One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 2, 1997 on OLTL
Kelly confessed to Nora and Bo. Nora offered to represent her. Mel informed Bo that Drew was a con artist. Patrick and Marty camped out. Ian revealed that he wasn't Guy's son. Todd planned to blow up Guy's boat in order for Patrick to be blamed.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 2, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, June 2, 1997

At the Diner: Andy, Antonio and Andrew discuss the new Angel Square Credit Union. Antonio is also studying for Llanview University's SAT's. River is with Andrew and he gets fussy, wanting to leave and go home. Téa walks in & sees River is fussy and offers to take him for a walk. Mrs. Diago down the street has a new puppy. Andrew says ok. After they see the puppy, Téa & River bond. She teaches him a few words of Spanish (good-bye, hello & his name-Rio) and explains why she can speak Spanish. Cassie walks by, River runs to her telling her his Spanish name is Rio. Cassie is upset and is rude to Téa. Cassie asks Téa to tell Andrew she's going to take River home. Téa proceeds to go to the diner and tells Andrew.

When he gets home, he sends River upstairs. She starts to complain about why he never calls her to pick up the slack for him. Cassie & Andrew start a yelling match. She insists Téa not be allowed to be around River. He said its not the same-she is a casual acquaintance, not his lover. She says, "oh, I have to abide by your dictates, but you can't abide by mine?", he answers, "no and that's just tough!." Andrew continues while Cassie has tears in her eyes, "you are the one who left, whose not around and you are the one who will have to adapt!! The sooner you accept that the easier it will be for all of us. We will do whatever is easier for River and I-just let us have as normal of a day as possible!" Téa later visits him and apologizes about what happened. He apologized back for getting her in the middle of it and said that Cassie was unfair. She tells him River is a great kid and Andrew tells her River likes her too. He tells Téa that he is so tired and hopes things will be resolved soon and turn out for the best. She agrees.

Andy reminds Antonio he can apply his grant to any colleges around the country-doesn't have to be Llanview U. He asks "you trying to run me out of town?" She answers, "just want you to know that and you know, I'll follow you anywhere."

At the Hotel: Renee walks in to his room to give Mel his Sun newspaper. He asks her about her opinion of Dorian. Of course, she doesn't care for Dorian and after she explains her domineering faults, Mel says he's starting to see that side of her, too.

At the Mansion: Dorian tells Kelly she knows about the accident. Kelly is surprised and Says: "Mel said he wouldn't tell anyone!" "Mel knew?!", Dorian exclaims. She asked what Mel told her. Dorian told Kelly that she had heard about it from Drew. He had told her, in order to blackmail her about selling him some property she owned. Kelly is shocked. She feels she should just go to the police because Mel says its a matter of time before they come for her. Dorian tells Kelly to not do anything, she is going to take care of it. First she would talk to Mel and see what he has on Drew. Dorian goes to the hotel and tells Mel she is sorry she didn't tell him she knew about Kelly's involvement in the accident. He promptly tells her he will not tell her what he found out about Drew. He doesn't want her rewrite the ending to the story before he can write it. Dorian tries to charm him with a pitcher of martini's and a fun afternoon. He rebuffs her attention and tells her to rethink her Strategy. She acts hurt. He does tell her one thing, after she asks him-Asa wants your warehouse in order to build a Mega Mall & entertainment complex. He tells Dorian that Kelly is a grown women, let her make up her own mind. Dorian goes straight back to the Mansion.

Meanwhile, Drew shows up at Kelly's door. She won't let him in -tells him to leave. She tells him she knows he told Dorian and tried to blackmail her. He says Dorian misunderstood about the Warehouse and he just told her about the accident because he's concerned about Kelly. He says Dorian is making it up to tear them apart & to remember how she was with Joey? After he says he loves her- she finally lets him in. They hug and Kiss. He says he's gonna help her and not to listen to Dorian anymore! He leaves and goes straight to Asa for help.

Kelly yells at Dorian when she gets home and says "YOU ARE TRYING TO BREAK DREW AND I UP!" She tells Dorian that Drew told her he loves her and is going to help her. Dorian scoffs. Kelly tells Dorian she doesn't want to discuss it anymore with her. Dorian is dumbfounded and says "What has he done to you?"

Tuesday, June 3, 1997

ASA's OFFICE Drew gives Asa bad news. His past has caught up with him. Drew tells Asa about the cult scam and that there is a warrant for his alias, Travis Bream. Drew tells Asa about Kelly and that Mel wanted Drew to lay off Kelly or else. Asa says that Mel is becoming a nuisance and Drew is becoming a liability. Asa says he will clean up the Travis Bream mess and Drew tells him that Becky Lee paid off the one of the people. Asa is disgusted that Drew hid behind his mama's skirt. Asa promises that when they are done with Dorian she's gonna beg them to take the warehouse off her hands. "She'll be crying tears of gratitude" said Asa.

DORIAN'S HOUSE Kelly and Dorian argue overt that "dim-witted hillbilly" Drew. Mel calls to speak to Kelly but Dorian grabs the phone and asks Mel if he has changed his mind about the article. Much to Dorian's dismay, Mel has not changed his mind. Dorian begs Mel to give her the info on Drew but he refuses. Kelly gets the phone back and Mel tells her she has until 9:00 then next morning to turn herself in. Kelly is worried about what is going to happen and Dorian calms her down. Mel told Kelly that Todd wouldn't be vindictive. Dorian says that if an idiot like Todd can fool Mel than so can they, there's still hope.

OUTSIDE STARR'S HOSPITAL ROOM Patrick looks through the windows at Starr as Marty comes out of the elevator. They talk about how much better she is getting. Patrick shows Marty the picture of Guy and him in the paper. Patrick says that he is not proud of what he did. Marty defends Patrick and says that Guy has no right to put down Patrick or his country. Todd comes out of the elevator and asks what Patrick is doing hanging around his daughter. Patrick tells Todd that he gave Starr the stuffed donkey. Todd says that the best present came from Alex and added that she is a murderer too. Todd says that Patrick thinks Todd has no reason to hate him. Patrick says that he believes that Todd thinks he does. Todd says that there is a reason to hate everybody except for Starr. Todd tells Patrick that he doesn't know what he's missing not having a child. Patrick assures him that he does. Marty and Patrick walk away and talk about taking a short camping trip. Of course Todd is hanging on to every word of this. Todd tells Starr that Patrick hasn't suffered nearly enough for what he did to Starr....yet.

POLICE STATION Drew asks Andy if there is any more news on the accident scene. Andy, obviously not worried about privacy, blabs to Drew that a telephone tech, Tom Grear, is working overtime to locate the source of the phone call and that he'll get info to the police by 5:00. She also adds info about Tom's personal life saying that he needs the overtime money because he has a kid in college.

RODI'S Mel sits at the bar while Maggie mixes him a drink. He asks why "sister" Maggie is bartending. She says that it's just Maggie and that she is also a deaf teacher. She asks Mel why she hasn't seen him at church and he says it's because he hasn't forgiven God for killing his wife in a plane accident. They discuss life in Llanview. He says it is definitely a town with stories. Guy comes in and asks where his son is. Mel insults Guy until Ian comes in. Guy tells Ian that he is sending Ian back to London which causes Maggie to spill the drink all over the bar.

OUTSIDE STARR'S HOSPITAL ROOM Kelly looks in at Starr. Marty and Patrick walk up and Patrick tells Kelly how much they've all suffered but that Starr is the lucky one. Kelly says that Starr would have loved having a younger brother. Patrick gets sad and walks away as Marty tells Kelly that she should not have said that because Patrick is still hurting. Kelly apologizes.

TODD'S APT. Todd comes in with a bag of bomb making goodies. Then he looks at the schematic for the bomb that Patrick used to blow up Whiting's boat. A.Byrd says "kaboom." Todd says not to worry because there will be no chemical residue left in the apt. and that the only thing going boom is Guy's boat. Todd explains the symmetry of the two incidents to A.Byrd. Both victims are reactionary publishers, the bombs are practically identical and that Patrick will be around for both cases. All he has to do is blow up the boat. Afterall Guy can just get another one. He says how it'll be in all the papers about the failed bomb attempt. Then he tells how Kenneally will drop a few hints about Patrick being involved resulting in Patrick being arrested and put on trial in Ireland for blowing up Whiting's yacht. Marty will pine for Patrick and Todd will finally get his revenge.

RODI'S Maggie urges Ian to tell Guy the truth. Guy insists that Ian do what he says. Guy asks if Ian is going to belt him if he doesn't do what Guy says.

ASA'S OFFICE Asa got Travis Bream out of trouble but it cost a pretty penny. Drew tells Asa bout Tom Grear. Asa then pulls out a stash of cash, probably kept there just in case someone needs to be paid off at the last minute. Asa tells Drew to take care of it and leaves the room. Drew then takes a look at the cash and skims some off the top for himself.

RODI'S Ian tells Guy what he really feels about him by pointing out all of Guy's hateful qualities. Guy says that no good for nothing son will treat him like this. Ian says that he is quite right because he doesn't have a son, good for nothing or otherwise.

TODD'S APT. Todd hides the bomb stuff as Jessica drops in to give A. Byrd a toy. She sees a red wire and asks him what it is. A. Byrd says "kaboom." Jessica is surprised that the bird can speak and why would he say that. Todd says that he has been teaching him a song, "Ta Ra Ra Kaboom De Ay." Jessica laughs and says that it is "Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay" and only Todd would teach a bird that song. Jessica wants to take care of A. Byrd and Todd says that maybe he will give it to her in his will after all the bird will live for about 100 years. Jessica says in that case he should will it to Starr since she'll live longer than Jessica. Todd then hustles Jessica out so that he can get on with business.

OUTSIDE STARR'S ROOM Marty meets Patrick and says that she has two days off. They head off for their trip.

TODD'S APT. Todd tells A.Byrd that he has to plant the bomb soon while Patrick is off in the country without an alibi. A Byrd then starts singing "Ta Ra Ra Kaboom De Ay."

RODI'S Guy says he wishes it were true that he had no son. Ian tells Guy everything about Maggie and Eleanor. Guy says that he new he couldn't have spawned a muling, puking, coward like Ian. Guy disinherits Ian and leaves. Ian looks very pleased.

POLICE STATION Andy is on the phone with Tom Grear. He says that he cannot retrieve the data because the computer dumped it. After he assures Andy that there is not way to get it back he says that he'll probably lose his job over this. Andy hopes not because he has 3 more years of college to pay for. He says that he should buy a lottery ticket and hangs up. Then he picks up the envelope full of money that Asa handed Drew and you can see Drew standing behind him smiling.

DORIAN'S HOUSE Dorian comments that she can't believe she spent over $3000 on a hideous outfit and that maybe she should buy a lottery ticket. Kelly walks in very upset and Dorian consoles her.

Wednesday, June 4, 1997

Kelly, Dorian, Drew, Asa, Mel

Kelly is in tears. Dorian tries to comfort her but it is useless. She can blame it on Drew's blackmailing or Mel's lack of help, but Kelly knows that it is not Drew who killed Blair and Patrick' baby. Nothing else matters. She cannot go back to the "me I was before." She wants to die and have it all over for her. She can't live with herself. Imagine, she was at the hospital and Patrick tried to comfort HER. This was the man who inspired her with his love of literature, who gave her confidence in herself and this is how she repays his kindness. Marty told her that Patrick is in great pain over baby Brendan's death. On the day of the accident, he had taught Blair the Irish National Anthem. They were singing and planning on the name of the baby at the very moment her car ran them off the road. She was such a coward she could not even apologize. She is a murderer and a wanted criminal. Dorian promises to make it go away. Time will bring forgetfulness. Kelly swears she can never forget. Dorian tells her to use it then and let it make her stronger. The phone rings. It is Drew. He wants to see Kelly in person. Dorian warns him this better be good.

In Asa's office, Drew hangs up the phone and tells his grandfather that he owes him big time. He has learned several lessons today. First, don't walk away from the past until you tie up the loose ends. And second, if someone is going to accuse you of something, they better have the proof, or its nothing but hearsay. Mel can accuse him and he can charge him with libel. Asa says don't be cocky. Don't dignify the smoke or people will look for the fire. Drew replies that without the proof of the 911 calls, Kelly is home free. He should get the warehouse as a thank you gift from Dorian, Asa believes. Just remember there is no need to get nasty.

At Dorian's, Kelly and her aunt have very different viewpoints as Drew explains how he got rid of the evidence for her. Dorian knows causing a computer dump of phone records is very costly and Gramps had to have financed it. Further more, while Kelly is grateful, Dorian is waiting for Drew to score the deal on the warehouse. Kelly thinks it would be only fair to give Drew what he wants. Dorian's attitude is that now there is nothing over Kelly's head, there is no need. Drew doesn't want Asa to bully them. Kelly thanks Drew for his help, but this situation is not going to go away for her. They owe him their thanks for what he did or he will be in a mess with his grandfather. Kelly owes the world an apology these days. Drew leaves and Dorian sings Halleluia. When Dorian utters the word "media", any small measure of relief disappears for Kelly. Mel!. He is going to file his story by 9am tomorrow. Dorian assures Kelly she will take care of him.

Mel arrives at the mansion and Dorian tells him everything has changed. Kelly is going to be Ok. The phone compay has had a memory dump and no charges are going to stick. There is no reason to go to the police. Mel tells her that she may have neutralized the police and Drew but not him. Dorian screams for him to leave Kelly alone, hasn't Drew done enough to her? Kelly states that she trusts Drew and Mel warns her that that would be a mistake. He fills them both in on the religious scam Drew was involved in and how Becky had to use her life's savings to hush one victim turned blackmailer. Becky Lee was as misguided in trying to help Drew as Dorian is misguided in the way she is trying to help her niece. Dorian reminds him that Drew and Kelly are not cut from the same cloth. Kelly is honorable. Mel informs them that Drew's own mother told him that her son is a very capable con man and not to let him hold this over them. The way Dorian sees it, now they have the power over Drew. Mel tells them both, he is proceeding with the story. He will go to Bo with the truth and then if he gets the green light from Clint and Bo, he will write about Drew, the phone records and Kelly...Dorian replies this was off the record. But Mel is not to be deterred. He is relentless. He will not manipulate the news for personal reasons. He likes Kelly, but this is what is best for her. She is not like her aunt. If she goes on like this, she will lose her soul and one day, she will wake up and she won't see her face reflected in the mirror. Bull, Dorian yells, this is about his ambition and him clawing back to the top of his profession at her niece's expense. Well, she got him hired, she will get him fired. There are other newspapers in other towns, Mel replies. "And other women who will save you from the bottom of a bottle?", she asks. Then she tries begging for a deal. Mel tells her to find another sucker. Kelly is sick of listening to the uproar. This secret is hurting everyone. Now she wants to know what to do and who does she see first? Mel reaches out his hand to her and lead her out the door.

When Drew gets back to Asa's office, Gramps is livid that he did not accomplish his task. He let Dorian outsmart him. Drew says no one could have gotten her to hand over the warehouse. Asa says this failure was very expensive to him. It cost him the proceeds of two expensive CD's and a wad of greenbucks to squash the warrant for his arrest and to make the phone records disappear. He might as well flushed that money down the toilet bowl. Drew is certain they can still make the deal. Asa tells him, he knows a dud when he sees one and throws him out of the office.

Todd, Bird, Marty, Patrick, Alex, and Guy

While Marty and Patrick happily prepare for their camping trip and discuss getting away from all human interference and finding their place in the universe again, Todd, the black-hearted pirate, has his own very private conversation with Bird. He is gloating at his good fortune that the rhymster and little Miss Muffet will be secreting off communing with nature. Very inconvenient for Patrick and his future alibi. "Alibi, bye" quotes the parrot. Todd wonders who Bird was hanging out with before he flew into his life. He puts on his gloves and gathers up the evidence he is going to plant into a paper bag. He sings, "Ta ra ra BOOM dee ay" and with a backward glance at Bird, heads out the door.

The unsuspecting Marty and Patrick blissfully continue taking inventory of what they need for their trip. Patrick is carrying a backpack that must weigh about 100 pounds plus so much other stuff he would need to have 8 arms to carry it all. He drops some pots and pans, picks them up and they struggle with their gear out the door and down the steps, never noticing Todd hiding in the shadows of the hallway. He picks the door lock open and takes a long look around the darkened apartment. He believes it must have been Hansel and Gretel who designed this place. He carefully opens his hankerchief and lifts a few peices of wire and places it delicately down on the furniture. With this and the powder he carefully blows in a small amount around the room, he is leaving a breadcrumb trail for the police to follow. It is a shame he has to blow up that beautiful yacht instead of Patrick's dump of an apartment.

Meanwhile, on Guy Armitage's yacht, Alex pays an unannouced visit and catches the media mogul in the midst of a hate fest against his harlot wife and her misbegotten whelp. He hopes she rots in hell. He says he is not in the mood for company. He has no son now and he never had much of a wife either. When Alex looks at the picture of Eleanor and says she is lovely, Guy throws the framed photo across the room, smashing it. Breaking the object is cathartic. Alex says she has great understanding of powerful men and she knows he has needs. Needs his wife never addressed, that cold woman was distant and never touched him unless he touched her first. She must have done that because of her lover. As far as he knew, they never met again until just before she died. This goes far to explain why the boy he once call his son is a wimp, born as he was of his wife's lover. Tommorrow, he will wash his hands of Ian forever and he will no longer be an Armitage. Alex knows how to relax him, she massages his shoulders while she massages his ego, peppering her conversation with flattery and hints at seduction. He needs to call his solicitor. Give him an hour and they can be free for champagne and dinner at the Palace and if Patrick is there, they can move on to some other place. She has a premonition about tonight. They can stay on the yacht and watch the stars EXPLODE in the sky. Guy replies that they will have a BANG UP good time and the hell with Ian.

Meanwhile back at Patrick's apartment, Todd is rummaging through the closet for clothes when the loving couple returns in search of a stove they left behind. Patrick has the feeling something is not right, but Marty teases him about making a premature start on ghost stories. He shakes the mood off and opens the closet. The dangling light swings back and forth as Todd hides in the corner, draped in a coat. Patrick grabs the stove and he and Marty leave. Todd mutters, "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may" as he heads back home.

Back at the penthouse, he pokes fun at Patrick and performs for Bird in a curly wig. His audience is not impressed with the theatrics. He wants dinner. The bell rings and Bird screeches "come in." Todd quickly hides everything as Alex arrives and brags about her date and how Guy has asked her to the yacht for champagne and star gazing. Are they going out to dinner, Todd asks casually. They don't want to run into Patrick, she replies. Todd tells her he is away on a camping trip and wonders if Alex and Guy will be rocking the boat later. It is only their second date, Alex says demurely. This is her first step back from the abyss. Her life is going to change tonight. She asks Todd to wish her luck. He says she doesn't need any and she leaves. Todd continues the night's entertainment with a poetry reading. "There was a reporter named Mel, who lived in the Palace Hotel, until he got bored, and took up with Dorian Lord, and now his life is a living hell" Another... "A media mogul named Guy, and a date he could not deny, and the rest of the plot, is I went to his yacht, and blew his boat to the sky." The bell rings again. " How is a guy to plan a decent bombing." He quickly makes another sweep of the room. Dorian comes in and tells the bird to shut up because she must speak to Todd. How would Todd like to get a scoop on the Baner and Mel Hayes, too!

Nora, Bo, Hank, Rachel and Téa

Nora, Bo and Hank are have a pre-trial dinner. Hank has brought his own food. Brown rice, raw fish and herbal tea does not appeal. He has a hamburger and a can of beer. Nora wants to know how strong a case Téa has in Alex's defense. Well there is only one witness against Alex, Bo says, and that is Asa, who has a history of incompetency. Looks of doubt pass between them as to the strength of Hank's case. Rachel arrives with her roommate in tow. She goes upstairs to pick up some CD's and Téa manages to make herself at home in a hostile environment. She shares Hank's food and tells them her client cannot be convicted. Nora replies if she is so confident, why not make a bet that if Alex is convicted, she will make an apology to Hank. No Bet. Her client will walk. Bo thinks she is being a little too cocky. Pride comes before a fall, Nora cautions. Hank reminds her that Alex confessed. Téa is sure it will not hold up in court. She is ready for her meeting with Hank tommorrow. Her case load is about to lighten. Rachel comes downstairs and quietly tells her mother she should be aware that brown rice constipates. After they leave, Nora demands that Hank be ready to smash "that bug tommorrow." Téa is making a mockery of the justice system. Possibly, the only one in town who dislikes that girl as much as Nora is Antonio, says Bo. And Antonio is about to begin a summer job at Hank's office. How about putting him on Alex's case? Hank leaves without making a committment. Nora almost wishes she took the case herself, she is so annoyed by the young defense attorney's arrogant attitude, but Bo reminds her that she would have to defend Alex and take a deposition from Asa. The doorbell rings. Nora and Bo open the door and see Mel with an upset Kelly by his side.

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Thursday, June 5, 1997
by Kathy Esch

Bo and Nora's- Bo, Nora, Kelly, Mel

Kelly and Mel sit down with Bo and Nora. They tell Bo there is something he needs to know. He asks if it involves Drew. Mel says yes. Kelly hesitates, but Mel reminds her of how far she has come. She tells Bo and Nora that she was driving the car. Bo asks what exactly what happened. Nora suggests that she speak to an attorney. Kelly says no; she is ready to tell all. She tells them that she was crying, and it was raining. She tells them she called 911 and then she freaked out and couldn't stay at the scene. She says how scared she is about Todd and Blair and Patrick and what they will think. Mel tells Bo how hard Kelly has tried to tell him. Kelly tells Bo that she deserves to be in jail and she wants him to take her there right now. She tells them how hard it was. Bo tells her she has to tell them all the truth. Bo says she should have come to him sooner. He tells her what she has done is very serious. Bo tells her to go home, and come to the station tomorrow and give a complete statement. Nora tells her she will represent her in her trial. Kelly thanks her; they go into the kitchen so Mel can talk to Bo alone.

Mel tells Bo there is something else. He asks if there is someone else in the car, like Drew maybe. Mel says it isn't that. He tells Bo that he figured out about the accident while he was working on another story. He tells Bo he won't like it. He tells Bo about Drew's con artist past. He tells him about Drew's alias, Travis Breen. Nora comes in and overhears. Bo is angry and asks who Mel thinks he is looking into his son. Mel says he would want to know if Bo had a story on his child. He tells Bo about Drew knowing about Kelly's accident and Drew being a blackmailer. Bo is shocked. Mel leaves. Bo says he didn't even know his own son, and that Drew is a liar and a felon. Nora tells him he did nothing wrong, and he is a good father.

Buchanan Enterprises Office- Drew and Kelly

Kelly goes and tells Drew what she has done. He is very mad. He tells her she was in the clear because of what he did for her, and can't believe she would tell Bo everything. He asks where she got that idea. She tells him it was Mel, and Drew tries to tell her that Mel is a bad person who can't be trusted, but Kelly doesn't believe him. She tells him she knows about his past in Tennessee. He tries to lie again and say he was set up. He tells Kelly that he was conned in Tennessee. Kelly doesn't buy it. He tells her he loves her, and needs her. He says he could have walked out on her but he didn't. He tells her she knows he cares. He reaches out to touch her but she won't let him. She turns away. She says to stop lying. She tells her he set her up. She says she isn't stupid anymore and she won't ever listen to him again. He says he wanted to help her. She says he only helped himself.

The wilderness- Marty and Patrick

Marty and Patrick set up their tent. Marty tells him how happy she is they are there alone together. They try to pretend there is nobody else in the world but them. They set about making dinner. Patrick confesses he doesn't know how to make a fire. Caterpillar made it's way into their food, so they can't eat dinner after all. Patrick says he is so happy to be here. There is a distant sound of thunder in the distance. Marty mentions that she noticed a bed and breakfast up the road. Patrick wants to stay in the wilderness. They go into the tent. Patrick is reciting poetry when suddenly they hear something from outside. It is a bear. They take off and head for the car. They watch the bear go through their camp. Patrick says things could be worse, he could be alone. They decide to go to the bed and breakfast after all.

Guy's yacht- Guy, Alex, Todd

Alex and Guy are hanging out in the yacht. She asks him if he has ever done anything he regretted. He says no, but he made mistakes. He says the biggest mistake was marrying Eleanor and believing that Ian was his son. Alex tells him he has a chance to be with an honest woman. He says he wants them to understand each other. He says he is amused by her murderous past. He says they will share an expensive dinner, and then his bed. He tells Alex that if this isn't satisfactory she can leave and he will find someone else. She laughs and says there is no "someone else." She kisses him. They make out on the dock, not knowing Todd is right there. Todd knocks over a trash can to get their attention. He walks out of the shadows so they can see him. Alex calls out, "Patrick." She asks Guy if that could be possible. He says yes, but that Patrick probably is too cowardly to show his face again.

Todd's Penthouse- Todd, Dorian

Todd thanks Dorian for the story about Kelly and says he has to go do some things. He says he will probably run the story in the morning. Then he shows her out. He tells Bird his plans for the evening; he will plant the bomb while they are at dinner, and make sure someone sees him at the dock. He tells bird that Patrick passed for him in Ireland, and now he will pass for Patrick here, and Patrick will be the main suspect in the case. Todd sets the bomb on the boat, saying aloud that sometimes big things come in small packages. Little does he know, Guy is about to go back to the boat because Alex forgot her bag and he is going to get it for her.

Dorian's house- Mel and Dorian

Mel walks in to Dorian's. He tells her that they have been at Bo's and he knows eveything. He tells her he is going to write his story now. She says she'll be sure to buy a paper. He tells her to be warned, because it's going to hit the fan. He walks out. Dorian says more will happen that he knows.

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Friday, June 6, 1997
by Susan Richmond

R.J., Rachel, Hank, Maggie, Ian, Max, Téa and Track

Rachel and Téa are at a table at Club Indigo, which is packed with customers for once, watching Track perform. Téa's impressed with Track and wants to know if R.J. can find another one like him for her. R.J. comes over to see if they need anything. Rachel is practically memerized, she only has eyes for Track. R.J. is pleased to see her there, he tells Téa. Téa returns the compliment. R.J. seems to be a totally different person here than when she first met him, slinking through the Halls of Justice. Rachel finally starts paying attention to the conversation, Téa just gave her a great idea.

Rachel's going to call her father and have Hank come down and see Track play. R.J. doesn't think that Hank will come and he and Rachel bet a dinner on the outcome. Rachel leaves to call Hank. Hank's first thought when he hears Rachel on the phone is that something's wrong. Does something have to be wrong for her to call, she asks. Hank hears Track playing in the background and thinks that it's a record. Rachel tells him to put his shoes on and get over to Club Indigo, Track's playing will knock his shoes and socks off. Hank first claims it's too late, but after Rachel call him a stick in the mud, he finally agrees to come. Rachel would like sushi for he dinner, she gloats to R.J.

Track finishes his set and comes over to join Téa and Rachel at their table. Téa tries to compliment him on his playing, but he is so involved in a discussion of his music with Rachel, he and Rachel completely ignore Téa. Giving up, Téa joins R.J. at the bar. Max, Maggie and Ian arrive at Club Indigo to celebrate Ian's disinheritance with a bottle of R.J.'s best champagne. Despite the crowd, R.J. manages to find them a table. Max is not happy to be there, remembering how R.J. was a loanshark that lent him money during his gambling days, but Maggie convinces him to stay. Ian wants to celebrate that for him, "there is no more Guy Armitage."

Max is worried that once Ian is disinherited, they won't have the funds to fight Asa. Ian tells him not to worry, that he holds shares in Guy's companies that Guy will pay dearly to get back, rather than have them sold on the open market. Max thinks the best plan would be to buy up some stategic properties and keep Asa from taking over the whole area. Track starts playing again and Hank arrives to join Rachel. She gives him a big hug, she's glad he came.

Hank's enjoying the music. He hopes that the club and the record label will be everything that R.J. wants is to be. R.J., unused to compliments and good wishes, seems a bit surprised, but thanks Hank. Hank goes to the bar to get a beer and runs into Téa there. Téa comments she'll be seeing a lot more of Hank in the future. Because of Alex's trial, Hank asks. No, because she and Rachel will be roommates. Téa pauses a moment, then comments that she's surprised because she didn't think of work first. What does Hank think of Track, Téa asks. Track drives him nuts. Why, Téa asks, surprised. Because he can't find a damn thing wrong with Track, Hank answers. Téa mentions her meeting with Hank tomorrow about Alex's case, she's really looking forward to it.

Marty and Patrick

Outside the "Bliss Bed and Breakfast Inn", Marty comes back to report that the Inn only takes cash, which they apparently must not have. Even bears take credit cards, Patrick complains jokingly. Since he's got about $15.00, they decide to go back up the road to an ATM machine he saw to get some money.(Anyone else think that the camera at the ATM machine will save him later on?). Later, back from the ATM machine, Marty and Patrick check into the bed and breakfast for the night.

Andrew and Kevin

In a nicely done cut, we go from Track playing saxophone at Club Indigo(see above), to Andrew standing in his darkened living room. He has his saxophone in his hands ready to play, but just doesn't have the heart for it and puts the sax back in its case. Sitting down on the couch, he recalls the time he set up that special night for he and Cassie in the department store. He wanted to bring back some of the romance and the feelings they had for each other when they first got together. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, it's Kevin. What do you want here, Andrew asks rudely, then wonders if there's something wrong with Cassie. Cassie's fine, Kevin reassures him. Kevin thought they should talk things out if they were ever going to get along. Andrew didn't realize it was necessary for them to get along. Kevin doesn't agree, if they don't work this out, there will eventually be a major *explosion* in public.

Andrew doesn't see the two of them finding common ground any time soon, but finally allows Kevin to come inside. Kevin admits that a major flaw of his has been jumping into things too fast and too soon, like with Lee Ann and Rachel. But that's not what happened this time, he insists. Kevin loves Cassie, has been in love with her for months and months. But despite his feelings he didn't jump in, he kept his distance. Both he and Cassie tried very hard to stay away from each other and let their feelings fade away, but that didn't happen. This isn't some casual fling, Kevin wants to spend the rest of his life with Cassie. What does Kevin want, Andrew asks. Does he want his blessing, because Andrew can't give that. No, Kevin doesn't expect that, but he does want Andrew not to treat him with contempt. "Then I think that we've taken this conversation just about as far as it can go", Andrew says calmly, but he's obviously seething with anger inside.

Kevin's not Andrew's enemy, Kevin tries to explain. In fact, there's no one in town that he respects more than Andrew, especially after what happened in the diner with Ernesto Soto. Whenever someone in town needs help, it's always Andrew that's there for them, Kevin tries to compliment. Andrew doesn't see it that way, however. Stop it, Andrew demands, don't patronize me! So every word that comes out of his mouth is just because he wants something from Andrew, is that how Andrew sees it. Yes, Andrew agrees, the only reason Kevin is there is to get something from him, perhaps absolution for a troubled conscience? That might be true if he felt any guilt, Kevin replies, but he doesn't feel guilty about anything that has happened. "Love isn't destructive, love isn't selfish, love doesn't take advantage of another person's vulnerability, and love honors commitment, one's own and others", Andrew says. Now who's being patronizing, Kevin returns. It doesn't matter what he does, Andrew's already labeled Kevin irresponsible. That way Andrew can feel justified, righteous even, in nursing his grudge against Kevin. Blaming Kevin makes it easier for Andrew to distance himself from the fact that Cassie is better off with Kevin, suggests Kevin. "If you can't have Cassie to love, you can sure have me to hate", Kevin says. Andrew feels that Kevin just crossed the line between conversation and self-justification.

Kevin and Andrew are now both standing in the doorway to the rectory, looking outside to try to figure out what the blast was. Andrew decides it came from the docks. Kevin feels for his cel phone, realizes he doesn't have it and asks Andrew to use his phone. Andrew can't believe Kevin has the nerve to ask, but agrees and Kevin rushes to call the police. He learns that it was a boat that blew up. Andrew looks uncertain what to do, he doesn't want to go with Kevin, but people are likely to be hurt. "I'll drive", Kevin offers and Andrew reluctantly.

Todd, Alex, Guy, Andrew, Kevin, Andrew, Bo, Andy, Téa and Ian

Todd plants the bomb on Guy's boat under a deck chair, apologizing to Guy for blowing up his nice boat. Guy can afford to buy another boat, Todd rationalizes to himself. Todd walks away and we see the timer is set for two minutes. In Guy's car, Alex wants to go back on the boat to get her purse. It will only take two minutes, she tells Guy. Guy refuses to let her go and ends up going back on the boat to get the purse. Todd, coming down the gangplank, stops and leaves Patrick's hat lying nearby. After Todd walks away, Guy goes back onto the boat. "Oh, no", Todd says when he spots Guy.

What's he doing, get out of there, Todd says to himself. "Armitage!", Todd yells from the dock and Guy turns in his direction. Who's there, Guy wonders, is that Thornhart? "Get off the boat, you're not going anywhere", Todd yells again. Guy just stands there, looking puzzled. "Get off the boat. Now!" Todd yells again and this time Guy seems to recognize him. "Manning?", he shouts back. Realizing it's too late, Todd yells "No!", then covers his face (Slo-mo of course) as the boat blows up and the blast throws him back.

As Todd, now laying on the ground, looks up, he sees Guy Armitage on the ground at the bottom of the gangplank. In the car, Alex screams. Todd crawls over to Guy, who is at least unconsious, if not dead. "You stupid Limey!" Todd yells, "I told you to get off the boat, you screwed everything up!." Todd runs away and in the car, Alex calls 911 on the celular phone.

Guy is lying on the dock, the back of his jacket is complete black and ripped up. Alex vainly tries to wake him up until the police finally arrive. Andrew arrives and Alex throws her arms around his neck and hugs him, practically hysterical. Kevin arrives with his camera and starts taking pictures of Guy and the burning yacht. Bo and Andy arrive and Alex explains that Guy went back on the yacht to get her bag. Alex heard Guy say something to someone and then the yacht blew up. Why did this happen, Alex cries, was it an accident, or did some sick pervert do this on purpose.

Todd enters Patrick's apartment, cursing Guy's stupidity. He puts Patrick's clothes back in the closet, checks to make sure the evidence he planted was still there, and then grabs the wig he'd thrown on the table and leaves.

Back at the docks, Guy is pronouced dead and Andrew says a prayer over the body. Alex is crying hysterically as both Andy and Kevin try to ask her questions. She's been on the boat from sunset until right before the explosion, she tells Andy. The yacht was in for a refit, did Alex notice any exposed wires or paint, anything that could have caused the explosion, Kevin asks. No, Alex replies. Where did Alex leave her bag, above deck or below in the cabin, Andy wants to know. Alex doesn't remember, why does it matter? Why did Alex wait until they were in the car to mention to Guy she forgot her bag. Because that's when I noticed it missing, Alex answers. Alex gets very angry, how can they accuse her of something like this when the man she cares about is lying in a lifeless heap(remember Carlo, Alex?:-) All of a sudden the paramedics, who weren't even doing CPR on Guy, announce that they have a pulse, Guy is still alive. "Thank God!", says Alex.

Todd, now nicely dressed, arrives at Club Indigo. Breathe, he tells himself, everything is going to be alright. There are plenty of respectable people around, all he has to do is go talk to one and he has an alibi. Téa notice Todd, so he goes over to talk to her. Téa asks how Starr is and is glad to find out that she's doing better every day. Blair's doing OK, but she's got a lot of rehab in front of her and the doctors don't know when or how well she will be able to walk again. Téa brags that she thinks she'll be able to get Alex off completely, she has a meeting with Hank tomorrow to discuss it. Todd looks at his watch, it's 11:45 he points out, he guesses he can stay 15 more minutes and have another drink with her. Across the room, Ian's cel phone rings. It's Bo calling, he needs to talk to Ian, it's an emergency.

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