One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on OLTL
Téa offered her professional services to R.J. Mel, Cassie, and Kelly met to discuss their findings and discrepancies regarding Dorian's parents. Todd ruined Téa's party; she was unaware of the romantic evening he'd planned. Bo apologized to Nora.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, December 8, 1997

Today's show continues from Friday's cliffhanger where R.J. goes on the attack with Téa as she walks into Club Indigo soliciting R.J. as a potential client to boost her practice. R.J. does not believe her, stating that she's a stooge for Todd to try to get more information on him to pass on to Todd to print in the SUN. The Sun headlines read "JAZZ MAN FACES MUSIC." The story implied that police sources claim that R.J. is the one behind the kidnapping of the Holden twins - Leslie and Frankie. R.J. denies this speculation and threatens to sue the SUN. Téa says he can sue but can't win a libel suit unless he can prove that his character is not what was depicted in the paper and he is not a kidnapper. He will need a good lawyer to even get close to proving that. She hands him her business card. In the middle of this, Rachel walks in to tell R.J. that he has a client waiting for him and wonders what's going on. When she is shown the headline, she is furious and vehemently sticks up for R.J., that he would not do something like that. Only a monster could have done that. (Rachel wake up, R.J. is a monster.) Téa then suggests that they have a party at the Penthouse since Todd is out of town on a mini vacation with Starr without her. She calls the Reverend and invites him to the fiesta, he is hesitant, but agrees since Todd was not going to be around.

In the meantime, Todd is on the phone with some fancy caterers planning a surprise romantic dinner for his wife. She asks the babysitter to take Starr out for the evening and he will surprise Téa with romance.

In another part of town, Mel, Cassie and Kelly meet on Mel's houseboat to discuss their findings on the Cramer secrets. They have discovered that although Dorian's parents - their grand parents - were buried in Ohio, they were reported to have died in a plane crash in a small town in Kentucky. What's strange is that the FAA has no record of a plane crash and no news on the matter that would have made headlines for the small town. They also found that the numbers on the death certificates for the grandparents (used to bury then in Canton, Ohio) did not match those of Kentucky's vital records. In fact, they belonged to someone else who had died on the same day. Who's covering up what? This sounds like murder and who's responsible? Is it Mrs. Stonecliff? Does Dorian know? - but, she was just a kid when it happened! She may not even be aware of the full details on the secrets she herself is trying to keep buried. Mrs. Stonecliff was the executor of the estate and took care of all the arrangements for the burial, finances etc. At this point, Dorian walks in and demands the truth about what's going on. Mel tells her he is working on a confidential story that involves a murder that happened a long time ago and can't give her the details. He tells her when he figures out the truth, she'll be the first to know.

As they discuss, Dorian tells Mel about her mother. How she was consumed by her music. Also, about Mrs. Stonecliff, how efficient and good she was. She took care of everything. She asks if this is the story they are working on. Mel tells her it's confidential.

Meanwhile, in the library, Joey is about to leave and finds Dorothy fast asleep with her head on the table. He drops the books on the table to try and startle her, but she is deeply asleep. Finally, he wakes her up gently and they discuss about life in general and Dr. Maude's review in the newspaper. The topic turns to Kelly and he tells how much he misses her and how he wishes things were back to the way they were. They leave for Rodi's.

Later at Rodi's, Ian calms an upset Renee over the kidnapping of the Holden twins. Kelly arrives looking for Joey, since she had mentioned that she may look him up at Rodi's if she happens to be there. Since he was not there and before Renee could offer any explanations, Ian seizes the opportunity to ask her to join him at his table and spend the evening together. Joey and Dorothy later arrive and he sees Kelly sitting with Ian. He is not happy and Dorothy suggests they leave. He refuses. Kelly explains that she is going to look like a liar if she doesn't explain to Joey that she just happened to be at Rodi's and met Ian and this was not planned. On the other hand, if she explains, then that would show she cares about Joey and them and she prefers not to do that. Later, Kelly asks Ian to play a song on the juke box for her. As he leaves to do that, Joey beats him to it and plays an old time favorite of theirs. This makes Kelly uncomfortable and Ian suggests they go for a drive in the country. As they contemplate this, Dorothy suggests Joey ask Kelly for a dance. But before he can do this, Kelly and Ian leave Rodi's. Not to be too disappointed, Dorothy suggests Joey dance with her instead and they do.

Back at Todd's Penthouse, Téa's fiesta is in progress and the subject of discussion (in a less than positive light;, in fact cracking jokes) is Todd - whom they all call the Toad. As they continue their wise cracks about Todd, he walks into the middle of it - less than happy of course. Oh Boy!!! He picks up their snack plate and eats out of it and immediately spits it out into Rachel's glass of champagne. He then picks up the champagne bottle, takes a swig and uses it to gargle his mouth and spits it out on the floor. Rachel gets disgusted and leaves with Andrew in tow. Téa then unleashes her anger on Todd and asks if he's happy now. Is he happy destroying things? He says "Everyone needs a hobby." Téa leaves and goes upstairs. As she leaves, the doorbell rings and she ignores it. Todd gets the door and it's the waiter with the romantic dinner. Todd tells him it's too late. The waiter tries to explain that he has brought the dinner at the requested time. Todd starts screaming for him to get the food outta there and bangs the door. Poor waiter! Oh boy! Stay tuned to Soap Opera Central for more.

Tuesday, December 9, 1997

Written by: Marcia Bryant

The home of Nora and Bo Buchanan:

Bo returns from New York and he and Nora reach an understanding concerning the death of the Holden twins. He expresses his forgiveness. Nora brings Bo up to date on Max's condition and the Sun's coverage of R.J. as a kidnaping suspect. Bo confirms that R.J. really is a suspect and that R.J.'s phone records (which show his calls to Claude Charbonneau) are possibly incriminating. To Bo's surprise, Nora says that she doesn't believe that R.J. committed the crime. She says that she remembers what he used to be like and she's seen a lot of changes in the recent past: R.J.'s relationship with Rachel and Jacara, the way he has cleaned up his business. While Nora doesn't think he has completely changed, she doesn't think that R.J. would destroy all that he has worked for by going after two defenseless children. Bo tells his wife to prepare herself for the worst and asks if it is Rachel closeness to R.J. that makes her so desperate to believe he is innocent. Nora doesn't want a repeat of the past tension and wonders if their families can stand it.

Club Indigo:

Rachel is disgusted at The Sun's treatment of R.J. R.J. manages to appear calm despite being the paper's lead story, but is worried at the effect the negative publicity might have on Jacara. Rachel decides to go to Jacara and do a little "damage control." Hank visits R.J. to once again affirm that he doesn't think that R.J. kidnaped Max's kids. R.J. is still skeptical and Hank leaves frustrated that he can't convince his brother that he is on his side. Afterward, Claude shows up and tells R.J. that he has been called to come to the police station. R.J. once again reiterates that Claude had better keep R.J.'s name out of this mess or Claude will end up dead.

Cassie and Kevin's home:

Kevin comforts Cassie as she tells him about her visit with Mel to see Miss Stonecliff. She tells him about the fake death certificates and Miss Stonecliff's whitewash. At that point, Kelly appears and asks to stay with Kevin and Cassie since she is too scared to stay at Dorian's. All the business with Melinda, Dorian and Blair has all begun to build up and Kelly can no longer take it. Kevin invites Kelly to stay with he and Cassie as long as she wants. A grateful Kelly changes into her robe and gets ready for bed, but the memories of Joey drive her back downstairs. Just then, Joey stops by and asks Kevin if he can hang out there since Clint and Viki looked like they wanted privacy. Kevin, Cassie and Kelly go back upstairs and Joey settles into an armchair for a long night of channel surfing. Later during the night, Kelly comes downstairs for a midnight snack and finds Joey asleep, still in the same chair. Joey whips up some pasta for the two of them and begins to reminisce about old times. Kelly plainly tells him that she is involved with Ian now. He has been good for her and she couldn't make it through the last few months without him. She tells Joey that their relationship was a fantasy and now she wants reality. Then the two of them settle in to watch a little television.


Clint builds a fire as Viki compliments him on the last editorial meeting. The two grow closer and proceed to cuddle on the couch. Joey walks in, surmises the situation and beats a hasty retreat. Viki tells Clint about her first visit to Dr. Maude, the explicit video and the ensuing confusion when Jessica found it. Then Jessica walks in, is startled to see her parents on the couch and runs upstairs. Clint decides to leave before they have a chance to confuse anymore of their children. As he leaves, Viki and Clint share a warm moment and a hug.


Rachel shows up at Rodi's and finds Jacara filling in behind the bar trying to figure out a drink order. The two women talk and Rachel is happy to discover that Jacara doesn't believe that R.J. is guilty of the accusations. She wonders if there may be a combination of R.J.'s past, desperation and racism at work. She is furious that The Sun smeared him and she tells Rachel that she supports R.J. Hank visits Rodi's and informs Rachel that he too supports R.J. Ecstatic, Rachel goes to make a phone call and Hank hops behind the bar to help Jacara mix drinks.

Wednesday, December 10, 1997

The Banner- Viki, Mary and Mel

Mary drops by Viki's office. She just had lunch with her son at the commissary downstairs and she checked her messages. Since Viki had left one, she figured she would stop by while she was in the neighborhood. Viki tells Dr. Maude about the mishap with the tape and Jessica and how it delayed her doing her "homework", but it is now finished. She hands the video and the notebook to Mary and asks her to basically guard it with her life. Viki explains that she took a small non threatening step the previous evening with Clint, allowing him to put his arm around her. While she was happy she could tolerate the physical contact, it served to remind her of what a long way she had to go. The subject switches to Jessica and the sex and love talk Viki had with her daughter. Mary doesn't feel it can do any harm for Jessica to know about her mother's problems and that she is working to solve them. Viki is just worried that Jessica might place too much importance on it and expect Clint and Viki to get back together again. Mel walks in unannounced and Viki becomes startled and the tape and notebook which are on the edge of her desk, fall to the floor. He sees the title and says "This must be yours." He excuses himself to both women with an apology and leaves. Mary apologizes for the lack of privacy of the situation but Viki seems unworried and comments that Mel is the least judgmental person she knows. Mary replies that the one thing she could never curb in her son was his curiosity. Viki says that is what makes him a great investigative reporter. Mary is glad Viki has a sense of humor about the situation. Because she will need to bring it to her next appointment-at Dr. Maude's office. Where the real work starts.

Llanfair- The kitchen- Joey and Dorothy

Dorothy stops by unannounced (like father-like daughter) with the ingredients for the soup Joey promised to make with her. Dorothy says that she is missing her mother more than ever this year and the soup reminds her of her mom and cold nights like this. Dorothy apologizes for not calling first and Joey apologizes for her putting up with his obnoxious obsession with Kelly. He tells her about meeting Kelly at the Carriage House and how awkward it turned out to be. Kelly told him that Ian is part of the picture and she expects him to continue to be. Dorothy starts to cry for the onion she is chopping. Joey strikes a safety match, blows it out and places the opposite end in her mouth, saying it is a cure all. "Lighten up, woman, it is only soup", he jokes. The conversation is more about what is not being said and it is evident from Dorothy's body language that she has feelings for Joey. She continues chopping up a cabbage and says it helps her vent hostilities. She usually is the last in the family to blow up. Joey comments that he thinks Mel is cool. He likes his forthrightness, which Joey feels Dorian needs and deserves. Mel accepts Dorian's dark side, but Kelly doesn't and keeps on being disappointed and having unrealistic expectations about her aunt. She has a lot of growing up to do. Dorothy replies that they all have growing up to do, including Joey. Kelly keeps stomping on him. How long can he keep on giving and being understanding and keep his self respect? Joey explains that he hurt Kelly badly and what else can he do? Dorothy suggests he should tell her off, become a monk or see someone else. "Anyone special in mind", Joey asks. Someone with similar interest, Dorothy replies, someone who would enjoy your company. The subject is switched to her mother and how when she tastes the soup, it is like her mother is there with her. Joey says that the spirit becomes a part of your senses and sleeps until someone wakes it up. The bad side of it is that it is hard to feel this when the person has died Then, he clears his throat and tells Dorothy he feels he needs to clarify something. He likes her too much to mess with her head, he still has ties with Kelly. Otherwise, he would be banging down Dorothy's door. Dorothy says she was not suggesting herself as a candidate for him to go out with (her facial expression and body language say otherwise). She likes him too much to apply that kind of pressure.

Dorian's- Dorian and Kelly

The phone rings and Kelly answers. It is Ian inviting her over to his room at the Palace. She accepts eagerly, commenting that she does not want to spend any more time in Dorian's house than she has to. Dorian comes downstairs and overhears her. "Are you planning to move out", she asks. Kelly says she is just spending a few nights at Cassie's. Dorian replies that she is concerned that Kelly is nursing old grievances. Kelly sarcastically asks why she would do that. Dorian laments her facetiousness and goes on a tirade about how she has always taken care of her and Melinda and why is Kelly acting like she is responsible for her mother's condition. "Because you are and you damn well know you are." Dorian says they need to get past all this anger. Kelly tries to back away from what she just said, and keep the confidence Cassie and Mel entrusted her with, but Dorian's continual lying is getting too much for her. Kelly says that Melinda wanted to make up for all the missing years with her, they were connected to each other for the first time, but the moment she got into the house, Melinda got sick again. Dorian goes into her we are family spiel and Kelly has had it. She accuses Dorian of tampering with her mother's medication. Dorian tries to touch her but she pulls away quickly. She tells her aunt if she could do this to her mother, she could do it to anyone. She is trying to make her, Kelly, look unstable, too. Dorian questions whether Kelly has shared these suspicions with Mel. Kelly refuses to answer and walks away.

The Banner-Mel, Viki and Dorian

Mel returns after his mother has left and tells Viki about what happened on his trip to Ohio. He wonders if Viki can shed any light on the odd happenings at Dorian's birth place. He recaps the story of Miss Stonecliff and the saga of Dorian's parents' deaths. He continues with the follow up investigation and the doctored death certificates. Viki agrees that it is all bizarre. Of course, she always knew Dorian had a complicated past. Mel says that Dorian has had a secret for a very long time. Viki asks if he thinks that Dorian or someone in the family had something to do with her parents' deaths.

Dorian arrives and says he must speak to Mel immediately. Mel excuses himself and they stand out in the hallway. Dorian tells Mel that Kelly has made a wild accusation and does he believe it. Mel asks what accusation. Dorian explains that Kelly said she had tampered with Melinda's medication. Does he believe this, does Cassie? Mel tells her to go to the houseboat. He has a few things to wrap up at the paper. Dorian is upset and wants him to tell her what he thinks right now. Mel tells her to take a shower, to relax and they will talk later. He walks her to the elevator and promises he will be there soon.

Mel goes back into Viki's office and tells her that Dorian is terrified of what is beyond the walls of secrecy she has built. Viki replies that beyond the walls, there is freedom. He explains about Dorian's childhood. Addie attacking her with the scissors and later locking her in the well house. That is why she is claustrophobic. Viki says she knew that but will not reveal how. She doesn't know any more of Dorian's secrets than Mel does and Dorian is certainly not going to tell her. Mel is concerned and wants Dorian to trust him so he can help her. Viki comments that if Dorian or any other family member had anything to do with the parents' deaths, Dorian will guard the secret like a lioness protects her cubs. She can keep her secrets and the secrets of others. Mel is confused by the last comment and wants to know what type of secrets. Viki says it is a long story. Mel replies that now he is getting the runaround from her. Viki just proceeds to the elevator and lets the door close, leaving Mel in the hallway.

Palace Hotel-Ian Armitage's room-Blair, Ian and Kelly

Blair drops by uninvited (a lot of that going around in Llanview). He is not totally happy to see her since he knows that Kelly will be showing up any moment. He does tell Blair that he did go to Dorian's to see her and he heard about the kidnapping. He questions whether the money she borrowed was for the ransom and she admits apologetically it was. He explains that she did not have to invoke Maggie's name. If Blair had told him the truth, he would have given her the whole 5 million. With all that has been going on, she must be so exhausted. Blair notices the bottle of champagne on ice and says actually she would like his company and a glass of champagne if he isn't saving it for another date. He pours them a glass and Blair says that Max is in North Carolina and he and Andy are going to explain about the twins to Luna's family. Ian replies that he would gladly forgive the whole loan, if Max's pride didn't get in the way.

Blair makes it clear she is not there to talk about Max. She is stretched out on the sofa in a skin tight outfit and the invitation is obvious. Ian continues to give her the bum's rush, saying he has time for only one drink. Blair walks over to the chair he is sitting in and positions herself on the arm. She wants consolation and until she showed up she was not aware of what brand she needed. Ian blurts out that he is expecting Kelly. Blair asks him when is he going to learn how fragile happiness is. Why is he wasting time and money on someone who can't give anything in return? Ian replies that he understands that there is bad blood between Blair and Kelly over the accident, but there is also competition and he doesn't like to hear Blair belittling Kelly. Blair states that she is just telling it like it is. All Kelly does is involve him in the family's troubles, using him to cart her mother back to California. Ian says that Kelly's life is painful. Blair says she knows that Kelly had a difficult childhood, but so has she. Competition again, Ian replies. Her childhood was a battle, Blair explains. It made her strong and determined to get what she wanted and whining, sniveling Kelly is not going to get in her way. She grabs Ian and kisses him and he responds. Kelly arrives and sees Ian in Blair's embrace. Blair makes a catty comment. Kelly asks Ian if his first shift ran over. He asks her to stay, saying that Blair is just leaving but Kelly bolts. "I just can't handle this right now", she tells him.

Mel's House Boat- Dorian

Dorian is in the bathroom, cooling off her sweaty face. She is hearing voices from her past saying that if you can do this to your sister, you can do anything. Dorian looks at herself in the mirror and points her finger and says, "Don't Listen. That is over now. This is now. Everything is all right." The generator on the boat fails and all the lights go out. Dorian's claustrophobia kicks in and she frantically tries to open the door of the tiny bathroom, but it won't budge. She is screaming for Mel's help and banging on the door, pleading to be let out. In the darkness, she flashes back to when she was a child, screaming for help from Addie. "Please let me out of here", she cries in utter despair.

Thursday, December 11, 1997

Bo, Claude, Rachel, R.J. and Nora

At the police station, Bo has Claude brought in for questioning. When Bo confronts him with the calls between himself and R.J., Claude freely admits calling R.J. he was asking him for a loan. And why were there so many calls, Bo asks. Claude's very persistant, R.J. kept turning him down, he claims, and he didn't want to take no for an answer. Bo lets him leave and asks Benny to get a copy of Claude's phone records.

At Club Indigo, R.J. is depressed by their lack of customers. Rachel tries to cheer him up with the thought that Jacara might be coming back soon and bringing the Blue Jay artists with her. When Rachel talked to Jacara, Jacara seemed convinced that R.J wasn't involved in the kidnapping. Rachel's writing a check to Maggie's school in New Orleans as Max had asked to be done in memory of the twins instead of a memorial sevice. R.J. gives Rachel a check for $10,000 dollars to send under her name. He doubts Maggie would accept it if it came directly from him. Nora arrives and R.J. assumes that Nora believes he's guilty. No she doesn't think he's guilty, Nora tells him, and she didn't come to discuss it either, she just came to pick up Rachel to go out to dinner. Just as Nora and Rachel are about to leave, Bo comes in to question R.J. Not wanting R.J. to be questioned without a lawyer present, Nora reluctantly stays in the room. Bo asks R.J. about the phone calls with Claude and R.J. tells him exactly the same story that Claude did. Nora tries to remain neutral throughout the whole uncomfortable scene, but steps in when Bo begins badgering R.J. She later tells R.J. this was a one time thing, she has no intention of representing him.

Ian, Kelly, and Blair

Ian tries to convince Kelly that Blair came to his yacht uninvited and he practically tells Blair to get off the yacht or he'll remove her himself. After Blair leaves, he apologizes to Kelly. He kept telling Blair no and told her that Kelly was coming, but he should have be more insistant. He promises that neither Blair nor Joey will come between them, he won't allow it. He discusses all the money he has now and wants to come up with some fun ways of spending it, he wants to make one of Kelly's fantasies come true. After thinking about it a bit, Kelly mentioned that she always wanted to swim with the whales. She had a tape of whale songs when she was younger and always wanted to be in the water and hear it. Ian promises that he'll make her wish come true.

Blair, Dorian and Mel

After leaving Ian's yacht, Blair hears someone screaming. It's coming from Mel's houseboat. When she arrives, she finds Dorian stuck in the bathroom in a total state of panic. When Blair opens the door, Dorian clings to her, promising that she'll be a good girl. Blair lights a lamp and tries to get Dorian to calm down. Dorian tells Blair about Kelly's accusations that she switched the medicine in Melinda's pills for sugar. When Mel arrives home, Dorian asks him if he believes Kelly and admits that he does. He tasted the contents of the pill and it was definitely sugar. There were only three people that had access to the pills, Kelly, Blair and Dorian, "and my money's on you, sweetheart", he tells her. Dorian broke down and Blair, worrying Dorian might go as mad as her sisters, quickly took her home. Mel went with them. At Dorian's, Dorian went upstairs and went to bed. Kelly and Blair got into another fight and Mel decided it was time to tell Blair everything they had found out. Kelly didn't want to tell her, she'll go right to Dorian. Blair agrees that if they don't convince her, that's exactly what she'll do. Mel decides that it's worth the risk, they'll meet at the houseboat tomorrow and lay out the facts for Blair.

Friday, December 12, 1997

Bo, Hank, Benny, Claude and R.J.

Bo tells Hank what he has found out regarding the kidnapping case, that R.J. has recently been in touch with an extortionist named Claude. Hank defends R.J, even after Benny brings in Claude's phone records that show Claude talked to Lenin (the kidnapper they found dead in the car) several times before the kidnapping. Bo is elated, we've got R.J., he insists. Hank tells him there is no case, it's circumstantial evidence and certainly not enough to prosecute. Don't rush to accuse R.J., Hank warns, like Bo did in the Hesser murder case, remember what happened then. Bo is determined to get the evidence he needs. First he has Claude brought back in, but Claude admits nothing when confronted with the calls between himself and Lenin. He refuses to say anything without his lawyer present. Next, Bo has R.J. brought in to his office. Bo loses his temper and ends up throwing R.J. against a wall. Hank, overhearing the commotion, rushes in to get between the two of them.

Téa, Starr, Todd and Judith

Téa is playing with Starr, helping her build with some building blocks. Téa puts Starr down for a moment and turns to put some of the blocks away. Just at that moment, Starr falls and hits her head on the coffee table. Téa yells for Judith and with her help, gets Starr bundled up and races off to the hospital. Call Todd, she asks Judith on her way out the door. Todd arrives at the hospital furious, ready to fire Judith for allowing this to happen. I was with Starr, Téa explains. Todd then turns his temper on Téa, yelling at her that it was her fault. The doctor comes out and bluntly tells Todd that he's got it all wrong, without Téa's quick thinking and getting Starr to the hospital so quickly, things would have been much worse. Back at the penthouse, Todd tries to apologize for his behavior, but Téa's had enough. She doesn't know how to read Todd at all and never knows how he's going to react from one moment to the next. Either he becomes more human or she's out of there.

Dorian, Mel, Kelly, Cassie and Blair

It's morning at Dorian's house and she's feeling much better than she did the night before. Mel suggests that they should get away for awhile and they plan a trip to Rome and Venice. They will not mention the past or their families at all they agree. Mel leaves to go meet Blair, Kelly and Cassie on the houseboat. They tell Blair everything, about Miss Stonecliff, the plane crash that didn't happen, the forged death certificates. Blair agrees not to say anything to Dorian about what she's heard, but she's unwilling to try to talk to Addie about the past. Mel goes to Viki and gets permission to have the week off. At Dorian's, Cassie, Kelly and Blair are all there when Dorian comes downstairs, very excited and ready to leave on her trip. Mel comes to pick her up and as they are walking out the door, Blair calls out to Dorian, "Dorian, wait."

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