One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on OLTL
In Ireland, Mr. Keneally revealed Patrick's past to Todd. Rachel accepted a dinner invitation. Drew blackmailed Dorian. Todd reclaimed his parrot from the family. Téa and Rachel decided to live together. Mel began an investigation into Drew's past.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, May 19, 1997

Jessica, Viki and Cristian

Jessica is thrilled to be taking care of Todd's parrot, but she and Viki get upset when the bird appears to die. The parrot was just playing dead, though, and is actually just fine. While Jessica is playing with the bird, Viki puts the book "Sex and Your Teenager" on the table where Jessie will see it and leaves the room. Jessie notices the book and starts to read it. Cristian arrives and Jessica quickly hides the book in a chair. She asks him to take her to the prom, but he can't, he's going to a gallery opening in Philadelphia with Laine. Cristian also tells Jessica he thinks that they should start seeing other people and leaves. Viki find Jessica heartbroken and encourages her to ask a fellow classmate to the prom. Jessica reluctantly calls, but the boy eagerly agrees to go with her.

Todd and Mr. Keneally

In Ireland, Todd meets again with Mr. Keneally, who finally reveals Patrick's history. Patrick and his family lived on the estate of a nobleman, they were his servents. It was this nobleman who got his sister pregnant, but he never admitted it. When Patrick's sister died from the abortion procedure, Patrick swore revenge. He helped a group of terrorists blow up the nobleman, Lord Whiting, when he was on his yacht. Patrick was then deactivated by the terrorists and went on to teach poetry at a college. The terrorists tried to reactive Patrick years later, but he refused. This information isn't enough on it's own to convict Patrick, Todd says. But if he can frame Patrick for something else, it could be used as powerful background information.

Nora, Bo, R.J. and Rachel

Nora and Bo are still on their quest for healthy living. Today they tried the stairmaster, health drinks and finally, sex (as exercise, of course). Meanwhile, Rachel goes to Club Indigo to help R.J. R.J. has decided that instead of starting his own record company, it would be better to buy into an existing one. R.J. is concerned when Rachel accepts a dinner invitation from Track, the musician who has been giving R.J. advice.

Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Nora and Bo's House

In a very funny moment, Nora sits on the floor praying that the demon "Hector" will be released from the exercise machine. The doorbell rings and she yells at Rachel to get it. When Rachel doesn't answer she says to "Hector", "You got her too didn't you? You're Evil. Just watch it, it'll be Andrew. It'll be a priest, you'll see." Unable to stand up, Nora crawls to the door on her hands and knees. The whole time praying that it is Andrew coming to save her. When she opens the door, it's Track, who looks very confused. Nora asks him to keep her faith in god and tell her that he is a chiropractor. Track thinks he has the wrong house. After Track insists that he's not a chiropractor, orthopedist or exorcist, Rachel comes down the stairs and saves him. Nora tells Track that since "Hector" "has done the Watusi on her spine" she'll have to grill him later. Nora leaves and Track looks very confused. Rachel explains her diverse background to him. Track explains that in South Side Chicago, Hank and R.J. were legends but he'd never known about Nora. Rachel asks him if he still wants to go out with her and he says that there's just one thing...he may be too boring for her.

The Banner

Mel holds up a cigarette and offers his kingdom for a match. Kevin suggests acupuncture instead. Mel however, wants a smoke now, but the "draconian" publisher won't let him. Kevin suggests hypnosis. Viki informs Clint of the crisis day, Cristian's dumping of Jessica. Mel pleads with Viki to let him smoke. She suggests acupuncture or hypnosis. Cassie enters quite upset because she went to the rectory to visit with River but the babysitter had taken him out to dinner. Andrew had never asked her if she would be willing to watch River for him. Kevin offers that Andrew is trying to prove that he can manage things on his own. Meanwhile, Mel sets off the fire alarm by smoking in the stairwell. Viki & Cint find him and Clint leaves to tell maintenance it was a false alarm. Viki offers to shut off the alarm by sticking Mel's head in it. Now Viki and Clint are really upset because it's too late to call off the fire department and now the whole building is going to have to evacuate. Mel leaves to go work in the park. Later, Kevin learns that the apartment has been leased. Cassie asks him what he is doing and is upset to learn that Kevin assumed that it was okay with her to find an apartment for the two of them. Kevin asks her if she is having second thoughts but Cassie assures him that she is not. She just wants to feel that she gained some freedom by leaving Andrew. They agree to apartment hunt.

Palace Hotel Dining Room

Andrew comes by Ian and Guy's table asking if they would be interested in donating some money to the Ernesto Soto cause. Guy says that Andrew should apply to the Armitage foundation but unfortunately the deadline has passed for this fiscal year. Ian says that they can overlook the deadline and offers Andrew $40,000. After Andrew leaves, Guy is angry that Ian offered money to that "gun toting looney." Ian reminds him that Guy made him the executive director of the foundation. They argue over whether or not Ian should stay in Llanview, it doesn't seem to be the right place to do foundation business, New York would be better. Ian says that he is staying and Guy says that it probably has something to do with a woman, Maggie. Ian says "as usual father you have it completely wrong, Maggie is more like a sister to me."

Bo's Office

Bo and Hank enjoy cigars and have a chuckle over the new health regimen in Bo's house & how Nora would kill Bo if she knew he was smoking. Hank asks Bo not to tell Nora he brought the cigars because he may need her support with the fallout from the Ernesto situation. Bo thinks that Nora will get Ernesto off because he is a solid citizen, a family man, and a vet. Hank doesn't think the situation will go away because Antonio has been all over him about how bad Asa and his bank are. Bo thinks that Asa is on a collision course with Angel Square and that there's nothing the family can do but stay out of the way. Mel comes by to pick up the press release on Ernesto. He asks Bo if there is any new info on the car accident. Bo tells him that there isn't, but when they do find out who was driving the car, he will let Mel know.

The Diner

Maggie asks Max what he and Ian are up to. Maggie gives her approval to go after Asa. Ian and Andrew come in and announce that they have paid off the Soto's mortgage. Ian explains how much he loved to see the look on Guy's face when he offered Andrew the money. Carlotta wonders who is calling businesses and homes near the waterfront about selling. Max, Ian and Maggie know that it is Asa. Reluctantly Maggie agrees to try to get some information out of Asa. Later Rachel and Track come in for dinner. They discuss his love for music and she asks him if he is using her to get to R.J. to better his career. He assures her that he was interested in her before he knew who she was. Téa comes in and meets Track then she goes over to Andrew for an impromptu meeting of the broken hearted. Andrew is not interested. Téa breaks down and admits that she was falling for Kevin.

Back at the Palace Hotel Dining Room

Maggie joins Asa at his table and asks him if has a job opening in Llanview. He says that the only opening he has is in Anchorage. She leaves thanking him anyway. Drew joins Asa. Asa tells him that Maggie was sent on a recognizance mission for Max. He's worried that Max will sabotage the waterfront project. Asa is pissed that Drew has not gotten the Melador warehouse. He tells Drew to get the warehouse or he's fired.

Dorian's House

Drew tells Dorian that he is worried about Kelly and tells her about the accident. Dorian swears him to secrecy. He then tells her he'll keep silent if she sells the warehouse. Drew then leaves as Mel enters the house and interrupts the conversation.

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Wednesday, May 21, 1997
by Laura Simurda

Llanview is like a big jigsaw puzzle with a host of players adding little pieces to the unfinished panoramic view. Bo and Nora and Dorian and Mel are stay at homes and as one family is about to lose an occupant, the other is about to gain two (one who is most unwelcome). Maggie doesn't know how she fits into the bigger picture. Drew takes his blackmailing cues from the Buchanan patriarch and envisons adding new landmarks to the riverfront landscape while Antonio and Max hold very differnt pieces of the puzzle. Todd flies home to his beloved bird and confides he is about to clip Patrick's wings and tarnish his halo while Jessie wants to find the perfect prom dress to pretty the picture.

Nora, Bo, Rachel, Track

Bo returns home from his meeting with Hank and Nora immediately detects the smell of cigar smoke. Bo tries to rationalize. He and Hank met with Mel to discuss Ernesto's case and the two of them lit up and hey, what's a guy to do! At least he didn't have coffee. Bo doesn't admit it, but his face is full of guilt. Nora changes the subject to Rachel's date and how tall he looked from her vantage point on the floor.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Track enjoy the perfect date at Carlotta's Diner. He admits he thought for sure he was in the wrong house when Nora answered the door on her hands and knees. Rachel says that things can get loco at Casa Buchanan. She is definitely ready to move out! She is just getting comfortabe with her type A over achiever parents who have just too speeds- full stop and full speed ahead. For instance, the latest fitness craze Nora is on is making the house into part health club, part boot camp. and her father has always had high expectations. Track says that his family was the opposite. They did not know how serious he was until he went to Julliard. Rachel says that R.J. is the supportive member of the family, who accepts her as she is and is so easy going. Track would not describe R.J. that way. But word on the street is that he looks out for his own, and who wouldn't look out for Rachel. Rachel says that her father is so afraid that Uncle R.J. will take away Daddy's little girl. Track would like to meet Hank. Rachel is having breakfast with him tomorrow and will introduce them.

Nora treats Bo to a coffee substitue which cures her caffeine deprivation headache and gives them both the energy to sing and dance. Rachel and Track walk in on the scene and Rachel is all but shaking her head at the sudden reversal in her Mom's attitude. Bo and Nora ask Track to stay, but he has a rule:one hour practice every day, no matter what. Rachel walks him outside, renews her promise to meet at breakfast so he can meet Hank and shares a soft spring kiss with him. Track asks for a smile before he leaves and when Rachel acquieces, he tells her he wishes he could get his music to smile like that!

Rachel comes back inside and breaks the news to Nora and Bo that she is gaining a roommate. Nora at first misunderstands and thinks that they will have a new housemate. But Rachel informs them she is moving out very soon. She loves them and this place has given her the stability she needed, but it is time to grow up for her and for some privacy for them. Nora agrees as long as she can recall the witness for holidays. Then the bombshell. The roommate is none other than Téa. Nora manages to put on a good show and says that Téa is a nice, reponsible lady. Of course Nora and Rachel will see each other often, talk on the phone, eat at Carlotta's. Mom and daughter kiss and hug. But as soon as Rachel leaves, Nora asks Bo if her daughter chose Téa just to bug her. No, Bo believes that Rachel just likes Téa. This has been coming a long time. Nora wanted to say no, but could not. She can't help it. She misses her already. Bo comforts her as she faces the inevitable.

Antonio, Carlotta, Max, Maggie

Antonio questions why it is any of Max's business what goes on in Angel Square. Max says they need to ally themselves before Asa makes his move on the waterfront. Max wants to bring Asa down for his own reasons, it is true, but Max has resources the Antonio and his neighbors do not. He will build up the neighborhood, while Asa will only tear it down. He can be a good friend. All his businesses, like Rodi's and Serenity Springs, have created jobs. He can do the same for Angel Square. Whatever profit he makes, East Llanview will profit also. After all, if the Arrows and Prides can get together, why not Max and Antonio. Antonio replies that that alliance was composed of his own people. If he throws in with Max to fight Asa, he will only be trading one exploitation for another. Max does not think he will a choice. Antonio says that he learned during his murder trial that he always has choices. No one takes his choices away from him. Max is just looking to make money from the situation. Max admits that he is prepared to enjoy every bit of his profits, but they can put their differences aside and Antonio will still be better off with him than with Asa. Antonio says he will think about. Max warns he does not know what he is up against. Antonio replies that he already knows who his enemies are, it is his friends he is not sure of yet. Carlotta thanks Max for coming and she and Antonio discuss what they think of Max's proposal. Carlotta says that she was sure of Andy from the first time she set eyes on her, but she has never known what to make of her brother. Antonio thinks it is a positive sign that Max admitted he was interested in the money. That is more honesty than he got from Asa.

Max and Maggie talk about what the future holds for her now that her life isn't totally shaped by her rebellion against her father. She just does not know where she fits into the scheme of things. She almost took Asa's job offer although she knew it was not for real. Max does not see anything wrong with the current job she is doing as a teacher of the deaf. Maggie questions whether she chose that profession as a way of getting back at the Bishop for his shabby treatment of her deaf brother. Max does not doubt her sincere intentions. Loving him and helping his deaf son had nothing to do with rebelling against her Dad. Maggie admits that is true, but she knows from watching Andrew that it is easier to solve other people's problems than your own. Max wants her to let him be her everything. It is not an offer he makes often. Usually it is Max who seeks the port in the storm. But for her, he will be her port in the storm.

Dorian, Mel, Drew, Kelly, Cassie and Kevin

Mel walks in just as Drew has finished blackmailing Dorian. He asks what is going on and Dorian replies that Drew was making a bold proposal, like his grandfather. Drew says the offer is on the table. Dorian did not know he had so much talent (not a compliment) but she won't make that mistake again. Drew leaves and Mel asks Dorian if it is safe to breath again. He thought she liked the kid. She says she did, but she was wrong and now she is sudenly terribly afraid for Kelly. She recalls how Mel said that Drew is the last person he would like to see opposit him aat a poker tabe. Yeah, he is holding all the aces now, Mel replies. Dorian wonders how Mel pegged Drew for what he was. Her lover explains that he learned to detect a liar from attending press conferences during the Vietnam War. Within 6 months, he became an expert in the body language of lying. He wants to know what kind of proposal Drew put on the table. Dorian will only say that it involves Kelly and it is dishonorable. To think, she trusted that boy to comfort Kelly. Mel is certain that Drew is a pro and this is not the first time he did this kind of thing. His past would prove interesting. Dorian questions how he would investigate Drew's past. Mel says he would keep it simple- just a phone book and a friendly voice, no police involved, just reaching out to friends, relatives and acqaintances. Dorian volunteers him for the mission. Mel is worried that his boss might not appreciate taking time off to investigate her ex-husband's nephew. After all, Dorian counters, didn't he say he could work any where. He would be helping her and more importantly, Kelly. Mel feels this might not be the most direct way to deal with this. But Dorian insists that he needs to look after Kelly without seeming to pry. Mel is intrigued by the web of relationships in Llanview so he will take the job. What will Dorian do while he is busy? She will lock the bedroom door and catch up on sleep.

Meanwhile, back at the Gatehouse, Kelly is eating her way through a quart of ice cream and is in no mood to greet Kevin and Cassie as they arrive home from apartment hunting. Kevin goes into the kitchen for some cold beers and Cassie tries to get Kelly to discuss she and Kevin moving in together. Her cousin thinks Cassie is making a big mistake. Look what she is doing to River, they don't deserve this. Kevin interrupts to say that he and Cassie deserve to be happy. Cassie says that she loved Andrew, but it would be a mistake for her to live the rest of their lives with a lie. Kevin adds they are not doing this to Andrew or River, they are doing this for themselves. Drew comes in and says, what else is new. Kevin sarcastically replies that he must apologize for giving Drew the impression that he cares what he thinks. A speech about ethics from the guy who broke up his brother and Kelly and who is now breaking apart the family from Asa. Hah, says Drew, we all know how YOU hate to break up familes. Cassie defends herself and tells Drew he knows nothing about her family or her and Kevin. Kevin reminds Drew that he came to Llanview playing the poor orphan and this is how he repays his family for their kindness by egging on his grandfather. Drew questions the loyalty of speaking behind Asa's back. all the Buchanans did for Drew was throw him scraps, like he was a dog under the table. Asa treats him like a human and Drew is one dog who is not going to roll over. Kelly has had enough! Kevin and Cassie want an apartment! Then, take the Gatehouse! Make it their own love shack, for all she cares! She is going to Dorian's and Drew should go with her.

While Drew packs, Kelly call Dorian and asks to stay. Dorian is more than happy to say "yes" until she hears that Drew is also coming, then she reluctantly agrees he can stay one night. She tells Mel "the little snake" will hate it as much as she will. He thinks that she should pack Kelly and Drew off to a motel, but she insists that she must keep an eye on her niece. When they arrive, Mel welcomes them to "Camp Cramer." The mansion, despite Dorian's protestation, is becoming a crowded house. With the rest of the crowd gone, Dorian asks if he told her niece he is blackmailing her. He does not want Kelly or Dorian to get hurt. Selling the warehouse is in her best interest. She is making this difficult. As he walks away, she mutters that he doesn't know what difficult is.

Jessica, Viki, Todd and the Parrot

When Viki comes home from work, Jessica is looking through fashion magazines for a prom dress. Viki says the her date will be impressed with her no matter what she wears. Jessie is more interested in impressing the girls. She wants to be like everyone else but with her own style. Difficult order, but Viki says this calls for extreme shopping tomorrow at Logan's at noon. In the midst of the discussion, Todd arrives to reclaim his bird.

Viki says she will never forgive him for this. The bird is in need of serious professsional help. Like the rest of the family, Todd replies. His sister tells him the parrot likes to pay dead. Todd launches into a psychological profile of his pet. The parrot just watned attention. He get angry when he is ignored. Just accept the bird as he is, Viki, and move on. Viki says he is asking for it and Todd playfully raises both fists and pretends to want to duke it out with her. Jessie brings in the parrot and Todd is delighted to be reunited with his companion. He says the bird is one step ahead of the taxidermist. He asks if he was too much trouble outside of the practical jokes. Jessie replies that he was a perfect gentleman and the bird whistles. It is easy to see the parrot likes his teenage niece. Todd tells his family about Starr. He just came back from the hospital where he donned his spaceman suit and held his daughter until she fell asleep. He called Blair and she is doing better. He will go to Philadephia tomorrow for a visit. Viki is curious about his trip but Todd says that she will have to read the Sun. While Viki sets off to get the "parrotphenalia", Todd sits on the steps in the entrance hall and has a heart to heart with the bird. He apologizes for leaving the bird with the family, but as days go, his were very productive. Todd turns punmaster and relates how he needed a lot of "seed money" and had to dip deeply into his "nest egg" to pay off Kineally. But it was well worth it. He will turn that "peacock" Patrick into a "clay pidgeon.

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Thursday, May 22, 1997
by Kathy Esch

Dorian's house-Dorian,Kelly,Mel,Drew

Drew tells Dorian that she forced him to use Kelly's situation against her. He threatens to tell the whole town about Kelly being the driver if she doesn't agree to sell him the warehouse. Dorian tells him he'll never get away with it, but he says he has already won. He tells her that her only option is to sell the warehouse to him. She storms out of the room, telling Drew that this is not over yet. Kelly comes downstairs. Drew tells her he will always keep her safe.

Dorian goes into her room and tells Mel all about how awful Drew is. He says he will go to Nashville to talk to Becky Lee about Drew. They want to find something to use against him. Mel tells Dorian he wants to move into the warehouse. She tells him there are complications with the paper work instead of telling him the truth, which is that Drew is blackmailing her with the information about Kelly.

During breakfast, Mel asks Drew a lot of questions about his past, and about Becky Lee. He tries to avoid the questions, and eventually just leaves for school instead of putting up with it anymore. Dorian asks Kelly about her car, and Kelly tells her she sold it because it doesn't have a passenger side airbag. Dorian thinks that was a drastic move. Mel leaves right after Drew, to follow up on his investigation about him. Kelly tells her the car was making a funny sound. Then she switches the subject to Starr's health. Dorian asks Kelly what else is bothering her. She tells her that she can tell her anything, and that she will always be there for her no matter what. Kelly says she is glad, but that there is nothing to tell.

The carriage house-Cassie and Kevin

Kevin talks to Cassie about living at the carriage house instead of finding an apartment . He says he has no problem kicking Drew out, and it looks like Kelly will be moving back in with Dorian. Kevin invites Cassie to breakfast, but she already has plans with Andrew. They are going to discuss River. After breakfast Cassie goes home and cries on Kevin's shoulder. She tells him it was awful, and that she's never seen Andrew like this. She asks what she has done to him. Kevin says that she left, and that's all. It just hurt him. She tells him that Andrew doesn't want Kevin near River. Kevin says he understands, and that they'll have plenty of time together for years to come.

The Diner-Carlotta, Hank,Rachel,Track,Antonio,Cassie,Andrew

Hank and Carlotta chat about Rachel and Téa moving in together. Rachel brings Track in to meet Hank. Track is very impressed with him. He's his idol or something. He tells Hank that he was his hero. He says he feels like he's having breakfast with royalty. He leaves to catch his train back to New York, after inviting Rachel to visit him there. Rachel asks Hank what he thinks of Track. Hank says he seems like a nice kid. Antonio comes over to their table and asks Hank if he's prosecuted any butchers lately. He tells him he should do something about what Asa is doing. Hank invites him to spend the day in his office, to see what it's like in his shoes. Antonio accepts. He also tells them about the credit union idea they have. Hank says he'd like to help. He gives them 2500 dollars to put into it right away.

Cassie goes to the diner to talk to Andrew about River. She tells him that she missed seeing him last night. Andrew reminds her that he had no idea that she would be dropping by, and that's why he made other plans for River's dinner. She wants to make sure River doesn't end up going through a custody suit. He says he won't. He says he doesn't want River around Kevin. She says he's enjoying "brow beating" her. He denies it. She tells him all she wants is to be able to see her son. Andrew says that he wants River to be able to see her as long as Kevin isn't involved. Cassie wants to set up some sort of system for her to see him. Andrew says it isn't good for River to be around someone who wouldn't be there in the long run. Cassie thinks he might be around. Andrew says it is no coincidence that Cassie slept with her mother's arch enemy's son. She says it only has to do with him. Cassie tells him he sounds vindictive. She leaves.

Bo's house-Bo and Mel

Mel goes to Bo's to see him. He invites him to go to Rodi's and have a drink. Bo tells him he can't. Mel asks him if he had any leads on the car crash. Bo says he doesn't. He tells him he's going to Tennessee. Mel asks him some questions about Becky lee. He finds out the name of her record label, and her manager. They decide to go for a walk in the park to talk more. He tells her about Becky Lee disappearing with Drew way back when. He tells him he learned to live without his son after a while. Bo tells him he thought things were good at first, but then that he found out Drew had been lying to him to get money. He tells him that Drew was very mad at him when he arrived in Llanview, because he blamed him for growing up poor. Bo was glad for the chance for them to be close, but it just didn't work. He tells him about Drew working with Asa. They decide to play baseball for a little while, since it is such a lovely spring day. Mel goes back to Dorian's afterwards and she asks him if she found out anything about Drew. He tells her about Drew's poverty as a child and that he thinks he might be a con artist. Mel thinks he has probably tried things before, and Becky Lee probably knows all about it.

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Friday, May 23, 1997
by Susan Richmond

Viki, Clint, Jessica, Cristian and Darcy

Viki joins Clint in the Banner city room and asks him if he's not doing anything already tonight, if he'd like a treat. "Viki", Clint says, surprised yet interested. Not that, Viki scolds, she wants to know if he would like to come over and see Jessica off to the prom. Clint promises to be there about 7:00.

In the library at Llanfair, Viki is trying to fix Jessica's hair for the prom with little success. My hair looks like something out of The Young and the Restless, Jessica complains. Viki manages to smooth it down a bit and suggests a change in lipstick when the doorbell rings. Jessica runs to hide upstairs while Viki gets the door. It's not Darcy, though, it's Cristian.

Viki asks Cristian to wait in the library while she gets Jessica. After Chris leaves the foyer, Viki goes halfway up the stairs, gets Jessica to come over to her and explains that Chris is downstairs. Jess panics, he can't see her like this. She runs back upstairs while Viki calls Cristian back into the foyer. Jessica makes her entrance down the stairs looking very grownup in a floor length, body-fitting, pinkish dress. Cristian is shocked by how good she looks, then he explains his gallery opening was cancelled and the thought he would take her to the prom. The doorbell rings, it's Darcy, looking very handsome in a tux. The doorbell rings again. How many dates do you have tonight, Chris asks sarcastically. I don't know, Jessie replies, opening the door. It's Clint, who Viki quickly leads away into the library. Jessica just stands there looking uncomfortable, not knowing what to say.

Jessica accepts a wrist corsage from Darcy, but refuses to take the corsage Cristian brought her, which he made himself. She asks Darcy to wait for her in the car and he goes outside. Jessica tells Chris that she'd like to go to the prom with him, but she can't, she's already promised to go with Darcy. Jessica leaves and gets in the car with Darcy. Cristian watches her leave, throwing the corsage he made on the bench outside the front door before leaving.

Viki, Mel, Kevin, and Becky Lee

Mel comes over to Viki in the Banner city room for permission to go and do some investigating for a story. Before he can get a word out, though, Viki tells him, no he can't smoke in the office. Mel laughs and says that he's got the message. He then asks Viki if she's given much thought to rats and squirrels. Puzzled, Viki admits to not having given it much thought. Mel's point is this, both rats and squirrels are scavengers, they both fight when they're cornered and they both carry horrific diseases. But since squirrels are fuzzy and bushy-tailed and operate in the daylight, they are welcomed into our yards, but they are still rats with furry tails. Mel feels that Drew is a squirrel, he can't put his finger on it exactly, but there's something wrong, possibly relating to Blair and Patrick's accident. That's why he wants to go down to Nashville, to get information on Drew from his mother. Viki is intrigued and admits that the family doesn't know very much about Drew. Viki suggests that he talk to Kevin for more information on Drew and asks Mel to keep her posted.

What did Drew do wrong now, Kevin wonders when Mel asks him about Drew Buchanan. Kevin doesn't trust Drew, he's a liar and he's done everything in his power to break up Joey and Kelly since Joey left for Paris. While Kevin's talking, Mel is stuffing things into his pockets. Wouldn't he like a suitcase, Kevin asks? No, Mel says he always travels light when on the road, suitcases are for tourists. Kevin mentions that he confronted Drew about ruining Kelly and Joey's relationship, in fact, it was the night that Blair and Patrick had the accident. After their heated argument, Drew went slamming out the door after Kelly... Kevin catches on that Mel thinks Drew might have had something to do with the accident. He doesn't care what happens to Drew, but Kevin promises to keep quiet for Kelly's sake. Mel starts to leave when some change falls out of his pocket and hits the floor. Your "luggage" has a leak, Kevin points out.

Becky Lee is performing in a country bar and has just finished a song when Mel comes up to talk to her. He compliments her song and her singing. Mel asks if he can buy her a drink.

Todd, Guy Armitage and Alex

Todd is in his arpartment playing around with a fake parrot that he bought to bring to Starr at the hospital. He drops the fake one, which offends the real bird, who complains. Todd picks up the real parrot and starts telling him how Patrick took almost everything that Todd had when he "killed" Starr's original marrow donor, Blair's baby. Todd swears revenge on Patrick for what he has done, he's got a great plan to make sure that Patrick's past catches up with him. Todd makes a phone call and asks for Guy Armitage.

Guy arrives at Todd's penthouse and the parrot startles him. He backs away from the parrot, so Todd puts it back on it's perch. Todd asked Guy there to do an interview and get his opinions on certain subjects, for example, Ireland. Todd gets Guy starting by mentioning the peace process breaking down, "can't they do anything right? Who are those jokers anyway?" Guy takes the bait and starts giving his views about Ireland, basically that the Irish are incapable of ruling themselves and need to be under British control. Guy is "sick of the lot of them."

Todd thinks what Guy has to say is interesting,he says to Guy, but he doesn't think it will go over well here in America, something about taxation without representation. Guy claims there's no comparision, America was unsettled fronierland and Ireland is a "stagnant bog." The doorbell rings, it's Alex, who barges right in despite Todd's protest. She wants to tell him all about her visit with Starr. Todd introduces Alex to Guy.

Guy's on the phone on a business call and Todd brings Alex a drink. Alex shows an interest in Guy and Todd suggests talking about how England has a right to authority in Ireland, it really turns him on. Todd goes to get Guy a scotch and Alex leads Guy to the window and points out Angel Square to him. As mayor, she did the best she could to protect the people of Angel Square from themselves, Alex claims. They don't always know what is in their best interests. That's just what he was saying to Todd about the Irish, Guy tells her. Sometimes the Irish don't know what's in their best interest and he feels it's up to him to protect them from themselves. Guy asks her about her shooting her late husband, Carlo. Alex starts to tell him, but Todd tells her to "zip it", The Sun has an exclusive on Alex's story. Guy invites her to dinner. Alex says no, she's busy tonight, but how about tomorrow? Guy looks delighted, but in the background, Todd chugs most of his scotch in one gulp.

Now all alone except for the parrot, Todd is listening to the tape he made of his interview with Guy. Todd comments it's lucky that Alex came when she did or that "Tory windbag" would have gone on all afternoon. Todd is going to print Guy's comments in The Sun in hopes of provoking Patrick. He's hoping that Patrick will mouth off about Guy so his opinion of Guy will become public record. It's like a public service, showing everyone Guy's real opinion of the Irish. And at the same time, he'll be able to get Patrick put away in a cell. "It's like killing two birds with one stone", he says, apologizing to the parrot.

Rachel, Nora, Drew and Bo

Rachel is bringing boxes of her things downstairs at Nora and Bo's house, getting ready to make the move to her own apartment. Nora would love to help, but she can't figure out how without using her lower back or hamstrings. She's sitting on the couch with Bo, who's not in much better shape from his baseball playing with Mel. Nora offers to hire a mover to move some of Rachel's larger things, like her bed. To Nora's surprise, Rachel agrees without argument. Nora offers to go with Rachel right now to her new place, but Bo asks for a raincheck, Drew is coming over to the house to have dinner with him. Nora's glad Bo's spending some time with Drew, especially since Asa seems to have his hooks into Drew.

Bo has gone to get some "real food" to feed Drew, and Nora and Rachel are sitting on the couch folding some of her things. Nora still doesn't like the fact that Rachel is getting her own place, how will she know how late to stay up worrying about Rachel. Rachel suggest that she not worry at all, but since Nora's a mom, that's not an option. Nora finds a pair of small pink baby booties and remembers bringing Rachel home from the hospital, taking the booties off and staring at Rachel's feet. Nora had always been in love with the idea of Rachel, but it was in that moment that she fell madly in love with Rachel herself. That love has never, ever changed, Nora tells Rachel. Rachel knows that Nora "busted her butt" for years to be a good single mom. Rachel took those booties with her to rehab to remind her of the love her parents once had for her. They have always loved her, Nora insists. Rachel knows that now, but she couldn't see that when she was in rehab, she couldn't feel their love. But she's made the changes she needed to with help from the people at rehab, R.J and Drew.

Rachel and Nora have left and Drew is looking at the step machine "Hector", while Bo makes them something to eat. Bo want to talk to Drew about his new job with Buchanan Enterprises. Drew tells Bo the news that he has gotten a promotion, he's now Vice President. Bo congratulates him, sounding sincere, he's glad Drew has found his niche in the family. Bo just wishes that job didn't entail endangering the economy of Angel Square. Drew defends himself, according to Asa they will be improving the area. If Asa says it, it must be true, Bo replies sarcastically. Drew doesn't like the fact that Bo is always insulting Asa. Bo starts to tell Drew stories of how Asa tries to mold people into things that they are not. He starts with Clint and how Clint ending up running away from his home and Asa when he was only 16. It took years for Clint and Asa to patch things up. As they sit down to eat, Asa bursts in and orders Drew back to work. Drew shouldn't be sitting there listening to Bo tell lies about Asa, Asa tells him.

At Rachel's new apartment, Rachel generously decides to give Téa the master bedroom since she found the apartment. Nora objects that the other bedroom is the size of a closet, but Rachel overrules her. Just as they are deciding whether to start cleaning the floors, Téa arrives and tells them she's hiring a cleaning service with money from the deposit Rachel gave her. Téa suggests they have a cup of cafe con leche, but Nora politely refuses, she's given up caffine. How did she get through the withdrawl symptoms, Téa wonders. Nora tells her about the new drink she's found, guarana(sp?). Téa is very happy to inform Nora that guarana contains caffeine, much to Nora's horror.

Back at Bo and Nora's, Asa's upset because Bo's trying to turn Drew against him. Bo insists they should try to follow Jessica's advice at the family meeting, that the Buchanans should stick together. Asa gives Drew a choice as to where to live since he's moving out of the carriagehouse. It's either him or Bo, and Drew chooses to live at Asa's mansion rather than stay with his father and Nora. As a consolation, Drew suggests maybe he and Bo could go work out together next week. Bo agrees, but Asa smiles in triumph.

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