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Love can make you giddy, like Jeffrey and Destiny, or result in you punching the doorman to a nightclub, like Clint. And, as Todd and Blair learned, your fortunes can change in an instant. However you feel about love, unlike David and Playboy Magazine, we know you read for the articles. So, jump into this week's Two Scoops.

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David told Jack that women are fickle. The events in Llanview this week prove that it's not women but love itself that's fickle. Jeffrey and Destiny may very well be on their way to finding love with each other while Dani seems to think she has the potential of finding love with Arturo. David and Dorian, as well as Clint and Vicki, are continuing to struggle through relationships that look to be sinking fast. And Blair and Todd just found love with each other again only to have life throw a seemingly insurmountable obstacle in their way.

Love in the Air
Arturo's speech to Dani about beautiful people having a responsibility to their beauty -- that was majorly creepy, right? It wasn't just me? I know I use the word creepy in relation to Arturo a lot, but I firmly believe he deserves it. Paolo Seganti is playing this role to perfection. Arturo has an undercurrent of sleaziness that makes me uncomfortable as a viewer, but he's also got such charm and charisma on the surface that it's easy to see why Dani is drawn to him.

When Jeffrey commented that Dani looked like she was working out some daddy issues, I said to my computer, "This is why you are a reporter, you handsome and observant man." It's so very true. I appreciate the show acknowledging that part of the reason Dani is susceptible to Arturo is her messed up relationship with Todd. Dani talked to Arturo about Todd not paying any real attention to her and throwing money at her to compensate for it. In contrast, there's Arturo who's willing to spend money on her, hang on her every word, rely on her for support and offer support of his own, and show her affection.

It sounds like a dream come true, and I can see why Dani might think it is, but all of Arturo's moves with Dani seem so very calculated. Everything from the diamond earrings to the way he stopped her when she went in for a kiss to thank him for them and told her that wasn't how he wanted a kiss to happen between them seems carefully crafted to draw Dani closer to him.

Matthew and Jeffrey share my worries about Arturo, but they -- especially Matthew -- express it in such a confrontational way that it's making Dani want to be with Arturo all the more just to prove them wrong. At this point, I worry about Dani increasingly distancing herself from her friends and depending more and more on Arturo.

All my worries aside, I'm growing to love the story potential in this relationship. Kelley Missal has grown so much as an actress, and she deserves a storyline like this that she can sink her teeth into. You may have also noticed how I adore Dani and Téa together, so I'm anxiously anticipating the inevitable confrontation when Téa figures out what's happening between Arturo and Dani. If Dani thought Matthew was on her case about the relationship, wait until Téa has her say. Arturo, if I were you, I'd be scared.

On to a pairing I love without reservation: did you squeal at your computer/iPhone/iPad/viewing device of choice when Jeffrey and Destiny kissed? I did! I love the slow build the show has done with these two and delighted in seeing them finally give in to the romantic tension that's been building between them.

I have to admit that I loved Shenell Edmonds so much that I was extremely resistant to the recast Destiny at first. I do think of this online version of Destiny as almost a totally different character, but Laura Harrier plays her with such charm that I've been completely won over by her.

That charm is especially evident when she's with Jeffrey. She plays so many of their scenes with just a little hesitation mixed with barely concealed giddy excitement like she can't believe how much she likes him. Corbin Bleu plays Jeffrey's attraction to Destiny with a similar wonder. He seems constantly amazed by her. I could watch them dance around each other all day and am looking forward to seeing this romance play out.

Jeffrey going immediately to Matthew to tell him about the kiss with Destiny just exemplifies what I'm digging about Jeffrey's character and what I think Destiny is drawn to in him. He's such an honorable guy and loyal to the people he cares about. I wonder, though, if Matthew truly meant it when he told Jeffrey he was okay with Jeffrey and Destiny being together. Michelle looked like she was wondering the same thing as she secretly listened in on their conversation. Oh, you wacky kids, this is all going to explode into a ginormous angst-fest eventually, isn't it?

But let's jump back to Jeffrey and his loyalty to the people he cares about for a moment. It was a nice touch to have Jeffrey tell Destiny he was worrying about Viki. I wish Jeffrey and Viki would have more scenes together. I'd love a good juicy story that they could dive into investigating together. Maybe when this shadowy organization that's been harassing Todd and Victor becomes more public knowledge, that would be a good opportunity. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the great partner chemistry Jeffrey and Viki have and let us see them on the trail of a huge story. I could absolutely see them as the Woodward and Bernstein of Llanview.

Another story Viki and Jeffrey could investigate is the drugs at Shelter. I'm still fuzzy on whether that's connected to the mysterious organization threatening Todd or not. Whatever the case, it's looking more and more like at least half of the people on the payroll at Shelter are involved in this drug business.

I was shocked to see Nikki offer the doorman Clint had punched some illegal drugs right in front of Rama. I can see Nikki and the doorman being involved, but I really hope Rama isn't. If Rama's not involved and not okay with what's happening, will she tell anyone what she saw?

I'd love to see this drug story get moving. It's been established there's a problem, so now let's see Blair and/or the cops start investigating and fighting the problem. Or, as I mentioned above, let's see Jeffrey and Viki start to sniff out the story. The investigation is where things are going to get interesting.

Love on the Rocks
I adore David Vickers. You can plop him into the middle of just about any storyline and immediately said storyline becomes hilarious. Case in point: David offering Jack advice on Jack's relationship with Kate. While other adults in Jack's life might have seen an older woman he was keeping a secret as a red flag, David was totally into it and asked no questions other than whether he could give Jack a ride to Kate's place. The conversation provided plenty of hilarity like Jack telling David he just wanted to see and talk to his mystery woman and David shooting back, "And I read Playboy Magazine for the articles."

It didn't end there for Jack. He also got a little love advice from Dorian. I know Jack's romance with Kate is doomed already because of their student/teacher relationship, but let's all make a pact to remember that, when the relationship crashes and burns, it's not entirely Jack's fault. He is on the receiving end of romantic advice from two of the least qualified people ever. And let's not forget the grand example Blair and Todd have set for him.

To be honest, I don't remember loving Dorian so much on the pre-TOLN One Life to Live but she's been delighting me to no end lately. There's something masterful about the way Robin Strasser delivers her one-liners. When Jack offered to take Dorian out for some exercise to get her mind off her troubles, her "to be truthful, I don't own any sweats" had me rolling. And I appreciated that, amidst the humor, there was an honest emotional moment when Jack told Dorian that he loved his Uncle David, but he loved her more and was there to support her.

Speaking of love, Clint is trying to win Viki back... and doing the world's most terrible job at it. I know Clint was drunk and his judgment was impaired, but how could he know Viki for so long and think that showing up at her door and declaring her "my woman" would in any way endear him to her? Have you met Viki, Clint?

The two of them are breaking my heart. The moment when Viki shut the door on Clint, and they each leaned up against their side of the door, and later when Viki sat with drunk Clint at Bo and Nora's house really drove home how much Viki still loves Clint, even if she can't imagine staying with him right now. Clint may be an idiot but, he's her idiot.

Speaking of Clint being an idiot, does anyone else get the idea that Clint will rue the day cell phone cameras were invented? There was a shot of someone capturing cell phone video of him punching the security guard at Shelter. I think it would be amazing if that video went viral before he's honored as Man of the Year.

It was interesting that Matthew was the one to step in and calm Clint down during his rampage at Shelter. Clint, when Matthew, your nephew who also happens to be a deadbeat dad, is acting more mature than you, it might be time to reevaluate your life choices. And Clint didn't help his cause by giving attitude to Nora either. I'm amazed Bo was the first person to threaten to punch Clint, and I'm not entirely surprised Bo decided to arrest Clint either. I'm guessing Bo's decision to throw Clint in jail is going to have consequences for a lot of people and relationships.

Assuming this week was the start of Todd's exit storyline, the writers look to have chosen to force him out of town in a way that isn't his fault. Given Todd's character, it would have been easy to have him do a disappearing act on his own or have him do something that resulted in yet another breakup with Blair. The way things were set up this week, though, he gets to leave while still on good terms with Blair and will have the chance to make a big sacrifice on behalf of the people he cares about.

Of course, these circumstances will make it all the harder for Blair to get past him. However, I like that they didn't go the obvious route of having Todd screw up and/or bail again. I'm not usually a Todd and Blair fan and haven't been excited about their reunion so far, but I was not immune to them this week. I even got a little teary over their final scenes of the week once it had sunk in that Todd leaving really was their only option.

I'm waiting to see if Blair will be able to share with the kids Todd's reason for leaving. Dani and Jack especially have been so conflicted about forgiving Todd or letting him back into their lives. I wonder how they'll react to him sacrificing for them if they ever find out.

A Few "YouScoops" from Readers

It's very possible I am the only viewer in the world who doesn't see the chemistry between Cutter and Natalie. Chris commented:

I disagree with you Liz abut Cutter and Natalie, because both Josh Kelly and Melissa Archer have great chemistry together and both Cutter and Natalie are very sweet together, and I love Natalie with Cutter better than I loved Natalie with John, which I thought the latter couple was too much on and off, and too much angst with each other!

While they still aren't sparking for me, I do have to agree with Chris on Natalie and Cutter being sweet together. I found their scenes snuggled up on the couch this week to be particularly adorable. They might grow on me yet.

Katelyn thinks Natalie and Cutter pass the chemistry test but has a few other reservations about the relationship.

I do think Natalie and Cutter have chemistry. What I don't get is why Natalie wants anything to do with him. He targeted Joey and Rex, and he used Jessica's mental illness to try to extort money from Clint, before being sent to prison for accidentally murdering a guy. I get that he's "changed", and she's lonely, and soap characters often lack common sense, but talk about short-term memory.

Katelyn, I'd forgotten a lot of Cutter's misdeeds! Now that you bring it up, I have a hard time believing Natalie would forgive Cutter, especially for what he did to Jessica and Clint. Natalie usually gets pretty feisty when it comes to people messing with her family. I think maybe the show is glossing over that past and hoping viewers will forget -- as I did -- so that they can make Natalie and Cutter work as a couple.

I also received feedback on my proposal of Téa and Blair as a couple. Some people agreed it would be amazing while others thought it was the worst idea imaginable. BMK wrote in to say:

Interesting thoughts on Blair and Téa. I'm seeing a lot of comments about this on various boards and twitter. Love KDP and FL and they do have unbelievable chem...oh this would shake up the canvas for sure.

It certainly would shake up the canvas! How would their kids react? How would the rest of the town react? I'm having fun particularly imagining Dorian's face upon learning Blair and Téa are together. In addition to the reactions of people outside the relationship, just Blair and Téa - two women with unbelievably strong personalities -- attempting to navigate a relationship with one another would be storytelling gold.

Michelle disagrees with me:

Your suggestion that PP should make Téa and Blair lesbian lovers is not only ill-advised, but repulsive as hell to those who have been fans of these women as adversaries for almost two decades. We find their saccharine, phony-baloney friendship disgusting enough.

The biggest mistake PP could do is to extrapolate Ron Carlivati's dishonest watering down of the real dynamics between Téa and Blair. Téa and Blair should have a TENUOUS "Sister Wives" alliance in the face of their children's self-destructive father, Todd, at BEST.

But PP should never forget that Téa and Blair only know each other, because Todd dragged Téa into his custody fight with Blair over Starr and that Téa then gas-lighted Blair out of her own maternal rights and installed herself as Starr's de-facto mommy. Blair should never forgive Téa for that. Moreover, Téa's marriage to Todd was marred by Todd's "Blair Hangover" and Téa should never forgive Blair for that.

I actually like that Blair and Téa have developed a friendship out of such a fierce adversarial relationship. The progression felt natural to me as it always seemed that, underneath all the hurt and anger, the two of them had a lot in common. And, when you look at all the things people on soaps are willing to forgive -- look at what Blair has forgiven Todd for, for instance -- I don't think Blair and Téa moving past their animosity toward one another is such a stretch. However, Michelle, I understand that every pairing or potential pairing is not for everyone!

I do agree with you on at least one thing. Blair and Téa's friendship has been a little too sweet for me at times lately. While I love that they've grown to trust and rely on each other and I don't want to see that change, I've always liked their friendship best when it has a little bite to it. I hope, as they continue to have more scenes together, the show will bring back more and more of their bickering, snark, and sarcasm with one another. Just because they're friends now doesn't mean they should stop enjoying antagonizing one another!

In Other News
The season finale of One Life To Live will air Monday, August 19. What are your hopes for the final episodes of the first season? There is no word yet on when season two will start, but keep an eye on Soap Central for that information as soon as it becomes available.

And, if you're watching One Life to Live on OWN, be sure to check out the details of OWN's scheduling change for One Life to Live and All My Children.

I want to hear your thoughts on One Life to Live. So send me an email or click here to post your thoughts right here on this page!

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