One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on OLTL
Viki hid Ben in her attic. Lindsay admitted to staging her own disappearance. Bo and Grace shared a dance. Kelly agreed to move in with Max. Ben had a bad dream. Grace began work at the Banner. Asa proposed to Renee.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, March 22, 1999

Written by: Heather Watson

Dorian's Family Worries

Dorian drops into Carlotta's café telling her that she was in the neighborhood and couldn't resist coming in for Carlotta's flan. When Carlotta correctly suspects that Dorian was not in the neighborhood, but has another reason for her visit, Dorian confesses she is worried about Blair and Kelly's relationship and what it is doing to the family.

Andrew is in the church listening to some gospel singers when Dorian comes in. She presents him with a letter from Cassie and tells him that she is doing much better. She tells him she is worried about Blair and Kelly's constant bickering and worries that she may have caused the trouble because of her maternal feelings towards them. Andrew replies that that is not true, but does advise her to let go over her vendetta with Viki. She should set an example for the girls by forgiving Viki for whatever harm she believes Viki has done. Dorian considers this, but is obviously reluctant to let go of the grudge.

The Case of the Missing Lindsay

After Will's visit to Bo asking him if he'd seen Lindsay, Bo becomes concerned and directs his officers to investigate. Hank asks him why he is really concerned and Bo points to Sam and says "Ask him". Sam tries to leave after insisting he knows nothing, but Bo keeps him awhile longer and accuses him of being "right up to your neck in something dirty". Sam retorts that she disappeared because of the way Bo handled her and accuses Bo of harassment because of Nora. Bo denies that and insists that Sam knows something. He tells Sam "Whenever there's trouble, it's linked to you". Will defends Bo to Sam because it was he who initiated the search. Sam asks Hank to intervene but Hank refuses.

Meanwhile, a forlorn Lindsay sits in a hotel room feeling sorry for herself because there is no report of her disappearance in the newspaper. She picks up the phone and calls Dorian on her cell phone, asking her if anyone is looking for her. When Dorian says no and asks if there should be someone looking for her, Lindsay says, "I'm missing. Everyone should be looking for me". Dorian borrows a paper from another customer at the café and scans the pages, then smirks as she tells Lindsay that there is indeed a missing persons report. Lindsay is excited then has her hopes immediately dashed as Dorian reads a report of an elderly lady who has gone missing from her nursing home. Dorian returns the paper to the woman in the café and learns that she is new to town. Dorian wishes her luck and walks out. We then see the wrist of the mystery lady and she is wearing a very expensive looking silver bracelet with a huge pearl in the center.

Will asks Sam if he was aware Lindsay was missing and Sam insists he did not. Bo finally lets Sam go and counsels Will to let go of his anger against his father, citing his own relationship with Asa.

Bo and Hank continue to discuss Lindsay's disappearance and whether Sam was involved indirectly. Bo suspects she may be in trouble and promptly orders protection for Nora.

Will and Sam meet again and Sam insists he knows nothing and asks Will to trust him.

Lindsay, still in the hotel room, rifles through a newspaper and is devastated that there is no report.

Hank and Bo are talking when a report comes in that Lindsay's car and one shoe were found. Meanwhile, Lindsay with dirty clothes and looking quite a wreck walks into the church and passes out in front of a startled Andrew.

At the Banner

When Joey persists in his questioning, Kevin defends his silence about what he knows about Hamlet. Kevin looks to see if anyone named Hamlet left an ad for the personals. He then gets a phone call advising him that Viki didn't make her Chamber of Commerce speech and that she left in a hurry.

The beautiful mystery lady from the café arrives at the Banner and asks for Kevin. She gives her name as Grace Munro and presents him with a resume saying, "I believe you are looking for a new Styles Editor. Well, you've found her". Before she turns to leave, she says, "When you call to finalize our deal, I'll let you see my portfolio". Joey and Kevin watch her leave the room and Joey says "That's not all I'd like to see".

Ben and Viki

While Ben and Viki are about to part ways after talking outside near her car, an assassin is hiding behind the bushes with a gun pointed at Ben. Shots are fired and Ben rushes around to the passenger side of Viki's car, and gets in shouting, "let's go".

Ben and Viki arrive at Llanfair and before Ben enters, Viki checks that the house is empty. When she finds there is no one home, she ushers Ben inside. Ben is extremely agitated and frantically looks out the windows. He then looks around the house and tells Viki, "nice digs for a getaway driver". When Viki wants to call the police, Ben stops her saying, "not yet". He is worried that she is already too involved. Viki says she thinks Ben is charming and he replies "So was Ted Bundy". "Well", replies Viki, "he's dead, and you're not Ted Bundy". In response to Viki's questioning, Ben tells her that there are some very powerful and dangerous people who are looking for something he has. He then doubles over in pain and Viki realizes he had been hit by one of the bullets. Ben refuses a doctor and asks Viki to help him. Ben shows Viki how to clean and dress the wound and says a doctor couldn't have done it better. Viki nervously asks Ben if he is one of the good guys, or one of the bad guys. Ben replies that he is both. When Viki questions him further he refuses to elaborate. As they share an intimate moment, the phone rings. Kevin asks Viki to explain why she didn't stay to give her speech, and she replies to his questions in a very clipped tone, just answering yes or no to his questions. She is clearly trying to end the conversation, but he presses on. Viki tells Kevin she is there with a friend who needs her help. Kevin remains suspicious. When Ben suggests he go, Viki says he is going nowhere at least until tomorrow. He agrees and they share another kiss. When she gets up he asks, "Don't you think it's time you told me your real name"? She just tells him it's Viki, but she likes Blondie. When Viki leaves the room, Ben gets up and says "goodbye Blondie".

Ben writes Viki a note saying goodbye and as he is leaving it on a table at the entrance, is caught by Viki. At the same time, Dorian arrives and is ringing the doorbell.

Sam calls the Crossroads and asks for the bartender. When the cop who answers the phone asks, "who wants to know", Sam hangs up.

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

While Dorian waited outside, Viki intercepted Ben and ushered him upstairs to the attic before she answered the door. Dorian began to apologize to Viki, but stopped when she noticed blood on Viki's clothes and stairwell. Viki attempted to explain away the blood and then quickly escorted a miffed Dorian out of the house. Viki rushed to the attic to check on Ben. Ben was forced to admit that he was a doctor when he needed Viki's help to remove the bullet from his shoulder. At the police station, Kelly and Blair had another confrontation. Blair advised Kelly to avoid putting her trust in Max. Blair later became alarmed when she suddenly experienced a dizzy spell. Bo and Sykes began to suspect that Lindsay may have staged her disappearance. Will arrived at the police station and told Bo that he had received word from Lindsay. At the church, Lindsay told Andrew that her car had been forced off the road and begged him not to call Bo. Dorian saw Lindsay and offered to make a deal with her regarding all the lies Lindsay told. At the diner, Bo and Will walked in on Sam and Nora sharing a close moment. Later, Sam and Nora shared a tender kiss. Sam asked Nora to go home with him, but Nora said that it was too soon.

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

Grace returned to The Banner and demanded an interview with Kevin. Kevin was impressed with Grace's persistence and hired her as the new Style Editor. Grace then made a mysterious phone call to say that she got the job. Dorian ran into Kelly and begged her to move home, but Dorian's negative attitude regarding Max managed to alienate Kelly even further. Max went to see Kelly and tell her that Club Indigo was near bankruptcy, but she was distracted by her anger at Dorian. Max then offered Kelly a solution to her dilemma of where to live by suggesting that they move in together. Max was able to convince R.J. to ask Téa out on a date. Téa was surprised by R.J.'s question and gently turned him down. At the gym, Roseanne egged on Cristian as he argued with Will about his plan to move to New York. Roseanne watched in glee as Will and Cristian came to blows!

Thursday, March 25, 1999

Written by: Dawn

Thursday--an exciting day for two-person meetings in Llanview....Renee met with Nora, Nora met with Sam, Sam met with Will, Will met with Lindsay and Lindsay met with Bo. Each conversation left one person happy. Yay.

Renee visited her past a tad as she asked Nora to help her find her child she gave up. As she spoke of man she loved more than life itself and revealed he never knew of the baby boy. An astute Nora figured out the father was Asa. It seems, Asa and Renee once had a passion so deep, it still leaves Renee breathless.

However, that passion's present-day status was tested when she overheard Asa plotting revenge against the Rappaports. His scheme was to have Jennifer thrown out of her Swiss boarding school and he figured Sam would rush over to help her and never return. He really didn't think that he'd probably bring his daughter to Llanview. As he plotted with a blonde-vixen-number, a furious Renee walked in and threatened to leave the old-goat, which, by the way, is tame in compassion with the names he chose to use for her. "Old hag" pops up.

Inspired by Renee's story, Nora went to visit Sam. They too, rehashed their old love. Back in their young lawyer days, the two spent the days on court cases and the nights on, er, pillow cases. Sam revealed he was once going to propose to Nora during a sunset in Tahiti. She admitted she was afraid because she was a single mother. As they were about to kiss she sneezed and Sam decided to take her home for some TLC.

Still more bonding. As Sam interrupted Will and Cristian's fight over Jessica, Sam grabbed a punching bag and told him to vent on that. He stabilized the bag and encouraged Will to punch it as he imitated all the people he'd have reason to hate--Old-man Buchanan and the man who gave Cristian his New York scholarship. When Sam said, "Now your father," the punching ceased and the two shared a tiny truce, if only temporary. After his almost-scuffle with Will, Cristian and Roseanne went in the hot tub. She was all trying to come on to him and he was like "Uh, no thanks." She reminded him he's seen her naked and her body helped him get his scholarship. He got up and left as she accused him of being turned on.

Someone else found themselves in hot water as well--Lindsay as she attempted to explain her disappearance to Bo. She fabricated a tale of being chased by two men who kept ramming her car. As she dug herself deeper and deeper, she realized how silly her lies sounded and came clean. Bo reminded her that she could face criminal charges for her lies. Bawling, she said she did it all for him.

Will came in, relieved his mother is safe. He questions Bo on if he's found who did this to his mother. Bo says, and this was so sweet, the perps are under control. An off-the-hook Lindsay smiled through her screwed-up-by- mascara tears.

Friday--Viki says Ben needs a doctor and Bo meets a mystery woman.

Friday, March 26, 1999

Written by: Diane Hopkins

Asa's House

Asa is hollering for Renee. She walks in, mad at him for his vendetta against Sam and his wanting to use Sam's daughter, who is away at Boarding School. Asa apologizes and wants to know why it bothers her so much. She answers with, Nora is my friend. Asa does not care about anything she has to say. Bo walks in and demands to know what's going on. Bo defends Will to Asa and tells him to just back off from Will. Bo says don't keep a father away from their child. That's why we weren't on speaking terms, Bo reminds Asa. There is no reasoning with Asa, says Bo, and Bo tells him to stay out of things that don't concern him. Leave people alone, says Bo, or you will be alone all by yourself. Asa says he could live with that and Renee says she will be leaving as well.

Blair and R.J.

They are sitting and talking in the lobby of the Palace Hotel. R.J. wants to go and get a steak as Kelly and Max walk in. R.J. is talking about Max and Téa and about how he and Blair need to get over them. Blair wants Max and Kelly to think she doesn't care and Kelly says Blair is looking at them. Kelly tries to put him off as far as going to his house. Max tries to talk her out of it. Kelly doesn't want to go home with Max and stalls by saying she wants to get something to eat.

The Banner

Grace, the newest employee of the Banner is standing (snooping) by as Kevin and John are talking about the Graham killing. Grace listens nearby. John doesn't believe Kevin's story, Kevin doesn't care. She looks on and goes to the phone to report in to her other boss, the mystery person, that she's positive that they managed to get the tap off the line before Kevin discovered it.

Viki and Ben

Viki goes up to the attic and calls out to Ben to see if he is awake. He is awake and Viki wants to comfort him. She has hidden people in her attic before for many weeks in the past, she says to him. He wants to go but she won't let him, she kisses him and is aware that he needs a doctor, he has a fever.

Téa at Rodi's

When Hank and his date, Lisa, walk up, Lisa walks away and Hank questions Téa about John. She likes him, but she wishes she had known R.J. liked her. She had no idea and she doesn't want to hurt R.J. Hank says you never know about R.J. He wishes Téa and R.J. would be together, but if Téa thinks John is good for her, then that's who she should be with. John walks up and kisses Téa. Téa wants to dance with John. They dance and Hank worries about R.J.

Blair and R.J.

He's giving her advice to give up on Max. They discuss Téa and Max, R.J. laughs and says he had no chance anyway with Téa. They agree, it doesn't pay to be someone you're not. Kelly doesn't want to move in with Max but you know low down, money hungry Max, HE WANTS THE MONEY. He encourages her, he begs her, what more can he do, HE WANTS THE MONEY, Kelly finally agrees and they walk away as Blair and R.J. look on.

Asa, Renee and Bo

Asa wants to continue his vendetta with the Rappaports. Renee says get off Sam's case, but Asa will not do it. Bo sarcastically says that Asa had better protect him from the big bad Rappaports. Bo laughs and Asa is really angry. Renee walks out the door, she's sick of his sticking his nose in other people's business. You won't get Nora back unless Sam leaves town, he warns Bo. I'm not going to get her back even if he does, Bo replies. Bo says its not Sam's and Nora's fault either, it takes two people to mess up a marriage. Bo knows he's responsible for the breakup as well as everyone else, you should know it, he points out to Asa, referring to Asa's many failed marriages. I will let go of the marriage, says Bo.

Viki and Ben

Aspirin is not working, she says, your temperature is getting higher, you need a doctor. I have a friend who is a doctor, Larry trusts me, she offers. Ben refuses, Larry would be required by law to report treating a gunhsot wound. We have to do something, Viki insists. Do you know someone you trust who can help you, she asks. Maybe there is someone, he says.

Asa and Bo

Asa doesn't like what's going on. Nora went to him, Bo says. It's not my son, its Sam's, he continues. Asa had eight wives and all women are crazy, according to Asa. So he's blaming all his divorces on his wives? Bo laughs at that and says its nobody's fault. We just have to appreciate it while it's good. Bo leaves, and says he's going to get on with his life, Asa screams for Nigel.

Banner Grace wants to know from Kevin where to go out and have a good time. She wants to take Kevin out on the town, but he refuses. She walks away. Zach comes over and tells him that there was a report of a shooting outside the Crossroads Bar, but there was no sign of anyone getting hit.

Viki and Ben

She has a prescription for pain killers at her office, she remembers. Ben wants her to go and get them, but she doesn't want to leave him. She finally agrees to go and leaves. He says "Hurry Blondie" to himself.

Max and Kelly at the Palace Hotel

They are discussing Kelly's appetite and all the food she ate (to delay time to go to Max's house, Kelly is afraid), when the waiter comes up and asks Max to pay the bill, he pretends like he left his wallet at home, Kelly pays the bill. Blair and R.J. talking and Blair is pining for Max. R.J. says you are usually the one who eats the men, except for Todd. And Max, Blair adds. R.J. wants to leave.

A man talks to Renee and walks over to Max. He wants payment Club Indigo owes him for linen service, and he sees that Max's partner, R.J. is there as well, Max wants to pay (yeah right) but left his wallet at home, and Max says to the man, don't bother R.J. Kelly speaks up and pays the bill. She asks the man how much is it and she says to Max that he can pay her back when she gets to his house. The man says $1400.00. Max protests and as Kelly writes out a check, he pretends to protest again. Kelly goes and picks up her luggage, SHE'S MOVING IN WITH MAX.

Renee overhears the whole scenario and wants to know if he's doing the right thing. Max says he doesn't give a damn. Is this the right person or the right place, Renee asks. Max walks away. Blair wants R.J. to tell her how to get along with her life. He explains the situation to her, she thinks about it. She's not going to worry about Max and Kelly, she is going to get on with her life. R.J. offers to take her home, but she is going to hang out at the hotel for a while longer. She thanks him as Kelly checks out with her luggage. Blair sees her with her mouth wide open, KELLY IS MOVING IN WITH MAX.

Téa and John

Téa wants to move out of the hotel. She's been looking around, she says to John.

Bo walks into Rodi's and eyes Grace. He is tempted by the temptress and the newest employee from the Banner.


Viki comes in and Kevin questions her as she quickly walks away saying she has to get her prescription filled, she leaves. She walks back as she hears Kevin saying the name of the Bar where Ben works, THE CROSSROADS.

Viki walks in as Ben is dressing himself. He says he is feeling better and he has something to live for. Are you going to tell me everything Viki asks. He says they are after the Black Book. All of a sudden, two masked men burst through the door, grab Viki, they hold a gun on Ben. As Viki screams, they close the door and lock it. Ben is screaming for Blondie, of course Ben is dreaming this... gotcha . Ben wakes up, puts his clothes on and grabs some keys


Viki tells Kevin, I don't think you should do that, go home and have some fun, she said. You should listen to your own advice, Kevin tells her as he agress that he will go out. She says her life is very full right now.

Asa's Mansion

Renee runs into Asa's house, she needs to talk to him. As she bursts through the door, he lassos a rope around Renee and has dressed up in his cowboy clothes and says he likes Renee better than the rest of his wives and he wants to marry her.

Palace Hotel

Max walks in as Kelly is going over her hotel bill. Max asks is that all your luggage(it's an enormous pile of luggage) and are you ready. She says I guess so, as Blair walks over asks if Kelly is moving out. Kelly says she's moving out and Max says she's moving in with him. You don't care?, Kelly says, and Blair says, I wish you the best, Blair walks away, stunned. She is suddenly in pain and doubles over in front of a handsome man. who asks if she is alright.


Bo is at the bar looking at Grace. Hank walks up and wants to know if Bo wants to go with him and his date to another place. Bo thanks them and says no. They leave as Bo looks around for the mysterious woman. She comes up behind him and wants to dance, they dance. Bo is grinning and dancing and having a good time.


Ben is calling Kevin on the phone, and talks just long enough for Kevin to figure out it is "Hamlet" before Ben passes out, falling on the floor. Kevin says hello repeatedly, as Viki walks into the attic, calling for Ben.

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