When One Life to Live moves to the Internet, it will be doing so without two stars that viewers have seen grow up on-screen. Eddie and Kristen Alderson will move to Los Angeles to test the waters of the acting world outside of daytime.

While One Life to Live viewers have literally watched Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning) grow up before their eyes, the actress has expressed a desire to grow outside of daytime. As a result, Alderson and her real-life brother, Eddie Alderson (Matthew Buchanan), will not be continuing with One Life to Live when it transitions to the Internet next year.

The Aldersons will move to Los Angeles, and Kristen will actively audition during pilot season, the time when potential new television shows for fall seasons are cast.

"You guys are the greatest...seriously," Eddie Alderson told fans via Twitter. "You all have been so amazing/supportive over the years."

Last month, Kristen Alderson took to Twitter to refute Internet gossip that she would be moving to Los Angeles to join the cast of General Hospital.

At the final press junket held at One Life to Live's studio in New York earlier this week, Kristen made it clear that she did not rule out a possible return to Llanview in the future.

Kristen Alderson joined the OLTL cast in March 1998. Three years later -- the same time that brother Eddie joined the show -- Kristen was signed to a contract with the ABC soap. Eddie was signed to a long-term contract in 2009.

On a visit to Soap Central Live, Kristen praised her mother for helping keep her and her brother grounded.

"The great thing about soaps is that we get to do what we love to do, but we live really normal lives outside of work, because we don't have paparazzi, we don't have any of that. When a fan sees us on the street, they're like, 'Hey, Starr! How are you?' But other than that, my mom has done a really great job of keeping me and my brother super down-to-earth and making sure that we really live our lives outside of work, and go home to Pennsylvania as often as we can and just hang around with friends and do things that kids our age are supposed to be doing. So I've been really lucky to be really down-to-earth because of that."

One Life to Live's writers presumably decided to bring Cole back to the canvas to help facilitate Starr's exit. As previously reported, actor Brandon Buddy was forced to back out of reprising the role due to what he called a "personal family issues." OLTL was forced to recast the role.

One Life to Live tapes its final episode on November 18. A final ABC airdate has not yet been announced, nor has Prospect Park announced when the show will air its first episode on The Online Network.

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