not for sale. Asa says if he changes his mind, just call. He is just pouring a little oil on the Buchanan's troubled waters. He leaves and Antonio remarks that all Asa is selling is snake oil.

Antonio, Andy, Carlotta and Andrew discuss Asa over coffee. He always has a profit motive. Andrew thinks that they should inform the Sotos of the option of the money. Antonio can feel it. Asa has plans for the neighborhood. They need to organize fast and be on guard.

Dorian's House- Dorian and Mel

Mel is curious about Dorian and Viki's "mutual antipathy." Dorian doesn't want to be interviewed by the intrepid reporter. She says Viki has an Oedipus thing because she married her father. Why ruin a good evening discussing Viki. It is old, stale and boring. Mel wants to know why they always are in conflict. Dorian says it is impossible to avoid arguing with Viki. Their lives constantly intersect. Her daughter is married to Viki's stepson. Her niece is married to Viki's half-brother. When he presses for more details, she threatens to scream, then follows through. When Mel does not react, she laughs. Viki and she are powerful women. Powerful women compete with each other, fight each other, hate each other. She wants Mel to leave the journalist at work. When he is on duty, his time belongs to Viki, but when he is off duty, he is all hers. Both alarming and promising, Mel replies. They kiss and head upstairs.

Llanfair-Jessica, Viki, Todd and the Parrot

Viki returns home from her tiff with Dorian to find Jessica in a despondent mood. She believes her life is a disaster. She doesn't think that the relationship between Cris and Laine is platonic. Laine flings herself around and Jessica just folds. What she really wants to do is rip out Laine's nose ring. Viki says it is wiser to cool off and be non confrontational. In the midst of this serious discussion, they hear a bird squawk. Todd has arrived and he introduces his feathery friend to his sister and niece. Jessica and Viki are clearly intrigued by the parrot, making it easy for Todd to ask for a favor. He needs them to bird-sit while he leaves on a business trip. Jessie wants to know the bird's name. Todd jokes he won't answer to Admiral or Larry. He must be a Laker's fan. So he is nameless as yet. He tells them that with Starr in isolation and his being only a phone call away from keeping tabs on her progress, the only loose end he has to tie up is the bird. They agree to keep him while he is away. He warns them not to give the parrot any clam sauce. He will be back with the cage, food and toys in the morning. As he leaves, he tells the parrot that Viki and Jessica will spoil him rotten.

Thursday, May 15, 1997

The diner- Bo, Nora, Clint, Antonio, Téa, Rachel

Bo and Nora and Carlotta are talking about Mr. Soto's case. Nora will be defending him. She thinks he has a good chance to win. They tell Carlotta about all the greasy food they would like to order, and then have healthy food instead. Clint comes in and tells her how mad he is at Asa. He then orders everything that Bo wishes he could have. Clint joins Bo and Nora at their table. Bo tells Clint that he feels better now that they are eating healthy. Clint says Asa is still going strong even after having steak and eggs for breakfast every day. He then says that Asa is up to something in Angel Square, and that he doesn't feel proud to be a Buchanan around this part of town. They want to find out what he's up to. Antonio comes over and asks about Mr. Soto's case. He says Asa doesn't deserve the business of the people of Angel Square. He walks off. They decide to have a family meeting with the Buchanan men at Asa's office in an hour.

Téa is at the diner. She tells Carlotta that Cassie left her husband and shacked up with Kevin. She tells her about her confrontation with him earlier in the day. Carlotta tells her love can be that way sometimes. Téa says she doesn't fall in love-it is one of her rules. She starts to cry. Rachel comes in. Téa asks her if she would like to be her roommate.

Antonio tells Téa that all the people of Angel Square are getting together to fight Asa. He asks how much she has in the bank at Angel Square. She tells him she put her money in the bank downtown. Antonio says that is where the Buchanan's keep their money. She tells him she and Rachel are getting a place together on the west side. Antonio says that is the Buchanan's side of town, too. He asks her to help with Mr. Soto's case. She tells him she is too busy with Alex's case. He says that if she turns her back on Angel Square they will turn their back on her.

An Apartment building- Kevin and Téa

Téa is looking at an apartment, Kevin comes in. The agent asks if his fiancée will be joining him. Téa tells Kevin that the apartment is very romantic, and has more class than some people she knows. The real estate agent leaves them alone to chat while she checks in at her office. She asks if Cassie is his fiancée. He says no. He tells her everything happened so fast, and he is sorry for hurting her feelings. She asks if he wants the apartment or not, because she can find better. Téa heads off. He asks why she is mad. She tells him he will end up losing respect for Cassie now that he finally has her, the way he lost respect for her. He says he does respect her, but she doesn't believe it. She says he's no gentleman. He says she is the one who wanted to no strings attached. He reminds her that he always wanted her to stay in Llanview. Téa says it is a shame it all worked out this way, because they could have had a lot more fun together. He tells her he is now committed to Cassie. She says she is committed to ditching her boring husband, and what will happen when he has served that purpose for her. Kevin tells her she can blame him, but to leave Cassie out of it. He says she doesn't know her well enough to judge her. He apologizes for being dishonest. He says that Cassie and he are in love. Téa says Cassie must be very grateful for him rescuing her from a bad marriage. Kevin tells her it isn't like that, and she replies that it must be about Cassie being in a love relationship with Kevin. He says that Cassie fought it for a long time-that it was inevitable. She wants to know if Cassie has said she loves him yet. As he is about to answer, the real estate agent comes back and asks if they talked things through about whom will get the apartment. Kevin tells Téa he will be a gentleman and let her have it, because it leaves him feeling cold now. He walks out.

R.J.'s Apartment-Hank and R.J.

R.J. is relaxing at home when Hank shows up. He brought him a gift of strawberries from Philadelphia. Hank makes himself comfortable and asks about the music they are listening to. He asks about the record company. Hank says it sounds like a good idea to record jazz musicians. He says he doesn't mind that Rachel will be working with him. Hank tells R.J. he knows he can trust him to look after Rachel. R.J. tells Hank he needs experience and help with the business. He is worried about finding contacts. Hank suggests that he work for someone else to learn the ropes, but R.J. says he wouldn't want to work for someone else. They look over R.J.'s art collection. He suggests taking Hank to the studio where he bought some of his pieces. Hank tells R.J. he admires his ability to jump right in to his projects instead of going slowly. R.J. misinterprets Hank's comment and thinks he is criticizing him again. Hank tells him he meant it. R.J. tells Hank he thinks he's better than anyone else is. R.J. kicks him out. Hank tells him he trusts him. He asks why he is always second -guessing his motives to be nice. Hank leaves. R.J. looks out the window and listens to music. He is looking at the strawberries Hank brought him. His mother appears. She tells him his dreams make him dissatisfied. R.J. tells her she set bad limits for him. She says she tried hard. He tells her he made mistakes. His mother disappears. R.J. calls Gabriel and asks him to come to Llanview and help with his business.

Asa's office

Everyone is there. Bo asks Asa what he is up to in Angel Square. Asa is about to turn things over to Drew when Jessica comes in. She says she heard there is a family meeting. Asa says there is, and she sure makes it prettier. But, he says, it is a business meeting, so she should go be pretty somewhere else. Clint says she has a right to be here if she is interested. Asa says he hasn't met a woman yet who can keep her mouth shut. Clint says Jessica can be trusted. Asa tells her not to repeat a word of what she hears at the meeting. Drew shows them a map of the waterfront and points out the land they want to buy. He tells them they want to make a complex of department stores and boutiques. He says it will have a good effect on the community. Clint asks what it will do to the small businesses in the area, like Carlotta's. Drew tells him she will be thankful for the new business the complex would be bringing in. Bo asks when Drew started working for Asa. Clint says Bo should have kept a better eye on Drew so he wouldn't be corrupted. Bo replies that if Clint had done a better job raising his son maybe he wouldn't be a home wrecker. Kevin says that he resents that comment, and Bo tells him that if he can't take the heat he should stay out of the kitchen. Or at least stay out of a married woman's skirt. Clint tells Bo he shouldn't be judging anyone. Asa says he's doing a lot of good for the people of Angel Square. Bo asks if he is trying to make them rich. Drew asks if Bo thinks it's better to be poor and honorable. He said he grew up poor because Bo didn't give a damn about him and Becky Lee when he was growing up. Bo tells him that he couldn't find him. Drew says yeah sure. He says poor isn't better or noble. Bo tells Asa that the people of Angel Square are going to withdraw all their money from his bank, but Asa doesn't care. He says his sons don't respect him. He tells the Banner is doing a bad job. He says Kevin's journalism is bad and that he should give it up. Jessica stands up and tells them all to stop it. She tells them she doesn't like being a part of a family who won't act like grown ups and stick together as a family. Clint wants to work together to work everything out, but Bo says the battle lines have already been drawn-Drew and Asa against the rest of the family.

Friday, May 16, 1997

Mel and Dorian

Dorian walks into her living room carrying a box and discovers that Mel is on the phone. "Don't you ever get tired of sex?" is the first thing Dorian hears him say. He goes on to tell Mary that he's not in Llanview because of a woman. Mel promises to give her another call the first chance he gets, tells her to "chill", and hangs up the phone. Dorian gives Mel his gift, a blue and white striped shirt, but he barely has time to open the box before she's asking who was on the phone. It was his mother, Mel tells her. Dorian laughs and insists he'll have to do better than that. I can't improve upon the truth, says Mel. Dorian still doesn't seem to believe him and is upset that he said he's not in Llanview because of a woman. He didn't come to Llanview because of a woman, Mel insists, Dorian knows why he left Washington, because of his drinking problem. Then where do I fit in, Dorian wants to know. She was a major catalyst in his decision and is an ongoing delight, Mel explains. Mel asks her to take him to see the loft. She was planning to go the hospital, but the thought of getting Mel into his own place and out of hers(because he's so messy) makes her quickly change her mind. They are about to kiss when Kelly arrives, she has to talk to Mel right away. (see below)

Mel has tried on his new shirt and is modeling it for Dorian. Mel mentions he can see how close that Dorian and Kelly are. Dorian agrees, she's very proud of Kelly, she's come a long way. Her mother is in a mental institution and Kelly spent most of her years growing up in boarding schools. When she came to Llanview, Kelly became sort of a daughter to Dorian. Dorian's sure that she'll never to anything to please her real daughter, Cassie. She and Kelly have managed to remain close, even though Kelly became involve with Joey. Dorian knew that in the end, Joey would break her heart. But there are two types of Cramer women, the feelers and the fighters, she tells Mel. Melinda, Addie(Dorian's sisters) and Cassie are feelers, and she, Blair and Kelly are fighters. When did Joey break up with Kelly, Mel casually asks.

She would have gotten the letter the same night that Blair had her accident, Dorian replies. Dorian's positive of the date because Kelly told her about it at the hospital the very next morning when they were there to visit Blair. Dorian goes upstairs for a minute to get something before they leave to go see the loft. While she's gone, Mel calls Andy to see if they have any news on the tires. They do, but half the 4x4's on the road use them, according to Mel. They'll have to do it the other way around now, find the car first and see if it matches the skid marks.

Kelly, Patrick, Mel, Dorian, Andrew and Drew

Kelly is sitting in the library at Llanview University reading the newspaper article that Mel wrote about the accident. She stands up, still reading the paper and almost bumps into Patrick. She's surprised to see him there, but Patrick says he's more surprised to see her, since she's not taking any classes at the University right now. Patrick's teaching a course this summer, 'the tragedies'. Kelly just stares at him until he has to explain further, "Shakespeare." Patrick asks if she's OK and Kelly explains that her strange behavior is just because she's worried about Starr and the transplant. Patrick tells her the good news he heard from Viki, that Blair's operation in Philadelphia went well. Kelly was just reading the article about the accident, does Patrick know if they have any leads on finding the driver? Patrick has no idea, but suggests that Kelly tall to Mel Hayes or Todd. Kelly can't talk to Todd, he's out of town, she tells a surprised Patrick.

Kelly arrives at Dorian's house and insists that she need to asks Mel a question. It's about the accident, is Mel still on the case, she asks. On the story, Mel corrects her. "Do you think that they know anything?", she persists. Dorian thinks that Kelly should stop worrying about the accident and the other driver now that Blair and Starr are both doing well. Kelly shouldn't dwell on it, Dorian recommends, as Mel listens intently. Mel doesn't have much that he can tell her, the police still haven't found the other car. How hard does he think it will be to find that car, she asks. The next step will be to analyze the skidmarks to find out what brand of tire made them. Then they'll check out all the makes and models that come equipped with that kind of tire and then narrow all the possibilities in the world down to one car, "the car." Dorian doesn't think Kelly looks well, but she insists she's OK. As she starts to leave, Mel calls out to her to "Drive careful." Kelly quickly whirls around and asks "What?." Mel just tell her sometimes people get disoriented when they don't feel well. Kelly thanks him, wishes him luck on his story and leaves. Mel watches suspiciously as she goes.

Andrew is in his office trying to edit the church's newletter and quickly gets frustrated by all the mistakes. There's a knock at the door, it's Kelly. Something's really wrong and she needs to tell him about it.

Andrew invites her to sit down. Kelly starts talking about the fact that Cassie's staying at the carriage house. Andrew asks how Cassie is and Kelly replies that she's kind of shaky, as much as she tries to act like everything's cool, this whole thing has been very hard on her. On him too, Andrew says, everytime he turns around, he's reminded of Cassie. He starts talking on and on about things Cassie used to do, like editing the church's newsletter, until he finally realizes Kelly has something important she wants to tell him. It's about the accident, she begins, it's been on her mind a lot. Andrew, thinking that she's upset at the other driver, says that the actions of the driver were absolutely despicable, he really doesn't know how someone could live with themself after what happened. Maybe they can't, Kelly tries again, maybe they just needed a little time to pull themselves together. Andrew, misunderstanding again, tells Kelly it's OK to feel angry, "this guy was a jerk." Kelly's about to say something else when Drew barges in. He saw Kelly's car outside and was worried that something had happen to Starr, he claims.

Andrew leaves to attend a meeting, asking them to lock up when they leave. Kelly tells Drew that she thinks Mel Hayes is on to her, she had to tell someone before this whole thing blows up in her face. Drew assures her it won't happen and suggests that she get rid of her car. Won't that look suspicious, Kelly worries. Not if Kelly explains that her car doesn't have a passenger side airbag. After Blair's accident, it would be normal for her to be worried enough about it to get a new car. No one will suspect a thing, says Drew.

Marty and Patrick

Marty finds Patrick at the University library grading some papers and puts some flowers on the paper he's working on. It's a beautiful spring day, doesn't he want to stop grading papers and join her outside, Marty asks. Patrick snaps at her for disturbing him, then apologizes. Marty sits down and joins him at the table. They still love one another, but that 'oneness' they used to share is gone, she tells him. Brendan's death has come between them, but now they need to move on together, to get back that closeness they both shared. They can't change the past, but they can affect what happens in their future, she assures him. Marty asks him again to come with her now.

Patrick obviously agreed, because the next we see of them, they are lying in the middle of the woods enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Patrick recalls days like this back in Ireland with his sister. He would ask her what the clouds looked like and she would say they looked like whipped cream. There's been so much death, first his sister, now Brendan and he feels responsible. Marty strongly insists that neither death was his fault. Then why does he keep having nightmares that he was the only car on the road that night, Patrick wonders. He feels that the gods were angry with him for something and their deaths were his punishment and he doesn't know how to appease them. Marty knows how, through their love for each other. They begin to kiss.

Todd and Mr. Keneally

Todd arrives at the prision in Ireland where Mr. Keneally is being held. Mr. Keneally is soon led into the room and stops short in surprise when he sees Todd. Before Mr. Keneally can say anything, Todd jumps in and introduces himself as Mr. Ted Monk from the Denver Mirror. They are left alone, but Todd and Mr. Keneally do not talk openly, apparently afraid their conversation is being bugged. Todd starts talking about this great pub at home, The Wild Swan, some silly Irishman brought over every piece of it from the old country, perhaps Mr. Keneally has heard of it? Mr. Keneally agrees that he might have heard something about it. Todd wishes they were there right now because this prision is really a pit. How many consecutive senetences did he get, Todd asks Mr. Keneally. "Enough to keep me here in this sunless hole for the rest of my bloody life." Todd would like Mr. Keneally to tell him the story about an Irishman that recently came to America, one with long hair and a history that no one knows anything about. He's a bad poet and a professor, Todd clarifies. Mr. Keneally knows of such a person, but his story was one of romance, he met an American woman and fell in love. He would have been killed if a multi-millionaire publisher hadn't blundered in the way of the bullets meant for him. Todd knows that story, he's interested in the story before the girl, before the guns, before the professor was even a professor. Mr. Keneally knows that story, but they must go for a private walk in the courtyard before he can tell it. Todd gets up and goes to pound on the door, calling for the warden.

The warden arrives and Todd bribes him into letting him talk with Mr. Keneally outside alone. He also convinces the warden by saying that if he can get Mr. Keneally to talk about what the Men of 21 were planning, lives could be saved. The warden doesn't think Mr. Keneally will talk, but is convinced to go along with Todd by the money. Out in the courtyard, Mr. Keneally still won't talk, he doesn't see why he should help Todd. Because we both hate the same man, Todd explains. That's not enough, Keneally says, Todd will have to do something to make it worth his while. Todd offers 50,000 pounds, but Mr. Keneally insists that he be paid 500,000 pounds(approximately $815,000 U.S. dollars). How does he know that what Mr. Keneally has on Patrick is worth 500,000 pounds, Todd wants to know. "My story will obliterate the man", Keneally assures him.

Mr. Keneally says he'll think it over. Todd starts to leave, he doesn't have time to wait around for him to say yes. Mr. Keneally wants to know how he can be sure he can trust Todd. Todd wonders the same thing, after all, it was Keneally who had men shoot Todd in the back and throw him in the Irish Sea. Keneally jokes that he bet that taught Todd never to borrow another man's overcoat. Todd is not amused. Keneally tells him to come back to the prision tomorrow with a Bank of England deposit slip for 500,000 pounds in the name of Solomon Rowe(sp?) and they'll talk. The story is worth the money and the wait, Keneally assures him.

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