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Gigi Morasco Balsom
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Actor History

Was said to be 17 years old in 2002, making her birth year around 1985

In 2007, Gigi's birth year was revised to 1981 due her son's age

In 2011, Gigi's birth year was again revised to 1979 when her son's birth year changed

Declared brain dead on June 16, 2011, as the result of carbon monoxide poisoning

Believed to have died on June 16, 2011 as the result of carbon monoxide poisoning

Revealed to be alive (thought to have been Stacy) on October 10, 2011; revealed to be Gigi on December 2, 2011


Waitress at Buenos Dias Café, Llanview, PA

Cristian's teaching assistant at Llanview University

Student at Llanview University

Former waitress at Rodi's Tavern

Former executive assistant at Buchanan Enterprises

Former waitress at the Bonjour Café in Paris, Texas


Buchanan Mansion

Formerly carriage house at Llanfair (1177 Regency Drive)
Formerly Llanfair (1177 Regency Drive)

Formerly an apartment in Paris, Texas

Marital Status

Married to Rex Balsom [Engaged: Apr 19, 2011; married: Dec 30, 2011 (aired Dec 30, 2011)]

Past Marriages

Married to Rex Balsom [Engaged: Apr 19, 2011; Married: Dec 30, 2011]


Unnamed father (deceased; presumed)

Unnamed mother (deceased; presumed)

Stacy Morasco (sister; deceased)

Sierra Rose Morasco (niece)


Shane Morasco (son with Rex Balsom)

Flings & Affairs

Jared Banks (kissed)
Rex Balsom (lovers)

Kyle Lewis (brief kiss)

Schuyler Joplin (lovers)

Cristian Vega (kissed; Nov 2010)

Cutter Wentworth (kissed; Nov 2011, when she thought she was Stacy)

Crimes Committed

Broke into a New Mexico jewelry shop with Rex [May 2010]

Brief Character History

An independent single mother who cared for her young son Shane, Gigi Morasco had been on her own for a while and her sole priority was protecting and supporting her son.

In an attempt to find herself, Viki Davidson left Llanview and embarked upon a new life in Paris Texas. Viki accepted a job as a waitress at the Bonjour Café, and befriended Gigi and several other colorful characters at the diner. Instantly, Gigi developed a close friendship with Viki. Gigi's precocious son regularly visited the diner after school, and the Morascos' second family consisted of Viki, Noelle and Moe - the diner staff. Shane was very proud of his father, a deceased Navy Seal, the child often told imaginary tales about his dead father's heroics. Shane revealed that his dad had died before he was born and admitted to knowing very little about him. Whenever the child would mention his father, Gigi would become agitated. Gigi experienced a difficult time making ends meet, but she did everything possible to support her son. Because Shane suffered from asthma, Gigi would often miss work to care for the child.

While Marcie was on the run with baby Tommy, she encountered Gigi. Believing that Marcie was an abused woman named Sally Ann, Gigi protected her and gave her a place to stay. After learning from Michael that Marcie was in Paris, Texas, Rex arrived at the Bonjour Café looking for her. Gigi was shocked when she discovered, Rex, her ex- high school sweetheart in Paris. Although Rex was happy to see Gigi, Gigi appeared angry. While they were still involved, Rex had left town without telling Gigi. He never bothered to contact her afterward. Gigi came close to revealing a secret to Rex, but decided against it after learning that Rex was preparing to propose to his girlfriend, Adriana. As Rex prepared to leave the diner, Shane entered and Gigi quickly escorted the child out of the room.

When Todd arrived in town and posted a reward for the capture of Marcie and baby Tommy's safe return, Gigi confronted Marcie about her true identity. Understanding Marcie's plight as a single mother, Gigi helped Marcie evade Todd and the psychotic ex- FBI agent, Ramsey - who Todd had hired to help him locate Tommy. Upon learning Gigi was aware of Marcie's whereabouts, Ramsey and Todd kidnapped Shane in an attempt to make Gigi talk. Shane was eventually returned unharmed and Marcie was apprehended, but John McBain arrived in Paris and persuaded Gigi to come to Llanview in order to testify in Marcie's defense.

Once Gigi arrived in Llanview, she faced many obstacles. Although Viki insisted that she move into Llanfair, she was harassed by Ramsey and Rex's fiancé, Adriana caused her much grief. Gigi had every intention of returning to Paris, until Ramsey blackmailed her into staying in Llanview. Rex enjoyed spending time with Gigi and took an instant liking to Shane. Gigi appeared bothered whenever Rex would interact with Shane. Realizing that Gigi was extremely uncomfortable around Rex and noticing Shane's resemblance to Rex, Adriana continued to question Shane's paternity and asked Gigi if Rex were actually Shane's father. Gigi adamantly denied Adriana's accusations and revealed to Adriana the identity of Shane's father - Brody Lovett. Infuriated that Rex continued to spend time with Gigi and Shane, Adriana blackmailed Dorian into investigating Brody Lovett. With her wedding date fast approaching, Adriana feared Gigi could possibly ruin her big day. Thanks to Dorian, Adriana learned that Brody was actually alive. Adriana located Brody and was shocked to learn he was a drunken wild boy. Determined to prevent Gigi and Rex from getting any closer by reuniting her with Brody, Adriana bribed Brody into coming to Llanview. As Adriana continued to plot against Gigi, Brody gave her some devastating news the night before her wedding - Rex Balsom was Shane's real father. After fighting her feelings for Rex, Gigi finally admitted to Marcie that she was still in love with Rex. As the wedding date loomed near, Rex was also wrestling with his feelings for Gigi.

As Rex stood at the altar with Adriana, Gigi finally worked up the nerve to declare her love for Rex. Adriana had a violent reaction; she slapped Gigi in the face. Seconds later, Brody Lovett made an appearance. Gigi was stunned as Shane squealed with joy at seeing his father alive. Ultimately, Rex and Adriana went through with their wedding while Gigi allowed Brody back into her life for Shane's sake. Gigi tried to move on without Rex but neither was able to stay away from the other. Adriana and Brody couldn't help but notice. Each took steps to keep Gigi and Rex apart but to no avail. Eventually Adriana left Rex and then the country.

Free to be a couple, Gigi told Rex the truth about Shane's paternity. Unfortunately, Shane completely idolized Brody. Shane resented his mother's relationship with Rex and didn't even attempt to hide it. Rex and Gigi decided not to hurt Shane further by telling him that Rex was his father. Meanwhile, Brody's mind was slowly unraveling; he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because of his experiences during the Iraq war. The fear of losing Shane to Rex pushed Brody over the edge. He decided to pick Shane up from school so that they could go camping on Llantano Mountain. When Gigi and Rex discovered that Shane was missing they called Bo. Within a short time, Bo was in contact with one of Brody's army buddies. They hoped they could figure out where Brody had taken Shane. What Wes revealed was frightening. Brody had killed a young boy, Shane's age, in during a skirmish just before Brody was shipped back to the United States.

Fearing for Shane's life, Gigi, Rex and Bo frantically searched until they tracked Brody to Llantano Mountain. Brody was completely lost in his hallucinations of the young boy he had killed. There was a brief standoff with the police and Brody who was waving around a loaded gun. Before it was over, the gun went off and Rex was shot. However, Shane made it safely back to his mother's arms. While Rex was in surgery, Gigi finally told Shane that his real father was Rex. Shane was devastated but in time, as Rex recovered, the two grew closer. So did Gigi and Rex. Eventually Rex moved into the carriage house with Gigi and their son.

Rex and Gigi struggled to pay the bills following Rex's hospital stay, and Rex jumped at the chance to get a big cash payoff for helping the Buchanan family track down David Vickers so they could tell David that he was Asa's son before Dorian could get her hooks in him. Rex and Gigi followed a lead to Las Vegas, only to find out that the couple getting married there was Dorian's cook Moe Stubbs and waitress Noelle Ortiz. While in Las Vegas, a stripper who went by the name "Gigi" spotted Rex and Gigi and followed them back to Llanview. Rex and Gigi were invited by the Buchanan's to the Go Red Ball, but the stripper snuck into the carriage house and stole Gigi's dress and ticket and showed up at the ball claiming to be Gigi. When the real Gigi showed up and managed to track down Rex, they came face to face with the stripper, who turned out to be Gigi's younger sister Stacy Morasco. Gigi was stunned to learn from Stacy that their parents, who Gigi hadn't seen in 10 years, had died years ago. Gigi, who had hoped to reunite with them before she and Rex got married, was crushed.

Gigi invited Stacy to stay at the carriage house with them, unaware that Stacy had harbored a secret crush on Rex for years and had come back to town to get Rex for herself. Gigi kept seeing Rex and Stacy in compromising situations, but she trusted Rex and tried to put it out of her mind. One night, Stacy plotted to get Rex alone by arranging it so Gigi had to work and Shane would stay over at a friend's house. On their way to Shane's friend's house, Gigi and Shane had to swerve off the road to avoid an oncoming car driven by a drugged-out Cole Thornhart. Shane began having an asthma attack, and Gigi and Shane were taken to the hospital for observation and tests before being released. After failing to reach Rex or Stacy by phone, Gigi and Shane took a cab home. Gigi went into her bedroom to find Stacy and Rex in bed together, wearing only their underwear. Rex had passed out but came to, correctly convinced that Stacy had drugged his beer to take advantage of him. But Stacy said Rex had come onto her, and Gigi wasn't sure who to believe. Rex went to the hospital and got a blood test to prove that he had been drugged. There at the hospital, Rex learned that blood tests on Shane revealed he had leukemia. Rex was stunned, and called Gigi to the hospital where Michael broke the news to her. Gigi forgot all about what had transpired between Rex and Stacy, as Rex and Gigi went into crisis mode. They summoned Stacy and Roxy to the hospital to tell them the news, and everyone got blood tests to see if they could be a bone marrow donor for Shane. Stacy happened to be in the lab when Rex's blood tests came back, and she threw the results in the trash. Rex and Gigi told Shane about his illness. Gigi struggled to remain composed and leaned on Rex to get through this difficult time.

Gigi prayed for a donor who would be a match for her son, saying she would do anything to save Shane, and she thought her prayers were answered when Stacy told her that she was a match. But then Stacy told her that she would only donate her bone marrow if Gigi broke up with Rex, because she had seen Rex first and had been harboring a crush on him for all these years. Gigi was stunned, and didn't know what to do. When it seemed that Shane would never find another donor, Gigi decided she had to break up with Rex and make it convincing. She enlisted Brody, and arranged so that Rex would walk in to Brody's apartment and find her and Brody in bed together. The plan worked, and Gigi told a shocked Rex that she couldn't get over him sleeping with Stacy. Rex tested her resolve, telling Gigi that he forgave her for sleeping with Brody and even proposing to marry her, but a tearful Gigi insisted they were through. Gigi hated Stacy for what she was doing, especially as she saw Stacy getting ever so closer to Rex. Stacy even moved in with Rex after her ex-boyfriend Schuyler Joplin kicked her out. One day, Schuyler went to Gigi's home and told her that he had seen Stacy throwing away the bag of blood she supposedly had donated to save Shane. Schuyler was convinced that Stacy was lying about being the donor, and Gigi knew that if they could prove that, then she could tell Rex the truth and reunite with him. Schuyler had taken a sample of the blood to the Llanview Hospital lab to get tested, but when he and Gigi showed up to see if Stacy was a match for Shane, lab technician Kyle Lewis doctored the file to show that she was a match. Schuyler knew Kyle was in cahoots with Stacy, although he didn't know why. Gigi got into a fight with Stacy and ripped out some of her hair, which they then had tested at another lab. Those results proved that Stacy was not Shane's donor. Gigi realized that Roxy also knew that Stacy wasn't the donor, but Roxy refused to tell Gigi what Stacy was holding over her head. What Roxy couldn't admit to anyone was that the real donor was Rex's believed-dead father, who was lying in a hospital bed in a supposed coma and whose true identity Roxy was desperate to keep secret.

Gigi tried to find out who the real donor was by flirting with Kyle Lewis, but he rejected her advances and said he would only reveal what he knew if Gigi could get Natalie and Jared to drop the blackmailing charges they had filed against him. Gigi asked Natalie and Jared to drop the charges and, with some prodding from Schuyler, told them the truth about what Stacy had done. Natalie and Jared said they couldn't lie to Rex and encouraged Gigi to tell him the truth. Gigi did just that, spilling everything to Rex while he was working at Ultraviolet. Rex was stunned, and when Stacy showed up he lashed out at Gigi, who believed that Rex would never forgive her. But Rex came to the carriage house and said that he believed everything she had said, but he wanted to keep Stacy in the dark so they could figure out who the real donor was in case Shane needed a blood transfusion. When a bag of blood belonging to Roxy was stolen by a nurse at the long-term care facility where Rex's father was staying, everyone assumed that Stacy had the blood. When Rex couldn't find it, he and Gigi hatched a scheme in which Shane pretended to get sick again and Michael McBain told Stacy that they needed another transfusion. When Stacy went to retrieve the bag of blood, which she had stashed in a cold-storage fur closet, Rex confronted her and told her he knew everything, and eventually Stacy gave up the blood. Rex and Gigi thought their long nightmare was over, but then Gigi caught Stacy in the act of vandalizing her car. They got in a bitter fight and Stacy ended up falling down a flight of stairs. Stacy later checked herself out of the hospital. When Gigi and Rex located her at Rex's loft, Stacy told Rex that she was pregnant with his baby and Rex was forced to admit to Gigi that he had lied when he said he never had sex with Stacy. Rex wanted to do right by Stacy and let her stay in his loft rent-free as he moved back in with Gigi, who warned Rex that Stacy would use the baby to drive a wedge between them.

In August, Gigi went to Stacy and offered to give her $300 to have an abortion but Stacy kicked her out. As Stacy's pregnancy began to dominate every conversation Gigi had with Rex, she found comfort in talking with Schuyler. But Gigi didn't realize that Schuyler was harboring a crush on her, and one day Schuyler kissed her. Gigi was stunned, and Schuyler was forced to backtrack and say that it was a mistake that would never happen again. Gigi told Rex about the kiss and he went ballistic, ordering her to never see him again. Later, Rex encouraged Schuyler to leave town, but Gigi told Rex that she would never cheat on him and Rex agreed that she and Schuyler could remain friends.

Gigi found a pregnancy test in the trashcan at Rex's loft, where Stacy and her friend Kim were staying, and hoped that Stacy was faking her pregnancy. But when Rex accompanied Stacy to her doctor's appointment, the obstetrician confirmed that she was pregnant. Gigi grew more hopeless and frustrated about Stacy's pregnancy and confided in Schuyler that she didn't feel close to Rex anymore. When Rex overheard the conversation, he suddenly proposed to Gigi, but Gigi knew Rex only proposed because he was worried he would lose her and turned him down. Gigi got jealous when she saw Schuyler and Kim out on a date together, and later admitted to Rex that she had feelings for Schuyler. Gigi said she wanted to work things out with Rex and convinced him to go to couples counseling. But at the last minute, Rex canceled after taking a top-secret assignment that took him out of town. Schuyler stepped in for Rex for the Halloween contest, playing Batman to Shane's Robin, and they won. Later, after Gigi told Schuyler he had been accepted into medical school, Schuyler kissed Gigi and she didn't pull away, admitting that she had feelings for him.

When Rex told Gigi that Mitch Laurence was his father and was in fact alive, Gigi comforted him and showed him a sonogram of his unborn child that Stacy had given her. Gigi continued to struggle with her feelings for Schuyler, and just before Christmas 2009 Rex told her that she should move out so she could sort out her feelings. Gigi went to stay at Viki's cabin, where Noelle urged her to follow her heart. Gigi spent Christmas with Schuyler and then asked him over for New Year's Eve, when the two finally made love. The next day, Shane showed up and realized that his mom had slept with Schuyler. Shane called Rex, who showed up and confronted Gigi and Schuyler. Gigi admitted that she and Schuyler had made love and she told Rex she wanted to pursue a relationship with Schuyler. To keep Rex from pursuing legal custody of Shane, Gigi agreed that she would not have Schuyler spend the night while Shane was in her care. Gigi moved back into the carriage house, while Rex moved back to his loft with Stacy.

When Rex told Gigi that Mitch Laurence was his father and was in fact alive, Gigi comforted him and showed him a sonogram of his unborn child that Stacy had given her. Gigi continued to struggle with her feelings for Schuyler, and just before Christmas 2009 Rex told her that she should move out so she could sort out her feelings. Gigi went to stay at Viki's cabin, where Noelle urged her to follow her heart. Gigi spent Christmas with Schuyler and then asked him over for New Year's Eve, when the two finally made love. The next day, Shane showed up and realized that his mom had slept with Schuyler. Shane called Rex, who showed up and confronted Gigi and Schuyler. Gigi admitted that she and Schuyler had made love and she told Rex she wanted to pursue a relationship with Schuyler. To keep Rex from pursuing legal custody of Shane, Gigi agreed that she would not have Schuyler spend the night while Shane was in her care. Gigi moved back into the carriage house, while Rex moved back to his loft with Stacy.

Gigi was at the hospital with Schuyler when Rex showed up with Stacy, who supposedly had gone into labor. What Gigi didn't realize was that Stacy had faked her water breaking and was counting on Schuyler to administer a drug that would induce actual labor, so she could pass off the baby as Rex's. Gigi went up to Viki's cabin to wait for Schuyler to arrive, unaware that back in Llanview Stacy had been kidnapped by one of Mitch Laurence's minions after Schuyler refused to administer the drug. Schuyler was on his way up to the cabin to tell Gigi that he was the baby's father, not Rex, but then he slid off the icy road and took off on foot. Gigi got worried about Schuyler and went out into the snow to search for him, only she came upon an unconscious Stacy instead. Stacy had been kicked out of Mitch's lair after admitting that Rex was not the baby's father and collapsed in the snow while searching for help. Gigi took Stacy back to the cabin and confronted her about faking going into labor, but then Stacy actually did go into labor. Gigi delivered the baby, which Stacy named Sierra Rose, and Stacy and Gigi bonded for the first time since they were girls. When the baby girl appeared to be ill, Gigi took the baby and headed out for the main road to get to the hospital. Gigi then realized she had walked out onto a frozen lake that was beginning to crack. Rex, Schuyler and Oliver Fish all arrived and helped rescue Gigi and the baby. Stacy then appeared and fell into the same icy lake that Gigi had fallen into. Gigi and Schuyler took the baby to the hospital as Rex and Oliver stayed behind to rescue Stacy, but Stacy was too weak to hang on and drowned. After learning about Stacy's death, Gigi vowed to watch over Sierra. When the baby needed surgery, Schuyler admitted to Gigi that he was the baby's father. After learning all that Schuyler had done to keep the truth from her and Rex, Gigi told him they were through and then filed for legal custody of the baby.

Schuyler was awarded temporary custody of the baby, much to Gigi's chagrin. The next day, Schuyler failed to show up for the start of the custody hearing and it was soon revealed that baby Sierra had been kidnapped by crazy Allison Perkins. Schuyler later tracked Gigi down, told her that he had found Sierra and convinced her to go with him. At Viki's cabin, Schuyler confessed that Officer Oliver Fish was Sierra's biological father and then pulled out a gun, telling Gigi she was all he had left. Rex and Bo arrived and tried to talk Schuyler into putting down the gun, but Schuyler pointed the gun at Rex and fired. Bo jumped in front of Rex and was shot, and Schuyler was arrested. Schuyler was prepared to enter an insanity plea, but after seeing Gigi enter the back of the courtroom, he stood up and declared his guilt and was carted off to Statesville. Gigi and Rex then learned the rest of the story: Schuyler had just learned that he was Mitch and Roxy's child. Rex, it turned out, was abandoned at the hospital as a baby and was stolen by Allison and given to Roxy, who believed the child was hers. Suddenly, Rex was without both a father and a mother. Officer Fish, meanwhile, was given full custody of Sierra and told Gigi that she would play a big role in Sierra's life as her aunt. Gigi vowed to help Rex search for his biological parents and together they tracked down the nurse who was in the ER the night that Rex was born; the nurse gave Rex a necklace with a half-heart charm that had been left with him when he was abandoned. With Bo's help, Rex tracked down the jeweler of the Southwestern-styled charm to a shop in New Mexico and Rex and Gigi went there to search for clues.

The Native American shop owner said that the locket was created by his father specifically for a young couple, who would each take half the charm and be reunited for eternity when the charm was brought together at the end of their lives. But the shop owner refused to reveal who purchased the charm necklace, so Rex and Gigi broke into the shop to hunt for clues. They found a locked box that had the same design as the charm, but they were caught before they could open it and taken to the local jail. The shop owner's daughter withdrew the charges and let Rex and Gigi open the box, which contained a picture of a house the daughter recognized. In the abandoned house, Rex and Gigi found a stack of old love letters between Rex's parents, Lili and Rick. The letters revealed Rick left Lili before discovering she was pregnant, and Rick was forced to break things off with Lili after getting caught up with corrupt casino operators in Atlantic City, N.J. Shortly after giving birth, Lili went searching for Rick in Atlantic City but was told Rick had been killed, even though that was a lie, and returned to Santa Fe without her baby. Lili subsequently died, and Rex left his charm necklace at her gravesite before returning with Gigi to Llanview.

Rex and Gigi made tentative movements toward reconciliation and began going out on dates. Gigi, meanwhile, filled out an application to Llanview University, telling Viki she wanted to pursue a career outside of waitressing. Gigi was thrilled when she got accepted.

Gigi became an odd confidant to Natalie, who told Gigi she was pregnant and didn't know if the father was John or Brody. Gigi accompanied Natalie to a health clinic, where Natalie considered having an abortion, but Gigi helped talk Natalie out of it. After Natalie told John she was pregnant, Gigi urged Natalie to come clean to Brody, which she did.

Gigi seemed to grow more jealous at the amount of time Rex was spending with Kelly Cramer, who first hired Rex to help track down her mother's killer and later to locate David Vickers after he left Dorian at the altar. Making matters worse, Rex and Kelly seemed to have a habit of walking in on each other while in various stages of undress. With Rex's encouragement, Gigi enrolled at Llanview University but was quickly frustrated because she was unsure what classes to take and what career path to pursue. Layla suggested Gigi enroll in Cristian's new art class, an offer Gigi readily accepted.

Gigi became despondent when she learned that the grant she had received to attend school had been revoked. But then Cristian learned he had been given permission to hire a student as an assistant so he hired Gigi, enabling her to continue classes. Gigi found she had a knack for art, although she was skittish when she had to draw a nude male model. When Cristian got invited to go to Paris for an art exhibition, he invited Gigi to come along so he could spend time with Layla. While in Paris, Gigi learned from Adriana that Rex had told her that he and Gigi hadn't had sex since reuniting following the Stacy Morasco incident. A furious Gigi berated Rex over the phone, then punched Adriana in the face. Gigi and Cristian ended up drinking too much after Layla and Adriana had to go to Milan and they kissed, but they stopped themselves before it could go any further.

Gigi and Rex shared a tense reunion when she returned from Paris. Rex admitted that Kelly had kissed him, and Gigi admitted that Cristian had kissed her. Both agreed that they wanted to be together and Rex moved back into the carriage house. In the meantime, Gigi supported Rex when his world was turned upside down again with the revelation that Echo DiSavoy, who had once had an affair with Clint Buchanan and later hooked up with Charlie Banks, was his mother. Rex took a DNA test that named Charlie as his father, and they all celebrated Thanksgiving together at Llanfair. When Rex discovered accidentally that the father of Natalie's baby was Brody, not John, Gigi stopped Rex from telling Brody and later confided that Natalie had told her the truth.

Rex and Gigi agreed to be godparents to Natalie's baby, who was born premature but healthy in January 2011. Rex learned from Dorian that Clint was actually his father, but Rex told Gigi he didn't want to pursue it because of what it would do to Charlie if it turned out to be true. Rex was put on the spot when Charlie learned another DNA test had been performed, so Rex lied that the test confirmed Charlie as his father. During the double wedding of Jessica and Natalie, one of Clint's employees revealed that Clint had ordered him to change the DNA tests to show that Charlie was Rex's father, not Clint. Gigi comforted Rex, who had to admit to Charlie that he had lied about the second DNA test.

Gigi began to worry about Shane, who was growing distant and getting into trouble at school. He got suspended for three days after the booster club money Shane had been collecting was found in his locker, and Gigi didn't believe Shane's story that Jack stole it. Gigi was frantic when she got a call that Shane had nearly died after having an asthma attack and was incredulous when Shane claimed he had thrown away his inhaler. Rex learned from Echo that Shane was the target of bullies and realized from Shane's MyFace page that the lead bully was Jack. Rex and Gigi confronted Jack at the school and learned from Starr that Shane had been duped into taking off his clothes in front of everyone. Gigi and Rex feared the worst when Shane disappeared and left behind a goodbye note. They tracked him down on the roof of the school and convinced him not to jump. Gigi and Rex made Shane promise not to do anything like that again, but they privately worried that Shane was far from healed.

Gigi and Rex took Shane to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Buhari, who frustrated Gigi by refusing to reveal anything Shane said during his session. Gigi happened to see a tape recording of Shane's session in the office and stole it. After Rex told Gigi that he had hired thugs to rough up Jack Manning, Gigi confessed that she had stolen the tape. Rex and Gigi flirted with the idea of listening to the tape but later decided to return it and admitted to Shane what they had done. In April 2011, Rex proposed to Gigi, hoping it would help Shane to know that his family was stronger than ever, and Gigi accepted.

Gigi was delighted when Shane took an interest in body building after a pep talk from Robert Ford. But when Shane dropped a barbell on Jack's foot after Jack taunted him, Gigi worried that Shane would turn into a bully as well. After Natalie and Matthew both ended up in the hospital after tragic incidents, Rex and Gigi decided to move up their wedding date and get married in front of a justice of the peace. On the day of the wedding, Gigi found Shane on his MySpace account and learned from Shane that Jack had posed as a girl as part of a plan to get back at him for hurting his foot. Posing as a comic girl fan, Jack attempted to lure Shane to an abandoned house where he and his fellow students planned to lock Shane in the basement. Gigi secretly showed up instead, hoping to get even with Jack once and for all. Gigi was wearing Shane's raincoat, so the kids didn't know it wasn't Shane. They pushed Gigi into a basement room and locked the door before fleeing. Gigi was desperate to escape so she could meet Rex at the courthouse for their wedding. She started an old generator so she could fire up a lamp, but realized too late that the fumes from the generator were emitting lethal carbon monoxide.

When the generator wouldn't shut off, Gigi realized she was going to die. Trying to find paper to write a note for Rex and Shane, Gigi came across a tape recorder in her purse that Roxy had given her earlier. She listened to the tape and was stunned to realize that it was Marty's therapy session, in which she revealed that John was the father of Natalie's baby, not Brody. Gigi soon fell unconscious, leaving the tape recording by her side. Rex realized where Gigi was and rescued her, but it was too late. The doctors informed Rex that Gigi had no brain activity. After learning that Gigi was an organ transplant donor, the doctors urged Rex to allow her heart to be transplanted into the next available donor, who happened to be Clint. Rex resisted at first but changed his mind after Todd managed to get all the charges dropped against Jack. Rex blackmailed Clint into giving him all of his money in exchange for Gigi's heart so he could get back Todd and Shane. Rex and Shane said a tearful goodbye to Gigi and the doctors took her into surgery, where her heart was successfully transplanted into Clint.

Rex struggled to accept Gigi's loss and was haunted with visions of her and messages telling him not to give up. Rex sought the assistance of psychic Madam Delfina, who led Rex to the Spotted Pony strip club in Anchorage, Kentucky. Rex found Kimberly Andrews there and informed her of Gigi's death. Later, Kim went to a hospital and looked in on a mysterious patient who was eventually revealed to be Gigi's sister Stacy. Kim's wayward brother, Cutter Wentworth, later followed Kim to the hospital and was stunned to see that the woman in the bed looked exactly like Gigi. Kim explained that the woman in the bed was Stacy, who had survived her fall into a frozen lake more than a year ago and launched a plan to win back Rex by switching places with Gigi. Stacy had plastic surgery to look exactly like Gigi and intended to switch places with Gigi on her wedding day, but fell victim to the same carbon monoxide leak that killed Gigi. Kim rescued Stacy and took her to Kentucky, where she remained in a coma.

After Kim was arrested on charges trumped up by Cutter, Cutter returned to the hospital and was shocked to learn that Stacy had woken from her coma but had no memory of who she was. Cutter brought Stacy back to Llanview and planned to pass her off as Gigi so he could blackmail Rex for money. But after Stacy objected, Cutter told Stacy who she was and agreed to leave Rex alone. Cutter accompanied Stacy to Brazil, where Stacy wanted to have plastic surgery to restore her original face. The doctor told Cutter that the woman he had brought in had never had plastic surgery, and Cutter realized that the woman was in fact Gigi Morasco. Cutter, who by this time had developed a physical attraction to the woman, let Gigi continue to believe that she was Stacy and told her she couldn't have the surgery because she had been in a coma for so long. Gigi spun a globe to see where they should go next and her finger landed on Paris, Texas. They arrived at the Bon Jour Café, and Gigi told Cutter that the place felt familiar to her.

Gigi took a waitressing job there while Cutter started washing dishes. But when Rex and Viki arrived, Cutter whisked Gigi away and told her they needed to move on. Gigi spied Rex and Shane talking in the hallway and had a flashback of herself with a much younger Shane. Gigi snuck out on Cutter and showed up at the diner on Christmas Eve, where she came face to face with Rex. Rex believed she was Stacy, having learned about Stacy's plot from Kim. Cutter showed up and told Rex and Gigi the truth, but they didn't believe him. Then a strange scientist named Delbert Fina Jr. showed up and told the pair that he had an invention that could help them see the past. Using a television monitor, Delbert brought Gigi and Rex back to the day of their wedding. They saw Stacy, looking exactly like Gigi, follow Gigi to the vacant house. After Gigi fell unconscious, Stacy switched clothes with her and was about to walk out the door when Gigi came too and knocked Stacy out. Gigi stumbled out of the room but passed out before she could leave. Seeing the video, Rex realized that the woman before him was really Gigi. He pulled her into a kiss and Gigi's memories came flooding back.

Rex and Gigi returned to Llanview, where Gigi shared a warm reunion with a disbelieving Shane. Shane told Rex and Gigi that Jack had been arrested for Gigi's murder after he admitted what he had done on tape. Gigi stunned Jack by showing up at the police station and revealing that she was alive. At Llanfair, Rex got down on one knee and proposed that he and Gigi finish where they left off and get married. On New Year's Eve, a radiant Gigi and Rex exchanged vows as Madam Delfina officiated.

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