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Clint admitted he was jealous of Rex's relationship with Bo, though he resented the fact that Rex had been proven to be his son while Jessica was Mitch's daughter. Cutter blackmailed Rex for a sighting of Gigi. Nora agreed not to prosecute Todd over Irene's death, since Téa argued that it had been in self-defense. 'I killed my own brother. I'm sorry,' Todd said at Victor's grave.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 24, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Cutter arrived at Buchanan Enterprises as Rex was packing up his things. He had found Gigi, Cutter revealed, and he knew it was crazy. Rex didn't believe him, and he reminded Cutter that Gigi's heart was beating in Clint's body. Cutter agreed that Clint had a new heart, but it hadn't belonged to Gigi.

Rex declared that he'd seen Gigi in her grave, but Cutter assured him it was complicated. Rex wanted to call security, and he ordered Cutter to get out of the office. Cutter did as he was told, advising Rex that Rex could have gotten Gigi back, but he'd lost her forever. Rex looked down at Gigi's photo and recalled her telling him, "Don't give up."

Rex chased after Cutter and asked him loads of questions. He wanted details. Cutter didn't respond to the questions. "She can't wait to see you again," Cutter said. "First we need to settle up," he advised Rex. Cutter wanted all of Clint's belongings signed over to him. Rex informed him that it was too late, as he'd already returned everything to Clint.

Rex added that he was waiting for the official paperwork to be signed, and Cutter noted that it wasn't too late at all. Since Rex was giving everything away, anyway, he could change the forms and insert Cutter's name where Clint's had been. Cutter stated that Clint was being taken care of at Llanfair, and it was a small price to pay to get Gigi back.

"You're a sick and disgusting bastard," Rex yelled as he shoved Cutter. Rex revealed that Aubrey had told him all about Cutter's plan to get Clint's money and holdings. Cutter insisted that things were different this time, and he had just taken a recent dated photo of Gigi on his phone.

Rex didn't want to see it, and he started shoving Cutter again. He punched him, and the men got into a full-fledged fight. Rex's secretary ran in at the sound of the noise, and she ran out again to call the police.

At the hospital in Kentucky, the woman believed to be Stacy found Cutter's laptop, and she began to look for clues to her identity. She entered the name Gigi Morasco into a search engine, and read about Gigi dying in a room full of carbon monoxide. She wondered why Stacy hadn't been mentioned in the article if it were true that Stacy had been there with her sister.

The woman typed the name Stacy Morasco into the search engine next and learned that Stacy had drowned in Llantano Lake. "Stacy's dead too," she gasped. She looked at the photo of Kim and Stacy. She wondered if there could be a third Morasco sister. She quickly went through the drawer beside the bed until she found a pocket mirror. "My God," she said when she saw herself.

"I'm Gigi Morasco. And I'm not dead," the woman said. "I'm alive." She still had her heart. She saw a photo of Rex and Shane online. She couldn't believe she had a son, and a fiancé who loved her.

Viki walked into the study at Llanfair as Clint spoke to Kevin on the phone. Clint informed his son that Rex had given all of the holdings and family fortune back to Clint, except for the house. "Tell the truth," Viki ordered. Clint hung up the phone without clarifying the fact that he had offered the house to Rex, and Viki was annoyed. Clint explained that he had been discussing business, not domestic issues.

Viki was sure that Clint didn't want the rest of the family to know that he had done something nice for his son and grandson, and she wondered why. Clint quickly stated that Rex was his blood. Viki inquired whether Clint was afraid of what his sons might say. Clint was more infuriated about Cutter's offer, and he stood steadfast in his conviction that Cutter would not receive any money from either him or Rex.

Clint could tell that Viki wasn't going to give up her pursuit of an answer. Clint was sorry that it had turned out that Jessica's real father had turned out to be Mitch, while Rex had been his son instead of Mitch's. He wished it were reversed. Viki was appalled, and she reminded him that he'd never treated any of his children differently, even the ones who were not biologically his.

Viki continued to argue with Clint over his omission to Kevin, and she wanted an explanation. She had been wondering if the real Clint were around, and she'd finally seen him. "Why have you wasted so much time being ugly to Rex?" Viki asked. She had been easy on Clint while he'd been sick, but he was feeling better. She wanted an answer as to why he had wasted time rejecting Rex.

Maybe he was more like Asa than he'd thought, Clint suggested. He had refused to believe that Rex had changed from the gold digger he'd been when he'd first arrived in Llanview. Viki pointed out that Bo had been the first man to try to help Rex, and Rex had responded. "Bo is just the perfect father figure," Clint said scornfully. "Oh Clint," Viki said as she shook her head.

Clint wondered why Viki was so interested. Viki admitted that she liked to be right, and Clint had been a wonderful father. Clint thought he liked it better when everyone thought he was mean, but Viki knew that the Clint she once knew was back. "Today, I saw the man I fell in love with," she announced.

Nora found Bo in his office at the station, and she announced that Todd had been freed. She was okay with Starr getting off, but they'd have to find Victor's killer. The fact that Tomas was pleading guilty to Irene's murder was ridiculous, because everyone knew that Todd had done it, Nora proclaimed.

Bo advised her that he had a unit still looking into Victor's murderer, and he revealed that the mayor had been upset over Todd's release too. Nora pointed out that Mayor Finn was merely upset over missing a photo opportunity. Nora hated to admit it, but she missed having Dorian around as mayor. Bo revealed that Finn had fired him, and Nora thought it had been both personal and ridiculous.

Bo's approval ratings were higher than the mayor's, Nora pointed out. Bo confessed that he'd mentioned that to the mayor, and she'd rehired him. He had been ordered to find Victor's killer by Election Day, or he would be fired again. Nora vowed to collect the evidence in order to convict Todd, though she'd noticed that Bo hadn't said anything about Todd being guilty of Victor's murder.

"You can either throw out the ruling or the ruling can be thrown out on appeal. It's up to you," Todd challenged the judge at Tomas' hearing. "What do you mean by that?" the judge asked. "You won't throw him in jail for a crime he didn't commit," Todd explained. Tomas had been lying in order to protect someone, Todd added.

"Who?" the judge inquired. "Me. And that's not all I've done," Todd declared. Tomas objected, but Todd swore that he would not allow Tomas to go to jail. Todd explained that Irene had already been dead when Tomas had arrived at the scene. Tomas had advised Todd to go, and Todd had had no idea that Tomas would take the fall for Irene's death. The judge asked Tomas if that were all accurate, and Todd urged Tomas to speak up.

Tomas stood up and agreed that Todd spoke the truth. Tomas regretted lying, but he hadn't wanted Todd to suffer anymore. Téa asked for the plea to be changed and for Tomas to be released. The judge was not happy with the time wasted in court, or Tomas' perjury, but she released him. The judge ordered Todd not to leave until the prosecutor could check the charges.

Nora's phone rang, and she learned about what had happened at Tomas' arraignment. She was ecstatic to hear that Todd had confessed to Irene's murder. "I'm finally gonna get to put him away," she said gleefully. After Nora left, Bo made a phone call and requested that he be given every file on the Victor Lord murder. He also received a phone call about the fight at Buchanan Enterprises.

Blair walked over to Todd and praised him for having spoken up. She asked him what else he'd done, since he'd mentioned it himself. Todd refused to discuss it, noting that he'd kept Tomas out of jail. Tomas declared that he was free, and he had Blair to thank for talking Todd into doing the right thing. "Where are we?" Tomas asked Blair.

Just then, Nora arrived, and the court was called back into session. The first thing the judge did was to voice her disapproval at Nora and the district attorney's office. There had been an "ugly habit" of showing up in court with flimsy evidence and confessions. The judge was tired of it. Nora announced that Tomas had been at the crime scene with a weapon, and he'd confessed to Irene's murder.

Nora didn't think that had been flimsy, and it hadn't been her fault that Mr. Manning had confessed. Téa jumped up. Todd hadn't been charged, and he hadn't pleaded guilty. In addition, Todd had shot Irene in self-defense, Téa objected. Nora asked what kind of evidence there was to prove that. "The bullet hole in Mr. Manning's shoulder," Téa stated gruffly.

Téa added that Todd had been unarmed, and Irene's gun had been the only gun used. Nora hadn't recalled hearing about a gunshot wound when Todd had turned himself in, and he hadn't been treated. Téa stated that he had received home care. She also had the bullet that had been removed from Todd's shoulder, and everything could be proven.

Nora wondered why Todd had run away if he'd shot Irene in self-defense. Téa responded that Todd had been in shock from the shot, and the knowledge that his family was dead thanks to Irene. Nora was angry. Todd had been in a rage when he'd shot Irene, and he was a "vicious sociopath," Nora shouted.

"It seems like you've already convicted Mr. Manning in your mind," the judge warned. "The D.A. is clearly biased against my client," Téa agreed. The judge wondered if Nora intended to prosecute Todd for Irene's murder, because it was entirely her decision. Nora noted that self-defense meant due to an imminent threat. Téa reminded the court of Todd's eight-year lockup and torture due to Irene, and his belief that she had killed his family.

The judge agreed that it sounded as though self-defense was a logical defense, and she warned Nora to be well prepared if she planned to carry out a hearing. Nora had a question. She asked what else Todd had done, since he'd admitted doing something else. "I did something unforgivable," Todd admitted.

"I let Tomas Delgado confess to a crime he didn't commit," Todd said. "That's all. That's all you got," Nora grumbled. She was clearly disappointed. The judge advised Nora that she'd better have the evidence to successfully prosecute Todd, given that Nora had already jailed him under false circumstances. Nora's office might also be sued, the judge warned.

Nora thought a moment. She agreed not to proceed with prosecution, and Todd was free. Tomas and Todd shook hands, and Tomas thanked Todd for what he'd done. Téa noted that Todd didn't seem happy, and he told her it was because he hadn't paid for all of the legal support. She suggested that he help her to find Victor's real killer, and that would be payment enough. Todd walked out of the courtroom.

Tomas advised Blair that he was still waiting for an answer to his earlier question. Blair noted that he didn't care about the two of them when he'd chosen prison over her. "Is it that or Todd?" Tomas asked. "Go to hell," Blair shouted.

Nora congratulated Téa. "All of your clients walked today," Nora noted. She wondered if Téa would receive some kind of bonus. "Justice was served," Téa replied. She advised Nora that no one liked a sore loser, and she accused Nora of wanting Todd in jail so badly that she couldn't control herself. The judge had seen right through Nora, Téa added. Todd had done what he had to at the docks in order to survive, Téa insisted.

Nora agreed that she did indeed want to see Todd in jail. Téa's husband had been gunned down by a man who had just been set free thanks to Téa, Nora maintained. "Do you still think justice was served?" Nora asked.

Bo arrived at Buchanan enterprises as Rex and Cutter were fighting. He pulled Rex away and asked what had happened. The office was in shambles, and both of the men were bruised and bleeding. Rex explained that Cutter had revealed that Gigi was alive and had wanted to be paid for a reunion. Bo noted that was extortion, and he thought that Cutter should be arrested.

Cutter retorted that Rex had assaulted him. "You're lucky he didn't kill you," Bo replied. "Say it again, and I will," Rex threatened Cutter. Bo chased Cutter off, and Cutter shouted that Rex would regret it. Bo wondered if Rex were all right. Rex informed Bo that he was giving all of Clint's belongings back to Clint, and it was probably a good thing for Bo. It meant that Bo's inheritance would be saved.

Rex explained that he'd wanted Clint's money for revenge, but it hadn't been a good idea. Bo was happy to hear it. He was proud of Rex, but he wasn't surprised. He only hoped that Clint had treated Rex okay. Clint had been decent, Rex stated. Clint had also invited Shane and Rex to remain in the mansion, because Clint knew how difficult it would be to return to the carriage house without Gigi.

Rex confided that he had been doing much better until Cutter had shown up. Bo offered to arrest Cutter. Rex admitted that he'd almost believed what Cutter had been saying until Cutter had asked for money. Rex was trying to move forward for Shane, and he was angry for almost believing Cutter. Rex had wanted what Cutter had been saying to be true.

Todd paid a visit to Victor's grave. "I hate you. I hate your guts," Todd stated. Victor had taken everything from him, but Victor didn't deserve to be dead. "What's it like? Do you still miss them?" Todd wondered. He began to name members of the family. Todd thought it was awful to miss someone. They'd both messed up, and they'd had Irene to thank for it. "I killed my own brother. I'm sorry," Todd said tearfully.

Cutter returned to the hospital in Kentucky. He retrieved some bandages from a cart in the hallway for his cuts and bruises. He advised the nurse, "I cut myself shaving." He walked into the unknown woman's room. "What the hell?" he said out loud. The woman was gone.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rex put ice on his face, and poured himself a drink. The doorbell rang, and he opened the door to Aubrey. Aubrey wanted to find out what had happened between Rex and Cutter. Rex explained that Cutter had basically wanted to sell Gigi to Rex. Aubrey was disgusted, but was satisfied when Rex told her that he had only hit Cutter.

Aubrey wanted to clean the cuts on Rex's face, so she went to get a first-aid kit. She returned, and promised not to hurt him. She began to clean the cuts, but Rex recoiled in pain. He confessed that he was a lousy patient. When she was done cleaning the cuts, she suggested that they talk about the engagement party. She began to spout off ideas to Rex, but she realized he wasn't listening.

Aubrey assured Rex that it was all right to be envious of Natalie and Brody. She admitted to being envious of Jessica and Natalie's relationship with Viki, because she'd never had that. They both agreed that their "sob stories" were getting old. Rex wanted to call it a night, because he wanted to visit Gigi's grave.

Natalie answered her office phone to Tina, who told Natalie that the wedding wouldn't plan itself. Brody walked over and listened in to the conversation, as Natalie insisted that she hadn't been avoiding Tina. She apologized, and cited the sudden influx of murder cases. Natalie pretended to be talking to Bo, and told Tina that Bo had just called a staff meeting. Natalie hung up the phone, and Brody reminded her that she could have said no to Tina.

Brody informed Natalie that he'd run into Jessica and Ford at Capricorn the previous night. Natalie was surprised that the two had been out together, and wondered if Brody was jealous. He admitted that it only bothered him because he knew that Jessica could find someone better. Brody confessed that he felt that he and Natalie had forced Jessica and Ford together. Natalie explained that the bond of having a child together had put Jessica and Ford together like it had for Natalie and Brody.

Natalie wondered if Brody missed Ryder. Brody didn't think that Ryder would remember him, but Natalie disagreed. She also wondered if Liam missed John. Brody feared that he had gone too far in his argument with John. Natalie reminded him that John had accused him of murder. Brody didn't want to talk about John and Jessica anymore, so they started to talk about the wedding.

Cutter demanded that the nurse tell him where the woman in the hospital bed was. She replied that the woman was supposed to be in bed. Cutter was appalled that the woman had just gotten up and walked away without anyone noticing. He demanded that she get security before he decided to sue someone, so the nurse ran away.

The nurse returned a short while later, and admitted that there was footage from hours before of the woman leaving the hospital. Cutter yelled that the hospital had better find the woman. He entered the room and picked up the computer. The open page on the computer was an article about Gigi's death. He picked up a pad of post-its, and noticed an imprint of writing. He eventually figured out that the address was Gigi's old address. He assured himself that there was no way the woman could have gotten to Llanview, until he noticed a credit card sitting on the side table.

The woman with Gigi's face arrived at the back of Llanfair. She was amazed at the huge house, and that she apparently had once lived there. She walked around the house to the front door.

Ford thanked Jessica for inviting him over for dinner. Jessica wanted to talk about what they were going to do for Ryder's first Halloween. They grew closer and closer as they talked and joked. Just then, Tina entered, and immediately apologized for interrupting. Tina wondered if the two had enjoyed the band at Capricorn the previous night. Ford replied that he remember why he no longer liked to go out in Llanview.

Jessica thanked Tina for watching Ryder, and Tina insisted that she really wanted to make it up to the people she'd hurt. Tina thought that she was on the right track since she'd babysat for Jessica, and because she was Natalie's maid of honor. At Jessica's confused face, Tina was horrified that Natalie hadn't told Jessica. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Tina left to answer the door.

Tina opened the door to the woman from the hospital. "I think I live here," she told Tina, but Tina told the woman that she was mistaken, because the house belonged to Viki. The woman explained that she'd just gotten out of the hospital with no memory, and only had the name "Gigi Morasco."

Tina didn't recognize the name, but she admitted that she'd been out of town for a few years. The woman said that she'd researched Gigi Morasco, and had come up with the address as a residence. Tina offered to ask Jessica about the woman, and told the woman to wait.

Ford made sure that Jessica was all right with the news about Tina being Natalie's maid of honor. Jessica didn't know that she could let the wedding happen with the secret that she'd been keeping. Ford wondered what Jessica was going to do about it, and promised to back her up no matter what.

Tina returned, and told Jessica that there was someone at the door who claimed to be Gigi Morasco. The woman entered the house and marveled at her surroundings, but became distressed as she overheard Jessica tell Tina that Gigi was dead. Perplexed, Tina returned to the hallway, but found that the woman was gone. Jessica once again told Ford that she had no idea what to do about the paternity test.

A short while later, the doorbell rang again, and Tina opened the door to Cutter. He wondered if Tina lived at the house, and told her that he was looking for someone.

There was a knock on John's office door, and Michael entered. John was happy to see his brother, and wondered where Marcie and Gabe were. As he told John that Gabe was with "grandma," Marcie entered excitedly. Marcie told John that she and Michael had another surprise for John, and called attention to her pregnant belly. John congratulated them, and wondered why they hadn't told him earlier. Marcie admitted that they hadn't wanted to rub it in as John had been losing Liam. Marcie reminded him that she knew what it felt like to have a child taken away.

Marcie wondered how things were between John and Natalie, because she'd hoped that they'd get back together. John wasn't hopeful about getting back together with Natalie. Marcie told him about how losing Tommy had pushed her and Michael apart, but they'd found a way back to one another. John blurted out that Natalie and Brody were getting married.

Michael and Marcie were shocked, and Marcie stammered apologies. John had work to do, so he gave Michael the keys to his apartment, and told the couple to make themselves at home. They apologized and left the office.

A short while later, John was filing some papers when he noticed Natalie and Brody happily huddled over a computer, talking about their upcoming wedding. John stormed out of the room.

Vimal sat by Victor's grave, and said that, "I'd kill you if you weren't dead already." He regretted that Victor had told him about Liam's real paternity, because he hated having to keep the "horrible secret." "What horrible secret?" Vimal heard from behind him, and he screamed. He found only Rama, and wondered how she knew where he was. She told him that he had checked in on MyFace, and that Madame Delphina had liked the activity.

Rama wondered what Vimal had been talking about. Vimal didn't want to tell her, but she implored him to trust her. Vimal finally told her about Liam's paternity, and she was shocked that the Buchanans could never catch a break. He wondered if she thought that he was a horrible person, but she admitted that she was keeping a "horrible secret" as well.

Rama told Vimal all about Kim being the real Aubrey, and about sending her to jail for murder. Vimal was shocked as Rama tried to justify her actions. Vimal reminded his wife that he'd gone to prison for a crime that he hadn't been solely responsible for. Vimal assured her that he'd forgiven her, but thought that she had made the same mistake. Rama insisted that it was karma for Kim.

Rama told Vimal that they were much stronger together than they could ever be apart. Vimal wondered what they should do. "We need to tell John the truth," Rama replied. The woman with Gigi's face arrived at the cemetery, but hid when Rama and Vimal exited the cemetery discussing what to do. The woman saw Gigi's headstone, and cleared the flowers away to reveal the "2011" death date.

A short while later, Rama and Vimal arrived at the police station. Vimal knocked on John's office door, but there was no answer. Vimal wanted to leave John a note, but Rama reminded him that leaving a note hadn't worked out very well the last time he'd tried. Rama suggested that it was "fate telling us to hold our tongues." She told Vimal that they should sleep on it, and Vimal agreed.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The doorbell rang at Llanfair, and Tina answered the door. It was Cutter, and he told her that he was looking for a girl. He was elusive and wouldn't answer Tina's questions, but he showed her the photo that he'd taken of the woman in the hospital. Tina announced that the woman had been there earlier. The woman had said that her name was Gigi, and that she had previously lived at Llanfair.

Tina explained that she had gone off to check with family members, and she'd learned that Gigi was dead. The girl had seemed confused, and she'd been gone by the time that Tina had returned to the front door. "She's confused all right," Cutter mumbled. He wondered if the woman might have heard Tina's conversation with her family, and Tina agreed that it was possible.

Cutter ran off. "Thank you, whoever you are," he called out. He rushed back to Tina. "I wasn't here," he told her, before he took off again.

Todd hung out in the kitchen with Viki as she filled Halloween bags with candy. He thought about the night he'd shot Victor, and Viki noted that he seemed distracted. Todd returned to the present. He watched Viki and complained that she was the one person he'd always expected to stay the same. He was surprised that she was filling the bags with candy, instead of apple slices.

Todd thanked his sister for allowing him to stay with her, especially after what he had done. Viki wasn't sure what he meant, and Todd reminded her of how he'd kidnapped Sam and stolen Dorian's gun. Viki thought it was a miracle that he was functioning after the eight years he'd been locked up and tortured. She noted that he hadn't killed Victor, and that was all that mattered.

Todd should start rebuilding his life, Viki suggested. Todd admitted that he didn't know where to start. He thought he should be the invisible man, since he had been one for eight years anyway. Viki assured him that he was not invisible any more. She thought that Todd should get to know his family first. Todd reminded her that Jack hated him, and Téa wouldn't allow him to get near Dani.

Viki promised that it would all work out eventually. Todd declared that he had nothing, and Victor had given everything to Irene. "So I guess everything belongs to me," Tina declared as she walked into the kitchen. Tina proclaimed that if Victor's and Irene's wills both held up, then everything would be hers.

Tina offered to go "halfsies" with Todd, but Todd argued that it had all been his to begin with. Victor had had no right to take it, he griped. Tina and Todd began to argue, as Viki mostly remained silent. A judge would decide everything, Viki advised her siblings. Tina insisted that she had a case. "A case of the stupids," Todd retorted. The bickering resumed.

Viki was adamant about not taking sides. Suddenly, Tina grabbed both Todd's and Viki's hands and declared that they were "one big happy family," and they needed to stick together. Tina announced that she had a wedding to plan, and she left the kitchen. "This is all your fault," Todd accused Viki. He rebuked his sister for giving Tina a second chance.

Viki asked Todd how many chances he'd had. She was sure it was hundreds. Todd replied that he'd deserved it the most, and he charged Viki with taking sides. Viki proclaimed that it was the same side and the same family. Their father had put them all through hell, and Viki didn't think they should let him continue. It was only money, and there was plenty of it to go around, Viki chided.

Todd was adamant that Tina not get any of the money, because he wanted it all. He knew how to rebuild his life, Todd announced. He wanted to get back all that he had lost, especially Blair. He hadn't stopped thinking about Blair for eight years, and he'd thought about her every day, Todd admitted.

Viki reminded Todd that he and Blair had been divorced before he'd been kidnapped. Todd retorted that all couples had their ups and downs. Viki replied that things changed, but Todd continued. He knew as soon as he'd kissed Blair at the movie premiere that there was still something between them. Blair had recently saved his life in the woods at Viki's cabin.

Viki believed that Blair was with Tomas. "It's like you said," Todd stated, and continued, "Things change."

The woman with Gigi's face knelt down at Gigi's grave. "So it's true," she said, adding, "It's me." She couldn't understand it, and she searched through her purse for the pocket mirror. She looked at herself. "I'm Gigi Morasco, and I'm dead." She slapped herself on the face and told herself to wake up. She was certain it was only a dream.

The woman wished she could remember something, and she wondered who was really buried in the grave. She had to be missing something, she thought. Gigi was dead, but she was there looking at her own grave. She hoped she could find someone who might be able to tell her something.

Jack visited Victor's grave and apologized for having changed his statement to the police. Jack still believed that Scarface had been the one to murder Victor, even if Jack hadn't seen him do it. Jack was startled when a graveyard employee approached him and accused him of being one of the kids who'd changed the date on a woman's grave. Jack retorted that he was visiting his father's grave, and he cut the man off before the man could say Gigi's name.

Jack was leaving the graveyard, but he was startled and speechless when he passed Gigi's. He thought he saw Gigi. "You," Jack managed to gasp. "You know me? Who am I? I can see it in your face that you know me," the woman said. Jack was sure he was looking at a ghost. He shouted that she was dead, and he was sorry. It had been an accident. He ran off as fast as he could and ended up back at Victor's grave. Jack pleaded for help.

Cutter found the woman at Gigi's grave. He scolded her for running off as she was in no condition to do so. Sarcastically, he also thanked her for using his credit card, though she'd left it in the hospital room for him. The woman was adamant about finding someone who knew her, because she needed answers. She'd seen her face in the mirror, and she had to be Gigi Morasco, the woman maintained.

The woman continued that she'd been to the address she'd found online, and everyone there had said she was dead. She wondered why her name was on a grave. Cutter informed her that it was the name of the person in the grave. "You're her sister Stacy," Cutter revealed.

The woman found that to be impossible. She'd read that Stacy had drowned in Llantano Lake. Cutter replied that she'd apparently survived, but the woman was still confused. She wondered if that had been why she was in a coma. Cutter tried to explain that the coma had been a result of being in the house with the carbon monoxide.

The woman was still confused. She hadn't been able to find anything online that stated that Stacy had been in that house. Besides, she didn't look like Stacy. Cutter explained that apparently Kim had rescued Stacy before the police had arrived. The Gigi look-alike face appeared to be a result of plastic surgery. "You had yourself done over to look like Gigi," Cutter revealed.

The woman couldn't understand. She wondered if she'd been jealous of Gigi. Cutter informed her that she'd wanted to take what Gigi had. The woman thought that was "twisted," and Cutter agreed. He advised her that he didn't really know much. She was lucky to have only lost her memory, he said. Gigi was in the grave, and someone else had received Gigi's heart.

Gigi and Stacy had been sisters, so it probably hadn't taken much to change Stacy's looks, Cutter guessed. The woman asked what Stacy had wanted from Gigi. Cutter disclosed that she'd wanted Rex Balsom, Gigi's fiancé. "What's so special about Rex Balsom?" the woman asked. Cutter wanted to leave the graveyard, because it was cold, and the woman was weak. The woman picked a flower and placed it on Gigi's grave.

Rex ended Aubrey's visit. He wanted to visit Gigi's grave. "I want to feel close to her tonight," Rex explained. Aubrey understood Rex's feelings, especially after she'd heard that Cutter had tried to reunite Rex with Gigi. Before Rex could go, Shane found his dad. The teen wondered if he had to wear a costume to Natalie and Brody's engagement party.

Shane revealed that he and Gigi had discussed being the Three Musketeers for Halloween that year, and they'd even had the hats. Shane preferred to just skip Halloween instead. Aubrey suggested a two-man team for the guys, and she made it known that she had lots of ideas. Pretending was one of her specialties, she explained.

Rex proposed that Aubrey join them as one of the Three Musketeers instead. He thought it would be fun. Aubrey offered to fetch some apple cider, and she left the father and son alone. Rex explained that Aubrey was just a friend, and she would never replace Shane's mother. He just thought that Aubrey could fill in, and he believed that Gigi would want them to have fun.

"I guess you're right," Shane said. "Life goes on, Shane," Rex advised his son. They wouldn't forget Gigi, they could enjoy Halloween, and they could let go of some of their ghosts, Rex added. Aubrey returned with a tray full of goodies. She stated that she didn't want to intrude on any previous plans that had been made with Gigi.

Shane announced that he agreed with his dad. They should attend the engagement party as the Three Musketeers, but under one condition. Aubrey would have to wear a moustache, Shane said as he grinned. Aubrey retorted that she'd think about it. She said she knew what the men had done, but she wondered if the Three Musketeers had ever said anything.

Rex told her that they were known for saying "All for one and one for all." Rex grabbed some fireplace tools, and he and Shane demonstrated the use of a sword. Aubrey asked about the hats, and Shane advised her that they were in the attic. Aubrey ran to get them. "Aubrey's cool, "Shane admitted. He also stated that he would have preferred his mom.

Shane looked at Gigi's photo up on the mantel. Rex confessed that he'd planned to visit Gigi's grave. Shane wanted to go too. He informed Rex that he was no longer worried about Jack, and it was time to move on.

"Trick or treat," Tomas called out as Blair opened the front door at La Boulaie. Seeing that it was Tomas, Blair quickly slammed the door in his face. Tomas continued to ring the bell and knock on the door until she opened it again. She advised Tomas to check his calendar. Tomas explained that it was his Halloween, as he'd always celebrated on Mischief Night when he was a boy.

Blair tried to slam the door again, but Tomas managed to keep it open. He was looking for forgiveness, and he'd realized that Todd was a part of Blair's past. Tomas wanted another chance. Blair reminded him that she'd begged him to change his plea, but he hadn't cared about the two of them when he'd refused to do that.

Tomas noted that Blair was a tough woman who knew what she wanted and wouldn't settle for anything less. He liked that, and he wanted a future for the two of them. He pleaded again for another chance, even though he'd hurt her. Tomas tried to explain that he'd allowed Todd to lose eight years of his life, and he'd been tortured by that thought.

Blair advised Tomas that Tomas had been Irene's tool, but Tomas replied that he'd had to save Todd. Blair was insistent that she'd never trust Tomas again. He agreed that Blair should have been first, but everything had worked out. He hadn't slept in eight years, and he'd had to work through a lot. "Is Todd still a factor?" Tomas wondered.

Blair was exasperated. She had known that Tomas would find his way back to the subject of Todd. She informed Tomas that she wasn't in love with Todd just because she'd asked Tomas to check on him. She had been worried about Todd. Tomas wondered if she were trying to convince him or herself.

"I don't have to convince anybody of anything," Blair declared. Tomas noted that they couldn't move forward if they had unfinished business. They were interrupted when Jack ran into the house. He was obviously distraught. Blair uttered that her son was as white as a sheet, and he looked as though he'd seen a ghost. Tomas ran out to look, but Jack maintained that he was fine.

Blair pointed out that Jack was also sweating, but he assured his mother that nothing was wrong. Jack headed back out to the foyer. "Get a grip," he told himself. He encouraged himself further, "It's not possible. People do not come back from the dead. It couldn't have been Gigi. Could it?"

Tomas admitted that he was happy that Jack had interrupted his conversation with Blair. Todd wasn't any of his business, Tomas had decided. Tomas was sure that Todd wanted Blair though, but Tomas' instincts told him that Blair wanted something new. Before he left, there was something he needed to know, Tomas said. He leaned over and kissed Blair.

"Did you get your answer?" Blair asked. Tomas acknowledged that he had. He'd wanted to make certain there was still something there between them. "I love you, Blair," Tomas said. "I want you, and I'm not giving up on you," he said as he headed to the door.

Jack returned to Victor's grave. He wondered if he'd been a chicken or an idiot. He had to find out if he'd really seen Gigi or if he had simply been seeing things.

Rex and Shane went to Gigi's grave. Shane noticed that someone had put a flower on the gravestone. Rex recalled how Gigi used to love the particular flower, and he admitted that he could always feel Gigi's presence at night. "Me too," Shane said. Rex maintained that Gigi was with them, and she was always watching. He hugged his son as Jack looked on.

Cutter and the woman were lost in the cemetery in the dark. She continued to ask him about Rex. Cutter promised that he'd tell her what he knew. They drew closer to Victor's grave.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marcie and Michael told John about one of Gabe's toys, and John said that he'd seen pictures on "that site you signed me up for." Marcie reminded him that he hadn't been on the site since the wedding, and suggested that he change his status. Michael told his wife that John wasn't the social networking type, and Marcie apologized for putting her foot in her mouth, "again."

Marcie thought it made sense that Natalie and Brody were together since they had a child together. John said that family was very important to Brody. "Too important," Marcie added ominously. She remembered how Brody had gone off on her when she'd found out that Shane wasn't Brody son. She said that he'd been pushed over the edge, as John remembered how fiercely Brody had attacked John about Liam.

John and Michael exchanged a look, and Marcie took the hint. She gathered her coat and purse, and left the apartment. John explained to Michael about how John had thought that Brody could have killed Victor, but he'd been cleared. Michael suggested that Brody had threatened Victor because Victor had somehow threatened to take Liam away. Both men wondered how Victor could have possibly taken Liam away from Brody.

Outside of the Buchanan mansion, Brody left Natalie a message saying that he had some errands to run. He took a small box out of his pocket, and smiled down at two silver wedding bands.

On the phone with Aubrey, Rex thanked her for all of her help with the party. She revealed that she was about to take care of a security issue, and make sure that Cutter would be nowhere near the party. Rex told her to focus on the party, and went to answer the ringing doorbell. Rex opened the door to Brody, who wanted to offer his help with the party. Rex assured Brody that Aubrey had the whole thing under control. Brody expressed his appreciation for Rex accepting him and Natalie.

Rex thought that he and Brody had "come a long way" since Adriana had taken Brody to Llanview, but he said that he couldn't think of a better man to be his brother-in law. Brody asked about Shane, who was working on his costume. Rex said that Shane had grown up too fast over the previous year, but Rex was going to stick by his son. Brody agreed, and said that all he wanted to do was protect Liam and Natalie. "I don't know what I'd do if I lost them," he added.

At the Minute Man, Cutter asked how the woman with Gigi's face was feeling. She wasn't happy, but Cutter reminded her that she was no longer in a coma, and grinned. She wished she could remember her life, and supposed that she would have gone back to the hospital if she thought it would help her. Cutter muttered that they couldn't afford it. He suggested that a hot shower would make her feel better, so she walked to the bathroom.

There was a knock on the door, and Cutter was surprised to answer it to Aubrey, who immediately slapped him. She rebuked him for trying to sell Rex's dead fiancée to Rex. She told him that she was trying to make an honest living, and that she was glad to have left him. Just then, the woman called out to Cutter, and asked him where the soap was. He told her, and Aubrey was disgusted with Cutter for getting a new mark.

Aubrey warned Cutter to leave Rex alone, especially since Rex was signing over his money to Clint. Aubrey left, and the woman returned from the shower. She wondered who he'd had the heated conversation with, and he replied that it had been his ex. He insisted that Aubrey wasn't yet over him. The woman swore that she'd heard Aubrey say something about Rex. She thought that she should try to talk to Rex, but Cutter told her that she wasn't yet ready for that kind of stress. The woman insisted that she felt fine, and went back to the bathroom.

Cutter implored Morris to help him think of something to do in order to keep the woman away from Rex. He needed the woman to be on his side, so he wanted to jog her memory somehow. He thought that seeing Rex would help, but he couldn't let Rex see the woman. He had a brainstorm as the woman walked out of the bathroom, dressed. He asked her if she wanted to go to a costume party.

Aubrey arrived at Rex's with a box of decorations. Aubrey wanted to kick Rex out so she could get to work, but he complained that the caterers had already kicked him out of the kitchen. She was exasperated that the caterers had already gotten there, and realized she shouldn't have gone to the Minute Man. She explained to a confused Rex that she'd gone to "lay down the law" with Cutter.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Rex was shocked but happy when he opened the door to Marcie. He congratulated her on her pregnancy, and related that they had a lot of catching up to do. Aubrey excused herself so that she could check in with the caterers, but Rex wanted to introduce her to Marcie. Marcie recognized Aubrey as the woman who'd broken Joey's heart. She demanded to know why Aubey was hanging around Rex.

Aubrey excused herself to the kitchen, and Marcie wondered what Rex was doing with Aubrey. Rex explained that Aubrey had been helping him plan Natalie and Brody's engagement party. Marcie apologized that she hadn't been able to visit Llanview sooner. She told Rex how much she'd appreciated Gigi being there for Marcie when Marcie was at her lowest. She assured him that Gigi loved Rex and Shane, and still did from wherever Gigi was.

Natalie opened the door to Roxy in a schoolgirl uniform. Natalie wondered where Roxy's costume was, but Roxy insisted that she was "Britney, circa nineteen ninety-seven." Roxy was angry that Natalie hadn't been spending time with her, and that she'd had to hear about Natalie's engagement from Rex. Natalie apologized, but Roxy thought that Natalie was only sorry that Roxy had found out at all, because Natalie knew that Roxy would "give you an earful." Roxy stated that Natalie was engaged to the wrong man. Roxy had "three words" for Natalie: "John. Mc. Bain."

Natalie insisted that her engagement had nothing to do with John. However, Roxy knew that Natalie had been eavesdropping on her conversation with John at Rodi's. She accused Natalie of accepting Brody's proposal five minutes after hearing John say that he no longer loved Natalie. She continued that Natalie didn't look happy, but dull, and disappointed. Roxy wondered what Natalie would have done had John said that he still loved her. Natalie reminded Roxy that it hadn't happened. "Shows what you know," Roxy replied.

Roxy said that she'd spent an hour with John, but Natalie just wanted Roxy to give her the manicure she'd been promised. Roxy wanted to open Natalie's eyes, and she believed that Natalie would thank her. Roxy remembered John saying that he still loved Natalie, and then she remembered Rex telling Roxy to let Natalie move on. She started to talk about John, but Brody entered. "Don't stop on my account," he told her.

Roxy was happy that Brody recognized her costume, but was awestruck when he called her "mom." She hugged him, and he told her that she was welcome anytime. Roxy ran out of the apartment, but Natalie chased after her, wanting to hear what Roxy had to say. Roxy stopped, and claimed that Natalie needed highlights in her hair, and then ran away.

Dani entered La Boulaie and saw Hope dressed at the Planters peanut. Starr wondered why Dani wasn't in school, and Dani replied that she was there for moral support. She showed Starr the latest copy of the Sun, with the headline "Falling Starr!" complete with a picture of an angry Starr. Starr angrily skimmed the article, which Jack had written. Dani assured Starr that everything would soon blow over. "Not if Rick has anything to do with it," Starr replied.

Starr explained to her confused sister that Rick wanted to give Starr a life makeover: no child, and no boyfriend. Starr refused to do that, so Dani told Starr that since it was her song, she had the right to call the shots with Rick. Starr wondered if Dani's advice had anything to do with Nate's experience with Rick. Dani only asked Starr if she wanted to stand up to Rick or not. "Stand up, Mommy!" Hope exclaimed.

James arrived at Ultraviolet the same time as Ford and Nate. Each of them had gotten the same invitation that instructed them to go to the club if they wanted money, but not to tell anyone. "Ladies and gentlemen, it's showtime," Rick said as he emerged from the back of the club.

Nate refused to deal with Rick, because he'd finally been working things out with Dani. Ford refused because he didn't want to dishonor Ryder. Rick promised that the only industry he was working in was the music industry. He revealed that he wanted to make a music video for Starr. As a crew unloaded equipment, Rick revealed that he wanted Ford to direct the video, because he believed Ford had real talent. He wanted Nate to be Starr's love interest in the video. Both Nate and James protested. Ford immediately called Starr, and advised her to get to the club as soon as possible.

James wondered what Rick intended to pay James for. Rick answered that he wanted to pay James to stay away. He handed James a wad of cash, and told him to get lost. "James stay, or I go," Starr said as she walked in. Rick shook his head. Nate insisted to Dani, who'd entered with Starr, that "it's not what you think!" However, Dani assured him that she already knew about the video.

As Rick planned the shoot, Ford reminded Rick that he and Nate hadn't yet agreed to anything. Rick told Ford that he would be making money to support his child, so Ford agreed. Starr told Rick that she was fine with Nate being in the video if he wanted to be, but James had to be in it as well. Rick refused, so Starr started to leave the club. Rick claimed to have pretty girls lined up to lip-synch Starr's song, and wondered if "that Hannah chick is sane yet."

Starr was horrified, but Rick continued that with the newspaper headlines saying something along the lines of "Psycho Sings Song," the video would "go viral in an hour." James wanted to leave, because he didn't want someone else singing Starr's song because of him. Dani told Nate that his résumé could use a little "legit credit," so Nate agreed to do it. Starr finally agreed, but rolled her eyes and added that "I get final cut."

Friday, October 28, 2011

At John's apartment, Michael and John played a game of Battleship, and Michael could see that John was still trying to figure out how Victor had threatened Brody with the loss of Brody's son. Michael insisted that John make the next move. Once John realized that Michael referred to the game, John considered his move, as Michael answered the door. Michael discovered Roxy dressed as Britney Spears at the door.

When Roxy yelled that she was in awe over John's costume as John's brother, Michael announced that he was indeed John's brother. Roxy laughed and hugged Michael. Roxy then declared that she had news for Johnny that would rock his world. Roxy revealed that Natalie had only overheard John say that he no longer loved Natalie at Rodi's, which was why Natalie had run over to Brody and had accepted his proposal.

Roxy informed Michael that John had later admitted that he did love Natalie, and if Natalie had heard it, she would never have accepted Brody's proposal. John indicated that he had tried to tell Natalie that he still loved her, but that she had already accepted Brody's proposal. When John said that he was done trying, Roxy insisted that John get over himself, because John and Natalie were soul mates. Roxy screamed that she knew it and John knew it, and Michael blurted out that he also knew it. Roxy cried that everyone knew it.

Shaun arrived dressed as Michael Jackson and declared that he was ready to congratulate Brody and Natalie, and Roxy explained to John and Michael that they were attending Brody and Natalie's engagement party. Roxy warned, "It's time that Johnny here faces facts, because, you know, the clock here is going tickety tock, so bait or cut the fish, or you're gonna be on a boat without your girlfriend."

Roxy revealed that Rex had made her promise not to tell Natalie that John had declared his love for her. However, Roxy believed that John could still have his happy ending, if John told Natalie that he loved her, and that he would not let Natalie walk down the aisle with anyone but him. Roxy begged John not to make her break her promise to Rex, and to do the right thing by telling Natalie that he still loved her.

After Roxy left, Michael and John resumed their game, and Michael wondered what was preventing John from going after what he wanted. Michael believed that John could still make new dreams, as John answered the door to trick-or-treaters. Michael learned that John had not gotten candy for the kids, when John began to hand the children money. John insisted that the cash would teach the kids a good lesson.

After John closed the door, Michael asked if John would be able to forgive Natalie and felt that John was too stubborn to admit he still loved her. Michael demanded that John be honest with Natalie, but John refused. When John called out his next move, Michael declared that John had made a mistake and yelled out a loud, explosive boom and swish. After Michael declared, "You lose," John remarked, "It was a little excessive, wasn't it?"

At Natalie's apartment, as Natalie searched through her purse, Brody informed her that the baby monitor was already in the car. Brody then declared that he had waited for so long to get married, and that it would all be official at Rex's Halloween party. When Brody questioned what Roxy had wanted to tell Natalie, she thought back to what Roxy had said. Natalie then covered that Roxy was only concerned about Natalie's hair, but that Natalie did not have time to mess with her hair.

Natalie announced that Liam's costume would be "like father, like son," and that she could not wait to show it to Brody. When Natalie carried Liam out, Brody saw that Liam was dressed as a baby seal. Brody laughed and cried out that Liam was very cute. Natalie took a picture of Brody as a Navy SEAL and of Liam as a baby seal and exclaimed, "You know what. You can totally tell he has your genes. Because even though he is in this silly costume, he still looks noble."

After Natalie left the room, Brody held Liam and said that he could not lose Liam, and that he was one stop closer to marrying Liam's mom. Brody added, "And now that Victor Lord Jr. is dead and buried, no one's ever gonna know that John's your dad." Natalie then walked out as a sailor girl and insisted that she wanted Roxy to keep her opinions to herself, because Natalie did not want Roxy spoiling her day.

At Llanfair, Clint and Cord greeted a trick-or-treater and gave him candy with no peanuts. Cord explained to Clint that although he had almost kissed Tina, nothing had actually happened. Cord joked that it was not as if he and Tina were getting married again, as Tina walked down the stairs in a wedding dress. Tina told Viki, Clint, and Cord that she had found the dress in the attic, as she handed a suit to Cord. Viki felt that it would be inappropriate for Tina and Cord to dress as a bride and groom at an engagement party. However, Tina misunderstood and believed that Viki wanted Viki and Clint to be the bride and groom.

Clint informed Tina that he would be unable to attend the engagement party, because he was under house arrest, but that he would be able to take care of Tina's dog. Viki then escorted Tina upstairs to find her an appropriate costume. Clint noted to Cord, "Before Natalie and Brody even walk down the aisle, she's going to have you hogtied at the altar."

In the bedroom, Viki insisted that Tina could not pursue Cord in that manner, because he was already gun shy around her. Tina countered that Viki would never be able to get close to Clint, if she kept walking away from him. Viki reminded Tina that the party was not about Viki and Clint. Viki also believed that Clint was still hung up over Kim.

Later, Natalie, Brody, and Liam arrived, and Viki cheered that Liam was adorable in his costume. Clint exclaimed that he was looking forward to watching over Liam, but Viki feared that Clint was a little under the weather. When Natalie voiced that she should get a babysitter, Clint refused to hear it. Natalie then pleaded with Viki to stay with Clint and Liam, and Viki agreed. However, Viki insisted that she would not miss Natalie's wedding, and that Liam's grandfather had better share their grandchild with her.

After Brody and Natalie left for the party, Clint announced that he would find the blocks, while Viki looked through the mail, which contained an urgent letter from Kimberly Andrews. When Clint yelled out that the mail could wait, Viki reentered the lobby to hug her grandchild. As Viki started to leave to change Liam's diaper, Clint thanked her and declared that he was helpless without her. Viki left the room, and Clint started to open the mail.

At the Minuteman Hotel, Cutter carried in bags of costumes for Cutter and Stacy and informed Stacy that they would be attending Rex's Halloween party. Stacy declared, "Happy Halloween, Rex Balsom," and insisted that she would not be attending the party. Cutter explained that the party was in Rex's mansion, and that Stacy might be able to get her memory back, once she saw Rex. Cutter revealed that Stacy would be in costume, so that Rex would not know that it was her.

Cutter remembered that he had told Morris that he needed to find a way to jog Stacy's memory. Cutter then told Stacy that Todd Manning had disguised himself as a superhero upon his return to town, so that his family would not know it was him, and that it had worked like a charm. Cutter showed Stacy a picture of her before the surgery and pointed out that since she had Gigi's face, Rex and Shane would be frightened seeing her. Cutter believed that Rex and Shane would think that Stacy was Gigi's ghost.

Cutter reminded Stacy that Rex and Shane would not see her face, because she would be wearing a mask. However, Stacy refused to attend the party and left the room. Cutter begged for Morris' help. When Stacy returned to the room, Cutter revealed that Kim had been Stacy's best friend, and that Kim had known everything that Stacy had done. When Stacy feared that her craziness had driven her best friend away, Cutter claimed that Kim had only temporarily taken off.

Stacy was not sure that she wanted to remember who she was, but Cutter insisted that everything that Stacy had done had been done out of love. Cutter stated that Stacy had fallen in love with Rex, but that it had just gotten out of control, which did not make Stacy a bad person. After Stacy feared that she had planned to do something to Gigi, Cutter stressed that Gigi had died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cutter insisted that they attend the party, because he felt that once Stacy remembered who she was, she could work on making herself into a better person. Stacy then agreed to attend the party. Once Stacy left the room to get ready, Cutter told Morris that he felt bad doing that to Stacy, but that he had just gotten Kim sent to prison. Cutter claimed that nobody could find out about that. Cutter believed that once Stacy remembered that she loved Rex, Cutter could cash in. Cutter dressed himself as a mummy; Stacy walked out as Red Riding Hood. Cutter commented that Stacy looked beautiful, and they left for the party.

At the Buchanan mansion, Rex carried down a box of Halloween decorations. When Aubrey later entered and saw the decorations up, she felt that the setting should be more romantic. After Aubrey mentioned that they should add more flowers, Shane suggested that they be dead ones. Shane held up a skeleton and indicated that his mother had loved it, so Aubrey said that they would find a spot for it.

Shane suggested placing the skeleton over the fireplace, as his mom had done, but Aubrey felt that a new house should have new traditions. Rex noted that he would never see Gigi's face or hear her voice again, when he suddenly heard in Gigi's voice, "Happy Halloween to my favorite guy." Shane held a Halloween card that Gigi had taped from the prior year. Rex could almost believe that Gigi was there, after hearing her voice, and he asked Shane to put the card in a safe place.

Later, Shane sat on the stairs and kept opening the card to hear his mother's voice. Aubrey walked into the room and told Rex that they needed to get dressed in their costumes. Once Rex noted that he still missed Gigi after hearing her voice, Aubrey assured him that he would be able to get through it, in time. Rex believed that anything would be better than chasing around town after a ghost.

Rex and Shane dressed as musketeers, and Aubrey entered as the third one. When Rex announced that he wanted a picture of "The Three Musketeers," Shane left to find the camera. As Rex adjusted the tilt of Aubrey's hat, their eyes met and lingered. The doorbell rang.

At the party, Tina greeted Natalie and indicated that the party needed belly dancers. Natalie quickly escaped from Tina and ran into Roxy, who said that she had told John to tell Natalie. However, Natalie insisted that she and John were still done, as Rex pulled Natalie away from Roxy. Natalie thanked Rex, who begged her to tell him that she had not made Tina her maid of honor.

Tina told Cord that she believed that the only thing standing between Viki and Clint was Kimberly Andrews. When Natalie remembered the decorations from the Carriage House, Rex declared that Gigi would have loved them and would have been happy for Natalie and Brody. Standing off to the side, when Shaun asked Roxy about John, she replied, "I did what I could, but you know Johnny. You can lead a guy to water, but you can't make him think."

Outside of the Buchanan mansion, Cutter asked Stacy if they were ready and reminded her not to let them hear her voice. Cutter put Stacy's mask in place. Inside the mansion, Shane informed Natalie that Gigi had come up with the idea for Shane to be Aramis, and that Aubrey had made it happen. Walking across the room, Tina asked Cord, "So, what do you know about Kimberly Andrews?" Cord started to reply, "Well, I know that..." when Tina saw Gigi's picture and interrupted him with "Oh, my God!"

As Cord looked confused, Tina cried, "Her hair's different, but that's her." After Cord asked who Tina meant, Tina responded, "The dead girl." In another part of the room, Shane asked, "Doesn't Shaun look awesome?" Natalie, Aubrey, and Rex looked over at Shaun and then laughed, as the doorbell rang. Rex opened the door to Cutter and Stacy in costumes and masks.

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