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by Dawn
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Roxy was devastated that her favorite soap opera Fraternity Row was being cancelled and took action to save it. Sound familiar? Also, Clint and Viki fought, and Gigi is Gigi!

As hard as it is to believe, One Life to Live only has five weeks left on ABC, and events on the show are starting to reflect that, especially the story that started last week surrounding the cancellation of Fraternity Row. Soap operas are often criticized for being too farfetched, however, this story is all too real and resonated with many soap fans.

I wasn't watching One Life to Live when Fraternity Row was a part of the show in the past, but I still love the use of its history. It also served another, and perhaps greater, purpose, as it was cancelled, devastating some characters in Llanview. Soap opera viewers were represented and given a voice, as characters reacted to the news of Fraternity Row being cancelled. I enjoyed it but was also saddened because it hit very close to home!

Roxy represented the diehard soap opera fan that couldn't fathom the possibility of Fraternity Row being cancelled because it was "an institution." However, when she saw the magazine cover and saw that the show had been cancelled, she was crushed. Considering that I write a column for a soap opera web site, I can't imagine learning about a soap opera's cancellation in a printed magazine, but there are many soap opera fans that don't go on the Internet, so I liked that they had her find out that way.

Just like many diehard soap opera fans, Roxy wanted to take immediate action to save her favorite soap opera. However, she found that it wouldn't be easy, as she went to Clint for help. He had money and a big company that could save the show, so it seemed like an easy solution. The only problem was that Clint wasn't interested because the time for the show to end had come, and it wouldn't make good business sense. Sound familiar? I love that the show acknowledged Clint's (and a famous former talk show host's) rejection of soap operas by having Nigel tell Clint that simply saying "No, thank you," would have been sufficient.

Roxy also discovered that not everyone was as upset about the cancellation as she was. Rama and Natalie felt that it was just a show, and John couldn't have been less interested than he was. We also saw that people were watching the show but didn't want to admit it, such as Clint. Viki and Clint reminisced about how the show had been a part of their lives as they raised their children and had fond memories of it, especially since Megan and Viki had been a part of it. Overall, the writers did a great job of including several different perspectives on what a soap opera was, and what it meant for it to be cancelled. For some, it wasn't just a show, and the characters were more than fictional people; they were friends and family.

Roxy might not have a lot of help, but she is determined to save the show, and I hope she does. Real-life soap opera fans have been through a lot this year, so watching even a soap opera character be successful in saving a soap would be an optimistic way to end the show, and we can all use some of that! The wonderful Ilene Kristen did a terrific job of portraying a devastated soap opera fan, and I am glad Roxy has such a big story to end the show!

Clint and Viki bonding over Fraternity Row was short-lived, as Clint made a huge blunder after kissing Viki. He brought up his ex-wife's absence as proof that he and Viki could finally be together. Clint should know better. He also never refuted Viki's claims that he still had feelings for Kim, so while she might have overreacted, given her history with Clint, she also wasn't wrong. I personally don't see how Clint and Kim would work now. I surprisingly liked them when they first got together, but things have changed since then. Clint is on good terms with his family, and he isn't lonely anymore. I think their time has passed, and I still think Clint and Viki will end up back together by the end, or they'll at least be headed in that direction.

I think Noelle and Nigel might be the smartest people in Llanview. They counseled Viki and Clint on their situation well, and I hope Viki and Clint take their advice. I guess that's why we don't see Noelle or Nigel that often; they are too level-headed to have a lot of drama! It was great to see Noelle after an extended absence, and I have enjoyed seeing Nigel more often in the last few weeks. While neither is a major character, I am always happy to see when they are on the show.

It looks like all roads lead to Paris, as Viki, Noelle, Rex, and Shane are all headed there for a pie contest. It's funny that so many characters are traveling hundreds of miles for this event, but Paris, Texas, has close ties to Llanview. They will all be in for a big surprise when they discover Gigi is working at the Bon Jour Café, just as she was when we first saw her.

I am glad that we finally know that Gigi is Gigi. Of course, Gigi doesn't know that, and Cutter isn't in a rush to tell her, and apparently, neither was her doctor. To make things even more complicated, Rex knows that Stacy had plastic surgery to look like Gigi, so when he sees Gigi in Paris, he will assume it's Stacy. That should be awkward! This story has taken the long, roundabout way to get where it's going, and it's certainly asked us to accept many ridiculous plot twists, but I bet Rex and Gigi's ultimate reunion will be worth the wait. I liked them as a couple, and I will be happy to see them back together again!

I feel bad for Shane, as Rex is focusing on finding Gigi, though. He has been left on his own to cope with Gigi's death, and while Rex claims he will focus on Shane, he doesn't actually do it. It's not hard to see why Shane has decided to take matters into his own hands. I understand that he wants justice for Gigi and wants to see Jack pay for his crimes, but I don't like his plan. Neela seemed far too nervous for the task, and he shouldn't have asked her to do it in the first place. She's new to everything and everyone in Llanview, and it's not fair to put her in that position.

I would love to see Jack be held accountable for his crimes before the show ends, but it doesn't seem likely. As for Shane, I hope Rex realizes that Shane has gone to a dark place and that he needs attention. Shane has been through a lot this year, and I don't want to see things get any worse.

I still don't have any interest in this story with Rick and Starr. It's taking up precious airtime, and it feels like a summer filler story. Austin Peck does a great job of playing a sleazy character, but I don't like seeing time be spent on him or this story. It doesn't make sense for a wealthy character like Starr to feel like she has to work with Rick. I hope this story is wrapped up quickly or that a lot of it plays out off-screen. It's just not working as the clock winds down!

Then we have the situation with Blair, Tomas, and Todd. I don't believe that Blair's sudden undying love for Tomas is real. I just don't. She's only interested in him because he's the anti-Todd of the moment, and she basically told Todd as much on Friday. Even if Todd hadn't manipulated the situation to get Tomas out of the picture, I doubt she would have stayed with him long anyway. He's not Todd, and she always goes back to him eventually. It might be a long time before it happens this time, though, since Todd's plan is set to backfire. It's only a matter of time before what Todd did to Tomas is revealed.

As for who killed Victor, I still don't think it was Todd. It's just too obvious. I still think it will end up being someone we've never seen before who was sent by Irene. It's turned into a boring murder mystery overall, which usually happens then stories like these are dragged out like this. I almost don't care if we find out who shot Victor. He's probably not dead anyway!

Finally, I want to thank everyone for the kind messages I've received in the last few weeks. I am grateful to all of my readers, some of whom have been with me from the start. I am happy that I have the privilege of writing about the show's last weeks, but it's hard to do at the same time. That being said, I hope you will all continue reading Two Scoops as we pay tribute to One Life to Live. There will be some very special guests writing columns after the show ends, and I can't wait to see what they will have to say. Stay tuned!

Until next time,

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