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Blair explained to Sam that Todd was Victor's brother and therefore Sam's uncle. The homeless man turned up at the Sun and claimed to have outwitted Irene. Clint made peace with Rex, Ford, and Brody. Irene continued to haunt Todd. Tomás promised Téa that he would find Victor's killer. Irene left everything to Tina, who in turn handed it all to Todd. Roxy advised John to tell Natalie the truth about his feelings.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 31, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, October 31, 2011

It was Halloween night in Llanview. The werewolf went up to the door of a house and knocked. The sign on the front of the house read "La-Ghoul-ay." Inside, Blair and Sam were decorating pumpkins, but Blair got up to answer the door. "Trick-or-treat," the werewolf growled.

"Aren't you getting a little long in the tooth for this?" Blair asked the werewolf. "The day I'm too old for candy is the day I'm dead," the werewolf stated. Todd ripped off his mask. Blair recalled Todd's fondness for Halloween. Todd announced that he'd wanted to see Hope in her costume, but Blair regretfully advised him that their granddaughter was already gone. Todd suggested that he and Jack cause some mischief at the Buchanan mansion instead.

Blair thought it might be better if Todd gave Jack some time, and she thought a good start would be for them to get Jack to use Todd's real name. "Hey Scarface," Sam greeted Todd when he found the adults standing by the door. Todd greeted the boy, who announced that he was dressed as Jaws. Blair informed the little boy that Scarface was not the man's real name.

Todd asked if they were still friends, but Sam replied that he would need the man's name in order to be friends. When he heard that the man's name was Todd, Sam retorted that his father's name had been Todd, before the bad man had made his father go away. Blair tried to explain that sometimes people had two names, but this man was named Todd, and he was Sam's uncle and Sam's father's brother.

Sam wondered if Todd had treated Victor the way that Jack had always treated Sam. He wasn't very nice all of the time, Sam revealed. Blair quickly assured Sam that sometimes brothers did things to each other. Sam declared that he missed his father. "Do you?" he asked Todd.

Blair and Sam went off to get ready for more trick-or-treating, and Todd amused himself with the decorated pumpkins. He picked them up and talked to each of them. "Wanna make out?" he asked one, pretending it was Blair. "Alas, poor Victor, I knew him well," he said to another one. "I love you, Blair. I always have. I want you back," he said to a third, as he leaned in for a kiss. He decided he couldn't make out with a pumpkin.

Suddenly, the front door flew open. It was Irene, and she was dressed as a witch. "I love you. I want you back," she exclaimed. She taunted Todd about Sam and Blair, and she wondered if everyone would take Todd back into their lives if they knew what he'd done to Victor. Everyone would hate him, Irene advised her son. Todd assured her that no one would find out.

Irene wondered how long happiness would last after Todd informed Blair of his feelings. Irene was certain that Blair would see right through Todd, and he would beg for Irene to return. Todd picked up one of the pumpkins and made a motion as if to throw it at her. "Go back to hell," Todd shouted. Just then, Blair and Sam descended the stairs.

Sheepishly, Todd confessed that he'd only been playing around. Sam was worried that Todd had been about to toss his pumpkin, but Todd assured the little boy that he'd never do that. Todd stuttered and announced that he had changed his mind about going out with them, because he'd made other plans. "Are you all right?" Blair inquired.

Todd found it difficult to talk. He promised Sam that he'd go out with him for Halloween the next year. Todd left the house and stood outside. "Good call, son," Irene stated. "You're better off without her. More time for me," she concluded. Irene disappeared.

Jessica, Bree, and Ford returned to Llanfair after an evening of trick-or-treating. Bree asked her mother if they might go to Natalie's party, but Jessica informed the little girl that the party was for grownups, and it was Bree's bedtime. Viki suggested that Bree show her grandfather the candy she'd received instead, while Viki chatted with Jessica. Ford announced that he'd lost a shoe while putting out a small fire.

Viki thought it would be a good idea if Jessica were to put in an appearance at Natalie's engagement party. "I think Natalie would be really pleased if you came," Viki urged. "I wouldn't be so sure of that," Jessica replied. It was obviously not a happy occasion for her, Jessica reminded her mother. Viki believed that it would be a noble gesture if Jessica were to show up, though she understood why Jessica didn't want to go.

While the women stepped out of the study, Ford did his best to engage Clint in conversation. The more that Ford spoke, the more Clint tried to ignore him. Finally, Clint turned to Ford and told him to shut up. He thought that Ford was clumsy and stupid.

The women realized that it was quiet in the study, and they stepped out to see what was going on. They stopped in the doorway to listen. Ford advised Clint that he was doing his best to try to get along with Clint, but Clint acknowledged that he couldn't forget about the past and the kind of guy that Ford had always been. The men proceeded to tell each other off.

Ford informed Clint that Jessica had accepted him as Ryder's father, and Ford didn't plan on going anywhere. Ford proposed that Clint either accept him or have another heart attack due to the anxiety. Clint would also lose Jessica's respect, Ford added. Ford planned to be nice to Clint in order to make his son proud.

Clint realized that Ford had a point, and he should make an effort to tolerate the young man. Ford extended his hand, and Clint grasped it. The men shook hands firmly. "Will wonders never cease?" Viki gasped.

Jessica advised Bree that she would take her out to one more house, and she advised her daughter to gather her Halloween goodies. In the process, Bree knocked Kim's letter to Clint off of the pile on the table and into her Halloween bag.

When Clint and Viki were alone again, Viki had a question. "So what's next? A cookout with Carlo Hesser?" she asked. "Excuse me?" Clint replied. Viki noted that Clint had extended gestures of peace to Brody, Rex and Ford. "Can David Vickers be far behind?" Viki wondered. She thought that Clint had been rediscovering something within himself, and she hoped it stuck.

Viki suggested that suddenly, things were the way they used to be. Clint thought that things had been simpler in the past, like when Viki wore her wedding veil. He pointed to the veil that was lying across the couch. The couple reminisced about the old days. Clint wondered when Viki might start taking chances again.

"You don't give up, do you?" Viki asked. Clint had been an "arrogant pain in the butt" when they'd first met, Viki recalled. Her husband, Joe, had hired Clint to watch over her. Clint noted that he was still on the job, and it had been a "lifetime appointment." The couple drew closer to each other.

At the engagement party, Roxy wanted everyone to drink her Witches' Brew, but Brody, Natalie, and Shaun were way too scared after Roxy described the aftereffects.

Tina saw Gigi's photo on the mantel, and she informed Cord that the woman was the one who had been standing at the door of Llanfair. Cord thought that Tina might have consumed too much of the Witches' Brew, and it had obviously been some other woman. Gigi was dead, Cord informed his ex-wife.

Tina explained that a young man had also been to the door, and he had been looking for a woman. He'd had a photo of the very same woman, Tina insisted. She had to tell Rex.

"Showtime," Cutter declared as he and the woman who looked like Gigi found themselves standing at Rex's front door. He fixed the woman's costume just as Rex answered the door. Rex inquired whether they were friends of his, or of the bride or groom. The question remained unanswered as Roxy nabbed Rex for some official hosting duties.

Cutter turned to the woman. "Ring any bells?" he asked her after she'd seen Rex. The woman didn't remember anything, though she felt that Rex had been important to her. The couple entered the house, and Cutter left the woman alone briefly. She picked up a Halloween card that was lying on a table, and she opened it up. It was the card that Gigi had sent to Shane, with the recording telling him that she loved him.

"That's my mom," Shane informed the woman when he heard Gigi's voice. He informed the woman that his mother had died, and he thanked her for finding the card. The woman stared at the teenager, but remained silent. Shane identified himself, but the woman hurried off.

Rex was concerned that Roxy had consumed too much of her brew, and he was afraid that she might say something that she shouldn't. Roxy promised that she wouldn't say anything about Natalie and John. "Good. Because my sister is marrying Brody," Rex reminded his mother. "Any reason she wouldn't?" Brody asked as he walked up to the pair.

Rex quickly assured Brody that Natalie was excited to marry him. Roxy started to babble, and Rex lifted her drink up to her mouth to quiet her. Brody proclaimed that he wanted to "make the Balsoms proud," and he wanted Rex to be his best man. Just then, Tina and Cord walked up, and loudly, Tina maintained that best man was Cord's job.

Natalie praised Aubrey for doing such a good job of putting the party together. Natalie warned Aubrey not to do to Rex what she'd done to Joey. "Watch your step," Natalie threatened. "And keep that cheese dip coming. I love it," Natalie added sweetly.

Natalie joined Rex and the others, and Tina scolded Natalie. Tina had been working hard to plan the wedding, and the matter of the best man should have been discussed with her, Tina insisted. Roxy retorted that the choice belonged to Brody, and she and Tina began to argue. Brody apologized for starting the ruckus, and Shaun stepped in to separate Tina and Roxy, as the argument was close to being physical.

Roxy was furious, and she insisted that Brody didn't even know Cord. Tina declared that it was a good time for them to get to acquainted with each other, and she also didn't want to disturb the balance. Tina wouldn't look good walking down the aisle with Rex, Tina maintained. She suggested that Natalie use Jessica instead. "Don't tempt me," Natalie muttered.

Natalie made it known that Brody had asked Rex, and Rex had accepted. Rex stated that he didn't want to cause problems, and he headed over to his son. Shane explained that the unidentified woman had found the card from Gigi, but the woman hadn't said anything to him.

Rex pulled Natalie aside and inquired whether she'd seen the woman who had just arrived. Natalie assumed that the woman was just someone's date.

Cord was angry, and he knew what Tina had been trying to do, Cord declared. He was just glad that she'd been distracted enough not to mention Gigi to Rex. Tina remembered her mission, and she announced that she intended to search for Rex. Cord grabbed Tina's arm and pulled her out of the house.

Brody and Natalie joked about Tina's moves. Natalie knew that her brother would step aside if need be. Jessica thanked Ford for accompanying her and Bree to Rex's party, as they arrived at the house. They rang the bell. Natalie and Brody both answered the door, and they were shocked when they saw who was standing there.

Natalie dumped a bowl full of candy into Bree's bag, claiming it her right as an aunt. Jessica was ready to leave shortly after, though Natalie tried to convince them to stay. Ford looked at Jessica's face and declared that he hadn't been feeling well. Jessica congratulated the engaged couple, and she, Ford, and Bree left. Bree stopped to look into her bag.

"Hey, this isn't a treat," Bree declared when she found the envelope addressed to Clint. "Someone tricked me." She dropped the letter onto the ground. Jessica thanked Ford for rescuing her.

Aubrey encountered Cutter, who was disguised as a mummy, and she began to help him with his disheveled costume. Cutter glanced over at the woman who looked like Gigi, and he saw her run off. Aubrey was still holding part of the costume, and much of Cutter's body was exposed as he ran. "Wait a second. I know those nipples," Aubrey shouted. Cutter ran for the woman, and Aubrey ran after Cutter.

The woman with Gigi's face ran into the stable and removed her mask. She grabbed her face in despair. Cutter found her in the stable, and he gently replaced her mask. The woman noted that the boy she'd been with had been in lots of pain, though Cutter wondered if she had felt like she was a mortal enemy, because she had been one as Stacy.

Cutter thought it was a good time to leave, but Aubrey ran into the stable. She ripped Cutter's mask off. "I knew it. You're going down, Cutter. You and your little friend here," Aubrey exclaimed. She knew it was the woman Cutter had been using in his attempt to extort Rex.

Rex showed up, and he demanded to know why Cutter was at the party. Apparently, Cutter had been trying to continue his extortion attempt, Rex figured. The woman had to be Cutter's accomplice, and the woman Cutter had hoped to pass off as Gigi, Rex supposed.

Rex thought it was time to see what the woman looked like, and he walked towards her in order to remove her mask. Cutter stepped between them and praised Rex for catching onto him. Cutter grabbed the woman's hand. "We're leaving. You caught us," Cutter said. He and the woman walked out. Aubrey advised Rex not to let it ruin his evening. She apologized for not watching out for Cutter sooner.

"Why did Rex say you were trying to pass me off as Gigi?" the woman asked Cutter. "What the hell are you up to?" she inquired.

Rex picked up a feather from the ground. It was a part of the woman's mask.

Cord dragged Tina into the stable. He informed her that he was angry, and he'd wanted to yell at her in private. He demanded to know why Tina had been trying to push him off onto the family. Tina replied that she thought it was a good thing for the family, and that had been the only reason. Cord was sure that she was really trying to get back together with him.

"Would it really be so bad?" Tina asked as she kissed Cord. He pulled away. He couldn't get into it with her again, because it would be trouble, Cord proclaimed. Tina believed that they thrived on trouble, but Cord insisted that only Tina did. He also thought that Tina was a liar.

Cord always saw through her, Tina said. She wanted Cord to look into her eyes and tell her she was lying when she said they belonged together. The couple began to kiss, and they sank to the ground.

Inside the house, Rex announced that he wanted to make a toast. First, he wanted to toast Aubrey for putting together such a great party. Next he wanted to toast Natalie and Brody. He was glad they'd found each other, and he wanted them to always put family first. "Hold tight and don't let go," Rex implored.

Cutter picked up the letter that Bree had dropped. The woman wanted the truth, and Cutter promised to tell her. They had to leave, though, he said. Later, Rex found the woman's mask lying on the ground.

Jessica and Ford returned to Llanfair, and Jessica sent Bree to bed. Jessica thanked Ford for going with her. She still wasn't certain what she would do with the information regarding Liam's paternity. Ford promised to return the shoe that Viki had loaned him. The couple talked about the character in the film The Man With One Red Shoe, whose lover had realized the potential the average man had shown.

Awkwardly, Viki moved away from Clint. She decided to check on her grandsons. Clint cleaned up his pile of mail and wondered where his letter might be. It was gone.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blair looked at the picture from her and Todd's wedding, and Starr caught her. Starr knew that Blair described the day as the happiest day of her life, but Blair told Starr that she couldn't live in a picture. Blair wondered if Tomas actually loved the image of Blair. Starr was surprised to hear Blair say that Tomas had told Blair that he loved her, and wondered what was going on between Blair and Todd.

Starr knew that Todd had visited La Boulaie the night before, but Blair insisted that he'd visited in order to see Starr and Hope in their Halloween costumes. Starr reminded Blair that Todd had kissed Blair, and that Blair had been the one he'd called to take care of him after he'd been shot. Blair remembered how close she and Todd had gotten while in the cabin, and Starr could tell by the look on her mother's face that something had happened.

Starr knew that her parents would always have a connection, and Blair didn't deny it. Blair finally admitted that the night before, it had seemed like Todd had had something to say. However, he'd made up an excuse, and left. Starr knew that her father had probably been afraid of rejection. Blair didn't want to talk about it anymore, so she said that Téa had things of Victor's for the kids, and left to go to Téa's.

Tomas was painting in the living room when Téa entered. She saw that he was painting a portrait of Blair, and wondered why. Tomas claimed that it was like therapy, which prompted Téa to ask what had happened between Tomas and Blair. Tomas revealed that Blair was still furious at him for taking the blame for Irene's murder. Téa said that she'd been packing up Victor's things, and babbled on about giving certain things to certain children. Tomas stopped her, and promised to "be a good brother for once," and help her. They embraced.

A short while later, Tomas opened the front door to Blair, who was there to pick up some of Victor's things. Tomas led her into the living room for the box, and Blair saw the painting of herself. Tomas told her about the subject of his painting, and said that he'd told the woman in the painting how he felt about her, but she hadn't answered him. Blair replied that she felt that she was being pulled in all different directions, but Tomas said that he could wait forever. However, he didn't want what they had to slip away. She said that she had to go, grabbed the box, and left the house. Tomas slammed the table.

Just then, Téa descended the stairs, arguing on the phone. She entered the living room, and told Tomas that Bo wanted to give up the murder investigation because of lack of evidence. She wanted to get in Bo's face, but Tomas told her to let him investigate the murder. "Let me put my ugly past to use," he said. He promised to find Victor's killer.

Later, Starr looked through the contents of the box that Blair had picked up from Téa's. She asked how Téa had been doing, but Blair said that Tomas had given her the box. Starr realized that it was why Blair looked upset. Blair remembered not wanting any more complicated men in her life, but lamented the fact that she had two of them.

Rex arrived in front of the stables, and the keeper told him that the horses were "spooked." Rex grabbed a shotgun, and called out to Cutter, who he assumed had scared the horses. Rex saw a pile of hay move, and pointed his gun at it. He was surprised to see Tina and Cord, unclothed, emerge from the pile. Feeling awkward, Rex left the stable in a hurry.

Tina excitedly wondered who she and Cord would tell that they were back together. Cord clarified that making love didn't necessarily make them a couple again. As the two got dressed, Tina argued, but then became offended that she was good enough for sex, but not for anything more. Tina insisted that she'd changed, and she vowed to prove it to everyone. Cord hadn't observed any change in her, and wondered how he was supposed to trust her again.

Cord wondered why Tina had returned to Llanview. Offended that he thought she'd returned because of money, she insisted that she'd returned to lend support to Viki. She promised to make everyone see that she'd changed, and left.

Rex returned to the house, where Aubrey was clearing out the Halloween decorations. Rex told her that he'd nearly killed Tina and Cord, who he'd assumed had been Cutter in the stable. Aubrey apologized for Cutter's presence at the party. Rex was just glad that they had been able to confront Cutter outside of the party, and that nothing had upset Shane.

Rex found the woman's mask from the previous night. Aubrey offered to get rid of it, but Rex wanted to return it. Aubrey badmouthed Cutter, but then realized that she'd once been as bad as Cutter. Rex didn't think she was as bad as Cutter. A short while later, Aubrey continued to put decorations away. She picked up the mask, and looked at Gigi's picture on the mantel. She said that Gigi was lucky to have had a guy that loved her so much.

As Cutter opened the letter from Kim to Clint, the woman with Gigi's face dreamed about seeing Rex. She dreamed that Rex took her mask off, and was happy to see her. Cutter read the letter aloud, and scoffed at her apologies and explanations. He read out the explanation about Kim's friend in the hospital being Stacy, and was glad to have intercepted the letter before Clint could see it. He thought he'd avoided trouble, but the woman awoke, and told him that he was in trouble.

The woman demanded to know the truth about Cutter's plan, or she threatened to go to Rex. She remembered hearing Aubrey say that Cutter wanted to sell Gigi back to Rex, and accused Cutter of using her. Cutter insisted that his plan would make the woman happy, as well as Rex. She called him a "sleazy, disgusting user," and threw the front door open. He agreed with her, which stopped her from leaving. He reminded her that she needed to go along with his plan, because she had no friends and no money.

The woman wanted to explain her situation to Rex, even though she couldn't remember anything. Cutter had to "take care of something," so he walked towards the door. He didn't want to make her stay against her will, but asked her to stay until he got back. She reluctantly agreed, and said that she had "stuff to figure out" anyway. She thanked him for telling the truth, and told him that the truth was what she would expect from him from then on. Cutter left the room, but didn't see Rex lurking around the corner.

Rex knocked on the door, and told the woman that he'd seen Cutter leave, but knew that she was there. The woman was scared as Rex assured her that he only had some questions for her. After a few minutes, Rex took out a credit card. "You crash my party, I crash yours," he said, and got the door to the motel room open.

Cutter read aloud his letter to Kim "from Clint." Cutter's version of Clint was telling Kim that he couldn't continue contact with her, or help her. Cutter was proud of his handiwork. A mailman was passing by, and Cutter handed the letter to him to be mailed.

Outside Llanfair, Viki asked Todd how things had gone with Blair. He admitted that he hadn't told Blair how he really felt about her, because he felt that it hadn't been the right time. He continued that Sam had scared him out of it. He explained to a confused Viki that Sam was having a hard time, and needed Blair. He went on that Sam needed his father, and blurted out that "I'm the reason his dad's dead."

Todd covered by saying that he was sure that Jack was telling Sam every day that Todd had killed Victor. Viki instructed Todd not to feel guilty for being alive. Todd wanted to change things in his past, but he refused to talk about it with Viki. He countered by trying to talk about Viki's love life with Clint. She insisted that there was nothing between them. Todd made Viki agree to keep quiet about his feelings for Blair, and they shook on it.

Nigel entered the living room at Llanfair, and told Clint that the private investigator had called. He hadn't yet been able to find Kim, but needed more money if Clint wanted him to continue looking. Nigel recommended that Clint stop the investigator. He knew that Kim had only visited Clint in order to get money, and said that, "she's just not that into you." He continued that Clint deserved someone better, and that Clint should just forget about Kim. "You're fired," Clint stated.

A short while later, Nigel reentered the living room with a suitcase. He stated that it had been a privilege and a pleasure to serve the Buchanan family. "I'll bet you a hundred dollars that suitcase is empty," Clint said, and smiled. Clint had thought that Nigel knew Clint better than to think that Clint would fire him. He expected Nigel to tell Clint his real opinion. Nigel hoped Clint would listen to his opinion.

Clint knew that something had been off with Kim, but didn't know whether or not he wanted the investigator to keep looking. Nigel conceded that it was Clint's decision, and warned him that "you might not like what you find."

Later, Nigel returned to the living room with the mail. He handed Kim's letter to Clint. Nigel then went outside to hand Viki and Todd "urgent" letters summoning them to court, and said that there was also one for Tina. Viki opened her letter. "You know what this means?" Todd asked, and Viki nodded.

Tina entered the living room, and Nigel handed her the letter. She badmouthed Clint, saying that he was a worse person than she was. "Well, I've got news for you," she started, but was interrupted when Viki and Todd entered the house. "We have news for you too," Viki said.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rex broke into Cutter's motel room and caught a glimpse of Cutter's female accomplice running into the bathroom. The woman locked the door. Rex announced that he was returning the mask that the woman had dropped at the party the previous evening. He stated that he had no idea who the woman was, but she had to be out of her mind to think that she might be able to pass for Gigi.

His fiancée had been one of a kind, Rex declared. He told the woman about Gigi, as the woman listened through the door. He added that the woman in the bathroom would never measure up to Gigi. The woman remained silent as she listened to Rex speak. Rex urged her to walk out of the bathroom, but she remained motionless. Gigi had had a horrible sister named Stacy who had been a "conniving, vicious little bitch," Rex disclosed.

Cutter met with Rama at Foxy Roxy's and endured a pedicure in order to talk to her. Rama reminded him that they'd had a deal, and she was still waiting for her money. Cutter informed her that he had managed to intercept a letter that Kim had mailed to Clint, and he'd rewritten another one to put in its place.

Rama wondered what would happen if Kim attempted to contact Clint again, but Cutter advised her that he had taken care of things. He'd sent a fake letter to Kim and had signed it with Clint's name. Kim would believe that Clint wanted nothing more to do with her. Cutter was proud of his machinations.

Rama admitted that she felt sorry for Kim, even though she hated her. Kim was in prison for a crime that Cutter had committed, and Rama still didn't have the money that Kim owed her. Cutter revealed that he had a plan, and it was based on his "golden goose." It would be a great money-making opportunity, Cutter shared.

Cutter considered himself to be a genius, and he would get money from Rex, who would pay to see what Cutter had in his possession, Cutter bragged. Just then, Aubrey walked into the salon and demanded to know what Rama and Cutter were talking about. Cutter left quickly. Rama pointed out that Cutter had been a paying customer, so of course they'd spoken to each other. Rama was angry that Cutter had left without giving her a tip.

Aubrey suggested that Cutter be avoided at all costs, especially since he had organized an entirely new scam. She told Rama about Cutter's plan to return Gigi from the dead. Cutter had appeared at Rex's party with a woman in a mask and had pretended it was Gigi, Aubrey summarized. Cutter believed that Rex would convince Clint to hand over the money that Rex had returned to Clint.

Aubrey confessed that Rex was a nice guy who was in mourning, and it wasn't fair for Cutter to be doing what he was doing to Rex. "Are you falling for him, Aubrey?" Rama wondered. Aubrey denied that she had feelings for Rex, and she felt that it was her duty to protect Rex from Cutter.

At Llanfair, Tina was in the midst of telling Clint off. She informed him that he was no different than her, and even with all of his money, he was a greedy man who hurt people. She was interrupted when Todd and Viki walked into the study. Cord appeared also. The three Lord siblings had been summoned to court. Viki explained that Téa had contested Victor's will.

Todd shouted that everything had been stolen from him. "It was mine," Todd proclaimed. Viki attempted to get Todd to promise that he wouldn't get upset in the courtroom, but Todd replied that he couldn't promise such a thing.

After the siblings left, Cord suggested that the hearing would be ugly, especially with both Tina and Todd involved. Clint disclosed that he had received a letter from Kim. He handed it to Cord, who read it out loud. Kim explained that she had met someone else, and she'd fallen in love. Sarcastically, Clint noted that the fellow was probably younger, richer, and not under house arrest. Clint had really thought that Kim had cared for him.

Clint thought it was obvious that Kim had only returned to town for money. "No fool like an old fool," he said. Cord was concerned about his father, but Clint admitted he was okay, and only a little upset. He and Kim hadn't had a serious relationship the second time around. Cord implied that Clint had feelings for Viki, anyway, but Clint angrily advised Cord not to compare Viki and Clint to what was happening between Tina and Cord.

Cord revealed that he'd slept with Tina the previous evening. "Oh, God, no!" Clint exclaimed. Clint accused his son of falling into Tina's trap. Cord quickly absolved Tina of all guilt, and Cord revealed that both he and Tina had been sober. Cord had advised Tina that it had been a mistake, especially because she'd thought it had meant they were back together.

Cord admitted that he couldn't go through life with Tina again. Clint assured his son that he'd done the right thing. Cord noted that Tina had promised to put Cord first and to prove that she was a different person, but he'd heard that before. Maybe she meant it this time, though, Cord thought. He appeared to be having second thoughts. Clint guaranteed Cord that Tina had meant it until the time when she ran into a chance for some money.

Suddenly, Cord was worried. It could be possible that he had been partly to blame over the years for Tina's behavior. He was concerned that maybe no one had ever trusted her, and perhaps Tina had merely lived up to everyone's low expectations of her. "What if I made a mistake?" Cord wondered.

Téa bumped into Nora in the hallway outside the courtroom and asked about Matthew. Nora acknowledged that her son's condition was the same, and she appreciated Téa's asking about him. Téa revealed that she was due in court regarding matters related to Victor. Téa also confessed that because the police had been unsuccessful, Tomas had decided to mount his own investigation into the identity of Victor's killer.

"We know that it wasn't Todd," Téa added. Nora replied that it hadn't been proven yet, but Téa stated that she was aware of Nora's history with Todd. Nora insisted that the history had nothing to do with the fact that she was pursuing Todd as the suspect. Nora added that while there was no evidence, it didn't mean that Todd didn't kill Victor.

Todd, Viki and Tina arrived. Téa apologized to Todd in the event that he'd heard part of the conversation. "Nora's gonna eat her words," Téa declared. "What does that mean?" Todd asked. The group entered the courtroom. The judge called the session to order and announced that he'd read Téa's brief and had considered all the circumstances.

Téa's motion was denied, the judge disclosed. Victor's will had been valid, and everything was going to Irene. The judge explained that Victor Senior's will had gone to an unspecified male heir, so Victor Junior had been equally entitled to the inheritance. Victor Junior's will was legal, as well, because at the time it had been written, Victor had been known as Todd.

Tina jumped up and shouted that Irene was dead, and she asked what would happen to the money. The judge ordered her to sit down. He disclosed that Irene's will left everything to one person. "I object," Tina stood and shouted again. The judge advised her that she couldn't object, but Tina continued to talk. She spoke of her mother's abandonment and rejection.

Tina thought that in the name of justice, Irene's will should be thrown out. Again, the judge ordered her to sit down. He revealed that Irene had left everything to Tina. "What did you say?" Tina asked. The judge repeated it. "That seems fair," Tina agreed. Her mother had liked and cared for her, after all, Tina gushed.

Todd thought the entire thing was crazy, especially because everything had been his. "Things change, Todd," Tina advised her brother. Viki didn't think it was fair, but Tina disagreed. She'd been thrown away, and she'd never had anything, Tina insisted.

Tina thought how exciting it would be if she ran the newspaper. She would be able to prove herself. "Tina Lord Roberts is finally gonna get everything that's coming to her," Tina proclaimed. Viki didn't think it was right that no one else would be getting any money, especially Todd's children.

Tina agreed that she was selfish and greedy. Everyone had thought that her entire life. "I might as well just be that way," Tina added. She thought about a conversation she'd had with Cord. He'd told her that he had always felt as though he was the one left in a difficult position every time that Tina went through all of her exploits.

Todd was exasperated. He should have realized that Tina hadn't changed. Tina flashed back again to her conversation with Cord. She'd stated that she would prove that she belonged with Cord, because Cord had made her a better person. Tina spoke up and told Todd he was wrong.

"Your Honor, I don't want the money. I want to give it all to my brother," Tina called out. The judge was astonished and asked whether Tina really meant everything. Tina asked if she could refuse the money. Téa quickly assured Tina that she could, and it would all go to Todd. "Are you serious?" Todd asked.

Tina insisted it was the right thing to do, because it rightfully belonged to Todd. The judge made it official and stated that all would go to Todd. "Wow," Viki said. Tina assured her sister that she knew what she was doing, and Viki said that she was proud of Tina. Todd was close to tears. He admitted how unexpected the whole thing was.

"You're welcome," Tina said as she gently touched her brother's face. Todd leaned over to Téa and suggested that they get Tina to sign papers as soon as possible, before Tina changed her mind. Todd was all smiles. Téa congratulated him. Todd promised to take care of Dani and Téa, but Téa assured him they were fine. Téa stated that she was only interested in one thing, and that was to find Victor's killer. She believed that Tomas would find that person.

Tomas paid a visit to Blair and announced his new mission to find Victor's killer. He was actually there to speak to Jack, because Jack had been at the scene of the crime, Tomas said. Blair reminded him that Jack hadn't seen anything, though Jack was still convinced that Todd was the correct suspect. "What if Jack's right?" Tomas inquired. Blair frowned.

Tomas explained that he had to start somewhere. Todd had been wandering in the rain the night of the murder and had no alibi. Also, Todd had threatened Victor's life, and the gun that had been used was missing. Blair reminded Tomas that Irene had thrown the gun into the river. Tomas suggested that they only had Todd's word for that as well as everything else.

Blair noted that Irene had been evil, but Tomas felt that Todd could have been capable of murdering Victor. After all, Todd had killed Irene, Tomas recalled. Blair reminded him that Irene had shot first, and she wondered what had happened to all of Tomas' guilt over Todd. She accused Tomas of trying to find Todd guilty, because Tomas thought that Blair had feelings for Todd. Tomas assured Blair that the world didn't revolve around Blair.

Tomas insisted that his quest wasn't about Blair, and he had no agenda. He merely wanted to help his sister to find her husband's killer. Blair admitted that she'd overreacted, and she thought it was a good thing that Tomas was doing for his sister. She was still certain that Todd wasn't the killer.

In that case, Tomas wanted to have dinner with Blair, he suggested. She laughed and noted that the two things weren't connected. Tomas wanted her help in searching for other suspects. "Deal," Blair replied. She held out her hand, and the two shook on it.

Nora saw Destiny sitting in a booth at the diner. Destiny explained that she had been trying to write her college essay. In order to persuade a college to choose her, she had to write about who she was, Destiny clarified. Destiny couldn't imagine what to write as an unwed teen mother, and she was discouraged. Nora looked at the blank laptop screen.

Nora thought that Destiny probably had lots to write about, but Destiny revealed that all she thought about was the baby. She couldn't write about any extracurricular activities, because she planned on giving those up soon, the teen added. Destiny didn't think that she could go to college and take care of a baby at the same time anyway. Destiny thought she should just forget about college.

Nora refused to listen and advised Destiny that not going to college was not an option. "Don't give up your future please," Nora pleaded. She thought that Destiny should work to inspire the baby instead. Nora offered to help Destiny with her essay, as she would have helped Matthew. Destiny agreed to take Nora up on her offer, and Nora was thrilled.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Cutter yelled as he strode into his motel room and saw Rex. Cutter shoved Rex towards the door. Rex declared that he'd wanted to see the woman, but Cutter reminded him that he had to pay first. Rex was certain that it couldn't be Gigi, because if it were, she would have emerged from the bathroom at the sound of Rex's voice. "Go to hell," Rex shouted as he left. "Same to you," Cutter yelled back.

Cutter apologized to the woman. He hadn't known that Rex would show up. The woman was angry. Rex had gone on about how great Gigi had been, as well as how awful Stacy had been. "It all sounded familiar," the woman admitted, but she still didn't remember anything. "He can be all yours as soon as he pays," Cutter assured the woman.

"I'm out," the woman declared. She refused to go along with Cutter's plan. Cutter begged her not to leave, but the woman insisted that she couldn't hurt Rex. She wasn't Gigi, and Rex had been hurt enough. She was determined to undo all of the plastic surgery that she'd had in order to look like Gigi. She wanted to look like the old Stacy again.

Suddenly, Cord was desperate to find Tina. He'd failed her miserably. He picked up his coat and headed to the door, but at that moment, Viki and Tina walked in. Cord apologized to Tina for being an idiot. He should have given her a chance. Viki announced that Tina had already proven that she'd changed.

"This is your lucky day," Viki advised Cord as she proceeded to tell him and Clint what had happened in the courtroom. "All I ever wanted was you," Tina told Cord. He leaned over and kissed her. Viki broke into a smile, though Clint was not happy.

Rama asked Aubrey if she were trying to exchange one Buchanan for another. Aubrey pointed out that Rex had nothing, and was just "plain old Rex." Rama reminded her that Rex still had the house, but Aubrey again insisted that there was nothing between her and Rex. Just then, Rex entered the salon.

Rex was looking for Roxy, who wasn't there. He revealed that he'd confronted the mystery woman in Cutter's motel room, but she'd remained hidden in the bathroom. He had gone on about Gigi. Aubrey hugged him to comfort him, and Rama smiled.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tina walked down the stairs with Natalie's wedding dress. She told Viki how excited she was to see Natalie in the dress. Viki said that she never thought she'd see the day when Tina would give up millions of dollars, and be happy about it. Tina replied that Todd deserved the money, and that as long as she had Cord, all was right with the world.

The sisters exited the house and found Ford holding Ryder. Viki directed him inside the house to see Jessica. Tina related that Ford and Jessica would have good-looking kids, but Viki assured her that there was nothing between Ford and Jessica. Tina suggested that babies had a way of drawing people together, just like Liam had done for Natalie and Brody.

Jessica sat in the living room, reading, until she noticed David Vickers staring at her. "Don't give me that look," she said. She continued that the dog had been the one to drag Jessica into the situation she found herself in. She wondered what she was supposed to, as David Vickers sat down on the paternity test results. Jessica grabbed it away, and David Vickers barked just as Ford entered with Ryder.

Jessica told Ford that she was dogsitting until Tina returned from wedding preparations. Ford reminded her that she only had another day to decide what to do about the paternity results. Ford recapped the fun day he'd had with Ryder the day before, and Jessica suddenly became melancholy. She realized that she had to tell Natalie the truth. Ford wondered what had changed her mind. "You and Ryder," she replied.

Ford apologized for guilt-tripping her, but Jessica insisted that he hadn't. She related that she'd been very angry at Clint for almost keeping the real identity of Ryder's father hidden, but she was technically doing the same to Natalie. She felt that she didn't have a right to tell John or Brody, but she needed to tell Natalie.

John was walking up to the diner when his phone rang. On the phone, John told Roxy that he was close to having her number blocked. Roxy reminded John that he only had a day left to tell Natalie how he really felt about her. He didn't want to, but Roxy related that she couldn't either. She was telling John to "seize the damn diem, John!" when Natalie entered the salon. Roxy abruptly hung up, but Natalie wondered what Roxy had been saying to John.

Just then, Viki and Tina entered, and the women talked about Natalie's dress. Tina told Natalie about the time she'd "almost married the wrong man." She'd loved Max, but had said Cord's name in her vows by accident. Clearly frightened, Natalie yelled at Tina to be quiet, and stormed out of the salon. Viki followed Natalie outside.

Natalie insisted that she was all right, but Viki didn't believe her. Viki realized that Tina's story about Cord and Max had made Natalie think about John and Brody. "I love Brody," Natalie insisted. Viki told Natalie that her love for Brody didn't mean that Natalie couldn't love John as well. "Is Brody my Max Holden?" Natalie asked. Viki told Natalie that, just because John had said that he no longer loved Natalie, didn't mean that it was how he felt.

Roxy and Tina were talking about Max, and the similarities between him and Brody, when Natalie and Viki returned. Natalie apologized for blowing up at Tina, because she appreciated all of Tina's hard work. Tina understood, but Roxy didn't think it made up for Tina's involvement in Natalie being locked in the basement. Appalled, Viki quickly changed the subject, and told Natalie to try her dress on.

A short while later, Natalie emerged from a dressing room in her dress. Tina and Viki remarked on how good she looked in the dress. Roxy liked the dress, but said that she also liked the dress that Natalie had worn to her wedding to John. Viki shook her head and walked away. Tina told Natalie to practice her vows, and repeated Brody's name to Natalie. Roxy said that she had business to take care of, so she left Natalie all alone in the salon.

At the diner, Destiny ordered a burger for breakfast. Marcie walked by and remarked that she knew a pregnancy diet, but was shocked to see that the pregnant woman was Destiny. Marcie wondered if Destiny was excited, but Destiny said that she was scared to death. Marcie admitted that labor was hard, but it was all worth it. Marcie gave Destiny a hug, and Destiny said hello to an entering John as she left.

John sat down with Marcie, and wondered if she and Michael planned on leaving without saying goodbye. Marcie said that Michael had told her about what Roxy had said. Marcie believed that John needed to tell Natalie how he felt about her. She continued that John had an entire day before the wedding to tell Natalie, or she knew that John would regret it for the rest of his life if he kept quiet. John insisted that he lived life with no regrets.

Marcie believed that John could have loved Liam enough to make things work with Natalie. John replied that Natalie had lied to him. Marcie told him that Michael had lied to her about keeping Sam years before, but they had gotten past it. John said that Natalie was marrying someone else the next day, so he'd taken the hint. "Could you live with yourself knowing that you didn't try to get Natalie back?" Marcie wondered.

"Don't you have a plane to catch?" John joked. He handed Marcie a baby-sized Phillies shirt. Marcie thanked him, and told him to visit Seattle soon. She reminded him that she would always be there for him, and suggested that he take Natalie along to visit Seattle with him. He hugged her, and told her to take care of herself, and she left.

Roxy entered the diner, and John threatened to get a restraining order against her. "Like you'd be the first," she replied. Roxy advised John that Natalie was alone in the salon, so he could make his move.

Natalie looked in the mirror, and practiced her vows: "I, Natalie take thee..." she stammered. She repeated it again, stopping before a name. "I, Natalie take thee...John?" she said, seeing John's reflection in the mirror behind her.

As Dani ate breakfast, she wondered what would happen to her and Téa since Todd had gotten all of Victor's money and belongings. As she babbled on, she realized that her mother wasn't listening, so she threw a French toast stick at Téa. Téa admitted that she had other things on her mind, and insisted that they would be all right. She knew that Dani's well-being was the most important thing to Todd.

Téa advised Dani to stop listening to what Jack had to say about Todd. She pleaded with Dani to go easier on Todd than she had on Victor. Noticing that her mother looked under the weather, Dani wondered what was wrong. Téa thought that it was just her grief catching up with her, so she'd decided to work from home. Téa apologized for pressuring Dani into giving Todd a chance. Dani wondered if finding out who'd killed Victor would really help the grieving process. Téa thought so, and told Dani that Tomas was starting his own investigation.

A short while later, Téa let Destiny into the house. In the living room, Destiny and Dani talked about Destiny's pregnancy, and Téa listened, wide-eyed. The two girls had to leave for school, so Dani handed Téa her breakfast plate, and the girls left. Téa dropped the plate, and ran up the stairs, retching. Shortly after, Téa held a cold compress to her forehead. She looked at a calendar on her phone, and her face fell. "Oh, my God, could I be pregnant?" she wondered.

Vimal entered the offices of the Sun, and someone bumped into him. He started to yell at the person, until he realized that it was his sister, Neela. He hugged her, and wondered why their parents hadn't told him that she was visiting. She revealed that she was there to live with him and Rama. He wondered if their parents knew that she was there, and she insisted that they'd sent her.

Suspicious, Vimal offered to call their parents to let them know that Neela had made it safely, but she insisted that she'd called them from the airport. She begged Vimal not to call them, and he realized that their parents didn't know that Neela was there. Neela admitted that she was there in order to escape an arranged marriage. She described the American boy of her dreams, and begged Vimal to let her stay. He offered to work something out with her once she turned eighteen, but that didn't satisfy her. He wanted to figure out the easiest way to get Neela home.

Jack entered Todd's office at the Sun, and found Todd sitting at the desk. Jack couldn't believe that Todd was there, so Todd reminded Jack that Todd owned the newspaper. Jack thought that Todd was lying, so Todd showed Jack the papers, which Jack threw across the room. "Go to hell," he said, and turned to leave.

Todd stopped Jack from leaving, and complimented him on the headlines he'd written while running the paper. He continued that he needed a youthful presence around, and asked Jack to continue to work on the paper. "You think I wanna work with the bastard who killed my father?" Jack spat. Todd reminded him that the charges had been dropped, but Jack still believed that Todd had killed Victor.

Todd begged Jack for a chance to make things up to him, and to get to know him. Jack demanded Todd to look him in the eye, and say that he hadn't killed Jack's father. Todd looked into Jack's eyes, and swore that, "I didn't kill your father." Jack didn't believe him, and stormed from the office.

Outside of the office, Jack pressed the button for the elevator. He heard someone crying, looked around, and saw Neela. He asked if she was all right. "Oh, my God, it's you!" she said happily, to a confused Jack.

A short while later, someone got off the elevator at the Sun office. The individual walked into Todd's office, and found Todd. "You," Todd said, surprised.

Friday, November 4, 2011

At Llanfair, Ford asked Jessica if she wanted him to accompany her when she told Natalie about the paternity test, but Jessica requested that Bobby watch David Vickers instead. Jessica then noticed that the paternity test results document was missing. David Vickers sat unseen on the document in the lobby. Jessica claimed that she needed the document to show Natalie when Jessica told her the truth. Once Jessica realized that David Vickers had taken the document, she looked in the dog carrier but found it empty.

As Bobby and Jessica looked for David Vickers, Ford shouted that he had treats, and David Vickers ran out to greet them. After Jessica demanded that David Vickers take them to the paper, Ford exclaimed, "All right, what's it gonna be, Vickers, huh? You gonna take us to that test, or you gonna become a toilet brush with legs?" Jessica slapped Bobby on the arm and cried that his remarks were a little harsh. Bobby then demanded that David Vickers sit, and she did.

Once David Vickers gave Jessica and Bobby an uneventful tour of the house, Jessica pleaded again with the dog. Jessica insisted that she understood and added, "Listen, sweetie, I know how it is, okay? I've been there. You make one little mistake, and you try to cover up, and the whole thing snowballs. And pretty soon, you're eating out of garbage cans, and you're fighting with the neighbor's cat, living a life of crime, okay? But it doesn't have to be like that. We can make sure that you don't do hard time."

Ford joked that David Vickers should be put in a kennel on top of Llantano Mountain with a shock collar. Bobby then told the dog to cough up the paternity test and threatened to pump her stomach. Jessica, however, refused to let Ford do that and felt that it all might have been a sign for her not to disclose the secret to Natalie. Yet, Ford could not believe that Jessica would not tell Natalie before Natalie married Brody.

Bobby suggested that Jessica just tell Natalie that there was a test and then let Natalie take it from there. When Ford asked if he should escort Jessica for backup, Jessica refused but thanked Bobby for making her laugh, and for making David Vickers sit. After Bobby said that he would stay with Ryder, Jessica remembered that she had once thought of Ford as the baby daddy from hell, but she realized that Bobby was actually a good friend.

After Jessica left, David Vickers jumped up on Ford's lap, and Bobby began to pet her. Bobby commented that thanks to David Vickers, Jessica had to face her sister with the truth and with no evidence to back her up. However, Ford believed that Jessica would be able to handle it, because she had been through worse and had survived it. Bobby admitted to the dog that Jessica was not Tess, but that Jessica was okay.

In the Sun hall, as Jack waited for the elevator, he saw Vimal's sister, Neela, who asked Jack to take her with him. Just as they left, Vimal ran into the hall in the search for his sister. Neela thanked Jack, who said that he wanted to get away from Scarface, and that he refused to let Todd be his dad. Vimal continued to search for Neela in the lobby and feared that she had been abducted.

In his office at the Sun, Todd looked surprised, as Louie from the docks walked into the room. Todd declared that he had thought that Louie was dead, because his mother had told him that, and Louie laughed when he realized that Irene had hired the goons. Vimal ran into Todd's office and asked if Todd had seen Vimal's sister. Todd snapped that he had not seen Vimal's sister, and as Vimal left the office, he noted that he could see the family resemblance between Todd and Victor.

At Foxy Roxy's, Natalie stood in front of a full-length mirror in her wedding dress and kept trying to say the first part of her vows. Natalie practiced, "I, Natalie, take you...John," when she saw John in the mirror. John complimented Natalie on her dress and mentioned that he had liked her other wedding dress also. John indicated that he had something personal to tell Natalie, just as Rama ran in. When she saw John, Rama gave an excuse and left the room. Vimal then called Rama and told her that he needed her help. Rama ran out of the salon.

John then tried to continue with what he had wanted to say, when his phone beeped. John looked at his message from Roxy that read, "Have you told Natty you love her yet?" Immediately afterward, John received another text from Marcie, "Told her yet?" Natalie thought that John should leave to take care of business, but John insisted that it was not business; it was personal. John claimed that he wanted to tell Natalie how he felt, just as Brody walked in.

Natalie screamed when she realized that she was in her wedding dress, and ran out of the room. Brody hinted to John that whatever had been happening between John and Natalie should stop, because it had looked intense. Brody warned that after the wedding, all of the personal stuff would not happen anymore. Natalie then returned in her street clothes, and John announced that he had to leave.

John wished Brody and Natalie a good wedding and a good life. As John tried to leave, Natalie stopped him and indicated that she felt liked John had just dismissed her. When John clarified that he had meant that he wished them the best, Natalie stressed that she and Brody loved each other, so they would have the best. John left the salon.

Natalie asked Brody if he and John had gotten into fight, but Brody denied it. Brody claimed that they had just cleared some things up. Brody then explained that he had just stopped by to see if Natalie needed anything, and he swore that he had not seen Natalie in her wedding dress. Natalie announced that she needed to get back into the dress, so Brody said that he would leave.

Brody exclaimed that after the wedding, it would be Brody, Natalie, and Liam as a family, just as Jessica walked in. Jessica claimed that she did not mean to interrupt, and Brody stated that he would leave. After he left, Jessica insisted that she and Natalie had to talk, and that it could not wait.

Rama joined Vimal at the Sun, and Vimal updated Rama on Neela's escape from his parents, because of the arranged engagement. Vimal worried that Neela had left the Sun without her suitcase, and Rama sympathized with Vimal's sister. Vimal feared that his parents would kill him if he did not find Neela. However, Rama felt sorry for Neela, because Neela had been promised to a man that Neela disliked.

Vimal stressed that they needed to find Neela and put her on the next plane to Mumbai, yet, Rama believed that Neela should not be forced to marry Raajeev. Vimal could not believe that Rama wanted Neela to move to Llanview and date some American boy, but Rama insisted that it should be Neela's choice. Rama explained that it would be scary to be promised off to someone unknown and immediately stopped talking.

Vimal then realized that Rama had been frightened when she had been promised to him, however, Rama pointed out that they had chosen each other the second time around. Rama insisted that she was happy and lucky to be married to Vimal. After Vimal checked his messages but did not find any, Rama felt that Neela had not been taken, and that she was around somewhere close. Vimal feared that "some American pop star drove by and threw her in the back of his limousine," but Rama reminded Vimal that they lived in Llanview, not Bollywood.

On the docks, Jack told Neela that he and Todd would never bond, and that Todd had asked him to work at the Sun. Jack declared that he could not accept Todd, and Neela exclaimed that she should not be expected to accept the frog either. Neela explained that her parents were forcing her to marry Raajeev, the hideous creature that she could never love. Neela added that she had escaped her parents to live with her brother in Llanview.

Jack said that Neela should tell her parents to "shove it," and Neela liked the expression, "shove it." However, Neela sadly stated that her father had given his word, which was binding. Neela cried that it had been horrible, which was why she had run away. Jack speculated that he should consider running to get away from Scarface, who had killed his father. When Neela asked why Scarface was not in jail, Jack claimed that everyone made excuses for Todd.

Jack expressed that Scarface had taken all of his dad's stuff, and that Jack could not let him take everything. Jack threatened that he would make Todd pay. Neela cried that she would be unable to return to her country, or even to return to get her clothes from her brother, just as they heard Vimal and Rama calling for her.

At the Manning estate, Téa sat on the staircase and feared that Victor had left her pregnant. Téa then remembered their last time together. Téa tried to convince herself that she was just upset and stressed, and that she was not pregnant, when Tomas arrived. Tomas realized that Téa was stressed and thought that she would be able to rest, once Victor's killer had been found.

Tomas asked if it helped Téa to talk to Victor, and Téa joked that she actually did most of the talking. Tomas insisted that he would investigate the case into the ground and revealed that he had already upset Blair by starting with Todd as a suspect. Tomas claimed that he was working on a timeline, looking at anyone who could be a suspect, and also looking at where each one was at the time.

Tomas pointed out that the police had not discovered anything by doing those very same things, and Téa insisted that she wanted Tomas to remain on the case. When Téa mentioned that she was in a weird mood, Tomas kissed her on the head and told her to relax, before he walked out. Téa noted to herself that she needed to run one quick errand. Later, Téa carried in a home pregnancy test. After taking the test, she commented that she would know in two minutes and wondered how she would raise Victor's baby without Victor.

Back in Todd's office at the Sun, Louie explained his disappearance to Todd and said that he had hit the water, splashed around for a minute, and did the dead man's float to get away from Irene's goons. Louie also admitted that he had worn the bulletproof vest to stay warm. Louie remarked that he had once saved Todd's life, and Todd had saved Louie's.

Louie noted that Todd had done what he had needed to do to get his life back, just as Todd had said he would. Louie revealed that he had laid low after the goons' attack, and Todd claimed that even the cops had not been able to find Louie. When Todd stated that the cops could not find the gun either, Louie expressed that was because he still had the gun and showed it to Todd.

Louie explained that he had still carried the gun when he had gone into the water, and that he had intended on turning it into the cops for money. Louie added that since the gun was clean, he could still turn it in. Todd threw 100 dollars on his desk to take it off Louie's hands. When Louie hesitated, Todd threw out more money.

Todd exclaimed that Louie could take the money, and that Todd could take the gun, because Todd had borrowed the gun from a lady who wanted it back. Louie then remembered seeing Todd on the docks, holding the gun like it was a rattlesnake, and wondered if Todd had killed the guy who had taken his life. Todd yelled, "You think I shot my own brother and then gave you the gun and told you to bring it to the police?" When Louie responded, "Oh, I don't know what to think. You were rattled," Todd cried, "Louie, I'm a lot of things, but I'm not that stupid."

Relieved, Louie stated, "Well, good. I'll take this to McBain, and then he can clear his books, and then he can give it back to the owner." Todd blared, "I don't know. I...I mean, look, I've...I've already been arrested once, and the LPD, they, they, they, they love to lock me up," and Louie observed, "Then this gun should clear you." Todd expressed, "I don't want there to be any misunderstanding. Will you give me the gun?" Todd then demanded, "Louie, give me the gun." Louie replied, "Don't think I can," as Tomas walked in.

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