One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 25, 1997 on OLTL

Mel visited his father's grave and had a long talk with him. Maggie was angry at Bo for thinking that Max might have accidentally caused the warehouse fire. Téa accused Bird, Todd's parrot, of stealing her watch. Bo and Hank purchased motorcycles.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 25, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, August 25, 1997

Téa arrives at Club Indigo to meet with her friend/roomie, Rachel, needing a strong drink. Reason - Blair. She thinks Blair is crazy and also thinks Bird is jealous of her. Rachel sees her new diamond watch - I mean the thing has such brilliant large rocks circling it. Rachel is astounded. Téa explains it as a bonus, but Rachel is suspicious about Téa's relationship with Todd. Téa says she's his attorney only and that Blair is crazy and wants Todd back to suck him dry. Rachel says that is what Téa is doing too. Téa says she's entitled because she's his lawyer. As Téa goes on defending her neutral relationship with Todd while trashing Blair at the same time, Jacara walks in and is introduced to Téa. Téa introduces herself as an attorney and gives Jacara her card. Jacara says she might need an attorney down the road and will be in touch.

Meanwhile, at Dorian's, Blair is ranting and raging about Téa too. Says her watch is tacky, which fits well into her social climbing personalty. She knows she's just trying to bleed Todd dry. Blair complains about only being able to spend 40 minutes with Starr at the park until Todd takes her away home. Dorian says she hates Todd (so what's new). They both agree it hasn't been a good day for either of them. Dorian explains that Mel went to New York to visit his daughter, Dorothy, and hasn't called all day. He may be lying drunk somewhere because the visit may not have gone well, since Mel and Dorothy have not been on good terms lately. She's worried. Blair tries to comfort her, but Dorian thinks the worst.

In another part of New York, Mel arrives at the cemetery to visit his late father, Neal. Tells Neal his(Mel's) wife is buried in Virginia. His father appears smoking a cigar, Mel's delighted, he tells his father he's in trouble. Pa says he knew as soon as Mel missed mass on 11/21/96 (Neal celebrates baseball player Mel's death annually with mass. Mel was named after him). They start talking about his troubles with his daughter, Dorothy. Mel wants to know how Neal did it (be a father). Pa explains that times were different. He was lucky and had experience. His father died when he was 11 and had to raise his siblings. Mel says his boys Frank and Roger are fine, but, Dorothy? She wants to change Mel, but Mel can't be fixed. When Pa died, Muriel (Mel's wife) pulled it all together for him and now she's gone. He's scared and falling apart. Pa tells Mel that Dorothy loves him more than he loves himself and feels guilty because she was responsible for making the plane reservation for her mother to come visit her in NY when she should have been on a vacation with Mel. Mel says he blames her too. Pa tells Mel Muriel made him into the great man he is today, but Mel is doing his best to destroy it all. Mel says he wants it all back. Pa tells him he is dishonoring the gifts Muriel gave him. It's hard on the kids. They not only lost their Mom, but, their father too. Mel has no right to indulge in his pain, thereby adding to Frank's, Roger's and Dorothy's. Mel doesn't want to hear how he let Dorothy down, he wants to know how to stop.

Back at Dorian's, she's still trying to track Mel down. Dorothy's phone number is unlisted. Blair tells her to calm down and stop calling around. Dorian wants them to plan the custody case. Blair says when she's stronger. Dorian says she can't stand the thought of that sweet, innocent child in the hands of that maniac, Todd. Blair is stunned but didn't say anything, rather starts trashing Téa again, that Todd bought Téa as a wife and goes on in a jealous rage over Téa. Dorian tells her she's jealous. She responds that Téa is looking for respect. Dorian says that marrying into the Lord family did not buy her any. Blair continues saying Téa is looking for a meal ticket. Dorian explodes in a fit of rage, saying that it is wrong to use children to get money or anything else and starts throwing and breaking everything in sight.

At Todd's, Todd is watching a horror flick and feeding Bird popcorn. Calls Téa to join them. She wouldn't stay and watch such a movie especially with Bird. Todd tells her she's jealous of the bird. In the movie(The Birds), a bird attacks someone and scratches them all over. Then Bird bites Téa but Todd doesn't see it and says Téa made it up. Téa goes to bed.

Meanwhile at Club Indigo, Gabriel comes looking for R.J. Rachel and Jacara leave to go conduct their business while R.J. and Gab do the same. Gab called the meeting to discuss R.J.'s life now that "he's had a taste of Jacara Principle." They drink a toast to her. R.J. tells Gab life is hard, but, every now and then, he sees a flash of flesh and blood in Jacara. Gab then fills him in about Jacara and her ex, Quest. She helped him and he became successful in the entertainment world. He later became a gangster and jerk and Jacara left him.

It's now very late, Dorian can't sleep. She's worried sick about Mel. Kelly tells her he's fine. Andrew taught her to say a little prayer when she's worried or down and God listens and she'll feel better. Dorian is annoyed and almost would not take the advice because of the source - Andrew. But she does.

At the cemetery, Pa tells Mel he can figure out how to stop the mess. Tells him to look in his heart. Pa reminds him the cemetery gates were closed half hour ago. Mel doesn't care and they keep talking about old times. Looks like Mel feels better.

Back at the Penthouse, Todd puts Bird down to go get a drink. Bird sneaks up the stairs to Téa's bedroom. Téa is deeply asleep. Bird climbs on to Téa's bed and starts flying around Téa and she wakes up screaming. Bird goes to pick up her new watch and sneaks out as Todd rushes in. Todd tells Téa she's just having a nightmare when she tells him that Bird was in her room and tells her to go back to sleep. He did not see Bird sneak out of the room to go back downstairs!

Tuesday, August 26th, 1997

Mel returns from New York, but he's late for work and so he goes to talk to Viki. He explains everything that happened, going to visit Dorothy and then his father's grave. Indirectly, he did break his promise that his drinking will not affect his job and Viki has every right to fire him. Viki tells him to get back to work. After Mel leaves, Dorian shows up at Viki's office with a story about Mel being deathly ill. Viki, knowing the truth, just sits back and lets her tell the story. It ends with Mel coming back into the office, perfectly healthy and Viki enjoying Dorian's embarrassment. She was only trying to save his job, Dorian explains. Mel tells her to mind her own business.

At Rodi's, Bo talks to Maggie about the fire in the warehouse. He doesn't think Asa did it, but he does suspect Max. When Max arrives, Bo confronts him with the theory that maybe Max tampered with the boiler, trying to get Maggie to give up on her school, but not meaning to set the place on fire. Max doesn't admit to anything and Maggie yells at Bo for even mentioning his theory to Max.

Téa accuses Bird of stealing her watch and is proved correct, she finds it in Bird's water bowl. Todd reprimands Bird, he wants Bird to get along with Téa. Fed up with Todd, Bird and Blair, Téa storms out of the apartment and goes to work out at Serenity Springs where she runs into Blair. Blair notices the watch missing and asks if Todd took it back. No, Bird stole it from "her" bedroom, Téa explains. Blair notices the slip and Téa quickly covers by explaining she uses one of the extra bedrooms as an office and sometimes sleeps there if she's working very late. Back at the penthouse, Todd gets a call from Kenneally, offering information that will prove Patrick's involvement in Lord Whiting's murder.

Wednesday, August 27th, 1997

Outside Club Indigo-Rachel and Hank

Rachel has found a biker magazine in her father's glove compartment. It is titled "Born to Run." He is in love with motorcycles and particularly admires the one parked in front of R.J.'s club. He shows her the centerfold depicting a santily clothed woman on his dream bike. Rachel teasingly asks if it's the bike or what is on it that he is interested in. He tells her he has wanted this bike since high school. She reminds him that the citizens of Llanview want a stable upright DA and that the days of Hank "the Cannon" Gannon are long past. She does not see him as a biker kind of guy. He has Carlotta, why indulge in this type of thing. Is it a midlife crisis? He replies that he is feeling very young lately. Rachel gives up and goes to work. Hank kneels in semi worship before the bike. Jacara comes up behind him. He did not even notice her drive up. He has been that preoccupied. Jacara sees the strength of his dream and thinks the bike is definitely him. He needs to make that fantasy come true. He can't expect his daughter to picture her Daddy riding the bike, but he can't let the way Rachel sees things stop him from realizing his fantasy. Hank says she is one persuasive lady.

Penthouse-Todd and Kenneally

Todd is on the telephone with Kenneally. He wants proof from the terrorist that he can deliver on his promises to bring down Poetry Boy. The terrorist says he can deliver the man who planned the bombing and who could pin the delivery of the explosive on Patrick. He will send the culprit to the U.S. to rat out Patrick for a mere 1 million pounds more, plus an assurance from Todd that he will not alert the police until he gets the go ahead from him. Todd is suspicious about why he is calling him now. Kenneally has his own reasons, just like Todd. Todd can sense the fear in the older man and asks what the man he is delivering to him has on him. But he never gets an answer. Kenneally hangs up on him when Mahoney shows up. Todd calls him a twisted little leprechan as he stares at the receiver. He tries to trace the call, but the operator informs him that it is why they offer caller ID. Todd tells her he is with the CIA and needs to find an operative. He thinks the guy is in danger, somewhere in Ireland.

Definitely not in Ireland...

Kenneally lies and says that he was on the phone with his broker. Mahoney is angry that Kenneally furnished Todd Manning with information leading to the reopening of the Whiting case. Things are hot enough for him right now. He must kill Patrick, Marty and for good measure, Todd. Kenneally tries to say that he can't go back where he is known. Mahoney shows him the explosive device under his coat and tells him he has no choice. He needs Kenneally to show him where to look and to help him eliminate Marty, Patrick and Todd. Kenneally wants to know what is to keep Mahoney from eliminating him when the blood letting is over. Mahoney replies, "Take it on faith, Thomas." As he walks away, Kenneally mutters he is a doubting Thomas and he lost his faith a long time ago.

Back at the Penthouse-Todd and Téa

Téa returns home from Serenity Springs to find Todd pacing back and forth and staring at the phone. She tells him she ran into Blair at the gym. Téa had to leave the room to keep his ex wife from competing with her. Blair is pushing herself to get in shape to fight the custody suit. Todd is nervous about waiting for a call. Téa suggests he leave the room so it will ring. Her logic appeals to him and he goes upstairs to see Starr. Sure enough, the phone rings and Téa takes the message. Todd bounds down the stairs. She tells him the call was from Turkey. Who does he know in Istanbul? He tries to avoid the subject, but Téa keeps pushing for an answer. He lies and says he had an anonymous tip and he was trying to trace the source to Ireland. Téa guesses that it must be connected to Patrick. Todd tells her angrily that she better remember the ground rules. Stay the hell out of his business. Téa says she got her answer and they go out to eat.

At Rodi's-Bo, Patrick, Marty, Viki, Todd and Téa

Patrick asks Bo to be his best man. Bo is flattered and equally surprised when Patrick says Marty will ask Nora to be Matron of Honor. He had thought that Viki was like a mother to Marty. Yes, that is true, Patrick admits, but Viki will be in Europe when they get married. Besides that, they probably would have asked both of them anyway since they are sterling examples of what a happy marriage is. Bo brings up the Irish authorities and Patrick says he is not looking forwardto the questions but he won't let it postpone his wedding. Bo says ATTABOY!

Patrick and Bo walk over to the table where Marty is happily opening the gifts Viki has given to her. She shows him the anique silverware, baby spoon and the CD of whale sounds for stress management and last but not least, the stuffed baby whale for the baby. Bo wise cracks that he is going to be a best man at a shotgun wedding. Viki says she has to get back to the Banner. Clint is waiting to drive her and Jessica to the airport. Bo's phone rings. It's Hank saying "Let's shop." Bo thinks he is the last sane person in Llanview.

Now that they are alone, Marty and Patrick discuss her last wedding to the wrong man and how Patrick had tried to warn her about that. They plan a small wedding and a party for their closest friends. The baby will be a fresh start for them. They deserve it after all they have been through. As soon as they get to Ireland they will look up his brother Seamus and mend fences with his folks. They will forgive him when they find out about their grandchild.

Todd and Téa arrive. He can't help noticing the presence of the happy couple. He picks up the stuffed animal and calls it a killer whale. Marty says it is a gift from his sister Viki for the baby. Todd behaves uncharacteristically and does not fire any sarcastic remarks back at Marty. He takes out his cell phone and checks his voice mail for messages but there are none.

After they go back to the Penthouse and Téa asks him if he is as surprised as her about Marty's pregnancy. She couldn't help but notice his silence on the subject. Todd says he always suspected they were doing the big nasty. He just has to be sorry for the kid and how hairy it will be. Téa reminds him that with the reopening of the Whiting case, Patrick could be extradited and although she knows he and Marty will never be close friends, Téa cannot believe he would want her to bring up the child alone. Todd replies that in a past life Patrick was a terrorst and Marty must deal with the fallout. Téa asks whether he would like Starr to deal with her father's sins, too.

At the Banner-Jessica, Kelly, Kevin, Viki, Clint, and Kevin

Kelly wants to know if Jessica will see Joey. Jessie explains that he is in Italy restoring a fresco. Kelly hopes that her friend will take a picture of Joey and send it to her. Jessie thinks that it could be mutual and Joey might like one of her, too. Kelly is sure Joey hates her and that if he knows about how she caused the accident, he would be grateful he dumped her. Jessica says he just needed to sort things out. Kelly replies that he would not give her a second chance. Jessica volunteers to ask him herself. Kelly thanks her and gives her a message. Tell Joey she says hello and she hopes he is happy.

Viki arrives and Clint and Viki ask Kevin to manage the paper. Clint wants Kevin to go after the warehouse story and not let anything get in the way of the truth, not even if the perpetrator of the crime in Grampa Asa. Viki tells Kevin to feel free to use the pool and that he and Cassie can stay at the mansion if they want. Kevin carries Jessie's bags down to the car, leaving Viki and Clint alone. Clint asks Viki to take time out in Europe to consider visiting at the ranch. If it appeals to her to spend time alone with him, he will meet her plan any time she says. She promises to think about it and let him know.

Motorcycle Shop-Bo and Hank

Bo tries to get Hank to see the big picture. Hank says he feels like a kid again and Bo is there to help him get what he wants. Bo wisecracks that "you've picked a fine time to do this, Lucille." He is being extreme, if he didn't know better, he would say he was speaking to Hank's evil twin. He gives up. A super salesman gives Hank the low down on his dream bike. It has all the features that would appeal to a man of his personality and size. Bo can't believe that Hank calls it a deal. Hank accuses him of being jealous and that is a sad thing to watch. The salesman works his magic on Bo next. He tells him the bike is dependable, built to last, has classic styling. A guy like him and this bike would be a perfect match. He suggests the police commissioner take it for a spin around the parking lot.

Angel Square-Rachel, Carlotta, Bo and Hank

Rachel and Carlotta meet and Rachel discusses her father and how she feels she may have embarassed him today. There is a roar in the background which is becoming louder all the time. Carlotta suggests she and Rachel get off the street. These motorcycle clubs act more like gangs. Two bikers stop in front of them. They lift up the visors on their helmets. Carlotta and Hank are surprised to see it is Bo and Hank.

Thursday, August 28th, 1997

Bo and Hank show off their new motorcycles to Rachel and Carlotta. Carlotta likes them and is willing to go for a ride later with Hank. Rachel, on the other hand, considers the motorcyles dangerous and is disgusted when Bo refers to his motorcycle helmet as a "brain bucket." Nora hates motorcyles and will not be happy at all to see it. Rachel and Carlotta leave and Andrew, River and Eli (or as Bo calls them, the father, son and the holy terror) walk by and stop to take a look at their motorcycles. Eli seems to know alot about motorcycles, he used to live over a cycle shop, he explains. He's pretty impressed with the bikes, a little on the safe side, but still very cool. Hank offers to take him for a ride sometime and Eli accepts.

Andrew, River and Eli are inside the diner getting something to eat when Cassie and Kevin walk in. River is thrilled to see Cassie, he leaps up into her arms and gives her a big hug. Cassie thought she's be hearing from Andrew. About what, Andrew asks. Later, Cassie and Andrew are sitting in a separate booth while Kevin entertains the boys. Cassie begs Andrew to let her have River over at her new home with Kevin. River needs to see where she lives now, she insists. Right now she's a phantom to him, appearing and disappering in his life. Andrew finally agrees to let River stay over with Cassie the following night. River is happy to hear this and the three of them leave. Cassie expresses her fears of Eli's bad influence on River to Kevin and Carlotta. Carlotta doesn't think she has much to worry about, if fact, Carlotta's kind of taken with him. So much so that she leaves the diner and goes over to talk to Andrew about having River stay with her.

Blair arrives, after calling first, to visit with Starr. Téa is not there at the moment, but Todd insists that in the future, Blair is going to have to find a way to be nicer to Téa. Blair was the one who asked for a divorce and left him with Cramers swarming around him trying to get Starr. He married Téa to help him fight Dorian to keep Starr and now Blair has to learn to live with it. Just try talking to Téa he requests, he doesn't care what they talk about, talk 'girl stuff', but they need to all get along for Starr's sake. Blair goes upstairs to see Starr and Todd gets a phone call from Kenneally. Todd is to tranfer 1 million pounds to the account of Soloman Roe. Kenneally will then bring this man to town and point him out to Todd. It's in Todd's best interests to call the police to arrest the man right away, since he might be after Todd, too. Todd wonders why Kenneally would risk doing this. Kenneally fears for his own life, so it's in his best interest to see this man arrested. Todd's not so sure he wants to make this deal. Even if he doesn't, this man may be coming to Llanview on his own and going after Todd anyway. Faced with little choice, Todd calls the bank and transfers the money. Blair comes downstairs, thrilled with her visit with Starr. Todd and Blair actually manage to have a nice, normal conversation for a few minutes. But then the subject of Patrick comes up and Todd starts insisting he will prove Patrick is a murderer. Blair's heard enough, she's sick of Todd's vendetta, and she quickly leaves.

At the Banner, Mel sits down at his desk and throws all the small bottles of liquor in his desk in the trash. He almost throws away his cigarettes, but then changes his mind, one vice at a time. Cassie comes over to see how he's doing, Dorian told her he was in New York and Dorian has been worried about him. Mel snaps that he's tired of people worrying about him, but then apologizes. Dorian arrives to reluctantly apologize for trying to cover for him with Viki. Dorian wants Mel to tell her everything that happened in New York. Mel thinks that that discussion would be better to hold in a private place and they both go back to his very messy houseboat. Mel pours himself and Dorian an ice tea. Mel tells her a little about his meeting with Dorothy, that's she's disapproving of him and doesn't seem to understand he has to grieve in his own way. The subject turns to Blair and getting custody back of Starr. Dorian starts to rant again about how Starr is in danger with Todd. Mel asks her what happened to her when she was a child. Dorian doesn't know what he's talking about, she had a perfectly normal childhood. What about Addie, Mel asks, what happened with Addie and the scissors. Dorian is furious to learn that Cassie told him about it. Dorian manages to get him to drop the topic. He won't keep trying to dig into her past and she won't ask him why he's only drinking iced tea. Some things are better when they're not discussed.

Friday, August 29th, 1997

Patrick and Marty

Patrick and Marty are having a picnic on Llantano Mountain. They are enjoying the sound of the birds and the winds and the crickets. The mood is broken only by the sound of motorcycles in the distance. Something has always shattered their peace, bullets, bombs, motorcycles, but Patrick promises that won't happen once they're married. When the Irish authorities ask, he'll just say he had nothing to do with Lord Whiting's murder. Marty hopes that they believe him. There's no evidence and no witnesses, they'll be free to go on with the rest of their lives. They decide to have the wedding ceremony right there, on Llantano Mountain, with the reception to follow at the country club. Patrick feels that Marty is being a bit skittish, is she afraid of going through with the wedding?

Everything she ever wished for has come true, a man she loves and who loves her back and having his baby. It's all happened and she's a little worried that it will all disappear. Patrick give her his word that this is how it will stay and gives her a kiss.

Patrick and Marty have made love, they just exchanged their true vows, Patrick tells her. Except there weren't any witnesses, I hope, Marty jokes. They lie back and look at the constellations, Marty hopes this is they way their life will always be.

Andrew, Carlotta and Eli

Andrew is shocked that Carlotta would like to be Eli's foster mother and asks if she's really considered all that it will mean. It just came to her in a flash, she says, but she knows that it feels right. She knows that Eli is a tough customer, but she thinks she can handle him and give him a home and a lot of love. Help me to become Eli's foster mother, she asks. There's a lot involved, Andrew explains. First of all, Eli is very moody, he often withdraws inside himself and is hard to reach. Then there's his disease, which requires strict adherence to the protocol. Carlotta made a lot of mistakes raising her own children and she feels she'll be a much better mother now after all she's learned. And what about Cristian, Andrew asks, how will he react to suddenly getting a younger brother. Carlotta will sit him down and explain it to him, she's confident he'll understand. Andrew decides he'd like to give Carlotta the chance to be Eli's foster mother.

Andrew goes upstairs to get Eli. He comes back downstairs saying Eli will be down in a minute, he's busy filling out a reply card to get a motorcycle catalog. Carlotta wonders how Eli is going to respond. There's no way of knowing with Eli, Andrew tells her. Even if Eli agrees, Carlotta has home visits and in depth interviews to get through. Eli comes downstairs and Andrew begins by saying the reason Eli has been staying with him is so that they can find him a good home. Eli thinks this means he'll be staying with Andrew and is thrilled. No, Andrew explains, Eli would be staying with Carlotta. "Forget it" is Eli's response.

Eli doesn't want to go and live with Carlotta, he wants to stay with Andrew. Andrew loved having Eli stay with him, but Eli knew from the beginning that it wasn't permanent. Eli begs Andrew to let him stay, but Andrew believes going to live Carlotta will be best for him. Eli gives up, I don't care where I stay, I probably don't have a lot of time left anyway, he says and leaves the room. Carlotta is very discouraged, but Andrew assures her that for Eli, that reaction was mild, only a 2.3 on the "Eli scale." Andrew can't imagine a better home or a better mom for Eli than Carlotta. Andrew will get in touch with Téa to help them with the legal matters. Carlotta leaves to go back to the diner.

Bo, Hank, Rachel and Bo

In a booth at the diner, Bo is on the phone talking to Nora, who's still at the spa. He's trying to avoid any mention of the motorcycle, but Hank keeps making loud comments about the motorcycles, trying to make trouble. Bo manages to get off the phone without telling Nora he purchased a motorcycle. Rachel wonders why he was trying so hard to keep it from Nora, she'll be seeing that "two wheeled monster" in her driveway when she gets home. They make a bet, loser pays for a nice dinner, on how Nora will react to the motorcycle, whether she'll throw a fit or want a ride on it. Bo insists that Nora will be fine with it, she'll want to take a ride on it up to Llantano Mountain, just like they did today. Carlotta returns and Hank goes over to see her. He invites her on a ride, it's too bad Eli's not here or he'd take him for a ride to. Carlotta is glad to hear Hank mention Eli, but disappointed when he continues by saying he likes Eli, but only in small doses.

Dorian, Mel, Cassie and Blair

Dorian has convinced Mel to come back with her to her more comfortable, and much less messy, home. Dorian puts her arms around his neck and promises to run him a nice, hot bath and she will "entertain him." They are kissing when Cassie lets herself in the front door without knocking. An embarrassed Cassie tries to leave, but Mel and Dorian insist that she stay, they're getting to be masters at picking up where they left off. Cassie has some very exciting news to tell them, Andrew has agreed to let River stay with her and Kevin overnight. Cassie also knows how worried Dorian has been about River and Starr living with their fathers in the enemy camp, so to speak. Dorian corrects her, she may not like Andrew, but she has never worried about River's safety with him. Todd, on the otherhand, is a completely different story. Dorian does her usual extreme rant about children being left with people who could harm them. She is interrupted by a call about Melador business and has to leave the room. Mel tells Cassie that he brought up the story about Addie and the scissors to Dorian and Dorian insisted Cassie had told him the story all wrong and changed the subject. Mel's pretty sure that something happened to Dorian as a child, something bigger than the scissor incident. Cassie doesn't really know much about her family's history at all.

Blair might be able to help him. She is Addie's daughter and it's possible Addie has discussed her childhood with Blair. Addie has her lucid moments, it's possible she might be able to tell him something. Mel thanks her for the idea, he'll run it by Blair. Run what by Blair, Dorian asks, coming back into the room. Mel actually tells her the truth(a rarity on a soap opera:-), and admits he wants to find out from Blair if Addie ever talked about her childhood. Dorian is not pleased at his continued probing into her background. If Dorian would just talk about it, it might help, Cassie tells her, Mel's just trying to help. Cassie leaves. Dorian tells Mel she doesn't appreciate him turning her past into his own archeological dig. She told him to back off, "why the hell haven't you?"

Because he thinks finding out about her past will help him understand who she is now, the woman he may very nearly adore. Don't try to flatter me, she warns him. Is it working? Every time Starr's name is mentioned, Dorian goes into rages of "terrified fury." Only Dorian is so rabidly sure, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that Starr is in danger from Todd. Is it something in her past that compels her to identify with Starr, that's what Mel is trying to find out. If he's so desperate to fix something, why doesn't he work on his relationship with Dorothy, Dorian points out. That was low, says Mel. Mel asked Dorian not to interfere in his life, all she's asking is that he do the same with her past. If he pushes this, it could ruin what they have. Dorian goes upstairs to run the bath, she hopes he'll join her. He will, just as soon as he calls the office, he promises. Mel briefly calls the office and is on his way upstairs when Blair arrives home. She's happy after her visit with Starr, but can't understand why Todd is continuing his vendetta against Patrick. Does Blair have any fears for Starr living with Todd, Mel asks. She wishes Starr were home with her, but she has no fears Todd would ever hurt Starr. Mel asks if Addie ever mentioned anything about Dorian's childhood.

Blair doesn't want Mel talking to her mother. Besides the fact that Addie often gets things confused, Blair had to tell Addie about Brendan's death and Addie has completely withdrawn inside herself, she speaks to no one. Mel understands but he's frustrated, Addie was his last possible source of information about Dorian. There is one other possibility, Blair offers, David Renaldi, Cassie's father. It's possible that Dorian mentioned something to him when they were together.

Mel is alone and staring out the window when Dorian comes downstairs in her robe to tell him their bath is ready. He was coming upstairs, but he stopped to talk to Blair. Blair and Starr are just fine he tells Dorian. He thinks they shoul pick up where they left off before. Dorian slips off her robe and they kiss.

Todd and Kenneally

Todd is on the phone again with Kenneally. He asks if 'Soloman Roe' is happy. As happy as any man that just had one million pounds deposited in his account, Kenneally replies. Todd wants to know what all that money bought him. It bought him the man that was the mastermind behind the Lord Whiting bombing. He's a terrorist wanted for many crimes, he'll certainly implicate Patrick to make things go easier on himself when he is arrested. They'll be in Llanview by the end of the week. Kenneally suggests that Todd have Mahoney arrested immediately once he arrives in Llanview. All Todd's concerned about is that this will be the end of Patrick Thornhart. "Be sure it's not the end of you", warns Kenneally.

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