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Kelly advised Kevin that she had ended her relationship with Spencer. Paige requested that her name be removed from the prospective list of candidates for chief of staff. Natalie and John celebrated her rescue. Layla advised Evangeline that John had a secret. The Mannings were frantic after Margaret's appearance in town.
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Monday, August 22, 2005

Kelly admits that she broke up with Spencer because she is still in love with Kevin. She lets him know that the ball is in his court now. He asks why she is in love with him, which is not exactly what she wanted to hear. They admit to put the past behind them and to try to move on from all of the distrust. The two enjoy a few glasses of champagne and start over anew. Kevin wonders how Spencer is doing after being dumped and Kelly jokes about how Dorian is going to hate the fact that they are back together.

Dorian drags David to the hospital with her so that she can give Natalie some flowers. David is suspicious of her real motives for being at the hospital and Dorian admits that seeing Spencer would not be a bad thing. David warns Dorian that Spencer is bad news but she is not about to listen. She admits that she wants to know the secret that he and David share. When Natalie comes out on her way to her new room, Dorian stops her and gives her the lovely assortment of flowers she got for her. Natalie is a bit confused over the outpouring of generosity and even more confused when she learns that Viki will be Dorian's maid of honor. After seeing Natalie informs Dorian that Kelly broke it off with Spencer because she is still in love with Kevin. Dorian is angry about this fact because Kevin had so recently accused Kelly of corporate espionage. David informs Dorian that in fact Spencer was behind the whole debacle with the BE acquisition falling through. He informs her that Spencer made millions while BE lost a fortune and Kelly's name was drug through the mud. Dorian seems unfazed by this though and admits that in fact Spencer killed two birds with one stone in damaging BE and coming between Kelly and Kevin. Dorian gets a call from Blair who needs her to watch the kids. David elects to stay behind to keep an eye on Spencer so Dorian leaves him there to his own devices.

Natalie shares her experiences in the well with John. She admits that she had a dream in which he and Evangeline got married and that dream helped her keep going. John admits how worried about Natalie he was and the two share some very close moments. The two are talking about their feelings when a nurse comes in to let Natalie know that her room is ready for her. John talks the nurse into letting him take her to the room and in the elevator on the way up he agrees to take Natalie dancing and that he made quite a few personal deals while waiting for her to come back. When the two arrive at her room, she calls Viki to give her some reassuring news on how she's feeling. Viki offers to come up and keep her company but Natalie declines insisting that she is in good hands with John. After she hands up the two share a passionate kiss.

Viki meanwhile waits with Antonio because Jessica was supposed to tell her something important when she got home and wanted Antonio to be there for her. Jessica however is taking unusually long to get home and Antonio is trying to be as tight lipped as possible to respect Jessica's wishes to tell her mother herself. Viki admits that she had fresh flowers put in her girls' rooms even while they were missing. Antonio empathizes and tells her how he buys Jamie new toys and puts them in her toy box so they will be waiting for her when she comes over and that during the time Jessica was away he kept her favorite coffee on the counter. Viki admits she hopes the two will work out and after waiting for a while Antonio takes his leave. Viki calls Clint to let him know how the girls are doing. He gives her a hard time for canceling her trip to London, but she insists she needs to be around for her girls. She agrees to make it out as soon as she can and lets Clint go. Viki decides to call Natalie and gets the good news that she is doing well and is happy.

Nash finds Jessica in the park and when she sees him Tess demands that Jessica let her come out. Tess tells Jessica that she now has two secrets one from when she was little and the secret about New York. Nash demands to know what happened and Jessica tries to tell him she's not Tess but Tess wins the struggle and takes control. Nash is not very happy with Tess for leaving him and wants to know why and who Todd is. Tess admits reluctantly that he is her overbearing uncle and that she did not want to come back to her family. He presses for more but she tells him that unless he wants to tell her about his entire history she was not going to either. She tells him that if he had not caught up with her here she would have found him later on in California. She then tells him she wants to go to California with him so he can start his vineyard.

After leaving the hospital and visiting with Natalie Evangeline makes it to the bar where she decides to have a few drinks. Rex had the same idea and asks to treat her to a drink she insists that she pay and the two finally get their drinks. Rex shows how much he knows about her drink preferences and she shows him how well she's got him pegged also. Rex admits that he instigated Natalie's pursuit of John and Evangeline admits that she knew about it insisting that she has eyes, ears and a brain. He then asks if there is any chance that she and John may get back together which takes Evangeline back a bit. She asks why he would ask something like that. Rex tries to breach the subject gently but admits he's not exactly sure how to do so. Rex worries that he may be getting on Evangeline's last nerve and admits he fears she may even knee him in the groin, she admits she's becoming more accustomed to a kick in the head and unless he gets to the point she is going to do just that to him. He tells her he thinks John is poison for Natalie. That statement confuses Evangeline even more. He points out that he is all about danger and that he is too detached which makes him more dangerous for Natalie. Evangeline tries to stick up for him and tells Rex that she really didn't even want to think about John, let alone stand up for him. Evangeline points out that Rex and John have a lot in common including that people used to say the same thing about Rex as he is saying about John right now. Rex points out how that is the point he is trying to make because of what happened to Jen. Evangeline tries to comfort him. He talks about how much he loved her and after discussing their past relationships she tells Rex that no one knows whether or not Natalie is John's Jen, but if she is it's in their hands now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dorian is watching Starr and Jack at the penthouse when Spencer shows up unexpectedly. He claims that he wants to check on Todd's wound, but Dorian is convinced that he simply wants to ogle Blair. She tries to get the doctor to admit that he's interested in her niece, but Spencer plays coy and brings up Kelly. Dorian informs him that she knows Kelly broke things off. Suddenly, Starr runs downstairs, distraught from a nightmare. She dreamt that Margaret killed her parents. Dorian calms her down and orders her back upstairs, then goes into the kitchen to make tea with Spencer. While their backs are turned, Starr sneaks out of the penthouse and down to the offices of "The Sun."

At "The Sun," Blair sneaks up on Todd and hears him talking to himself about Margaret and the baby. She demands to know what baby he's referring to, but Todd changes the subject. Margaret has snuck into the lobby and is spying on the Mannings as they pack up and head home. By the time Starr arrives, the building is dark. She makes her way into Todd's office and is shocked to see Margaret sitting at her father's desk. Margaret beckons her closer, but Starr turns and runs towards the elevator, screaming in sheer terror.

Back at the penthouse, Blair is shocked to discover Starr missing from her bedroom. Todd blasts Dorian for being a shoddy babysitter. Dorian defends herself and informs them about Starr's dream. The Mannings rush back to "The Sun," where they run into Starr pounding on the elevator doors. The night watchman comes up and assures them that nobody has signed in and out of the building, but Starr insists that she really saw Margaret.

Spencer tells Dorian that he's not going to do anything to win over Blair, because he feels that Todd will destroy their relationship all on his own. Then he takes off to "The Sun," where Margaret narrowly avoids running into him in the parking garage.

Evangeline and Layla bond over ice cream, reminiscing about their childhood. When Layla brings up John's name, Evangeline insists that she doesn't care about him and doesn't want to think about what he might be doing with Natalie. The sisters burst into a song that they used to sing when they were kids, but it's obvious Evangeline's thoughts are elsewhere.

Across town, John and Natalie share a steamy kiss in her hospital bed. John tells Nat that after all they've been through, they have earned a moment like this. He can't tell her where they will go from here, but she is content with the kiss for now. When John starts to bid her goodnight, Natalie tells him that she's not ready to spend a night alone in the dark. He asks her if he should stay, and she tells him that would be nice. John pulls up a chair and settles in for the night, as Natalie drifts to sleep with a smile on her face.

In the park, Tess tries to explain her odd behavior to Nash. He admits that he loves her, and she tells him she feels the same. She wants to go to California with him, but he is hesitant after being run out on in New York. A drunken Roxy wanders through the park and asks "Jessica" how it feels to have her twin sister alive and well. This confuses Nash further, as he believes Tess's twin is dead and gone. Tess covers by saying that Roxy is the town drunk, and that nothing she says can be taken seriously. She insists that her twin sister, Jessica, killed herself. Nash decides to take her word in this matter, and the two of them take off; their plan is to go back to New York, then head to California.

Meanwhile, a frantic Antonio asks Rex if he's seen Jessica. Rex says no, and the men bond for a moment over their respective problems with Jen and Jessica. Roxy returns to Rodi's in time to tell Antonio that Jessica is in the park with "some guy." Antonio takes off for the park, but arrives just after Tess and Nash have departed ...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rex stops by the diner to see Adriana, on the premise that he wants to give her the good news about Natalie's return. She's excited and pulls him into a big hug, just as Duke arrives. Obviously jealous, Duke suggests they get away for the weekend but Adriana doesn't think it's a good time. Kevin drops by and his son learns that he's back together with Kelly. He's thrilled as is Adriana and after the Buchanans leave, she goes on about finding love and how she got over River so she's sure that Rex will get over Jen. It's apparent that the young couple is attracted to each other as she gives him advice on his love life. She suggests that the right girl might be waiting for him.

Dorian appears to be busy in the kitchen but it's merely already prepared food, sent over by Spencer. He's offered to give her cooking lessons and it's another way for Dorian to get close and keep him close to her girls. She finds out from Kelly that she and Kevin are in love and that he realizes that she wasn't guilty of espionage. David hints that he knows the perpetrator but then quickly covers and says he was only speaking in general terms, that it was probably a competitor. When Kelly leaves, he mentions his sudden feeling of power when Dorian asks why he covered for Spencer.

Spencer shows up at the Manning's place, concerned about Starr, he says. Starr insists that she saw Margaret at the Sun but her parents insist it was her imagination. Spencer acts as devil's advocate, standing up for the girl but suggesting that perhaps she needs various testing for emotional problems. Blair is frantic at the fact that Margaret could be around as Todd is quick to reassure her otherwise. When they press Starr for the exact details of the previous evening, they're doubtful, even while Starr is adamant in what she saw and is upset that no one believes her. Todd swears that he would die before anyone would hurt her and as he walks Spencer out, he tells the doctor to back off and stop visiting his family. He will not tell Blair the truth for her own good. Dorian arrives to check on Starr as well and Blair mentions that Spencer stopped by. Dorian is thrilled and tells her that "trusting Todd can get you killed" and that her husband could certainly be lying. Blair is sure that Margaret is not around. Dorian thinks it's a good idea that Spencer is close because he can help her a great deal. Blair is infuriated at her aunt's not too subtle hint regarding Spencer. Starr overhears Blair mention that she thought she saw Margaret in a car.

Asa visits Todd after receiving a call from him and he's accused of setting Todd up so that either he or Margaret would be killed. He would have been happier if they both had died, he retorts. Todd reminds him of their deal but as he calls Bo, he's gently persuaded by Asa to hang up. Blair will get in trouble too, for lying about Carlo among other things. Todd will hurt Asa if he talks to Blair about the baby while Asa explains that Margaret believes that she, Todd and baby will be one happy family. After Asa leaves, Todd spies the screen saver on his computer; Margaret really was there. He calls his PI ranting and raving over the fact that Margaret was able to get into his office with all of the guards and PI's he has stationed around. The PI vows to put more people on the case. Todd thinks he may know how to find her; she's getting close to delivery and will need to get to a doctor. Blair shows up and tells Todd she believes Starr. She wants to know if Margaret is there.

Tess and Nash pack up for a trip to California as Antonio arrives in the apartment building, circulating flyers on a missing Jess. His first stop is the superintendent's office but the man is blind. Nash has Tess' cell phone and he persuades her to call home and let them know she's alright. While Nash showers and calling as Jess, she tells Viki she's fine and will return shortly. Antonio knocks and slides a flyer under the door, explaining that he's looking for his fiancée. Tess grabs her head and is about to become Jess but Tess wins out. Antonio receives a call from Evangeline and assures her he'll return in time for his visit with Jamie.

Spencer calls on Dorian but sees David instead. He reminds him of exactly who stole Kelly's papers. Kelly walks in and they make small talk; she thanks him for accepting her going back with Kevin. He becomes a little too personal in his conversation and apologizes for stating that she and Kevin can have a family. He has a new procedure and he's positive that he will be able to help Kelly have children. Dorian gets there as Spencer has to leave. They play word games. She states that she'd love to share his secrets.

Waiting at the train station, Tess and Nash are on the other side of the train schedule from Antonio. Both of the trains they're waiting for are announced for opposite tracks.

Margaret vows to deal with Todd's family soon. Suddenly, she has a stabbing pain.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bo, Paige, and Matthew arrive at the police station after attending a ballgame. After Matthew leaves to show the police the ball he had caught, Bo remarks that Paige had been so wonderful with Matthew. He says he thinks Paige would be a wonderful mother, but Paige says they aren't ready for that conversation and leaves him to go to the hospital. At the hospital, she sees Viki, who tells her that the board has been discussing the chief of staff position. Paige says she wants her name removed from the list of candidates, but Viki replies that she is an excellent doctor and should not let the fact that Spencer had recommended her for the position prevent her from taking it. Paige says she will consider it. She then returns to the police station, where she and Bo again discuss children. Paige admits she had wanted to be a mother, but she had Spencer had been so young when they were married and were obsessed with each other. After the divorce, she threw herself into her work, and the years went by. She decided motherhood wasn't in the cards for her. Bo said he had a deck of his own and could see stepmother in the cards someday. Paige says they shouldn't get ahead of themselves, and Bo replies that he knows where they are but wants to look ahead to where he wants them to be.

A worried Blair asks Todd if Margaret is in town, and he admits that he thinks she is. She asks if he has seen Margaret and becomes very concerned about the safety of their children. He refuses to let Blair call the police about Margaret and says that their children can only feel secure if they know their father is taking care of the situation, and he is. Blair says Margaret came back to town because she wants to have Todd's baby, and she won't rest until she is pregnant by him. She reminds him that Margaret almost killed her to get Todd to have sex with her, and she might use their children in the same way. Todd tells Blair she is getting worked up over nothing. They argue briefly, but it melts as Blair says that she is scared and asks how he knows it will be different this time. He says Margaret will be lucky if she sees tomorrow. Blair says she is worried that Todd will take things too far and reminds him that he had said he didn't want to be like Victor Lord, who would have killed Margaret without thinking about what his going to prison would do to his family. A private investigator comes into Todd's office, and Todd sends Blair home with a security guard. Instead of going home, Blair goes to the police station, where she tells Bo that Todd will kill Margaret if they don't find her first.

After Blair leaves, the private investigator reminds Todd that Margaret is both nuts and pregnant and will have to turn up. At those words, Todd remembers the medical facility where Margaret had taken Todd when she was holding him hostage and guesses that she is there. Margaret has, indeed, gone to see that doctor because she is in pain. The doctor tells her the baby boy is fine, but when she won't allow the doctor to call her "husband," he becomes concerned that he has been abusing her. She admits that he tried to strangle her, but while they were not presently together, she knows they will eventually work things out. As the doctor leaves the room, he runs into Todd, who demands to know if Margaret is there.

Layla joins Evangeline at Carlotta's diner, and not knowing who Carlotta is, she makes sarcastic remarks about Natalie's being fine because John is with her. After Carlotta leaves the table, Evangeline tells Layla that Carlotta is Antonio's and Cristian's mother. When Carlotta returns to the table, Layla tells her she is the one who found Jessica in New York, but Carlotta says Antonio had never mentioned her. When Carlotta departs once again, Layla tells Evangeline she knows she's in pain because she was pacing the halls all night. She reminds Evangeline that she had once said that nothing should get in the way of a Williamson and her dreams, but Evangeline replies that John was the wrong dream. She says that the last few weeks had taught her that, although he was the first man she had met in a long time that she could see spending her life with, John is not ready to spend his life with anyone. She says if Natalie doesn't know that now, she will soon learn it. Evangeline says she will prove to everyone that she will have a good life without John, but then she turns and sees John standing over her shoulder.

John had come to the diner after leaving the hospital, where he had spent the night watching over Natalie. While Natalie sleeps, Michael tells Viki and John that the patient's blood work had returned normal and that Natalie could go home that day. The three hear a scream and rush into Natalie's room, where they find a reporter from the Sun. The reporter is forced to leave, and Viki tells Natalie that she will get security to make sure reporters don't bother her at home. Michael confirms that Natalie will go home that day and won't have to look at his and John's "ugly mugs." Viki and Michael leave the room, and Natalie tells John she was hoping she would go on seeing his "ugly mug" when he took her home and tucked her in. John says she should spend the day with her family, and Natalie agrees, asking him to turn his back while she dressed. While she's dressing, she says she knows she did some stupid things before Hayes kidnapped her, but she promises that the games are over. She says they both know how they feel about each other and that they have time to explore that with nothing standing in their way. Natalie doesn't see that her remarks are making John uncomfortable because when he turns around, he strokes her hair and tells her to get some rest. He then leaves and goes to the diner to pick up food he had ordered.

After John leaves, Michael comes in to talk to Natalie. She tells him her ankle hurts, but otherwise, she is getting better. She says she will never take life for granted again, and Michael asks where John fits into that life. She says that now that there are no murder investigations and no Evangeline standing in the way, she and John are starting over. Michael reminds her that John is still John.

After Michael leaves, Viki comes to Natalie's room and tells her she has been considering going to London to see a heart specialist who might be able to prevent her medical difficulties from recurring, but she is worried about leaving Natalie and Jessica. Natalie encourages her to go. Viki then expresses concern about Natalie becoming involved with John because she had been through so much and needed time to regroup.

Meanwhile, John arrives at the diner, where Evangeline and Layla see him. He admits to Evangeline that he had stayed at the hospital with Natalie and then goes to the cash register to pick up his order. Carlotta tells John that she is glad that he had ignored her when she asked him to stay out of Natalie's life because he saved her and Natalie considers him a hero. John is very uncomfortable and says that he had just been doing his job. "I'm not the man everybody thinks I am," he tells Carlotta, and Layla, who is standing nearby, overhears. After John leaves, Layla tells Evangeline what she heard and encourages her to do some digging to find out what John is keeping from her. Evangeline considers the suggestion as Layla leaves for work.

After leaving the diner, John goes to the station. Bo asks him why he is there, suggesting he take the day off. After John explains that he came in to do paperwork, Bo tells him his choices are to go home or to stay at the station and explain what's been bothering him. John leaves for home. As he arrives home, we hear Natalie telling Viki that for the first time, nothing is standing in the way of her being with John. But John is looking at a file marked "Cristian Vega."

Friday, August 26, 2005

As Blair begs Bo to do something about Margaret, Todd comes close to discovering the psycho at the country clinic. As Margaret looks at the results of her sonogram, she overhears an angry Todd threatening the doctor. The nurse wants to call the police, but Margaret stops her and escapes through a window. By the time Todd bursts into the room, Margaret's car is peeling out of the driveway. The nurse and doctor think Todd is Margaret's abusive husband, but Todd tries to talk some sense into them. He reminds them of the time early in the year when they believed Margaret's story that Todd shot himself, in spite of the fact that he'd been shot in both legs! Still, the doctor and nurse seem to believe Margaret and refuse to give Todd her address. Luckily for Todd, he discovers a key chain that Margaret dropped which has the name of the Holland Hotel on it. He heads to the hotel and arrives just as Margaret is packing her bags to flee to another location.

Back at the station, Bo asks Blair if she is certain that Margaret is back in town. Blair tells him that she can't be sure whether she saw Margaret with her own two eyes, but that she is certain Starr saw her in Todd's office. When Blair tells Bo the story about Todd's self-inflicted stab wound, Bo is suspicious. Blair insists that Todd wouldn't lie to her, but it's evident that Bo has planted a seed of doubt in her mind. Blair mentions that she thought Asa might know something about the stabbing, so Bo calls his old man down to the station for questioning.

Asa has been celebrating Natalie's homecoming at Llanfair, along with Renee, Viki, Duke, Kevin, Kelly, Roxy, and Rex. Nat is touched to see all of her relatives gathered on her behalf, and she makes sure to talk to each of them individually. Kevin makes a beautiful toast to his newly returned sister. Viki is suspicious as to why Jessica isn't at the party, and even more so when she finds that Jess left a message on the answering machine instead of calling Viki directly on her cell phone. Rex takes Natalie out into the foyer for a moment of privacy, in which he tells her that she should send John back to Evangeline. He believes that John is only going to hurt Natalie, but Kelly overhears his words and interrupts the conversation. She tells Natalie that she is living proof that love can survive, as Kevin quietly listens in on the conversation. Later, Kevin takes Kelly out to the terrace, where they flirt and enjoy each other's company. Natalie is surprised and happy to learn that Kevin and Kelly got back together while she was kidnapped. Before leaving Llanfair, Duke warns Rex to stay away from Adriana.

Asa is annoyed to be pulled away from the party, and he evades Bo's questions at the station. Bo warns Asa that if he doesn't cooperate, Bo will reopen the Carlo Hesser investigation. Asa admits that he met with Todd about tracking down Margaret. Bo wants to know why he would agree to help the Mannings, and Asa says that he simply wanted to do his civic duty. He swears on Renee's life that he doesn't know where Margaret is anymore.

Evangeline and Layla hang out while Layla is bar tending at Capricorn. Layla keeps taunting Van about John, but Van insists that she doesn't want to know what secret John might be keeping. Layla doesn't believe her sister, but since Van is so determined not to think about McBain, she decides to help her along. When Hugh Hughes shuffles up to the bar, Layla informs him that Van is single, and asks Hugh if he'd like to take her out. Evangeline is annoyed with Layla, but agrees to dance with Hugh. Afterwards, as she sits alone at a table, Roxy drops by, drunk from the party at Llanfair. Roxy informs Van that Natalie took off from her own party, which causes Evangeline to fantasize about John and Natalie making out.

Over at John's place, the cop broods over Cristian Vega's case file. Michael drops by to check on his brother and manages to get John to admit that Cristian Vega is bothering him. Michael wants to know how a dead man could possibly come between John and Natalie, but he doesn't get any further in his prodding. When he leaves, John continues to dwell on the case file. Suddenly, there is a knock on his door: it's Natalie.

David and Dorian continue their bantering about Spencer at Capricorn. Dorian insists that she wants David to do a story for "Craze" about Capricorn, but David doesn't believe that she has any real interest in his magazine. He asks Dorian if she can even tell him the color of the logo on "Craze," and she immediately passes his test. He still doesn't know why she's so interested in his work all of a sudden, but she insists that she's offered up several ideas for "Craze" over the past year. She calls Blair to verify this, but gets her voice mail. David is certain that Dorian dragged him to Capricorn so that she could get fish for information on Spencer. Dorian says that she wouldn't have to be so persistent if David would simply tell her the truth about her and Spencer's past. David is slightly jealous when Dorian starts ogling Hugh. Blair arrives, but is distraught over Bo's comments about Todd's stab wound. Dorian leaves David and Blair at the table, annoyed that her quest for information on Spencer continues to be futile.

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